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"Sneaky" Joe DiBiase of WGR 550 & Meadville Tribune sports reporter Jordan Hansgen go in-depth daily on the Buffalo Sabres with the Locked On Sabres podcast. From game recaps, to film review, to trade discussions and so much more, this is a must listen for Sabre fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Former Sabres in the playoffs; Sabres 50 List #4
Who is the fourth greatest individual in Sabre history?
35 min
Rooting against the Leafs; Sabres 50 List #3
Who is the third greatest Sabre individual in franchise history?
33 min
The scoop on the Penguins and Dominik Kahun
Joe DiBiase talks Penguins and Dominik Kahun with Hunter Hodies from Locked On Penguins!
29 min
Best and worst NHL team names
With the Seattle Kraken entering the NHL, Joe and Jordan talk best and worst team names in the league!
32 min
State of the forwards
What does the Sabres future entail up front?
36 min
State of the blueline
How strong is the Sabres organizational depth on defense?
31 min
State of the goaltending
Will the Sabres go into 2021 with Linus Ullmark and Carter Hutton as their netminders?
27 min
Devils-Sabres Crossover: Lindy Ruff to Jersey
Trey Matthews of Locked On Devils joins Joe and Jordan to talk Lindy Ruff, Jack Hughes, etc.
33 min
Brock Boeser trade rumors
Do the Sabres make sense as a landing spot for Canucks winger Brock Boeser?
35 min
Terrible Eichel trades; Lindy Ruff's top five c...
The guys make fun of awful Eichel trade scenarios from other NHL markets and
38 min
Jack Eichel to the Olympics. Confirmed.
A new NHL CBA extension includes inclusion of the 2022 and 2026 Olympics
36 min
Dominik Hasek Trade Look Back
The guys take a look at the Hasek trade that sent him out of Buffalo in 2001
30 min
Pick #8 Yet Again
The Sabres are slotted 8th in the NHL Draft
26 min
Mogilny Hall of Fame Snub
Alexander Mogilny failed to make the Hockey Hall of Fame for the 11th year in a row
28 min
First Round Redrafts: 2015-2019
Did the Sabres make any mistakes in their last five years of first round drafting?
20 min
First Round Redrafts: 2010-2014
Who have the Sabres missed out on in the NHL draft over the last ten years?
22 min
The Jack Eichel Hourglass
When does Eichel tell the Sabres 'I've had enough'?
36 min
The Sabres Purge
The Pegulas have cleaned house in the Sabres hockey operations department in the last few days
21 min
Jason Botterill FIRED. Kevyn Adams HIRED.
The Sabres have made their third GM change in 7 years
27 min
Kim Pegula comments; Lawrence Pilut bolting for...
Sneaky Joe & Jordan Hansgen go over the AP's piece on Kim Pegula from this week
32 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
Eight Locked On Hosts discuss life as a Black man in America.
85 min
Murray vs. Botterill
Which Sabres GM had more success in their first three years with the team?
31 min
All-Trade Team
A team made up of the best players ever traded for by the Buffalo Sabres
25 min
All-1st Round Pick Team
Who are the best 1st round picks in Sabres history?
32 min
All-Time Sabres Award Show
Who performed the best during the All-Time Sabres Tourney?
31 min
Free agent evaluation
Who should the Sabres bring back in 2021?
31 min
The future of Eichel, Risto, Reinhart, & Skinner
Joe & Jordan tackle the major questions facing the Sabres core group
44 min
All-Time Later Round Picks Team
Who are the best Sabres to be drafted past Round 1 of the NHL Draft?
22 min
#114 - The Botterill Rants
Jason Botterill is sticking around for year four as Sabres GM
44 min
#113 - Best of All-Time Sabres Tourney Finals
Sneaky Joe, Jordan Hansgen, & Ryan Hansgen kick back to watch the All-Time Sabres Tourney finals!
26 min
#112 - All-Time Free Agent Team
Who are the best Sabres free agent signings of all-time?
40 min
#111 - Sabres All-Time Draft Class
Who are the best Sabres of all time from each draft round?
20 min
#110 - Contentception
Sneaky Joe & Hansgen look at the prospect pool for the Sabres!
29 min
#109 - Three years of Botterill
Sneaky Joe & Hansgen look back on the last three years of Sabres hockey under Jason Botterill
33 min
#108 - What ifs
Joe & Jordan go over some 'what ifs" in Sabres history
30 min
#107 - Rivalry Week; Top ten captains
Who are the top ten captains in Sabres history?
34 min
#106 - Draft lottery proposal
Joe & Jordan go over the latest reported NHL draft proposal
27 min
#105 - The playoff bound Sabres?
A new NHL proposal to resume play could see the Sabres in the postseason
30 min
#104 - Top 5 Sabres Moments
Joe & Jordan rank the best moments in Sabres history!
48 min
#103 - Game 7 in Carolina
The guys look back on the most painful Sabres game in their lifetimes
22 min
#102 - Mid-Tourney All Time Sabre Awards & 2019...
Who's performing up to snuff in the LOS All Time Sabres Tournament?
31 min
#101 - 2011 Look Back & All-Time Sabre Tourney ...
2011 Look Back & All-Time Sabre Tourney Night Two
35 min
#100 - Best Sabres Season & Night One of All-Ti...
What is the #1 Sabres season in franchise history?
24 min
#99 - All-Time Sabre Draft: Final Rounds & Recap
The guys close out the All-Time Sabres Draft
15 min
#98 - All-Time Sabre Drafts: Rounds 16-18
Who will join Hasek, Miller, and Biron as starting goalies in our tourney?
26 min
#97 - All-Time Sabre Draft: Rounds 10-15
Who will the guys pick next in the All-Time Sabre Draft?
28 min
#96 - All-Time Sabre Draft: Rounds 5-9
The guys continue on in their All-Time Sabre Draft!
30 min
#95 - All-Time Sabre Draft: Rounds 1-4
It's the Locked On Sabres All-Time Sabre Draft!
26 min
#94 - All-Time Sabre Numbers: 81 and up
Alexander Mogilny, Miroslav Satan, and other Sabre greats make today's All-Time number list!
36 min
#93 - All-Time Sabre Numbers: 71-80
The likes of Pierre Turgeon, Jay McKee, etc. are named to the All-Time Sabres Number list!
23 min
#92 - All-Time Sabre Ratings Reveal & Numbers 6...
What ratings should Sabre greats get in EA Sports NHL?
41 min
#91 - All-Time Sabre Numbers: 51-60
Which Sabres crack today's list of all-time numbers?!?
33 min
#90 - All-Time Sabre Numbers: 41-50
Stu Barnes to... Nathan Lieuwan? Joe & Jordan name the best Sabres to wear #s 41-50!
32 min
#89 - Classic Sabre Games Lineup
How well did the Sabres do choosing classic games to show on MSG?
33 min
#88 - All-Time Sabre Numbers: 31-40
Sneaky Joe & Hansgen name the best Sabres to wear numbers 31-40!
40 min
#87 - All-Time Sabre Numbers: 21-30
Sneaky Joe & Hansgen name the best Sabres of All-Time to wear numbers 21-30!
30 min
#86 - All-Time Sabre Numbers: 11-20
Who are the best Sabres that wore numbers 11-20?
34 min
#85 - All-Time Sabre Numbers: 1-10
Joe & Hansgen crown the best Sabres at numbers 1-10!
35 min
#84 - Top ten 2010s Sabres
Joe & Hansgen rank their top ten Sabres from the 2010s!
34 min
#83 - Sports & the NHL on hold
Sneaky Joe & Hansgen go over the crazy 24-hours in the Coronavirus news stream
30 min
#82 - Coronavirus impact & Sabres goalie trivia
Joe & Jordan talk Coronavirus' impact on the NHL and the world of sports
23 min
#81 - Holy cow a win!
The Sabres got their first win since the trade deadline, Monday night versus the Capitals
25 min
#80 - Embrace the mini-tank!
The Sabres can realistically fall to second last in the NHL by season's end
21 min
#79 - Penguins loss & Botterill comments
Sabres GM Jason Botterill had some interesting things to say on Thursday
26 min
#78 - The Penguins are in trouble
The Sabres Thursday opponent are falling back in the East playoff picture
38 min
#77 - Goose egg out West
The Sabres came away with 0 points on their four game road trip
27 min
#76 - Tank reminiscing
Where would the Sabres be right now without the tank?
28 min
#75 - Is Botterill in real trouble?
There are rumblings about GM Jason Botterill's job secruity with the Sabres.
21 min
#74 - Back out of the race
The Sabres sit 10-points behind the Leafs for a playoff spot
28 min
#73 - Bogo still costing the Sabres
Zach Bogosian did not have a great debut for the Lightning against the Maple Leafs
32 min
#72 - Hunter Hodie (Locked On Penguins)
Insight on Dominik Kahun from Hunter Hodie of Locked On Penguins
22 min
#71 - The Big Kahuna
Joe & Jordan recap the NHL trade deadline!
32 min
#70 - Vincent Trocheck & the deadline
TSN's Pierre LeBrun reports that the Sabres have made calls on Panthers center Vinny Trocheck
36 min
#69 - Blown opportunities in Ottawa & the trade...
The Sabres failed to get back in the playoff race & Ottawa, and stood by as several trades in the NHL happened on Wednesday
32 min
#68 - Not dead yet!
The Sabres beat the Leafs on "home" ice on Sunday to pull within 8-pts of the playoffs
26 min
#67 - Return of Goalofsson
Victor Olofsson is back & he helped make 2000s night a great one for Sabres fans
34 min
#66 - 2000s Power Rankings
From Danny Briere to Jochen Hecht, who are the best Sabres from the 2000s?
37 min
#65 - Red Wings recap & the trade deadline
Is Andreas Athanasiou a good trade target for Buffalo?
27 min
#64 - The Sabre Oscars
Jordan & Sneaky Joe give out some Oscars awards to Sabres players for this season
34 min
#63 - Locked On Rangers Crossover
What's going on with the team immediately ahead of the Sabres in the standings, the New York Rangers?
35 min
#62 - More or Less? Sabre Tickets vs. Random Items
Sabre tickets are insanely cheap on the secondary market
33 min
#61 - Avalanche of depression
The Sabres were throttled by the Colorado Avalanche 6-1 on Tuesday night
26 min
#60 - Trade, Keep, Cut
Who should the Sabres keep around for next season?
50 min
#59 - Eichel's breaking point
When will Jack Eichel say he's had enough here in Buffalo?
28 min
#58 - Final nail in the coffin
The Sabres didn't just lose to Ottawa on Tuesday night, they lost their goaltender, & their playoff hopes
21 min
#57 - Can the Sabres do what they did in 2011?
The Sabres are in the exact same position that they were the last time they made the playoffs
30 min
#56 - The Sabres & Skinner return
The Sabres are back from their bye week with much needed help
19 min
#55 - Buffalo Lightsabres
The guys have some fun comparing the Sabres to Star Wars!
29 min
#54 - You can't stop Jack Eichel
Jack Eichel led the Sabres to a 4-2 victory over the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday
34 min
#53 - A season on the ropes
What do the Sabres have to do to be a buyer at the trade deadline?
24 min
#52 - Sam Reinhart's future
What will happen to Reinhart who'll be an RFA at the end of the season?
27 min
#51 - Josh Hyman on ROR & the Blues
What's going on with the former Sabres star centerman?
26 min
#50 - Kristen Anderson on Michael Frolik
Locked On Flames' Kristen Anderson gives an in-depth look at what the Sabres are getting in Michael Frolik
28 min
1.5.20 - No Red & Black
The Sabres & the NHL dropped the ball on Buffalo's 90s Night
27 min
1.3.20 - DEALS!
The Sabres have finally made some moves in the trade market
26 min
1.2.20 - Players requesting trades
Add Evan Rodrigues to the list of Sabres who want out of Buffalo
17 min
12.30.19 - Dalton Smith.... Really...
Jason Botterill isn't making moves, but is calling up goons
18 min
12.28.19 - Who's fault is it?
The Sabres have now lost 5 of 6 after falling to Boston on Friday night
19 min
12.27.19 - All-Decade Team: Forwards
Who cracks the Sabres All-Decade Team up front?
26 min
12.26.19 - Xmas Wish List
What do the Sabres need to do heading into the new year?
17 min