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Dallas News digital sports producer Brice Paterik talks about the latest news and give insights about the Texas Rangers every day on the Locked On Rangers podcast. Tune in as Brice breaks down everything that's happening around the Rangers, with opinions and analysis back by his years of experience covering the team. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Crossing over with Locked On Mets
Breaking down a competitive series in Queens.
32 min
June awards + Jonah Heim robbed in All-Star voting
Breaking down the best Rangers in the month of June.
21 min
Martin Perez wants to stay with the Rangers
Perez has found a new level of dominance in his return to Texas and doesn't want to go anywhere else.
26 min
Rangers option Ezequiel Duran and Taylor Hearn
Texas sent Duran and Hearn down to the minors to work on specific roles to help the big club
19 min
Crossing over with Locked On Nationals
Preview the upcoming series against Washington and how it can springboard a Rangers surge.
20 min
Rangers trade Willie Calhoun
The Rangers traded Willie Calhoun to the Giants and got back a solid potential MLB contributor.
31 min
What Josh Smith's return means for Ezequiel Duran
Breaking down how the Rangers can best utilize the offensive weapons they have available
31 min
Who should the Rangers trade at the deadline?
Breaking down what Texas should do if it decides to sell at the deadline.
28 min
Is Taylor Hearn's time as a starter over?
Hearn had a horrendous outing against Detroit and the Rangers may have a spot open in the rotation.
31 min
When will Jack Leiter, other prospects get prom...
Breaking down which prospects should move up a level at the midseason mark.
33 min
How good has Adolis Garcia been and what will t...
Breaking down the Rangers' outfield options for next season and beyond.
33 min
Corey Seager's inexcusable mistake
Seager hasn't been the player or the leader the Rangers need him to be.
30 min
What Leody Taveras' call up means for the roste...
The Rangers waited to call up Taveras until he was ready to stay.
31 min
Ezequiel Duran might never go back down to the ...
Rangers win a wild series in Chicago and Duran shows he might never go back down.
31 min
Jonah Heim should be an All-Star
Breaking down Brice's first All-Star ballot.
33 min
Which Rangers could be All-Stars?
Breaking down what Texas' stars must do to be selected as All-Stars
32 min
Marcus Semien is on fire, looks like an All-Sta...
Semien just put together one of the most impressive double-header performances in franchise history.
30 min
Crossing over with Locked On MLB
Discussing what outsiders get wrong about the Texas Rangers.
37 min
Welcome to The Show, Ezequiel Duran!
The Texas Rangers called up one of their top prospects, but how long will he stay in the big leagues?
31 min
Where the Rangers stand 50 games into the season
Evaluating the first 50 game for the Texas Rangers in 2022.
37 min
Rangers have too many good catchers, for real t...
Texas has four talented players for three positions in Mitch Garver, Jonah Heim, Sam Huff and Nathaniel Lowe.
31 min
How Martin Perez became MLB's best pitcher
Perez is putting up historic numbers and doing things no pitcher has done in decades.
32 min
Welcome to the big leagues, Josh Smith!
Josh Smith puts up and excellent MLB debut and Eli White has the game of his life.
27 min
Marcus Semien's homer drought is over!
Semien has his first homer as a Ranger and looks more like the star Texas expected him to be.
29 min
Martin Perez is an unstoppable force for the Ra...
Perez isn't a new pitcher in his second stint with Texas, he's a new person.
36 min
Adrian Beltre's helpful talk with Marcus Semien
Beltre also struggled at the beginning of his first big contract.
32 min
Should the Rangers consider trading Martin Perez?
Perez has been incredible for Texas so far, but does he have more value as a trade chip?
31 min
Why Martin Perez's best start was extra special
Perez had his first complete game shutout since 2014, but something else made it special.
32 min
It's time to worry about Marcus Semien
The Rangers' star 2B has not lived up to expectations to start the season.
29 min
Apologies to Nathaniel Lowe
Breaking down a series sweep capped by a walk off homer hit as an exclamation point.
32 min
Corey Seager keeps hitting Rangers to wins
Seager and Kole Calhoun's red-hot bats are leading to the Rangers playing winning baseball
30 min
What Jack Leiter can learn from his worst pro s...
Breaking down the Rangers' farm system with Grant Schiller.
30 min
Kole Calhoun has finally found his bat
After a dreadful start to the season Calhoun has been the Rangers' best hitter for the last week.
30 min
Can Rangers build momentum by beating strugglin...
A crossover series preview with Lauren Campbell of Locked On Red Sox.
31 min
Corey Seager's wild splits + Jack Leiter's best...
Breaking down how much better Corey Seager has been at home vs. on the road.
35 min
Why the Rangers are not a bad team
Breaking down how a two week stretch should change fans' perspective on where the Rangers sit in MLB hierarchy.
28 min
Should the Rangers fear Bobby Witt Jr.'s homeco...
Crossing over with Locked On Royals host Rylan Stiles.
34 min
Yankees fans are mad because they don't underst...
Chris Woodward's comments blew up plus a look at how good Dane Dunning and Martin Perez have been.
23 min
Yankees series preview, with Stacey of Locked O...
Looking ahead at a weekend series in the Bronx.
36 min
Should Jonah Heim play more?
Heim has started the season on a blistering pace, but he keep it up with more games played?
26 min
Phillies series preview with Connor Thomas of L...
Breaking down who the Rangers need to beat to continue their win streak.
36 min
The Rangers have completely wronged Willie Calhoun
Texas optioned Willie Calhoun because it was easier than the roster move they should have made
36 min
The biggest problem with Globe Life Field
Breaking down a first in-person visit to the new stadium.
31 min
Crossover: Where does Atlanta stand after winni...
Breaking down two teams coming off entirely different seasons heading into a weekend series.
33 min
Which young pitcher(s) will stick in the rotation?
Breaking down the future of Texas' starting pitching rotation and which prospects will come up to take their place?
40 min
MLB keeps having issues with its balls
The quality and consistency of baseballs is an issue for MLB once again.
30 min
Where the Rangers stand 10% into the season
Breaking down a clutch comeback win and bullpen excellence.
30 min
Silver Boot preview with Locked On Astros
Breaking down a winning weekend and looking ahead to a heated rivalry series
39 min
Adolis Garcia, Eli White save the best win of t...
Breaking down a phenomenal comeback win
38 min
What makes a good baseball broadcast booth?
Breaking down a weird Rangers game and discussing the TV broadcast
30 min
The real problem with the Rangers' starting pit...
Analyzing how the starting pitching staff can save a bullpen in desperate need of relief.
28 min
What we get wrong about Jackie Robinson, with P...
Examining the past and present state of Black baseball.
33 min
Rangers' bullpen facing unsustainable workload
Texas' bullpen isn't among the best in baseball and they are being asked to do way too much too soon and it's causing problems.
28 min
Celebrating Jackie Robinson & Texas Rangers his...
On this day Jackie Robinson broke the segregation barrier and the Rangers played their first game in Texas
33 min
Is it time to worry about Marcus Semien?
One of Texas' big free agent acquisitions is starting slow, but is it time to worry just yet?
29 min
Farm system overview with Locked On MLB Prospects
Breaking down the farm as a whole with Lindsay Crosby.
38 min
What the heck is a "bona fide" slide?
Breaking down the strangest and most upsetting ending to a Rangers home opener.
39 min
Is the Rangers' offense better than expected?
Breaking down an explosive offensive weekend and Jon Gray's injury.
31 min
Rangers 2022 Opening Day/season preview
Breaking down what to expect this season and looking back at how far Texas has come since last making the playoffs.
31 min
Frisco Roughriders media day, with Jack Leiter ...
Interviews with AA Rangers prospects, instructors and so much more.
39 min
3 Rangers bold predictions + awards/postseason ...
Which players will win individual awards and will there be any Rangers among them?
31 min
AL West round table division preview
Breaking down what will happen in the AL West with a gaggle of Locked On hosts.
61 min
5 burning questions for 2022 + Rangers trade Jo...
Asking 5 questions the Rangers must answer this season and analyzing the Jose Trevino trade.
35 min
Roster projection 2.0 + minor league roster ass...
Providing initial thoughts on where key prospects ended up and final predictions of the Rangers' Opening Day roster.
32 min
What to expect from the outfield
Breaking down what defines a good season for the mostly new Rangers outfield
34 min
Spencer Howard is the key to contending
If Howard can hold down a middle of the rotation spot it could help Texas compete as early as next season.
29 min
Farm system season preview
Brice and Grant break down their three biggest wishes for Rangers prospects this season.
33 min
What to expect from Andy Ibáñez & Mitch Garver
Plus how Josh Smith blew Rangers coaches away and nearly made the opening day roster.
30 min
Opening Day roster projection version 1.0
Breaking down who will make the Rangers' Opening Day roster and who will start where.
32 min
5 Rangers who need to prove themselves in sprin...
Who is in jeopardy of losing their spot if spring training doesn't go well?
31 min
How Jack Leiter can become an Ace
Breaking down what Texas' top pitching prospect can do to reach his highest future potential.
41 min
Firsthand spring training takeaways
Breaking down which Rangers prospects looked good early in spring training.
33 min
Rangers re-ignite talks with Trevor Story
Did a coach's son break confidential news for Twitter clout?
36 min
How does Brad Miller fit on the Rangers?
Breaking down the Rangers' latest MLB signing plus which minor league FA signings could have an impact.
32 min
Who is Mitch Garver?
Breaking down everything
30 min
Welcome to Texas, Mitch Garver!
Breaking down the Rangers' new silver-slugger at catcher..
40 min
What Martin Perez signing means for Rangers' of...
Texas welcomes back an old friend Martin Perez to bolster its rotation.
31 min
The lockout is over and a tentative deal is in place.
32 min
Rangers have the best middle infield in MLB
Setting expectations for Corey Seager and Marcus Semien and ranking Texas' bullpen against division rivals.
27 min
Is Texas' infield best in the AL West?
Ranking the offensive firepower of AL West lineups in 2022.
25 min
Opening Day is officially cancelled
MLB, Rob Manfred cancel first two series of the season after failing to meet arbitrary deadline.
36 min
Where does the Rangers' rotation rank in the AL...
Ranking Texas' rotation plus predictions at first and third base.
30 min
Josh Jung's season is ruined plus what to expec...
Breaking down the ramifications of Jung's shoulder surgery and analyzing comparable pitchers' first years to see what Leiter should accomplish.
30 min
Why a draft lottery is a terrible idea for MLB
Plus Jack Leiter's first days at spring training.
28 min
Projecting positions: DH and catcher, plus Josh...
Breaking down what Jung's injury means for his and the Rangers season as well as what to expect from Texas' DH and catcher.
28 min
Which upper-level MIF prospects will move to th...
With Corey Seager and Marcus Semien up the middle Texas could bolster outfield depth with position changes.
25 min
MLB, MLBPA standoff now has a ticking clock
A firm deadline will give both sides more urgency to find a solution quickly.
22 min
Ranking Rangers prospects: 1-5
Will Jack Leiter be No. 1 or is Josh Jung too far ahead?
37 min
Crossing over with Locked On Cardinals
Discussing the horrid 2011 World Series and where both teams have gone in the decade since.
37 min
Top 10 international signings in Rangers franch...
Breaking down the best Rangers players not acquired through the draft, trades or traditional free agency.
31 min
Ranking Rangers prospects: 6-10
A pair of 2020 draft picks had true breakout seasons in 2021.
35 min
Why this MLB lockout is hurting more than playe...
The impasse between MLB and the MLBPA is hurting more than just their livelihoods.
22 min
The return of Grant Schiller
Breaking down the middle 10 prospects of Locked On Rangers' top 30 rankings.
25 min
10 best draft picks in Texas Rangers history
Breaking down the best value picks and players the Rangers have drafted since moving to Texas.
33 min
Ranking Rangers prospects: 11-15
Analyzing a trio of pitchers with dreamy starting potential but inherent reliever risk.
31 min
Ranking the 5 best Rangers teams of all-time
Which years did the Rangers actually have the best teams?
34 min
Ranking Rangers prospects: 16-20
Breaking down the best prospects in the Texas Rangers' farm system.
30 min
Ranking the Rangers' 10 best free agents since ...
Breaking down how the two new big signing stack up against Texas' history.
29 min
Which Rangers 2022 international signings are f...
Breaking down the 20 young international signings made by the Texas Rangers in January so far.
29 min
Ranking Rangers Prospects: No. 21-25
A group of prospects with high floors and one fifth-round gem.
32 min