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Welcome to Locked On Angels, your No. 1 stop for daily Los Angeles Angels content, hosted by Brent Maguire. Follow along daily, as we venture into an exciting era of Angels baseball where Mike Trout is reaching the pinnacle of greatness, Shohei Ohtani is rewriting the script on what players are capable of and Anthony Rendon is providing a cool, star-level performance in his first year with the Angels . Enjoy an array of special guest appearances, gain some insight into baseball's past with deep dives into the franchise and sport as a whole, and look to the future with daily prospect updates and evaluations. Here at Locked On Angels, we're here to provide deep insight into your favorite team while basking in the perfect Southern California weather. Locked On Angels is part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Season Three Fan Mailbag 13.0
Jo Adell's arm strength? Angels draft philosophy? International amateurs? That and more in this week's Fan Mailbag.
24 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: Utility Man (...
Kyle Glaser of Baseball America stops by to help announce who you voted as the Locked On Angels All-Time Angels utility man.
19 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: Right Field/D...
In a dual episode, we reveal who you voted as the Locked On Angels All-Time right fielder... and designated hitter.
16 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 12.0
In this week's Fan Mailbag, we hit heavy on the MLB Draft and the potential 2020 season start.
22 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: Center Field
Mixing in a Fan Mailbag at the end of the show, we reveal who you voted as the Locked On Angels All-Time Angels center fielder.
19 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: Left Field
The Angels all-time leader in games, plate appearances, runs scored and RBI takes the cake for left field on the Locked On Angels All-Time Angels team, listen in if you don't already know.
15 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: Shortstop
Capping off the infield, Locked On Angels reveals who you voted for as the best shortstop in Angels franchise history.
15 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: Third Base
We tallied your votes for a walkaway win when it came to the Locked On Angels All-Time Third Baseman, and revisit some Jackie Robinson stories.
14 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: Second Base
Voting for the Locked On Angels All-Time Angels second baseman came down to two of the organizations top players in it's history.
15 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: First Base
Locked On Angels second edition of the All-Time Angels franchise player comes to the man at First Base.
14 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 11.0
Baseball may be returning in May and you asked about our opinions on the manner. Is it realistic?
24 min
Checking In With Johnny Giavotella
Johnny Giavotella stopped by today's show to chat about his time with the Angels and how things are going post-baseball.
16 min
Locked On Angels All-Time Angels: Catcher
Locked On Angels first edition of the All-Time Angels franchise player kicks off with the man behind the plate: Catcher.
14 min
Locked On Angels Schedule Update
Locked On Angels has made weekly schedule changes due to the Covid-19 virus.
1 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 10.0
The tenth addition of this season's Fan Mailbags, and it's still somehow only March.
24 min
MLB and MLBPA Agree To 2020 Deal
MLB and MLBPA came to specific agreements for a shortened or cancelled 2020 season.
17 min
Greatest Angels Outfielders and Red Sox Punishm...
JD Hernandez takes the reins once more with TBW avoiding the IL by chatting a little bit. Joined by D.C. Lundberg (Mariners), they discuss possible punishment for the Red Sox and Alex Cora, the greatest Angels outfielders of all time, and how thin catching is in MLB.
26 min
Opening Day (Kind Of)
Though Opening Day is delayed, there's no reason not to celebrate the game's grandest holiday in your own special way.
15 min
All-Time Angels Team and the Worst Baseball Exp...
JD Hernandez pinch-hits for TBW, and talks briefly about his greatest Angels team of all time. Also, his worst baseball experience happened at the Big A... nearly three decades ago.
19 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 9.0
When will the season start and will the players be ready? What about the draft? That and more in this week's mailbag.
21 min
Locked On Angels and Locked On Mariners Crossover
In this crossover episode of Locked On Angels and Locked On Mariners, TBW and DC Lundberg chat about Anthony Rendon and the career of Frank Tanana.
25 min
Compare and Contrast: Spanish Flu and Coronavirus
The Spanish Flu impacted the 1919 Stanley Cup Playoffs, could the coronavirus be similar but across all sports?
16 min
Intro To Analytics, 1.0
The first of a series of unknown counts, Taylor Blake Ward helps those who don't understand analytics begin with simple equations.
16 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 8.0
Your questions, our answers. How is the coronavirus impacting the MLB Draft and baseball all around and can it be beneficial for the Angels in 2020?
24 min
Coronavirus Impact
The coronavirus has taken baseball victim, here's what we know so far.
14 min
Chatting With An Angels Fan In The The United K...
Nick Wright is an Angels fan in the United Kingdom, a growing region for baseball fandom.
16 min
MLB Suspends Spring Training and Moves Season B...
Major League Baseball followed suit of other professional sports and suspended their current play while pushing their regular season back two weeks at a minimum.
7 min
MLB Draft Experts Consider The No. 1 Overall Pick
A quintet of MLB Draft experts break down who they would take as the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming MLB Draft.
35 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 7.0
Questions about the rotation, draft, prospects and an Andrelton Simmons extension.
30 min
Division Preview: Astros With Eric Huysman
Eric Huysman of Locked On Astros checks in to chat about the Houston Astros and the questions that loom on the largest threat in the AL West.
31 min
Dylan Bundy Impressing Early In Spring
Angels starting pitchers are walking less batters this Spring, and Dylan Bundy is continuing to impress early in camp.
14 min
Baseball Movie Review: The Rookie
Taylor Blake Ward is joined by Jason "JD" Hernandez to break down a baseball movie classic, The Rookie.
22 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 6.0
Your questions, our answers. Who will take the final spot in the rotation and who's been the most impressive player during Spring Training? That and more.
28 min
Pitching Suggestions for the 2020 Angels with G...
Locked on Angels - 2/28/2020
19 min
Division Preview: Rangers With Brice Paterik
Brice Paterik of Locked On Rangers checks in to chat about the Texas Rangers and how the Rangers have the opposite problem of everyone else in the West.
22 min
Angels Highlighted On Locked On MLB
Taylor Blake Ward joined Paul Francis Sullivan ("Sully") on Locked On MLB to chat Angels.
1 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 5.0
This weeks mailbag has loads of stuff on Tommy La Stella, Spring Training and the talk of the town, Jo Adell.
31 min
Jo Adell and Brandon Marsh Shine In First Game ...
Jo Adell and Brandon Marsh were the talk of the town when it came to the Angels first game in Cactus League play.
15 min
Division Preview: Athletics With Jason Burke
Jason Burke of Locked On Athletics checks in to chat about the Angels division rivals in Northern California.
24 min
Division Preview: Mariners With D.C. Lundberg
D.C. Lundberg of Locked On Mariners checks in to chat about the Angels division rivals to the North.
15 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 4.0
Opening Day roster and starters? Billy Eppler extension? Shohei Ohtani's astonishing ability to pitch and hit? That and more in this week's mailbag.
19 min
Carlos Correa Opens Up About Astros Cheating Sc...
Carlos Correa opened up to Ken Rosenthal about the Astros cheating scandal, and we open up about his comments.
40 min
Andrew Heaney Comments On Astros Cheating Scandal
Andrew Heaney had some strong comments about the Astros cheating scandal, as Max Stassi apologized for his share in it. Jordyn Adams breaks into Top 100 Prospect list.
14 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 3.0
The third fan mailbag of the season opens up a can of worms and address the elephant in the room, Arte Moreno pulled out of a potential playoff impact trade for the Angels.
30 min
The Trade That Was And Wasn't
As one trade comes to a close, the trade that would help the Angels was cancelled.
18 min
Kyle Glaser Checks In To Chat Prospects
Kyle Glaser of Baseball America stops by to talk about Andy Pages along with Angels prospects inside-and-just-outside of the Top 100 Prospects.
19 min
Angels Acquiring Joc Pederson and Ross Striplin...
The Angels are in the process of acquiring Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling from the Dodgers in exchange for Luis Rengifo and prospects.
19 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 2.0
Rotation, rotation, rotation, and Jo Adell. That and much more in this week's Fan Mailbag.
35 min
Locked On Orange County Collaboration
TBW and JD cross the street to do an Orange County baseball and hockey collaboration
35 min
Justin Anderson Talks Velocity Jump and MLB Debut
Justin Anderson had a big velocity jump which led to a Major League debut in his hometown in 2018.
21 min
Season Three Fan Mailbag 1.0
The first fan mailbag of 2020 and season three, we touch on the loss of Kobe Bryant and chat about the upcoming season.
32 min
Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020
Remembering the lives of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, along with the Altobelli, Mauser and Chester families.
7 min
Season 3 Launch Party With Mark Gubicza, Chris ...
Helping kick off Season 3 of Locked On Angels, Mark Gubicza, Chris Rodriguez and Brandon Marsh check in to get the party started for 2020.
38 min
Locked On Angels Update 1/8/2020
Locked On Angels Update 1/8/2020
1 min
Thank You Listeners!
Thank you to all of the listeners of Locked On Angels for a wonderful second season.
12 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Close The Door On 2019
Closing out 2019 and Season Two of Locked On Angels with a Sunday Night Q&A, with plenty of questions about, "who would say no?"
43 min
Angels Signing Julio Teheran To One-Year, $9 Mi...
The Angels added to the back end of their rotation with the impending signing of Julio Teheran to a one-year, $9 million deal.
8 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Winter Break Part II
In this week's second edition of our Sunday night Q&A, we break down some potential moves and also shares opinions on the fight between MLB and MiLB.
41 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Winter Break Part I
In Part I of II, we take your questions from our Sunday Night Twitter Q&A about Dallas Keuchel, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Willson Contreras and Jon Gray.
24 min
Angels Sign Anthony Rendon
The Angels pivoted directions to go from the top free agent pitcher to the top free agent hitter, signing Anthony Rendon to a seven-year deal.
23 min
No Gerrit Cole For Angels, What's Next?
Angels missed out on Gerrit Cole, what's next in their off-season plans?
14 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Winter Meetings
In the heart of Winter Meetings, we take your questions about the event itself and of course, Gerrit Cole.
26 min
Sunday Night Q&A with Jason Burke
Jason Burke of Locked On A's joins us for this week's edition of Locked On Angels
51 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Rule-5, Free Agents and Trades
Your questions, our answers. Everything from the coaching staff, team philosophy, Rule-5, free agents, trades and more.
40 min
Angels Podcast Summit
In this third-part of a three-part-series, TBW is joined by Talkin' Halos and The All Angels Podcast to break down 2019 and look towards 2020.
35 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Snow Bound
Questions upon questions about the Angels and miscellaneous items across sports.
37 min
Sunday Night Q&A with Guest, Kraig Williams
For the first time, Taylor Blake Ward is joined by a guest to help answer your questions from our Sunday Night Q&A.
42 min
Sunday Night Q&A, One-Hour Special
A full hour of your questions about the Angels and baseball in general, answered by Taylor Blake Ward
62 min
SundayNight Q&A, Coaching Changes
Opinions about Mickey Callaway, Joe Maddon and plenty more in this week's Sunday Night question-and-answer.
44 min
Joe Maddon Press Conference
Listen to the entire Joe Maddon introductory press conference
44 min
Sunday Night Q&A, World Series Style
Another edition of our Sunday Night Q&A on the day of Game One of the World Series
41 min
Jonathan Mayo Checks In To Talk Angels Prospects
Jonathan Mayo of MLB Pipeline stops by to chat about some of the Angels top prospects playing in the Arizona Fall League.
21 min
Angels Announce Joe Maddon As Manager
Angels announced that Joe Maddon has returned to the organization as manager.
14 min
Sunday Night Q&A, ESPN/OTN Report
Breaking down the ESPN/OTN report on an Angels employee providing opioids for Tyler Skaggs and your questions.
23 min
Sunday Q&A, Looking Into 2020
Another Sunday night Q&A where you let out your intrigue about the Angels and we do our best to resolve that intrigue with answers.
48 min
Looking at Managerial Vacancies
TBW is joined by Jason "Stimpy" Hernandez as they give their opinions on internal and external hires for seven teams whose managers bit the dust.
38 min
Angels Make Moves In Coaching Staff
Days after Brad Ausmus was let go, the Angels parted ways with Josh Paul and Doug White.
20 min
Playoff Predictions
Taylor Blake Ward is joined by Dylan Short of Locked On Braves to chat about the playoffs and give their predictions.
39 min
Sunday Night Q&A, End of Season
The Angels season came to an end of Sunday but we're still around to answer your questions through the off-season,.
45 min
Trout vs. Bregman, AL MVP
Alex Bregman is catching up to Mike Trout, but is it too little too late to nab the American League MVP from him?
18 min
Digging Old Reports
Taylor Blake Ward found some old reports on all 15 players who played for the Angels last night and shares them with you.
34 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Off-Season/2020 Exploration
This week's Sunday night Q&A takes us into the off-season and into 2020.
41 min
Locked On Angels Update, 9/23/2019
Locked On Angels Update, 9/23/2019
1 min
Inching Towards the End...
In this episode, Jason Hernandez laments the fact that TWO celebrations will take place in front of the Halos during this road trip. Also, a brief look into players in the Arizona Fall League, and J.D. makes an announcement regarding his future with the Locked on Network...
17 min
Question and Answer
Double dosage of question and answers this week as Taylor Blake Ward returns to answer your questions
27 min
Locked On Angels Update, 9/17
Locked On Angels Audio Update, 9/17/2019
1 min
Sunday Night Q&A with Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez is now pinch-hitting on the Sunday Night Q&A. Trout's injury, looks into free agency, contracts, and 90s music are all a part of this episode.
33 min
Role Reversal Thursday!
Jason Hernandez returns as host with TBW co-hosting... wait, what?!? We discuss Andrew Heaney's Clemente Award nomination, Jeopardy, and baseball films.
21 min
Inland Empire 66ers Recap
Steve Wendt checks in to recap some of the Angels top prospects who played with the Inland Empire 66ers in 2019.
24 min
100th Episode!
It's a special Sunday night Q&A, celebrating our 100th episode of 2019.
41 min
Mobile BayBears Season Recap
Steve Goldberg helps break down some of the Angels top prospects who played with the Double-A affiliate, Mobile BayBears.
23 min
Salt Lake Bees Season Recap with Kraig Williams
Kraig Williams assists in recapping the Angels Triple-A affiliate, Salt Lake Bees, and their season
39 min
Arizona Fall League Preview
Taylor Blake Ward previews the Angels prospects headed for the Arizona Fall League.
21 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Sweet Home California
Prospects, Shohei Ohtani and Justin Upton headline this week's Sunday night Q&A.
35 min
Show Update 8/29/2019
Show Update 8/29/2019
2 min
Burlington Bees No-Hitter
John Bohnenkamp stops by to talk about the Burlington Bees and their no-hitter on Tuesday night.
21 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Zlatan Edition
You asked questions far reaching from David Fletcher's future to whether Zlatan Ibrahimovic could steal bases, and we answered them all.
42 min
Jeff Fletcher Stops By To Talk Angels
Jeff Fletcher of the OC Register checks in to talk about what went wrong with the Angels and what to look to in the off-season.
14 min
Andrew Heaney's Dominant 14-Strikeout Game
Breaking down Andrew Heaney's excellent 14-strikeout game and where it stands in Angels history, along with games and Mike Trout.
15 min
Sunday Night Q&A, Welcome Back
Taylor Blake Ward returns for another edition of the Sunday night question and answer.
42 min