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Developing a trade package for Cincinnati Benga...
The Cincinnati Bengals recently signed OT Orlando Brown Jr. which complicates things with Jonah Williams who has already requested a trade. What types of offers can the Bengals expect to receive? On today's episode, Joe Marino and Kyle Crabbs dive into what Williams' market could look like, how we got to this point and some philosophy on building a an ideal offensive line in today's NFL.
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NFC Overachievers: Are the New York Giants, Min...
The New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks all had winning records and qualified for the playoffs in 2022 despite not expected to achieve so much. Both the Giants and Vikings were in the first year under new head coaches Brian Daboll and Kevin O'Connell while the Seahawks moved on from Russell Wilson while Geno Smith led the team to the postseason. But did Seattle over-commit to Geno Smith? What about the Giants and Daniel Jones? How do the Vikings see themselves moving forward with Justin Jefferson and Kirk Cousins. On today's episode, Joe Marino and Kyle Crabbs consider the direction of all three franchises and how each team is building off unexpected success in 2022.
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What additions of Derek Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo a...
Three notable veteran NFL quarterbacks now have new homes with Derek Carr heading to the New Orleans Saints, Jimmy Garoppolo now with the Las Vegas Raiders and Baker Mayfield signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What do these quarterback additions tell us about how those teams perceive themselves? On today's episode, Joe Marino and Kyle Crabbs dive into the dynamics of all three situations to determine the trajectory of each franchise. Can the Saints win the NFC South with Derek Carr? Does Jimmy Garoppolo preclude the Raiders from picking a quarterback in the NFL Draft? Is there enough in Tampa Bay for Baker Mayfield to succeed?
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Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots among t...
The NFL's legal tampering period brought about plenty of player movement which means winners and losers across the league. On today's episode, Joe Marino and Kyle Crabbs break down why the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and New England Patriots most moved the needle in how they did and did not improve during the legal tampering period. Dalvin Tomlinson, Stephon Gilmore, Jakobi Meyers and Allen Lazard sparked plenty of discussion among the dudes before shifting the focus of the conversation towards intriguing position groups to monitor the rest of the way.
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Takes on Takes Ep. 194/Start of March's Two Tru...
It's Friday, and you know what that means. YOU take over the show. You provide the takes. The dudes provide the reactions. This week's topics include: the Combine, Derek Carr, the Texans and more. Then, it's time for the beginning of March's Two Truths and a Lie.
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2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Defense Preview
After looking at the offensive side of the ball yesterday, the dudes flip sides and preview the defensive position groups and players that they are paying attention to at the NFL Scouting Combine.
52 min
2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Offense Preview
The dudes embark on a preview series of the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine. Today, it's a focus on the offensive position groups and who the dudes are paying attention to the most.
41 min
Bryce Young Won't Throw at the NFL Combine
Alabama QB Bryce Young reportedly won't throw at the NFL Combine later this week. The dudes discuss how big of a deal it is, and take a big picture look at the QB class.
27 min
What Will The Bears Do With The Number One Pick...
There's a lot of noise surfacing about the Bears and what they might do with the number one pick. The dudes share their thoughts on that, plus break down the latest mock draft from TDN courtesy of Damian Parson.
51 min
Takes on Takes Ep. 193/ Last Two Truths and a L...
It's Friday, and you know what that means. YOU take over the show. You provide the takes, the dudes provide the reactions. Today's topics include, QB purgatory, Cracker Barrel, the Jets and much more. Plus, it's championship week for Two Truths and a Lie. Will anyone walk out of February as a champion?
70 min
2023 NFL Mock Draft: February Edition (Picks 1-31)
The dudes put on their drafting hats and do a mock draft for the month of February. For this one, all three of them draft teams and of course, chaos ensues.
41 min
Checking the Tape On Rookie Snap Counts and The...
On Wednesday's, we check the tape. And it's a unique edition of check the tape because well, there's not actual tape this week. Joe wants to check the tape on the rookie snap counts by team for 2022/23 and Kyle wants to check the tape on a free agency project he's been working on.
39 min
Predicting 5th Year Option Decisions for the 20...
The dudes put on their predictions hat for today's edition of the podcast. With 5th year option decisions looming for the 2020 1st rounders, the dudes went through each pick and predicted whether or not the teams will pick up that 5th year option.
39 min
Reacting to the XFL 3.0 Launch/Mock Draft Monda...
The dudes react to the things they liked from the first week of the XFL 3.0 season, and what they would like to see come to the NFL. Then, they dive into the latest mock draft over at TDN from Keith Sanchez.
36 min
Takes on Takes Ep. 192/Trying to Find a Win in ...
It's Friday, and you know what that means. YOU take over the show. You provide the takes, the dudes provide the reactions. Topics for today's show include: best HC/QB/GM trios of all time, Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers and more. Then, can anybody find their way into the victory column for two truths and a lie?
56 min
Predicting Every Teams Primary Starting QB for ...
With Derek Carr free to sign at any moment, the dudes move up their yearly tradition: predicting every team's primary starting QB for the upcoming season.
48 min
Breaking Down The Latest TDN100
With the latest drop of the TDN100 after the Senior Bowl, the dudes take a deep dive into the latest set of rankings and explore how the Senior Bowl impacts these rankings.
43 min
5 Things We'd Love To See This Offseason
The Dudes stay in the Valentine's Day spirt and share their 5 things they'd love to see happen this offseason in the NFL.
50 min
Reaction to the Super Bowl/Mock Draft Monday: B...
The NFL season wrapped up with a classic, all-time Super Bowl game. The dudes share their thoughts from the game and then dive into the latest mock draft over at TDN.
43 min
Takes on Takes Ep. 191/First Two Truths and a L...
It's Saturday, and you know what that means? After a brief delay, here's this week's Takes on Takes. YOU take over the show. You provide the takes, the dudes provide the reactions. This week's topics include: wings, WYR about draft positions, coaching legacy's and much more.
58 min
Super Bowl Team Construction/Hall of Fame Talk
The dudes look at the roster/team construction for both teams playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday and mix in some talk about the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
37 min
Checking The Tape on Tyler Scott and C.J. Strou...
On Wednesday's, we check the tape. Joe checks the tape on Cincinnati WR Tyler Scott. Kyle checks the tape on Joe checking the tape on Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud, which leads to a trip down memory lane. Then, the dudes react to the NFL Scouting Combine Invite List getting released.
49 min
NFL Head Coaching Hires/Openings Vibe Association
Just because there wasn't any NFL football games, doesn't mean vibe association takes a break. The dudes are back with some vibe association about the HC hires and openings in the NFL this cycle. Oh, and there's science talk.
38 min
Final Thoughts on the Senior Bowl/Mock Draft Mo...
The dudes are back from Mobile. They share their final thoughts on the week that was last week before getting into the latest mock draft written by Kyle Crabbs, but not actually picked by Kyle Crabbs.
35 min
2023 Senior Bowl: Day 3 Practice Recap/Preview ...
Well folks, it's Friday, and you normally know what that means. But it's a little different here on the show this week. The dudes had their final live show of the week from Mobile following Day 3 of practice. And what follows is more shenanigans. There's more football talk, more wings, even more dogs and a parade stops by.
70 min