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Join JD Young every weekday to discuss all things San Jose Sharks. JD is a contributor at San Jose Hockey Now and Fear the Fin. Locked on Sharks is the premiere podcast when it comes to draft profiles, player interviews, and covering every game. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network & found every day on San Jose Hockey Now.

LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 13 vs. Boston Bruins pr...
What can the Sharks expect heading into tonight's game against the Bruins?
22 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Toronto Maple Leafs and Otta...
We recap a rough weekend for the Sharks.
23 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 10 vs. Montreal Canadie...
Recap and analysis of the 10/24/19 Sharks vs. Canadiens game.
23 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 10 vs. Montreal Canadie...
A crossover episode with Locked On Canadiens to preview the upcoming game.
31 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Sabres recap, where we aren'...
Recap and analysis of the 10/22/19 Sharks vs. Buffalo Sabres game.
21 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Very early NHL awards predic...
A look at the major NHL awards and who might already be in contention for them.
28 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Buffalo Sabres recap and pre...
An analysis of the Sharks' home-and-home series against the Buffalo Sabres.
26 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 8 vs. Buffalo Sabres pr...
What can the Sharks expect heading into Saturday's game against the Sabres?
25 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Hurricanes recap, and holy h...
Recap and analysis of the 10/16/19 Sharks vs. Hurricanes game.
22 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 7 vs. Carolina Hurrican...
What can the Sharks expect heading into tonight's game against the Hurricanes?
24 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 6 vs. Calgary Flames recap
Recap and analysis of the 10/13/19 Sharks vs. Calgary Flames game.
22 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - That Actually Happened: A lo...
Borrowing the style of HORSE, we present That Actually Happened and 3-on-3.
39 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Blackhawks recap, Flames pre...
A look at the game against Chicago and the week behind us and a brief preview of weekend hockey.
24 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 5 vs. Blackhawks preview
What can the Sharks expect as they head into Chicago to face the Blackhawks?
26 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Predators recap and the Patr...
A look at Game 4 against the Nashville Predators and the Sharks' acquisition of Patrick Marleau.
27 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 4 vs. Nashville Predato...
A quick look at what to expect as the Sharks take on the Predators in Nashville.
22 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Weekend Recap
Looking back at Games 2 and 3 of the season so far.
26 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Mailbag and weekend preview
We answer your questions about the Sharks' weekend schedule.
26 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Game 1 vs. Vegas Golden Knig...
Recap and analysis of the 10/2/19 Sharks vs. Golden Knights game.
24 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Season opener vs. Vegas Gold...
What can the Sharks expect heading into the first game against Vegas?
28 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Sharks season preview
A breakdown of the Sharks' roster and how it stacks against the division.
29 min
LOCKED ON SHARKS - Meet your hosts
Our first episode!
26 min
Locked On Sharks – Trailer
A sneak peek at Locked On Sharks.
3 min