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Welcome to Locked On Angels, your number-one stop for daily Los Angeles Angels content, hosted by the Super Halo Bros., Mike and Jon Frisch. With Mike Trout continuing to chase playoff dreams while building his Hall of Fame resume and Shohei Ohtani looking to rewrite the definition of how to play the game of baseball, we'll take you through all the highs, lows, and everything in between. Fan loyalty runs deep for the oldest operating professional baseball organization in Southern California, so come hang out every day with the Super Halo Bros. here at Locked On Angels, where we provide deep insight into your favorite baseball team. Locked On Angels is part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

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Shohei Ohtani ISN'T LEAVING! Los Angeles Angels...
The Angels had a busy Monday, and we're gonna talk about it!
26 min
Los Angeles Angels: Monday MAILBAG! Free Agent ...
Who's on your free agent list?
33 min
Los Angeles Angels' New Owner Will Inherit a ME...
It's Arte's "Arrested Development".
34 min
Talking Los Angeles Angels with Brent Maguire! ...
Brent is Back!
32 min
Los Angeles Angels Talk with Former Host Steve ...
Locked On Angels Legend Steve Grenado stops by!
33 min
Mike Trout Needs More RBI Opportunities, Shohei...
Get this man some runners on base!
30 min
Los Angeles Angels Need More or Less Analytics?...
Analytics don't have to be so scary!
34 min
Shohei Ohtani Wants to Get EVEN BETTER; What EL...
How could the Unicorn possibly get even better? We've got a few ideas!
27 min
Playing Los Angeles Angels GM Part 2: Mike of L...
It's Mike's turn to make his hot stove signings and be the Angels GM!
30 min
Playing Los Angeles Angels GM Part 1: Jon of Lo...
GM Jonny Minasian is in the hot seat, and he's making moves for the Halos!
31 min
Los Angeles Angels NEED DEPTH, Just Like These ...
The Halos' lack of depth was obvious this season, and it needs to be fixed.
28 min
Monday MAILBAG! Los Angeles Angels Potential Fr...
Great questions from YOU, the Locked On Angels listeners!
31 min
Los Angeles Angels Team Value Has Nowhere to Go...
For the next owner, plenty of money is left to be made with the Angels
27 min
Los Angeles Angels NEED these Players to be Hea...
Please stay healthy, fellas!
26 min
No, Shohei Ohtani DID NOT Say That, Los Angeles...
Holy Clickbait, Batman!
31 min
Los Angeles Angels: Raisel Iglesias Better with...
We run the numbers on Raisel!
30 min
Will the Los Angeles Angels Go After the Big Fr...
#CorreaToAnaheim... Again?!
30 min
Los Angeles Angels GM Perry Minasian's Roster C...
Now that 2022 is over, how did Perry do?
25 min
Shohei Ohtani and Aaron Judge Contracts, Mike T...
When Mike Trout Speaks, Perry Listens.
29 min
Los Angeles Angels Pitchers and the Pitch Clock...
Halo Pitching is on the clock!
30 min
Joe Maddon SPEAKS OUT... Again. Los Angeles Ang...
Well, he does have books to sell...
27 min
Former Los Angeles Angels in the Playoffs, Luis...
We're not superstitious, but we are a little stitious.
24 min
Los Angeles Angels 2022 Roster Grades By YOU, t...
You graded the 2022 Angels, and we've got the results!
30 min
Los Angeles Angels End 162 on High Note: Shohei...
Shohei Ohtani is unmatched once again.
28 min
Los Angeles Angels and A's Honor Kurt Suzuki, L...
One last catch for Kurt!
32 min