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Welcome to Locked On Angels, your number-one stop for daily Los Angeles Angels content, hosted by the Super Halo Bros., Mike and Jon Frisch. With Mike Trout continuing to chase playoff dreams while building his Hall of Fame resume and Shohei Ohtani looking to rewrite the definition of how to play the game of baseball, we'll take you through all the highs, lows, and everything in between. Fan loyalty runs deep for the oldest operating professional baseball organization in Southern California, so come hang out every day with the Super Halo Bros. here at Locked On Angels, where we provide deep insight into your favorite baseball team. Locked On Angels is part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

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Los Angeles Angels MAILBAG: More Ohtani Talk, D...
It's another Mailbag Monday, and we're answering your questions!
30 min
Shohei Ohtani Speculation Has ALREADY Started, ...
We're here to bring the TRUTH about Shohei!
25 min
Los Angeles Angels: Who's The Next Erick Aybar?...
The International Signing Period began Sunday; let's talk about it!
23 min
Los Angeles Angels MAILBAG! Shohei Ohtani Back ...
We're answering your questions and voicemails about the Halos in 2023!
29 min
Los Angeles Angels' Pitching More Than "Decent,...
Our young starters are ahead of the curve... find out why!
24 min
Brett Phillips is a Los Angeles Angel! Details,...
Brett Phillips is a Halo!
27 min
Los Angeles Angels & Miami Marlins TRADE? It's ...
Angels are in the news, and you've got questions about it!
37 min
Los Angeles Angels Need a 6th Starter; Will The...
If the Angels don't sign another pitcher, are we okay with someone on the team already?
27 min
Jared Walsh: Cause for Concern? Will Los Angele...
We need to go to Jared in 2023; will Jared Walsh take us there?
26 min
Mailbag Monday: Los Angeles Angels Remaining Pi...
We're answering YOUR questions on our first Mailbag Monday of 2023!
35 min
Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, Anthony Rendon: How ...
We need our stars to shine this season! How many games will they play?
31 min
Are the Los Angeles Angels A Playoff Team? What...
Are the Halos playoff bound in 2023?
32 min
Los Angeles Angels' David Fletcher: Why You're ...
The Haters Are Wrong About Fletch, and Here's Why!
31 min
Los Angeles Angels Trade Proposals By YOU! Tyle...
We use the Baseball Trade Simulator to see what it would take to land the trades you proposed!
29 min
Brandon Drury is A Los Angeles Angel! Details, ...
Dreams come Dru(ry)!
29 min
Los Angeles Angels Missed Out On Dansby Swanson...
No more Big 4; now what?
35 min
Los Angeles Angels Still Have Moves to Make, an...
The market is quickly losing free agents; what will the Angels do next?
33 min
Mike Trout, Anthony Rendon, and Shohei Ohtani: ...
Are these Halo Heavy-Hitters Clutch?
28 min
Los Angeles Angels "What Ifs" For 2023: Jo Adel...
We're asking some of the biggest what ifs heading into 2023!
29 min
Los Angeles Angels Off-Season Moves: How Does 2...
What makes a successful off-season? Let's look at past ones and find out!
31 min
Dansby Swanson or Carlos Correa? Can Los Angele...
You've got questions about shortstop, pitching, and Shohei, and we'll answer them all!
33 min
Los Angeles Angels GM Perry Minasian Shares Abo...
Perry Minasian spoke to MLB Network this week, and here are the highlights!
28 min
Los Angeles Angels Ownership: Is There Progress...
Just call him Sixth-Day Shohei!
25 min
Los Angeles Angels Add Carlos Estevez to the Bu...
Another arm added, this time for the bullpen!
29 min
YOUR Los Angeles Angels Questions Answered on M...
It's going to be a big week with the Winter Meetings, and we're answering your questions!
35 min