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Locked On Giants – Daily Podcast On T...
Locked On Giants (Baseball) is a daily podcast focused on the San Francisco Giants. Providing rational, data-driven SF Giants analysis in a clear and accessible way. Hosted by Ben Kaspick, who has contributed for the popular baseball statistics and analysis websites FanGraphs and Beyond the Box Score. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.
LOCKED ON GIANTS - Improving the Offense with P...
Analyzing the dramatically different lineups the Giants are featuring vs. LHP and RHP, and why platoons are critical in the modern game.
16 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - On a Mac Attack, an Improved...
Analyzing the Giants' 14-4 win against the Rockies. Mac Williamson's home run and Madison Bumgarner's improved performance are discussed, as is Nick Vincent's and Trevor Gott's underrated fastballs.
19 min
Locked On Giants - Mac Williamson (and Others) ...
Analyzing the reported news that the Giants will call up Mac Williamson, Donovan Solano, and Williams Jerez ahead of tonight's game. The team's (overrated?) starting rotation is also discussed.
16 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - A Comeback for the Ages; Pit...
Breaking down the Giants' unbelievable comeback win against the Reds on Friday, as well as the other two weekend games in Cincinnati. There continue to be positive signs for Buster Posey and Steven Duggar, but the news is not so rosy for starting pitchers Dereck Rodriguez and Jeff Samardzija.
19 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - What We Know (and Don't Know...
Looking back at where the Giants stand about 20% of the way through the 2019 season. A bombshell article about Madison Bumgarner on MLB.com is also discussed.
17 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - Bumgarner, Posey Trending Up...
Analyzing the Giants' exciting 2-1 win over the Dodgers. Madison Bumgarner was more dominant than he's been in years, and there also were positive signs from Duggar, Austin, Belt, Posey, and the bullpen.
18 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - On the Ty Blach Myth, Stephe...
Breaking down the Giants' 10-3 loss to the Dodgers, including why it's unlikely that Farhan Zaidi was confident about Ty Blach facing LA's top righties. Stephen Vogt's promotion and Logan Webb's PED suspension are also discussed.
16 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - On a Huge Hit for Longoria a...
Analyzing the Giants' big 3-2 win over the Dodgers, in which Evan Longoria had his biggest hit as a Giant and Bruce Bochy made a critical new-age decision.
14 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - Diminished Yankees Dominate ...
Breaking down the ugly series sweep by the Yankees, in which the Giants continued to shoot themselves in the foot by failing to embrace modern strategies.
16 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - The Yankees' Rebuild as a Bl...
Breaking down the not-so-obvious parallels between the Yankees of the recent past and the current San Francisco Giants.
14 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - On a Locked-In Pomeranz, Und...
Breaking down Drew Pomeranz's excellent start in Toronto, the Giants' less-talked-about first-inning struggles, and the perpetually underrated Brandon Belt.
16 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - On Kevin Pillar, Mark Melanc...
Breaking down the Giants' wild 7-6 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. On Kevin Pillar's emotional return to Toronto, Mark Melancon's seemingly elevated role, and a good old fashioned slugfest in Canada.
17 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - Sabermetrics 101—Moving Past...
A detailed discussion about the flaws of using batting average, home runs, and RBI to evaluate hitters, and the modern metrics that do a much better job.
20 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - On First-Inning Runs, Good a...
Discussing the Giants' continued struggles in the first inning, the importance of sending runners home, and some troubling short- and long-term trends.
20 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/19/2019 - The Giants Shou...
Amidst another series loss—this time to the Nationals—it's becoming clear that the Giants could benefit from starting games with their bullpen.
19 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/18/2019 - On the Merits o...
Using last night's 9-6 loss to the Nationals to address the issues with ERA—and the merits of xFIP—in small samples.
18 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/17/2019 - On a Home Run B...
Analyzing the Giants' win over the Nationals. The offense broke out, the defense remained strong, and a couple of pitchers showed off their skill of inducing weak contact. Joey Bart's injury and some big news about Oracle Park are also discussed.
20 min
Locked On Giants - 04/16/2019 - An Important Co...
An important correction of a prospect valuation error that was made on today's episode of Locked On Giants
4 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/16/2019 - Realistic #SFGi...
A primer on how to think realistically about trades, as well as some specific trade possibilities for the 2019 San Francisco Giants.
19 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/15/2019 - On an 18-Inning...
Breaking down the series win against the Rockies, whether Sandoval should start over Longoria, and a sparkling bullpen and anemic offense.
20 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/12/2019 - Sharp Samardzij...
Breaking down Jeff Samardzija's stellar start, the continued offensive onslaught from Kevin Pillar, and the Giants' strong defense so far this season.
22 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/11/2019 - Another Series ...
Recapping the good, the bad, and the ugly from San Francisco's series loss to San Diego. Premature early-season statements are also revisited.
17 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/10/2019 - Dangerous Again...
How the additions of Kevin Pillar and Tyler Austin have made the Giants better against left-handed pitching. An adjustment by Derek Holland that has led to improved results is also discussed.
18 min
Locked On Giants - 04/09/2019 - Giants Acquire ...
Breaking down the Giants' acquisition of lefty killer Tyler Austin. The team's rough loss to the Padres is also discussed.
16 min
Locked On Giants - 04/08/2019 - Memorable Momen...
Breaking down the series loss to the Rays, which included a memorable Opening Day ovation and some innovate baseball by Tampa Bay. Ben also discusses the new stats on the new scoreboard, and why they are a bigger deal than people might think.
21 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/05/2019 - On the (Home) O...
With the innovate Rays in town for the home opener, Ben discusses the "opener" pitching strategy. He also examines whether the Giants' past success should really be attributed to pitching and defense.
16 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/04/2019 - On a Slow Start...
Discussing the Giants' sluggish early offense, the (over)performance of their starting staff, and why they must platoon more in order to stay afloat in the National League.
21 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/03/2019 - On Diminished V...
Ben looks closely at Madison Bumgarner's second start of the season and discusses why it's critical to think in terms of wins above replacement when analyzing baseball decisions in 2019.
19 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/02/2019 - Giants Acquire ...
Breaking down the Giants' acquisition of outfielder Kevin Pillar and the team's 4-2 road win over the Dodgers.
17 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 04/01/2019 - Lessons from Sa...
Breaking down the Giants' season-opening series loss to the Padres, and taking a closer look at why small samples can be misleading in baseball.
18 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 03/29/2019 - On Bumgarner an...
A closer look at Madison Bumgarner's unusual pitch selection on Opening Day, and Bruce Bochy's strange decision to pinch-hit for Connor Joe in the 7th inning.
19 min
LOCKED ON GIANTS - 03/28/2019 - It's Opening Day!
Ben discusses key Giants storylines in 2019, and advocates for patience and trust in Farhan Zaidi and his process.
20 min
Locked On Giants - 03/27/2019 - On Connor Joe, ...
Ben discusses what the #SFGiants see in Connor Joe and Michael Reed, as well as what fans should make of the team's not-so-rosy projections.
15 min
Locked On Giants - 03/26/2019 - Roster Crunch C...
Analyzing the Giants' trade of Chris Stratton, the suspension of Larry Baer, and what it all means for the #SFGiants with Opening Day fast approaching.
18 min
Locked On Giants - 03/25/2019 - What To Expect ...
Opinionated yet data-driven San Francisco Giants analysis, now on a daily basis.
16 min
Introducing Locked On Giants (Baseball)!
An introduction to the new daily San Francisco Giants podcast hosted by local expert Ben Kaspick.
3 min