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LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/27/17: Rapid React Week 12 L...
First thoughts, reaction and game notes to 49ers Wek 12 loss and Jimmy Garoppolo's brief debut
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/22/17: Looking Ahead to Off-...
Looking Ahead to Offseason, Draft with Dylan DeSimone
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/21/17: Winky Tuesday, Mailba...
Nick Winkler joins to show for a mailbag segment and look ahead to upcoming free agents
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/20/17: Mock Draft Monday
7-round 49ers bye week mock draft
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/16/17: Garoppolo Film with L...
Chris Wilson, new lead writer for Lockedon49ers.com, talks Garoppolo, safety position, third downs
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/15/17: Winky Wednesday, View...
Nick Winkler saw the Niners' first win from the press box
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/14/17: Tuesday Mailbag, Shan...
Tuesday mailbag, Kyle Shanahan takes the podium a day after his first win as head coach
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/13/17: Rapid React Week 10 W...
Initial reactions to Kyle Shanahan's first win as NFL head coach
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/9/17: Week 10 Giants Preview...
Week 10 Niners-Giants preview with Nick Falato of InsidethePylon.com
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/8/17: Winky Wednesday
11/8/17: Winky Wednesday
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/7/17: Tuesday Mailbag, Shann...
Mailbag, overrated/underrated, Kyle Shanahan updates numerous injuries and why run/pass has been so unbalanced
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/6/17: Rapid React Week 9 Los...
First look at the 49ers 20-10 loss to the Cardinals
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/3/17: Cardinals Week 9 Previ...
Niners-Cardinals Week 9 Preview with Paige Dimakos of Fan Rag Sports
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/2/17: Jimmy Garoppolo Scouti...
Mark Schofield of Locked on Patriots stops by to give a scouting report on Jimmy Garoppolo
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 11/1/17: Winky Wednesday
Brian is joined by his weekly guest Nick Winkler to analyze the Jimmy Garappolo trade
33 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/31/17: Jimmy Garoppolo Block...
Initial thoughts on the trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, scouting report, mailbag segment, Shanahan on injuries
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/30/17: Rapid React 33-10 Los...
Game notes and game balls for the 33-10 Week 8 loss to the Eagles in Philadelphia
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/26/17: Locked on Eagles Cros...
Week 8 preview with Michael Kist and Ben Solak of Locked on Eagles
35 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/25/17: Winky Wednesday
Winky Wednesday featuring Nick Winkler
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/24/17: Tuesday Mailbag
Answering listener twitter and email questions
18 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/23/17: Rapid React Week 7 vs...
Rapid reaction to the 49ers 40-10 loss vs Dallas Cowboys
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/20/17: CJ Beathard Evaluatio...
Ted Nguyen of The Athletic breaks down CJ Beathard's debut
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/19/17: Week 7 Cowboys Previe...
Landon McCool from Locked on Cowboys joins the show to preview SF vs Dallas in Week 7
35 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/18/17: Winky Wednesday
Winky Wednesday, #cover3 Mailbag, Beathard, Cousins
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/17/17: Shanny Presser, Mailb...
Shanny Presser, Mailbag, Over-Underrated
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/16/17: Rapid React Week 6 Lo...
Game notes, game balls and instant reaction from Week 6
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/13/17: Week 6 Washington Pre...
Week 6 Washington Preview with Ben Standig
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/12/17: Kirk Cousins Week, Ma...
Audio from Kirk Cousins' conference call with reports. The free-agent-to-be talks about the Shanahans, Kyle as a playcaller, his thoughts on the rebuilding 49ers and, of course, his destination in 2018. Also, mailbag questions on Brian Hoyer, Solomon T...
21 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/11/17: Winky Wednesday
Nick Winkler joins the show in his usual Wednesday slot to help take mailbag questions and turn the page from Indianapolis to Washington.
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/10/17: Shanny, Run D, Beatha...
Chris Biderman, editor of Niners Wire, joins the show to breakdown the defensive lapses that led to three backbreaking scampers from Colts RB Marlon Mack. Also, what does Robert Saleh do when Reid comes back and when does Shanahan make the switch to CJ...
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/9/17: Rapid React Week 5 Los...
Game notes, game balls and instant feedback on the Niners 26-23 loss at Indianapolis.
30 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/6/17: Quarter-Season Awards,...
Kent Sterling, sports talk host on CBS 1430 in Indianapolis and Colts writer at Fan Rag, drops in to talk Frank Gore's greatness, why Andrew Luck won't be leaving Indy and keys to Colts-Niners this Sunday. Also, the quarter-season 49ers awards.
22 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/5/17: Winky Thursday Mailbag...
Nick WInkler joins Brian a day late this week for a monster mailbag segment covering Rashard Robinson's struggles, Trent Taylor's third down usage, Hoyer/Beathard, draft and trade deadline speculation.
39 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/4/17: Matt Barrows, QB, OL, ...
Matt barrows, 49ers beat writer for the Sacramento Bee, joins to show to discuss QB Brian Hoyer's play, when it might be time to see CJ Beathard, the Niners' surprisingly good offensive line and when Reuben Foster may return from his high ankle sprain.
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 10/2/17: Rapid React Week 4 Los...
Kyle Shanahan still looking for his first win as head coach as the 49ers fall to 0-4 after a loss in the desert. Game notes, game balls and areas to build on following Week 4 vs the Cardinals.
34 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9-29-17: Cardinals Week 4 Previ...
Paige Dimakos of Fan Rag Sports joins the show to preview 49ers at Cardinals in Week 4. Niners defensive coordinator Robert Saleh speaks on the pass rush and rookie Solomon Thomas' fit on the defensive line.
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/28/17: Cardinals, NFC West wi...
Bill Williamson, NFL writer at Fan Rag Sports, stops by to talk 49ers-Cardinals and the state of the NFC West. Also, coach Shanahan, Eric Reid and Brian Hoyer take the podium to discuss a possible team demonstration on Sunday.
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/27/17: Winky Wednesday
Brian Peacock and Nick Winkler close the book on TNF loss to the Rams and look ahead to Week 4 in Arizona. The guys take #cover3 mailbag questions on Hyde, draft position targets and how coverage of the team would change if they had pulled of a win in...
34 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/26/17: Jeff Deeney of PFF
Jeff Deeney, 49ers media correspondent and analyst at Pro Football Focus, joins the show to give insight on Brian Hoyer, Carlos Hyde, Rashard Robinson, Jaquaski Tartt, Jimmie Ward, Deforest Buckner and a teasing pass rush.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/25/17: Post-Week 3 Mailbag
Monday mailbag topics: Bad officiating, Rams lead NFC West, Cousins, Luck, college QBs, lack of sacks.
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/22/17: Rapid React Week 3 Los...
Kyle Shanahan remains winless as head coach of the 49ers following a heartbreaking primetime loss to the Rams. Game notes, game balls and immediate takeaways from the action Thursday night.
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/21/17: Winky Thursday - Gamed...
Nick Winkler joins the show to take one last look back at Week 2 before looking ahead to tonight's TNF matchup with the new-look Los Angeles Rams. Also, #cover3 mailbag topics including Eli Harold, color rush unis and German food.
35 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/20/17: Week 3 Preview with Br...
49ers Face-Off featuring Locked on Rams host Brad Mader. In this Locked On crossover episode, the two hosts preview key matchups in the upcoming Week 3 Thursday night contest.
36 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/19/17: Mailbag, Reid Update, ...
Update on Eric Reid's knee injury. Kyle Shanahan speaks on why he didn't run the ball more in Seattle. Opening up the mailbag on a number of subjects including Brian Hoyer, the passing struggles and when it might be time to see CJ Beathard.
23 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/18/17: Rapid React Week 2 Los...
Game notes from the 49ers 12-9 loss to the Seahawks in Seattle week 2. Plenty of positives to take away and game balls to give out, but also many aspects of the team need work. Sponsored by MyBookie: http://record.webpartners.co/_DK_3VE4-6vsWqcfzuvZc...
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/15/17: Seahawks Week 2 Previe...
Samuel Gold, writer at FieldGulls.com, joins the show to preview the Niners at Seahawks week 2 contest. Key matchups and where 49ers could win/lose on Sunday. We also hear from Seattle coach Pete Carroll and his protege, current San Francisco defensive...
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/14/17: Mailbag, Shanahan Midw...
We get an update from coach Kyle Shanahan on Jimmie Ward, the run game and newest Niner LB Elijah Lee. Alex Smith reflects on the dysfunction he played through in San Francisco. Mailbag segment on Hoyer, Thomas, OL, Bowman, draft.
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/13/17: Rob Lowder of Niners Wire
Rob Lowder, writer at Niners Wire on the USA Today network, joins the show to discuss how the 49ers can improve from the week 1 loss, if he jinxed Reuben Foster, what's up with Aaron Lynch and water slides.
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/12/17: Winky Tuesday, Mailbag...
Kyle Shanahan has at least one regret from his head coaching debut. Update on Reuben Foster's ankle. Changes on offensive line? Brian and Nick take #cover3 mailbag questions.
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/11/17: Rapid React Week 1 vs ...
The Kyle Shanahan era begins with a 23-3 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Hear what he has to say about his first game as head coach. Game notes, game balls and what the 49ers need to fix before week 2.
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/8: Week 1 Preview vs Panthers...
Bill Riccette, host of Locked on Panthers, joins the show to help preview the season opener between the 49ers and Carolina Panthers. Cam's health, McCaffrey vs Foster and WTF games in week 1.
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/7: Winky Thursday, 2017 Seaso...
Brian and Nick open the #cover3 mailbag and make predictions on 2017 Super Bowl, 49ers record, team MVP, rookies of the year and a couple bold prognostications.
36 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/6: Matt Barrows, Depth Chart,...
Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for the Sac Bee, joins the show to talk about the Niners' young depth chart, potential hurdles in 2017 and reasons why the team could exceed expectations.
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/5: Mailbag, Practice Squad Set
Niners going outside their training camp roster for the tenth and final practice squad player. Brian opens up the mailbag.
21 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/4: Cut Down Day, Final 53
Since there's no football on Sunday (for the last time until January) , I dropped the Monday podcast early. Here are your 2017 San Francisco 49ers.
23 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 9/1: Rapid React Preseason Week...
Breaking down the action from the 49ers exhibition finale against the Los Angeles Chargers. Stock up/down. Which players put themselves in position to make the final roster and who is out?
22 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/31: Preseason Week 4 preview
Keys to the game as the 49ers and Chargers finish up the exhibition season Thursday.
18 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/30: Winky Wednesday mailbag
Brian and Nick open up the mailbag covering topics like Raheem Mostert's chance to make the roster, Jimmie Ward's hamstring, keeping two or three quarterbacks, and Aaron Lynch's role.
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/29: Eric Crocker breaks down DBs
Eric Crocker, former NFL cornerback and 49ers fan, joins the show to breakdown the Niners defensive backfield through three preseason games.
36 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/28: Rapid react preseason Wee...
Brian breaks down the third exhibition game in Minnesota. Important takeaways, stock up and stock down players.
27 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/25: Preseason Week 3 preview
Keys to the game for the 49ers upcoming exhibition at the Minnesota Vikings. Undrafted rookies continue to shine. We hear from DC Robert Saleh on Ward, Tank and Brooks vs Harold.
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/24: Jeff Deeney of Pro Footba...
Jeff Deeney, 49ers Media Correspondent for PFF, stops by to talk stats, CJ Beathard, offensive line, Brooks vs Harold, running back, free safety and bubble players.
28 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/23: Winky Wednesday, Anquan, ...
Brian and Nick talk Anquan Boldin's retirement and HOF chances, FA linemen visits, Hyde, Ward, Beathard.
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/22: Tuesday mailbag, Brooks, ...
Answering mailbag questions on the slow start for Kyle Shanahan's offense, Ahmad Brooks vs Eli Harold, preseason trade options.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/20: Rapid react preseason wee...
Breaking down all the action and position battles from the second exhibition game.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/18: Preseason week 2 preview
Niners wrapped up camp with joint practices against the Denver Broncos -- their preseason week 2 opponent. We hear from coach Kyle Shanahan and NaVorro Bowman. Highlights from practice, injury report and keys to the game.
22 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/17: Chris Biderman, Niners-Br...
Chris Biderman, editor of NinersWire.com, joins the show to break down the happenings at 49ers and Broncos joint practices in Santa Clara. Also info on depth chart, Vance McDonald, Trent Brown, Beathard vs Barkley and more.
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/16: Winky Wednesday
Brian catches up with Nick about the first exhibition game, latest injury news and #cover3 mailbag... Gatorade baths, Pita, FS, Cousins, 2018 FA class.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/15: Preseason mailbag
Taking email and twitter questions covering injuries, Solomon Thomas, D-line, Beathard vs Barkley, new look uniforms and can the 49ers have a top-10 offense or defense in 2017...
19 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/14: Rapid React preseason wee...
Breaking down the action from Kyle Shanahan's exhibition debut. Stock up and stock down. Yet another undrafted rookie puts himself in the mix for the final roster.
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/11: Preseason week 1 vs Chief...
It's GAME DAY! Niners kicking off the exhibition season at Kansas City (*6pm pacific time, not 7 as I say in the pod). Depth chart, injury report, who are the listeners itching to see on the field?
19 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/10: Winky Thursday, mailbag, ...
Winky Wednesday with Nick Winker pushed back a day (due to very very important rec league softball playoffs). Brian and Nick cover the surprising Jeremy Zuttah cut, Tramaine Brock rumors, injuries, look ahead the preseason week 1.
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/8: Camp insight with Jerod Br...
Jerod Brown of Niners Wire joins the show from Santa Clara to talk training camp competition.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/7: Camp week 2, injuries, mai...
Two big injuries hit the Niners over the weekend, listener mailbag reports from open practice Saturday.
20 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/4: Matt Harmon of NFL.com rec...
Matt Harmon, NFL.com fantasy writer, stops by to talk #ReceptionPerception, and the prospects for Pierre Garcon, Carlos Hyde and other 49ers offensive players. Also, some sleepers from other rosters around the league.
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/3: Camp insights with Rob Low...
Rob Lowder, writer at Niners Wire on the USA Today network, joins the show from Santa Clara to talk early training camp standouts.
32 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/2: Madden 18, 49ers ratings
Which 49ers are over and underrated on this year's Madden football game? Big Dog joins the show to break down new features for Madden 18 and players ratings.
38 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 8/1: Winky Tuesday, camp mailbag
Nick Winkler joins Brian a day early this week to break down the happening from the opening of training camp.
39 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/31: Impressions from first we...
Training Camp is officially on! Breaking down all the practice reports and comments from players and coaches from the first weekend of 2017 camp.
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/27: Training camp preview wit...
Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for the Sac bee, joins the show to break down key camp battles and some rookies who could become early contributors.
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/26: Winky Wednesday mailbag, ...
#cover3 mailbag on the eve of training camp with Nick Winkler. Talking Solomon Thomas' contract, Hyde rumors, who will get the most starts at QB, Trent Brown and positions to upgrade through waivers.
31 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/25: 53-man roster projection DB
Projecting the final position group, defensive backs, as training camp approaches. Some difficult decisions. Did I go too light on kick and punt team specialists?
19 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/24: Shanny and Kerley speak, ...
Shanahan talks Reuben Foster, Cousins and his days in Washington. Jeremy Kerley praises his coach and picks a breakout WR. Mailbag questions on interior OL, waiver wire and Teddy Bridgewater.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/20: 53-man roster projection DL
Previewing the #49ers deep defensive line and projecting who will win roster spots in camp.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/19: Winky Wednesday, mailbag,...
Brian and Nick are back to their regular Wednesday #cover3 mailbag, covering multiple questions on Kirk Cousins and if Cowboys could come calling for Hyde if Zeke is suspended. Also, Brian is still hurt listeners voted for Team Wink.
37 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/18: 53-man roster projection ...
Getting to the defensive side of the ball with the position previews and projections as we inch closer to camp. Today is linebackers and Kirk Cousins news.
23 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/17: Joe Williams and 49ers ro...
Matthew Brown, scout for Inside the Pylon, joins the show to breakdown why RB Joe Williams could be a stud in Kyle Shanahan's offense and talks other #49ers rookies.
29 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/13: Mailbag, WR, Cousins, DGB
Dipping into the mailbag on WRs, DGB, roster bubble and Kirk Cousins, may not sign with Washington long term.
23 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/12: All-Time Draft Finale
Brian and Nick select the final 12 players in part 4 of the 49ers all-time legends draft. Team Peacock goes back to the Hall of Fame well and Team Winkler makes a stunning final pick.
34 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/11: 53-man roster projection WR
49ers have an overhauled WR group, but who can step up after Pierre Garcon and who will make the final roster?
19 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/10: 53-man roster projection RB
49ers are bringing in free agent Josh Robinson to compete at RB. Monday's show takes a look at the for Mississippi State back and the projects the RB position group to make the final roster.
25 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/5: All-Time Draft Part 3
Brian and Nick select rounds 11-16.
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/4: 53-man roster projection QB
4th of July show. Previewing the 49ers quarterback position for 2017.
17 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 7/3: Ian Wharton of Bleacher Re...
Ian Wharton, college football, NFL and draft analyst for Bleacher Report, joins the show to breakdown CJ Beathard as a prospect, his poor accuracy in college and what traits might help him succeed in the NFL. Also, Solomon Thomas, Reuben Foster and Lor...
41 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 6/29: John Lynch and Chip Kelly...
53-man roster projections continue with the TE position. We also hear from GM John Lynch who was a guest on KNBR and former HC Chip Kelly who appeared on Adam Schefter's podcast.
21 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 6/28: All-Time Legends Draft P...
Brian and Nick select rounds 5 to 10 from a deep history of San Francisco 49ers players. Both guys on receiving end of The Catch I and II come off the board, Cowboy, Primetime, as well as the franchise's first ever draft pick.
26 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 6/27: 53-man roster projection ...
It all starts up front, so that's where we begin projecting the 49ers 2017 53-man roster.... offensive line.
24 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 6/22: Rob Lowder of Niners Wire...
Rob Lowder, writer at ninerswire.com, joins the show to chat about how it's too early to count out Carlos Hyde, where the sacks will come from and if Reuben Foster could be the next great 49ers linebacker.
33 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 6/21: Winky Wednesday, All-time...
Brian and Nick go back-and-forth selecting 49ers legends. Selections 1 through 8. There is a twist near the top.
34 min
LOCKED ON 49ERS 6/20: 49ers Fangirl Tracy Sandler
Tracy Sandler (also known as 49ers Fangirl) joins the show to talk OTA and minicamp standouts, Marquise Goodwin's speed, locker room characters like Joe Staley, Reuben Foster and George Kittle. Also some names from the past.
25 min