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The Locked on Bears podcast brings you daily Chicago Bears news and analysis. Host Lorin Cox goes in-depth on the latest out of Halas Hall and brings on expert guests from around the NFL. Join the conversation on YouTube, Twitter or the Locked on Bears Facebook Group. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Bears - 12/4/17 - Bears perpetuate cu...
Losing has become acceptable in Chicago, and it all stems from the head coach
28 min
Locked on Bears - 12/1/17 - Everything you need...
Locked on Bears crosses over with Locked on 49ers to preview Sunday's game between the two teams
38 min
Locked on Bears - 11/29/17 - Vic Fangio deserve...
The Chicago Bears should fire John Fox and let defensive coordinator Vic Fangio see what he can do
28 min
Locked on Bears - 11/28/17 - Bears-Eagles Film ...
The positives were hard to find in the all-22 film from the Chicago Bears Week 12 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles
23 min
Locked on Bears - 11/27/17 - The more things ch...
The Chicago Bears were the same ol' Bears in their Week 12 blowout loss to the Philadelphia Eagles
28 min
Locked on Bears - 11/24/17 - Everything you nee...
Locked on Bears crosses over with Locked on Eagles to preview Sunday's matchup between the two teams.
32 min
Locked on Bears - 11/22/17 - Looking ahead to t...
Robert Mays from The Ringer joins to the show to debate potential Chicago Bears head coaching candidates
31 min
Locked on Bears - 11/21/17 - Bears-Lions Film R...
After reviewing the All-22 film from Bears-Lions, it was clear that Chicago's conservative defensive game plan failed
28 min
Locked on Bears - 11/20/17 - New look, same res...
The Chicago Bears showed flashes of hope but ultimately fell short once again in their Week 11 loss to the Detroit Lions
26 min
Locked on Bears - 11/17/17 - Everything you nee...
Matt Dery of Locked on Lions joins the show for a crossover podcast previewing Bears-Lions
26 min
Locked on Bears - 11/16/17 - Young Bears offens...
Matt Waldman joins the show to discuss how the Bears' offense is grooming its young play-makers
51 min
Locked on Bears - 11/14/17 - Bears-Packers Film...
After analyzing the all-22 film from Bears-Packers, it was clear that Dontrelle Inman is the real deal
38 min
Locked on Bears - 11/13/17 - Bears painful loss...
The Chicago Bears' Week 10 loss to the Green Bay Packers might signal the end of John Fox's tenure
31 min
Locked on Bears - 11/10/17 - Everything you nee...
Peter Bukowski from Locked on Packers joins the show to preview the Bears' Week 10 matchup
46 min
Locked on Bears - 11/9/17 - Bears 2017 Midseaso...
Handing out both traditional and creative midseason awards to the Chicago Bears
37 min
Locked on Bears - 11/8/17 - Mid-season NFC Nort...
An update on the rest of the NFC North, halfway through the season
26 min
Locked on Bears - 11/6/17 - Previewing the seco...
Week-by-week preview of the second half of the Chicago Bears 2017 season
26 min
Locked on Bears - 11/3/17 - Grading the Bears a...
Lorin Cox hands out position-by-position grades for the Chicago Bears' defense and special teams
32 min
Locked on Bears - 11/2/17 - Grading the Bears a...
Lorin Cox hands out position-by-position grades for the Chicago Bears' offense
26 min
Locked on Bears - 11/1/17 - Bears-Saints Film R...
The All-22 from the Bears-Saints game revealed that wide receivers aren't what is hurting the Bears' offense the most
33 min
Locked on Bears - 10/31/17 - Zach Miller injury...
Sports Medicine Dr. Chris Geary joins the show to provide insight on TE Zach Miller's severe knee injury
27 min
Locked on Bears - 10/30/17 - Mitchell Trubisky'...
Recapping the Chicago Bears' Week 8 loss to the New Orleans Saints with a focus on Mitchell Trubisky.
25 min
Locked on Bears - 10/27/17 - Everything you nee...
Full preview of the Chicago Bears' Week 8 game against the New Orleans Saints.
34 min
Locked on Bears - 10/26/17 - What to expected f...
Reaction, analysis and a scouting report on new Chicago Bears wide receiver Dontrelle Inman
20 min
Locked on Bears - 10/25/17 - Bears searching fo...
The Chicago Bears need to turn their two-game winning streak into a winning culture
27 min