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Welcome to Locked On Angels, your number-one stop for daily Los Angeles Angels content, hosted by the Super Halo Bros., Mike and Jon Frisch. With Mike Trout continuing to chase playoff dreams while building his Hall of Fame resume and Shohei Ohtani looking to rewrite the definition of how to play the game of baseball, we'll take you through all the highs, lows, and everything in between. Fan loyalty runs deep for the oldest operating professional baseball organization in Southern California, so come hang out every day with the Super Halo Bros. here at Locked On Angels, where we provide deep insight into your favorite baseball team. Locked On Angels is part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

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Los Angeles Angels Made Deadline Moves! Noah S...
Some surprise trades happened yesterday!
26 min
Shohei Ohtani WILL NOT Be Traded! Staying with ...
He's not leaving!!
32 min
Los Angeles Angels' Reid Detmers is Immaculate,...
Detmers Day was Immaculate... almost.
34 min
Mike Trout Has CAREER-THREATENING Back Problems...
"Trouty got Back."
30 min
Los Angeles Angels Shutout Kansas City Royals a...
Just call him Janson "Junk Yard Dawg!"
27 min
Los Angeles Angels Strike Out Less & Score More...
K Less, Fam!
26 min
Los Angeles Angels Forget How to Score Against ...
Nothing but Pain in Kansas City.
30 min
Los Angeles Angels Start Hitting Again, Beat th...
Let's keep hitting, Angels!
34 min
Los Angeles Angels Highs and Lows So Far, Halo ...
Second half starts today! Let's look ahead!
29 min
Shohei Ohtani: Cy Young? Mike Trout: MVP? Brand...
We've got three Halos who are as good as gold!
27 min
Shohei Ohtani Represents Los Angeles Angels at ...
The All-Star Game is Once In a Lifetime!
30 min
Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani MLB All-Star Game ...
The All-Star Halos Take Hollywood!
29 min
Los Angeles Angels Beat Writer Jeff Fletcher Ta...
The OC Register's Jeff Fletcher is here!
32 min
Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout Headed to the All-...
We're all waiting for the number-one draft pick. Who will it be?
24 min
Shohei Ohtani Does It Again! 6-Straight Wins! L...
Shohei Ohtani cannot be beat!
26 min
Los Angeles Angels ALMOST Have a Comeback Win, ...
Welcome to the Ump Show.
25 min
Los Angeles Angels Have an Offense Problem; Wha...
The Angels used to be good... what happened?
27 min
Los Angeles Angels Are a DISASTER. Swept by the...
What a disaster this team is.
34 min
Los Angeles Angels: Two Significant Teams in Ha...
Which two teams are important to Angels' history?
31 min
Shohei Ohtani DOES IT ALL for the Los Angeles A...
Shohei needs a chiropractor from carrying this team!
29 min
Los Angeles Angels Fall Victim to Sandy Alcanta...
It's gotta be Ohtani for MVP in 2022... right?
30 min
Los Angeles Angels Are Going to Miami, Stassi a...
It's Trout versus the Marlins. What a catch!
29 min
Los Angeles Angels Strike Out 48 TIMES This Wee...
Ooof. That was brutal.
30 min
Los Angeles Angels Head to Houston, BOLD Predic...
Where do we stand after last week's rumble?
29 min
Shohei Ohtani's Strong Start Gets Los Angeles A...
Shohei Ohtani makes more magic on the mound!
32 min