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Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk OTA's, Reuben Foster, take mailbag questions
34 min
Reuben Foster's Ex Recants DV Story, Draft Comps
Foster's ex-girlfriend admits to lying and stealing at prelim hearing, Niners 2018 draft comps
32 min
Thursday Mailbag
Taking twitter and email questions on various 49ers and NFL topics
28 min
Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to take mailbag questions
28 min
The Fred Warner Episode with Jon Ledyard
Joined by Jon Ledyard, NDT Scouting and host of Locked on NFL Draft
32 min
Richie James Episode -- Getting to Know the 49e...
49ers rookie WR Richie James joins the podcast
17 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/10/18: Rookie Cornerbacks wit...
Eric Crocker, former pro CB and writer at Fourth and Nine, stops by to talk rookie class
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/9/18: Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to take mailbag questions and examine Foster case
34 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/8/18: The Dante Pettis Episode
Brad Kelly, creator of the WR Draft Guide, joins the show to break down Dante Pettis
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/7/18: Mailbag Monday
Monday mailbag episode on how rookies fit in and potential vet additions
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/3/18: Mike McGlinchey Scoutin...
The Mike McGlinchey Episode
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/2/18: Winky Wednesday
Post-draft mailbag with Nick Winkler
35 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/1/18: Mailbag, Shadow Draft
Post-draft mailbag and Shadow Draft breakdown
34 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/30/18: Draft Review
San Francisco 49ers 2018 draft review
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/27/18: Round 1 Rapid React Po...
Emergency breakdown of Mike McGlinchey selection and Trent Brown trade
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/26/18: Reuben Foster's Ex Rec...
Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for Sac Bee, joins the show to talk 2018 draft crush. And a pre-draft twist in Foster case.
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/25/18: Winky Wednesday, Mock ...
Nick Winkler goes on the clock to pick for the 49ers at No. 9
35 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/24/18: John Lynch Presser, Ma...
John Lynch talks Reuben Foster and gives clues to 49ers' draft board
21 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/23/18: Top 7 Prospects, Mock ...
Lorin Cox, host of Locked on Bears, joins the show to pick for CHI at 8, and the top-7 players for SF at 9.
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/19/18: Mock Draft Pick 7 with...
Trevor Sikkema joins the show to talk draft and make the Bucs selection at No. 7
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/18/18: Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk draft, Joe Staley contract, and NFL schedule release
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/17/18: Mailbag, Mock Draft Pi...
NFL Draft mailbag, Colts on the mock draft clock at pick 6
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/16/18: Reuben Foster, Mock Dr...
Reuben Foster charged with 3 felonies. DEN on the clock at Pick 5 with Cody Roark.
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/12/18: Mock Draft Picks 3 and 4
NYJ and CLE mock draft selections at 3 and 4
23 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/11/18: Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk NFL Draft, beer and tortillas
31 min