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Football is a modern-day gladiator sport. It's a fight for inches built on making your opponent physically submit. Yet, games are often won and lost by the leg of the smallest guy on the field…the kicker. Kicking is an essential part of America’s most popular sport and yet the discussion around it is surface level. Hear what it takes to be a great kicker directly from Lou Groza award winners, Pro Bowlers, 20-year National Football League veterans, and even a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Do all great kickers have the same personality type? Did the best kickers play multiple sports growing up? What is a kicker supposed to do while waiting on the sideline the entire game? What does it take to play at a highest level into your late 40s? What is it like to send your team to a Super Bowl? All these questions are topics explored throughout the series as reported on by Cole Weinstein. Through the Uprights culminates with Chapter 10, the incredible story of former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Roberto Aguayo, the biggest “kicking bust” in NFL Draft history. You’ll hear what happened in Roberto’s own words.


Interviews include Morten Andersen (New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons), Nick Lowery (Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets), John Carney (San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints), Matt Stover (Baltimore Ravens), Nate Kaeding (San Diego Chargers), Jeff Jaeger (Los Angeles Raiders, Chicago Bears), Eddie Murray (Detroit Lions), and more.

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