Locked On Presents – Paving The Way

Paving The Way, presented by State Farm, is a podcast that shines a light on hosts from marginalized communities and backgrounds. Each episode features an interview with a host from a diverse group, sharing their unique journey and experiences in the industry. Through these interviews, listeners will gain insight into the challenges and triumphs of being a trailblazer in the field, and hear valuable advice for the next generation of voices looking to break into the industry. Paving The Way is not just a podcast, it's a movement. Join us in supporting and uplifting our hosts, and helping to pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse media landscape.

Paving The Way, presented by State Farm, where all voices are heard.

College Athlete to Sports Media - Paving the Wa...
24 min
The Power of Opening Your Voice - Paving The Wa...
22 min
New York Yankees Fan turned Media - Paving The ...
24 min
From Law to Pittsburgh Steelers Media - Paving ...
32 min
Growing up with the San Antonio Spurs - Paving ...
27 min
Bonus Episode: Audible's New Podcast Think Like...
27 min
Through the Uprights – Ep 6: The NFL’s Most Pro...
83 min
Through the Uprights - Ep 5: Making it in the NFL
30 min
Through the Uprights - Ep 4: Sideline Behavior/...
49 min
Through the Uprights - Ep 3: Long Snappers/Holders
36 min
Through the Uprights - Ep 2: Jack of All Trades...
39 min
Through the Uprights - Ep 1: A Tale of Two Groz...
48 min
Locked On NHL's Round Table on the Chicago Blac...
Erica Lindsay Ayala, Rachel Donner, Jay Forster and Ann Kimmel discuss the ever-evolving Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault cover-up story and discuss hockey's toxic culture, how we got here, and whether it's fixable.
59 min
Locked On's LGBTQ+ Round Table on Being Queer i...
A quartet of Locked On's LGBTQ+ NHL hosts team up for part two of a discussion on being Queer in hockey, the NHL's inclusion efforts, and rainbow capitalism.
32 min
Locked On's LGBTQ+ Round Table on Being Queer i...
A collection of Locked On's LGBTQ+ hosts come together for a round table discussion on their experiences getting into hockey coverage, and the NHL's inconsistent and often underwhelming approach to LGBTQ+ inclusion.
33 min
More than the Game: Black History in Sports w/ ...
52 min
More Than the Game: Protest in Sports w/ Millar...
34 min
More Than the Game: Discussing Blackness in Spo...
44 min
More Than the Game: Black Women in Sports Media...
Locked On's series of Black History Month conversations begins with a look at the opportunities, experiences, struggles and influence of Black women in sports media spaces.
40 min
Long Shot: The Kyle Dugger Story
This is the NFL Draft story of Kyle Dugger who went from an undersized freshman just trying to make the varsity roster to the highest-drafted Division II player in two decades.
33 min