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The Locked On Mets Podcast is the only daily podcast that will break down everything dealing with the Amazin’ Mets. Hosted by Ryan Finkelstein, Locked On Mets promises to deliver excellent coverage on every win, loss and compelling back page story that consumes Mets fans each season. There is no better place to get daily analysis on the New York Mets. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network, #MLB #Mets #LGM

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Braves being eliminated from the playoffs and the Nationals upsetting the Dodgers to advance to the NLCS. He then looks back at the Mets season and how they may have missed a golden opportunity to make a run in retrospect.
16 min
Hindsight Offseason Part 2
Host Ryan Finkelstein completes the second part of his hindsight offseason, spending money in free agency to address the bullpen. Then talks about how his hindsight offseason roster compares to the one that the Mets actually trotted out in 2019.
17 min
Hindsight Offseason Part 1
Host Ryan Finkelstein finally does his hindsight offseason, reallocating all of the assets that Brodie Van Wagenen spent prior to the 2019 season. In this part of a the two-part series, Ryan talks about the trade that sent two of the Mets top prospects to the Mariners and why they should have gone to the Marlins instead.
18 min
Girardi or Rojas for 2020
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about his two ideal candidates to manage the New York Mets in 2020.
17 min
No More Mickey, Nowhere for Brodie to Hide
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Mets finally deciding to cut ties with Mickey Callaway as their manager. Also goes through the other revelations of Thursday, as Edwin Diaz and Noah Syndergaard are likely to stay put, as are some of the remaining coaching staff.
16 min
Gsellman or Lugo to the Rotation
Host Ryan Finkelstein continues his report card series with Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo. Also talks about which pitcher makes more sense to transition into the rotation next year.
17 min
Injury Report Cards
Host Ryan Finkelstein spends the show doing report card recaps of three of the Mets players that lost a majority of their season due to injury. He discusses Brandon Nimmo, Yoenis Cespedes and Jed Lowrie and their role on this team in 2020.
18 min
Should Mickey Stay or Go?
Host Ryan Finkelstein starts his offseason report cards with Mets manager Mickey Callaway. With Callaway on the hot seat, Ryan talks about where he excelled and faltered in leading the Mets in 2019 and if he should be back for 2020.
17 min
Pete Alonso the Rookie Home Run King
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about Pete Alonso breaking the rookie home run record and Dom Smith's thrilling walk off home run to end the season.
18 min
Wheels Up and Down One Last Time
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about what could have been Zack Wheeler's last start in a Mets uniform. Also gives the schedule for what lies ahead for Locked On Mets in the offseason.
15 min
No Playoffs but Cy deGrom Delivers
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about Jacob deGrom's last performance and why it is clear that he will win his second-straight Cy Young. Also discusses the 2019 season for the Mets as a whole, now that they are eliminated from contention.
17 min
Conforto's Heroics Delays the Inevitable
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about Michael Conforto keeping the Mets season alive for one more day, with two late two-run homers. Also discusses the Mets retiring Jerry Koosman's number and makes a case for other players having their numbers retired as well, particularly Carlos Beltran.
19 min
Season is on Life Support
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about a devastating loss to the Marlins that could spell the end of the 2019 season for the Mets.
18 min
Time to Run the Table
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Mets series victory over the Cincinnati Reds and breaks down the extreme circumstances it would take for the Mets to make the playoffs.
17 min
Down to the Final 10 Games
Host Ryan Finkelstein breaks down what each Wild Card contending team has left on their schedule and gets into a series preview of what lies ahead against the Cincinnati Reds. Also gives his five keys to the Mets picking up a sweep.
16 min
Late Rally Keeps Mets Season Alive
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about another managerial blunder by Mickey Callaway, which luckily didn't cost them the game, as the Mets came back and won in the ninth inning. Also tells you about all of the records Pete Alonso broke with his 49th home run of the season.
17 min
Stro (Late) Show Arrives
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about Marcus Stroman's best start in a Mets uniform, but one that took place a little too late in the season. Also discusses why Brandon Nimmo could be the answer to the Mets hole in center field for 2020.
15 min
Mets Have a Rough Rocky Mountain to Climb
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Mets dwindling chances to make the Wild Card after another loss on Monday. Also talks about what the Mets still have left to play for, once the Wild Card is off the table.
15 min
Don't Quit on the Mets
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the series loss to the Dodgers this weekend, which has pushed the Mets on the brink of elimination. Despite the disappointing loss, also shares his thoughts on why you should keep watching this team until the end of the season.
16 min
Sweeping D-Backs, Now Bring on D-Best
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about a great week of Mets baseball, as they win the rare four-game sweep to put themselves right back in the mix. Then previews the upcoming series against the L.A. Dodgers and explains why it could be the first step in a magical run.
16 min
Big Batz and Steven Matz
Host Ryan Finkelstein breaks down a great Mets victory on 9/11, as they win in grand blowout fashion. Also does a deep dive on Steven Matz' season and how he is having a career year.
16 min
Wheelin' Past the D-Backs
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about another big victory, as Zack Wheeler leads the Mets to the win. Then takes a look around baseball at some of the big stories and their correlation to the Mets playoff hopes.
18 min
Noah is Complaining, Jacob is deGrominating
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about a solid victory for the Mets behind two home runs from Pete Alonso and another Jacob deGrom gem. Also talks about Noah Syndergaard's complaints about Wilson Ramos catching his starts.
16 min
Last Meaningful Week of the Season
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about a frustrating series loss this weekend, when the Mets could have gained valuable ground on the Chicago Cubs. Also talks about the week that lies ahead, as the Mets could be out of contention if they don't perform well.
19 min
Edwin Diaz is Awful Without Rest
Host Ryan Finkelstein discovers the answer to why Edwin Diaz has been so bad this season. Also previews the Mets upcoming series with the Philadelphia Phillies.
16 min