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Locked On 49ers - Daily Podcast On Th...

Brian Peacock brings you a daily podcast on the San Francisco 49ers and the NFL with Locked On 49ers, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #NFL #49ers #Niners #SF

What's Going On With Solomon Thomas?
Dylan DeSimone of Fourth and Nine joins the show to talk 49ers
37 min
Crossover Wednesday with Locked on Rams
Brad Mader of Locked on Rams joins the program to preview Sunday's Week 7 matchup
34 min
Rapid React: MNF Loss at Green Bay
Takeaways and game balls from the 49ers loss to the Packers on Monday Night Football
30 min
MNF Injury Report, Trade Rumors, PFF Numbers
Niners massive injury report for Monday, Amari Cooper on the block, some interesting statistics
32 min
Weekly Wink, Mailbag
Nick Winkler joins the Friday episode to help take listener questions and find reasons for optimism
33 min
Locked on Packers Crossover
Joined by Peter Bukowski of Locked on Packers to breakdown the Week 6 MNF matchup
33 min
Tuesday Mailbag Therapy Session
Brian plays shrink for distressed 49ers fans
30 min
Rapid React: Week 5 Loss vs Cardinals
Takeaways from 49ers Week 5 home loss to the Arizona Cardinals
29 min
Fan Friday Mailbag
Opening up the listener mailbag and checking in on the injury report before Week 5 vs Arizona
32 min
Matt Barrows of The Athletic
Joined by Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for The Athletic
31 min
Crossover Wednesday with Locked on Cardinals
Wednesday Crossover episode with Alex Clancy and Bo Brock of Locked on Cardinals
32 min
Winky Tuesday , Mailbag
Catching up with Nick Winkler to breakdown the loss in LA and look ahead to Week 5
33 min
Rapid React: Week 4 Loss at LA Chargers
Takeaways from the 49ers 29-27 loss at Los Angeles Chargers
29 min
Mailbag, Injury Report, Rams Roll to 4-0
Fan Friday episode. Dipping into the listener mailbag.
32 min
The CJ Beathard Era with Kyle Madson of Niners ...
Joined by Kyle Madson of Niners Wire to breakdown the 49ers without Garoppolo out
32 min
Locked on Chargers Crossover
Locked on Chargers Crossover
40 min
Winky Tuesday, Garoppolo's Season is Over
An MRI confirms Jimmy Garoppolo's ACL is torn, what's next for the NIners?
30 min
Rapid React Week 3 Loss at Chiefs, Garoppolo In...
Jimmy G goes down, takeways from the 49ers Week 3 loss in Kansas City
29 min
Friday Mailbag
Taking twitter questions on the 49ers upcoming matchup in Kansas City
29 min
PFF Breakdown with Jeff Deeney
Jeff Deeney, 49ers media correspondent for PFF breaks down the Niners through two weeks
34 min
Locked on Chiefs Crossover
Chris Clark, co-host of Locked on Chiefs joins the talk SF vs KC
26 min
Winky Tuesday, Mailbag, Niners Pass on Gordon
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk W over the Lions, Garoppolo, Gordon and take mailbag Q's
28 min
Rapid React Week 2 Win vs Lions, Josh Gordon
Takeaways from the 49ers first win of 2018, Josh Gordon rumors
26 min
Film Friday with Ted Nguyen of The Athletic
Ted Nguyen of The Athletic joins the show to breakdown NIners tape
33 min
49ers Fangirl Tracy Sandler
Tracy Sandler, aka 49ers Fangirl, joins the show to talk Niners
25 min
Locked on Lions-49ers Crossover with Matt Dery
LOPN Crossover Wednesday with Matt Dery, host of Locked on Lions
24 min
Winky Tuesday, Mailbag, Injury Report, Focus Mo...
Nick Winkler joins the program to talk Week 1 loss at Minny and look ahead to Lions
33 min
Rapid React: Week 1 Loss at Vikings
Game notes, game balls and instant reaction from Week 1 loss in Minnesota
32 min
Week 1 Vikings Preview with Jordan Reid
Preview of the Week 1 matchup in Minnesota with guest Jordan Reid
30 min
Winky Wednesday: Season Predictions Edition
Brian and Nick make predictions for the 49ers and the entire NFL 2018 season
29 min
Jerick McKinnon Out for the Year, 49ers RB's, M...
McKinnon's season over before it starts, who will pick up the slack, Tuesday mailbag
30 min
Final Rosters, Cuts, Trades, Mega Contracts
A recap of the bananas NFL weekend
29 min
Rapid React: Preseason Week 4 vs Chargers
Takeaways from the 49ers preseason finale vs LA Chargers
26 min
Winky Wednesday: Mailbag, Garoppolo, Morris, Ro...
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk Morris, Garoppolo, preseason, roster cuts and pizza
32 min
53-Man Roster Projection
Projecting the 49ers final roster before week 1
31 min
Rapid React: Preseason Week 3 vs Colts
Takeaways from 49ers preseason loss at Indianapolis
29 min
Conversation with Actor and 49ers fan Robert Ba...
Robert Bailey Jr. joins the show to breakdown the 49ers and LO49ers fantasy draft
31 min
Winky Wednesday, NFL Tackle Rules, Mailbag
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk new NFL rules and what to watch for Week 3 of the preseason
29 min
Tuesday Mailbag
Opening up the listener mailbag between Week 2 and 3 of the preseason
25 min
Rapid React: Preseason Week 2 vs Texans
Takeaways from the 49ers Week 2 exhibition in Houston
27 min
Preseason Takeaways with Jon Chik
Jon Chik, the newest writer at LockedOn49ers.com, joins the show to talk Niners
32 min
Winky Wednesday, Alfred Morris Signs, Mailbag
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk 49ers news and take mailbag questions
29 min
Monday Mailbag, Injury Report
Opening up the listener mailbag, preseason Week 2 injury report
29 min
Rapid React: Preseason Week 1 vs Cowboys
Takeaways from the 49ers preseason comeback victory over the Dallas Cowboys
28 min
Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show on the eve of preseason football
28 min
Oscar Aparicio of Better Rivals
Brian and Oscar talk scheme and what makes Kyle Shanahan great
40 min
Monday Mailbag, Camp Stock Report
Taking twitter and email questions on training camp and other 49ers topics
28 min
Camp Report with Rob Lowder
Rob Lowder, writer at Niners Wire, stops by to breakdown what he saw the first week at training camp
34 min
Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk Niners training camp
31 min
Training Camp Mailbag
Dipping into the listener mailbag after an off-day at camp
32 min
Camp Report with Eric Crocker
Eric Crocker, former pro DB and writer at Fourth and Nine, stops by to talk 49ers training camp
34 min
Winky Thursday, Training Camp Opens
Nick Winkler joins the program to celebrate the opening of 49ers training camp, Lynch/Shanahan presser, mailbag
34 min
Jimmy Garoppolo's Confidence, Rams Extend Todd ...
Joined by Chris Wilson of Lockedon49ers.com to talk 49ers roster, Garoppolo, Gurley and the Rams
33 min
49ers Training Camp Preview: Defensive Backs
Revamped secondary looks much improved, Jimmy Garoppolo is confident in his abilities
24 min
49ers Camp Preview: Special Teams, Monday Mailbag
Dipping into the mailbag for the hopes and fears of Niners fans, preview Special Teams
32 min
Training Camp Preview: Offensive Line
It all starts up front and the 49ers should be much improved along the OL in 2018
25 min
Winky Wednesday: Owens vs HOF, Cooks Contract, ...
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk TO/HOF, Rams/Cooks contract and take mailbag questions
32 min
49ers Sporting New Attitude Heading Into 2018
Chris Biderman of Niners Wire joins the show
33 min
49ers Training Camp Preview: Tight Ends
Opening up the listener mailbag and looking at the TE position heading into camp
27 min
49ers Training Camp Preview: Wide Receivers
Projecting the camp battles and depth chart at WR
27 min
49ers Madden Ratings, Supplemental Draft Preview
Winky Wednesday with guest Nick Winkler, Madden 19 ratings, Supplemental draft, Fantasy Football
33 min
Training Camp Preview: Running Backs
Looking at the 49ers RB position heading into 2018 training camp
27 min
Reuben Foster Suspension, Madden Ratings, Mailbag
It's another Winky Wednesday... talking Foster, Kam, Madden 19 and taking mailbag Q's
30 min
Winky Wednesday aka DadCast
Brian and Nick chat about dad life, naked Jerry Rice, All-Time Niners OL, Jimmy G. vs Jalen Ramsey
30 min
Forecasting 49ers Roster Progression with Dylan...
Dylan DeSimone of Fourth and Nine joins the show to talk 49ers futures
36 min
Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk minicamp, Russ Francis, almond butter and take mailbag questions
32 min
Matt Williamson of Locked on NFL
Shifting power structure of the NFC West, Niners draft, fantasy prospects with Matt Williamson
27 min
Grant Goldberg of Locked on Seahawks
49ers-Seahawks crossover with Grant Goldberg
28 min
Foster Done with Court, TO No Show, Mailbag
Reuben Foster gets slap on the wrist, TO staying relevant, Listener mailbag
27 min
Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to take mailbag questions
30 min
RIP Dwight Clark, LO Rams Crossover
49ers legend Dwight Clark passes away at age 61 after battle with ALS, 49ers-Rams rivalry renewed
39 min
Jeff Deeney of Pro Football Focus
PFF analyst Jeff Deeney drops in to talk Niners rookie class and a full year of Reuben Foster
33 min
OTA Report with Matt Barrows
Matt Barrows of the Sac Bee joins the show to talk OTA's
29 min
Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk babies, throwbacks and take mailbag questions
28 min
LO Broncos Crossover Podcast with Cody Roark
Cody Roark, host of Locked on Broncos, joins the program
26 min
49ers Mailbag, Foster Dodges Another Charge
Monday mailbag, Foster's pot charge thrown out, throwback jerseys
28 min
Reuben Foster Rejoins 49ers After DV Charges Di...
Big win in court for Reuben Foster, who returns to practice Thursday
22 min
Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk OTA's, Reuben Foster, take mailbag questions
34 min
Reuben Foster's Ex Recants DV Story, Draft Comps
Foster's ex-girlfriend admits to lying and stealing at prelim hearing, Niners 2018 draft comps
32 min
Thursday Mailbag
Taking twitter and email questions on various 49ers and NFL topics
28 min
Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to take mailbag questions
28 min
The Fred Warner Episode with Jon Ledyard
Joined by Jon Ledyard, NDT Scouting and host of Locked on NFL Draft
32 min
Richie James Episode -- Getting to Know the 49e...
49ers rookie WR Richie James joins the podcast
17 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/10/18: Rookie Cornerbacks wit...
Eric Crocker, former pro CB and writer at Fourth and Nine, stops by to talk rookie class
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/9/18: Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to take mailbag questions and examine Foster case
34 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/8/18: The Dante Pettis Episode
Brad Kelly, creator of the WR Draft Guide, joins the show to break down Dante Pettis
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/7/18: Mailbag Monday
Monday mailbag episode on how rookies fit in and potential vet additions
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/3/18: Mike McGlinchey Scoutin...
The Mike McGlinchey Episode
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/2/18: Winky Wednesday
Post-draft mailbag with Nick Winkler
35 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 5/1/18: Mailbag, Shadow Draft
Post-draft mailbag and Shadow Draft breakdown
34 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/30/18: Draft Review
San Francisco 49ers 2018 draft review
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/27/18: Round 1 Rapid React Po...
Emergency breakdown of Mike McGlinchey selection and Trent Brown trade
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/26/18: Reuben Foster's Ex Rec...
Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for Sac Bee, joins the show to talk 2018 draft crush. And a pre-draft twist in Foster case.
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/25/18: Winky Wednesday, Mock ...
Nick Winkler goes on the clock to pick for the 49ers at No. 9
35 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/24/18: John Lynch Presser, Ma...
John Lynch talks Reuben Foster and gives clues to 49ers' draft board
21 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/23/18: Top 7 Prospects, Mock ...
Lorin Cox, host of Locked on Bears, joins the show to pick for CHI at 8, and the top-7 players for SF at 9.
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/19/18: Mock Draft Pick 7 with...
Trevor Sikkema joins the show to talk draft and make the Bucs selection at No. 7
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/18/18: Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show to talk draft, Joe Staley contract, and NFL schedule release
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/17/18: Mailbag, Mock Draft Pi...
NFL Draft mailbag, Colts on the mock draft clock at pick 6
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 4/16/18: Reuben Foster, Mock Dr...
Reuben Foster charged with 3 felonies. DEN on the clock at Pick 5 with Cody Roark.
26 min