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The Locked On Mets Podcast is the only daily podcast that will break down everything dealing with the Amazin’ Mets. Hosted by Ryan Finkelstein, Locked On Mets promises to deliver excellent coverage on every win, loss and compelling back page story that consumes Mets fans each season. There is no better place to get daily analysis on the New York Mets. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network, #MLB #Mets #LGM

Mets Introduce Dellin Betances
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Mets introduction of Dellin Betances and why Brodie Van Wagenen's bravado is getting a little stale.
18 min
Brock Holt a Replacement for Frazier
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about whether the Mets need to replace Todd Frazier on their 2020 roster and if free agent Brock Holt would be a good answer.
14 min
Defining Players of this Past Mets Decade
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about some of the most influential players that have brought success to the Mets over the past decade.
22 min
Downsides of the 2010 Decade
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the negative themes of the past decade, as the Mets suffered through the Madoff scandal and debilitating injuries to four of their franchise cornerstones.
19 min
Stroman and Matz on the Block?
Host Ryan Finkelstein discusses the report that the Mets are hearing trade offers on Marcus Stroman and Steven Matz and explains why trading either would be a bad idea.
15 min
Gerrit Cole Makes deGrom's Contract a Steal
Host Ryan Finkelstein compares Jacob deGrom's contract to the other starting pitchers that cashed in this offseason and why it is such a steal for the New York Mets.
13 min
Merry ChirstMETS Says Betances!
The Mets have made a huge signing by adding Dellin Betances to the back end of their bullpen. Ryan Finkelstein talks about all the factors that led to the great signing and what it means for the Mets in 2020.
11 min
Big Names on the Trade Market
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the big names around baseball that are on the trade market and if the Mets should make a move to acquire any them. Also who on the Mets current roster in untouchable?
18 min
Yoenis Cespedes Solves Mets Luxury Woes
Host Ryan Finkelstein is back from vacation and talks about how Yoenis Cespedes and the Mets settled on an amended contract following his broken ankle last year. Ryan also talks about Michael Wacha, the incentives in his contract and why he may have been given a raw deal by the Mets.
16 min
Mets Shockingly Sign Rick Porcello
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Mets surprising signing of Rick Porcello, giving them six potential starting pitchers for their rotation. Also talks about the potential of Dom Smith and Jed Lowrie being packaged in a trade for Jose Leclerc of the Texas Rangers.
19 min
Michael Wacha to Replace Zack Wheeler
Host Ryan Finkelstain talks about the Mets newest starting pitcher Michael Wacha and why it was not smart to take away some of their flexibility under the luxury tax to sign him.
16 min
Brodie Better Not Trade Nimmo
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the idea of trading Brandon Nimmo for Starling Marte and why it would be another terrible move by Brodie Van Wagenen.
15 min
Wheeler/MadBum and a Evolivng Marketplace
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about Brodie Van Wagenen's comments to the media at the Winter Meetings and how Zack Wheeler and Madison Bumgarner getting paid signifies a shift in the way players get paid.
16 min
Brad Brach is Back and the Winter Meetings Have...
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the return of Brad Brach and why it is a great signing for the Mets. I also talk about what to expect from them at the Winter Meetings.
16 min
Mets Land Their Center Fielder in Jake Marisnick
Host Ryan Finkelstein continues to discuss the Mets groundbreaking change in ownership, while also talking about the trade that brings Jake Marisnick to Queens.
19 min
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Wilpons selling the team to Steve Cohen and why the sale should finally turn the Mets into the large market team that the fans deserve.
17 min
Dom Smith May Be Used to Dump Salary
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about some of the players that were non-tendered around baseball and gets into this latest report that the Mets might trade Dominic Smith to rid themselves of one of their bad contracts.
15 min
Mets Interested in Aquiring the Modern Day John...
Amid the Mets interest in trading for Josh Hader, host Ryan Finkelstein compares Hader's racist tweets to John Rocker's statements from the past and if that is a good fit for New York. Also talks about whether the Mets should be trading another prospect package for a reliever.
15 min
Mets Need a Return of Thor
Host Ryan Finkelstein breaks down Noah Syndergaard's season in 2019 and why the Mets should expect more out of him next year.
14 min
Metsgiving: Wright/Harvey to Alonso/deGrom
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about what Mets fans should really be thankful for in 2019. That they went from losing two generational talents in David Wright and Matt Harvey, to gaining them right back in Jacob deGrom and Pete Alonso.
15 min
Jeremy Hefner is the New Pitching Coach
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Mets new pitching coach, former Met starting pitcher Jeremy Hefner and if the coaching staff is experienced enough. Ryan also continues to discuss the Starling Marte trade rumors and other hypothetical trade packages.
18 min
Starling Marte Emerging as Mets Trade Target
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about the Mets hiring a new bench coach and their potential pursuit of Pirates center fielder Satrling Marte on the trade market.
15 min
Braves and Mets Going in Different Directions
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about former Met Travis d'Arnaud signing with their division rival, the Atlanta Braves. Also talks about how the two teams are going in completely different directions.
15 min
Familia's Failing 2019 Season
Host Ryan Finkelstein talks about Yasmani Grandal signing with the Chicago White Sox and the Mets addition of Chasen Shreve. Also discusses Jeurys Familia's season in 2019 and if he can bounce back next year.
15 min
Mets Protect Prospects From Rule-5 Draft
Host Ryan Finkelstein explains the process of the Rule-5 Draft and the Mets roster maneuvering to protect some of their prospects ahead of it
19 min