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San Francisco 49ers fans are treated to daily news and analysis with Locked On 49ers. Football analyst Brian Peacock and former NFL/AFL cornerback Eric Crocker present daily coverage, Monday through Friday, year round. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #NFL #49ers #Niners #SF

LOCKED ON 49ERS 3/9: Niners actively tampering...
Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for the Sac Bee, joins the show to discuss reported free agent signings of Brian Hoyer, Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, Kyle Juszczyk and Malcolm Smith. Also, who could sign next and why it makes sense to wait on Kirk C...
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 3/8: Winky Wednesday, FA tampe...
Nick and Brian discuss the rumors from day one of NFL's legal free agent tampering period and pu tan over/under on the compensation for a Kirk Cousins trade that is looking more and more likely.
39 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 3/7: Torrey Smith, FA/Draft WR...
Kyle Madson, writer at Niners Wire, stops by to talk FA and draft targets at WR after the release of Torrey Smith.
42 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 3/6: Combine weekend recap, Nin...
A new name enters the picture for 49ers at QB, while a pair of signal callers solidify their draft stock at the combine. Myles Garrett is a certified freak and John Ross is the fastest man in the football world.
42 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 3/3: Lynch combine presser, Kiz...
Continued combine coverage on Locked on 49ers, including GM John Lynch's press conference highlights, QB, WR, TE weigh ins, rumors of a new No. 1 for Cleveland.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 3/2: Shanny at combine, RB and ...
Mark Schofield of Inside the Pylon joins the show to relay his findings from film study of the 2017 QB draft class. We hear from Kyle Shanahan at the combine, and RB/OL weigh-ins that stood out.
40 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 3/1: Winky Wednesday, Hightowe...
Brian and Nick's weekly visit heads down a rabbit hole of SF-WASH related scenarios for Kirk Cousins and SF Giants World Series memories. Is Tyrod Taylor an option at QB? Dont'a Hightower is a perfect fit, can Niners land him?
36 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/28: Cousins trade rumors, def...
Patrick Connor aka P-Con joins the show to talk D in the draft, Reuben Foster, Myles Garrett and a sleeper WR. Pre-free agent period is heating up and more rumors about Kirk Cousins and a potential trade to San Francisco.
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/27: Earl Mitchell signing, Ha...
Brian grades his 49ers Shadow Drafts from 2013-2016 (hint: they are better than Baalke's), Harbaugh throws a jab at Jed, and where will Earl Mitchell play?
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/24: NFL Draft with Jon Ledyard
Jon Ledyard, co-host of Locked on NFL Draft, stops by to break down the WR class and his take on the top QBs.
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/23: Garoppolo vs Cousins, FA ...
Chris Biderman, editor of Niners Wire, joins Brian to examine Cousins and Garoppolo trade scenarios, free agent fits for the 49ers and creative ways to utilize the No. 2 pick.
38 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/22: Cousins likely to be move...
Wednesday's with Wink -- Nick Winkler joins Brian to talk about Cousins trade rumors, Garoppolo, and John Lynch's remarks on Kap's future and the fits for Deforest Buckner and Arik Armstead in the new defense.
41 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/21: FA and draft WR rankings,...
Brian ranks the free agent class of wide receivers and Top-10 pass catchers available in the NFL Draft. Pat Holloway, writer at ninersnation.com, stops by to remind everyone the 49ers rebuild is a marathon, not a sprint.
36 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/20: Sleuthing Shanahan
Piecing together some hints from Kyle Shanahan and others about what he's looking for and where he might find the 49ers next franchise quarterback. Mailbag questions about draft, trades, QBs.
35 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/17: Draft vs vet QB, Non-QB d...
Joined by Jeff Deeney, analyst and 49ers media correspondent for Pro Football Focus, to hash out the value of drafting a QB early vs signing/trading for a veteran signal caller like Cousins or Garoppolo. Also, some non-QB 1st round targets.
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/16: Defensive scheme fits, FA...
Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for the Sacramento Bee, joins the show to help place current players like Jimmie Ward and Arik Armstead within DC Robert Saleh's new scheme and how to address free agent market. Also, does Jimmy Garoppolo have leverage o...
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/15: QB prospects with guest T...
Tracking who the experts rank as QB1 in the 2017 NFL Draft. We here from the Locked on NFL Draft crew and a conversation with TJ Smith, host of TJ Smith's Warroom, about the top prospects and how much Jimmy Garoppolo is worth.
40 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 2/14/17: New host Brian Peacock...
Welcome to the new Locked on 49ers with host Brian Peacock, Bay Area sports and traffic reporter, PFF analyst and Rotowire contributor. It's a new era of 49ers football as well -- the team has announced more hires, including defensive coordinator Rober...
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 12/13: Front office rumblings, ...
#LockedOn49ers 12/13/16: Conflicting reports on front office shake up, Kelly on #Kaepernick's 2nd half issues, Jets loss reaction, 3 Downs, Inside the Numbers, Questions. #49ers #Jets #NFL @JohnLundRadio
33 min
#LockedOn49ers 12/5/16: #49ers lose 26-6 to #Bears, #Kaepernick benched, his future, postgaame interview with Chip Kelly, Kap talks benching, 3 downs, inside the numbers, questions. @JohnLundRadio #NFL #Bears #49ers
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/29: More Miami post, Chip on...
#LockedOn49ers 11/29/16: Kelly on #Kapernick improvement, Kap press conference, 3 Downs, Inside the Numbers. #49ers #Dolphins #NFL @JohnLundRadio
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/10/16: Kap on returning to A...
#LockedOn49ers 11/10/16: Kaepernick on returning to Arizona, Saints game and voting, Jim O'Neil talks defense, 3 Downs, Questions, Inside the Numbers. #49ers #NFL @JohnLundRadio
28 min
#LOCKEDON49ERS 11/8/16: Review of 41-23 loss to Saints, Kelly reviews it, Kap performance, defense fails again, historically bad numbers.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/2: Almost a trade, O''Neil t...
#LockedOn49ers 11/2/16: Torrey Smith Interview on ALMOST being traded to Philly, DC Jim O'Neil on fixing run defense, injury updates, Carlos Hyde, preview Saints. 3 Downs, Inside the Numbers, Questions. #Saints, #NFL #49ers @JohnLundRadio
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/1: Post bye goals, Chip Kell...
#LockedOn49ers11/1/16: Chip Kelly talks post bye week goals, stopping run, maintaining leads. What are the goals the rest of the season. Baalke's future, QB play. #Kaepernick #49ers #Saints #NFL @JohnLundRadio
20 min