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Big Inning Stings Mariners (Again)
A familiar story unfolded in the Mariners' loss to the Los Angeles Angels on Thursday. A starting pitcher (Taijuan Walker) starts out okay, then falls apart and doesn't survive the 4th inning. To be fair, the M's offense was worse, only mustering four hits. D.C. recaps this game, then previews the three game weekend series against the Colorado Rockies.
15 min
Kyle Seager: Young At Heart
While both parts of the Kyle Connection came up aces against the Angels on Wednesday, the elder of the two achieved a career milestone. In addition, Marco Gonzales turned in another very good outing. Oh, yeah. And Mike Trout continues to crush the Mariners. D.C. talks about the game, and then dedicates the second half of the program to the M's veteran third baseman.
17 min
Mariners Drop Two Games; Catch Up on Covid-19 News
Well, the last two Mariners games weren't much to speak about, particularly Monday's drubbing at the hands of the Athletics. Unfortunately, the second half of the show is also pretty not-fun, as Jason Hernandez joins D.C. to get caught up on the Covid-19 mess that's been a factor in Major League Baseball.
35 min
M's See few A's on their Report Card vs. Oakland
Over the weekend, the Mariners dropped both games to the Oakland Athletics with identical scores. What exactly happened? D.C. Lundberg talks about both games. Also, Saturday saw the Mariners' first extra-inning affair of the season, meaning that M's fans got an up close and personal look at the ludicrous new "free runner" rule, which led to a cheap victory for Oakland. D.C. talks specifically about how the rule affected that game, and reiterates his thoughts on the rule in general. Spoiler alert: He is less than enthused.
17 min
M's Score A's Against Oakland in Home Opener
A little over a week into the abbreviated season, the Mariners won their first home game, and now have an even .500 record. Which hitters have been hot, who's been cold, and how has the starting rotation looked? D.C. answers those questions, as well as taking a look at how the rest of the American League is doing.
19 min
M's Fly High Against Angels, Series Preview vs....
The Mariners took two of three against the Angels in Anaheim. D.C. Talks briefly about the final two games of that series. Jason Burke is on hand to discuss the M's opponents in their first home series, the Oakland A's. D.C. and Jason are then joined by Jason Hernandez, and the three of them discuss the brand new extra inning rule, in which teams now start with a free baserunner.
27 min
Recapping the First Weekend of M's Baseball
What did we learn over the course of the first five games of the Mariners' season? (Other than that the host of this program procrastinates.) Well, some red flags popped up rather early, especially on the pitching side. D.C. talks about the final three games in Houston, and the first game in Anaheim.
16 min
Diamond Quiz (Show #6)
Diamond Quiz returns with three new contestants. Sean Woodley from "Locked On Raptors," Brice Paterik of "Locked On Rangers," and A.J. Andrews from "Locked On Blue Jays" battle it out in the sixth episode of our baseball trivia game show, Who will reign supreme today?
28 min
Mariners Drop the Opener/MLB Screws Up Postseason
Well, the 2020 season is finally underway, and it didn't exactly begin in spectacular fashion for the Mariners. D.C. Lundberg breaks down the Mariners' first game. In the second half, D.C. does his best impression of an 85-year-old stick in the mud as he laments the changes Major League Baseball made to its postseason.
11 min
The Mariners' 2020 Vision
The first regular season game for the Seattle Mariners is tonight! D.C. Lundberg tells you just who made the opening day 30-man roster. There's an injury to a key player to discuss, and one big surprise: Who was left off the opening day roster? Which non-roster invitee wound up making the team after making splashes in both Spring and Summer Camps?
13 min
Follow the Fleet/Blowers' Prognosticates Tuiaso...
In the first half of the show, D.C. Lundberg and Jason Hernandez attempt to join the Mariners' Seat Fleet. They begin the process of having their likenesses turned into cardboard Mariner, but their short-sightedness forces them to complete the purchase off the air. Then J.D. walks us through Mike Blowers' shining moment, where he auditions to be the next Amazing Kreskin in SkyDome.
28 min
Player Stories & Memories With Taylor Blake Ward
In this crossover episode with Locked On Angels, Taylor Blake Ward & D.C. Lundberg discuss some stories and memories they have about players they remember watching, players they've encountered, and players they grew up watching that they've encountered. Why does Chris Snelling hold a special place in Taylor's heart? Why did D.C. admire Eli Marrero? What do they have to say about Jeremy Reed?
35 min
D.C. is a Cut Up (The Fleet's In)
A few episodes ago, Jason Hernandez & D.C. Lundberg talked about the Oakland A's selling cardboard cutouts of fan photos to be placed in the seats of the Oakland Coliseum. Since then, the Mariners (among other teams) have followed suit. J.D. & D.C. talk about what exactly the Mariners are offering and for what price, and then discuss the other teams that will have cardboard fans.
30 min
Gearing Up For 2020 (And Beyond)
With intrasquad games beginning last Friday, D.C. takes a brief look at a certain outfielder who scarcely missed a beat and already appears to be in mid-season form. He also talks about the 2020 regular season schedule, as well as the newly-released 2021 schedule.
11 min
Locked On Anaheim Ducks/Locked On Angels/Locked...
Jason Hernandez of Locked On Anaheim Ducks hosts this crossover episode also featuring Taylor Blake Ward of Locked On Angels and D.C. Lundberg of Locked On Mariners.
37 min
Cut Out to Be an A's Fan?
Jason Hernandez joins D.C. Lundberg to discuss a super cool thing the Oakland Athletics are doing this season due to the Covid-19 outbreak, offering fans to (sort of) be at every single A's home game, with proceeds going to a good cause.
24 min
Major League Training Camp, Take Two
With players reporting to the reprise of training camp earlier in the week, D.C. Lundberg discusses some of the ways the 2020 season will look different than a normal Major League Baseball season.
14 min
Ballpark Memories
D.C. is joined by Locked On Mariners contributor Jon Miller and Jason "J.D." Hernandez, the newly-minted Locked On Mariners jersey enthusiast. The three of them begin talking about their favorite memories of both Major and Minor League baseball, and also discuss Turn Ahead the Clock jerseys.
32 min
Hey, Abbott!
Jason Hernandez & D.C. Lundberg talk about the NHL Draft Lottery in the first half of the show, then speak about the career of the incredible Jim Abbott -- who was born without a right hand -- in the second half.
25 min
Play Ball?? Sort of...
Baseball season is on the horizon, ladies and gentlemen. But before you get too excited, Major League Baseball will look much different this year, aside from the obviously shortened schedule. Jason Hernandez and Taylor Blake Ward join D.C. to talk about these changes.
22 min
Draft Notice (Part 4)
Draft coverage winds down by taking a look at the Mariners history in the Major League Baseball Draft. D.C. Lundberg looks at the first-round draft choices to see how the team has done, and also takes a look at the later rounds of the draft, as well as the three phases of the draft which no longer exist.
16 min
Draft Notice (Part 3)
Taylor Blake Ward joins D.C. to talk about all six of the Mariners' draft choices, including first round pick Emerson Hancock.
31 min
Diamond Quiz (Show #5: Revenge of the Jasons)
Today on Diamond Quiz, three previous contestants -- Jason Hernandez (Locked On Anaheim Ducks), Jason Block (8ThreeStudios) & Jason Burke (Locked On A's) -- return for a second chance at victory.
27 min
Draft Notice (Part 2)
D.C. Lundberg and Jason Hernandez look at the remainder of the first round picks in the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft.
38 min
Draft Notice (Part 1)
D.C. Lundberg starts to examine the first round of the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft with the help of Jason "J.D." Hernandez. D.C. offers his... um... unique analysis while J.D. picks up the slack.
33 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
In an eye-opening discussion, Ross Jackson (Locked On Saints) Aaron Freeman (Locked on Falcons) Tony Wiggins (Locked On Jaguars) John Hickman (Locked On Texans) Chris Carter (Locked On Steelers) Keith Pompey (Locked On 76ers) Coty Davis (Locked On Texans) and Your Boy Q (Locked On Raiders) come together for a special Locked On Podcast Network Black Lives Matter Roundtable. These eight Locked On hosts share their first-hand experiences as black men in America. When was the first time they clocked racism in their lives? What are the pet peeves they experience as a black man? In the wake of George Floyd's killing, does this movement feel different than those of the past? What needs to happen for this moment in time to have a lasting impact on society and to result in real gains for social justice? And, will these experiences change the next generation? We take a momentary pause in our daily sports talk for this revealing and important special podcast episode.
85 min
Erasing the 1994 Strike: League Leaders (Part t...
Locked On Mariners contributor Jon Miller and D.C. Lundberg finish looking at the 1994 league leaders to see if the leaderboards may have changed if the season had been played to completion. This episode also features perhaps the most comprehensive look at the career of Steve Ontiveros in the history of podcasting.
29 min
Erasing the 1994 Strike: League Leaders (Part t...
Jon Miller & a semi-coherent D.C. Lundberg continue to look at the league leaders of 1994, and project out their stats to see if the league leaders may have changed had the season been played to completion. Today, they discuss the pitching leaders for the first time.
26 min
Erasing the 1994 Strike: League Leaders (Part t...
Locked On Mariners contributor Jon Miller joins a very out-of-it D.C. to continue discussing the 1994 league leaders and projecting out their stats as if the strike never occurred.
22 min
Erasing the 1994 Strike: League Leaders (Part t...
Locked On Mariners contributor Jon Miller joins D.C. to look at the stats for the 1994 league leaders to see how they may have finished the season if the 1994 strike didn't halt the season prematurely.
30 min
The Ken Griffey Jr. Project (Part the Third)
Could Ken Griffey Jr. had been the all-time home run king if he would have stayed healthy? That is the main question D.C. Lundberg wanted to answer in this multi-show project, and Junior's final adjusted career statistics are revealed in this episode. This episode is also the final episode recorded on location in the Idaho Panhandle, as the Party in the Panhandle comes to a close.
18 min
The Ken Griffey Jr. Project (Part the Second)
In his penultimate episode out on the road, D.C. Lundberg continues to project out Ken Griffey Jr.'s year-by-year statistics for seasons in which he missed time to see what his career numbers may have looked like if he didn't miss so much time.
17 min
The Ken Griffey Jr. Project (Part the First)
In his final week of doing the show out on the road, D.C. Lundberg begins to project out the year-by-year stats of Ken Griffey Jr. to see what his career numbers may have looked like if he didn't suffer from so many injuries.
18 min
Diamond Quiz (Show #4: Episode of Champions)
In this very special edition, the three contestants who won their previous games -- Taylor Blake Ward of "Locked On Angels," Paul "Sully" Sullivan of "Locked On MLB," & Jeff Snider of "Locked On Dodgers" -- compete against each other in the Diamond Quiz Episode of Champions.
27 min
Completing Updating the 3,000 Hit Club
Continuing the Locked On Mariners Party in the Panhandle, D.C. completes a project he accidentally started on the air last week: Seeing what the 3,000 hit club may have looked like if the 1981 & 1994/95 players' strikes never occurred. In the second half, he looks at some single seasons that were affected by the 1994/95 strike, and then looks at those players' career numbers to see what they may have been.
25 min
Updating the 3,000 Hit Club
Back out on the road, D.C. Lundberg continues to update the 3,000 hit club player-by-player, taking each member of the club who played through either the 1981 strike, the 1994/95 strike, or both, and projecting out their season and career hit totals as if the strikes never happened. The city in which he recorded this episode has the smallest population of any city in which he's recorded so far. Tim Wallach has more career home runs that this city has inhabitants.
20 min
Son of "What If... The 1994 Strike Never Occurr...
Back out on the road, this time in a town with a population of 676, D.C. Lundberg continues to look at what the all-time hit list may look like if the 1994 MLBPA players' strike hadn't occurred, and the '94 & '95 seasons had been played to completion.
28 min
What If... The 1994 Strike Never Occurred?
Back out on the road in the Gem State, D.C. examines some players who were putting together some potentially historic seasons at the time the 1994 MLBPA strike caused the remainder of the season to be cancelled and tries to project if they would have achieved their milestone numbers or not. He also then looks at the effect the '94 strike had on the career numbers of some Hall of Famers and potential Hall of Famers.
20 min
Play Ball???
Last week, MLB set forth a proposal to get a truncated Major League season rolling near the beginning of July. The team owners approved of this play yesterday, and it now goes to the players' union for a vote. What's in the proposal? How different will the season look? Or will there even be a season if the MLBPA rejects this proposal? On location once again in Idaho, D.C. Lundberg does his best to sort through the reports and offers his opinions of some of the details of the proposal, and on the MLBPA.
14 min
What If? 1995... (Part III) and Other Mariners ...
Jon D. Miller joins D.C. Lundberg, who's recording the show from the Locked On Mariners Mobile Unit, to talk wrap up the "what if" scenario D.C. laid out over the previous two shows about the 1995 Mariners. The two then discuss some other, smaller "what if" situations involving Mariners' trades and individual player performances.
30 min
What If? 1995... (Part II)
Previously, D.C. Lundberg put forth a scenario where the Mariners would have won the division outright during the regular season rather than having to play an extra game against the California Angels to decide the division crown. Today, he looks at how the postseason would have shaped up in this "what if?" scenario, as the show is once again on location somewhere in the Idaho Panhandle.
14 min
What If? 1995... (Part I)
What if the 1995 Mariners wouldn't have had to play the one-game playoff to decide the American League Western Division Crown? What if they won the division outright? How would the postseason have turned out? D.C. Lundberg changes just a few at bats during one particular regular season game, switching a loss to a victory, setting up an outright win of the AL West, setting up a different pitching rotation in the postsason.
12 min
The Hitless List
Once again on location, this time in Post Falls, Idaho, D.C. Lundberg wraps up the week looking at the greatest moments in franchise history by talking about the six no-hitters the M's have tossed.
17 min
300 Wins Is Nothing to Spit At
While on location in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (since Washington is still closed and Idaho isn't), D.C. Lundberg talks about the career of Gaylord Perry, who collected his 300th Major League win as a member of the Seattle Mariners.
9 min
Like Father, Like Son
D.C. Lundberg looks back at the tail end of the 1990, when the Mariners signed Ken Griffey Sr. to play left field along side Ken Griffey Jr. in center.
10 min
Edgar and Ichiro: the Mariners' Swing Men
Jon Miller joins D.C. Lundberg to talk about the careers of both Edgar Martinez and Ichiro Suzuki. Both had very different careers, skill sets & paths to Major League Baseball; both were among the best hitters of their eras and both had nearly identical career batting averages.
25 min
Edgar Martinez Was Inducted Into the Hall of Fa...
Edgar Martinez was finally enshrined in Cooperstown last summer after remaining on the Hall of Fame ballot for the maximum of 10 years. D.C. Lundberg talks about his career and his experience at the Hall of Fame.
12 min
D.C. Lundberg speaks briefly about the end of the great career of Ichiro, and more about his career at large. He dives into some of his statistics, awards, and fame in his home country.
11 min
Wrappng Up the Lou Piniella Years
Jon Miller joins D.C. Lundberg to talk about the Lou Piniella years of the Seattle Mariners.
24 min
Mariners Yearbook: 1995
In the final episode of the Mariners Yearbook series, D.C. Lundberg remembers the unforgetable, indescribably special 1995 season, which saved baseball in Seattle. (And made a huge baseball fan out of D.C.)
32 min
Mariners Yearbook: 2002
D.C. Lundberg talks about Lou Piniella's final season as Mariners skipper: 2002.
21 min
Mariners Yearbook: 1997
D.C. Lundberg takes a look back at the 1997 Seattle Mariners, a team with a historically powerful offense, but also a team whose pitching staff kept them from attaining a historically great season.
28 min
Mariners Yearbook: 1999
D.C. Lundberg examines the 1999 Seattle Mariners season, including the Kingdome's final game, Safeco Field's first, and an incredible on-field presentation prior to the All-Star Game in Fenway Park.
25 min
Mariners Yearbook: 1998
D.C. Lundberg talks about the 1998 season, which was largely frustrating, but did include Ken Griffey, Jr.'s pursuit of Roger Maris's single-season home run record, Turn Ahead the Clock Night, and one shining game in the career of a veteran minor leaguer.
25 min
Mariners Yearbook: 2001
To wrap up the week, D.C. Lundberg reminisces about the great, almost indescribable, 2001 Seattle Mariners season.
25 min
Mariners Yearbook: 2000
D.C. Lundberg takes a look back at the 2000 Seattle Mariners -- the first season after Ken Griffey Jr. was traded away, the first full season in Safeco Field, and their second trip to the American League Championship Series.
17 min
Where's D.C.?
With regular host D.C. Lundberg a bit under the weather, Locked On Mariners contributor Jon Miller fills in for him and introduces himself to the audience; he talks about some of his favorite baseball memories, and touches on his experience as an umpire.
13 min
Mariners Yearbook: 1996
D.C. Lundberg looks back at the 1996 Mariners, the first M's squad to defend a division title, and a team that dealt with a lot of injuries, a lot of mid-season trades, & a problematic pitching staff.
16 min
Mariners Yearbook: 1993 & 1994
D.C. Lundberg takes a stroll down memory lane and looks back at Lou Piniella's first two seasons as Mariners manager.
17 min
Crossover With Locked On Angels Featuring Taylo...
Locked On Angels meets Locked On Mariners in the final crossover of the week. Taylor Blake Ward talks about what Anthony Rendon offers the Angels, how his addition may affect Tommy LaStella's & David Fletcher's playing time, and also the Halo's starting rotation. Taylor and D.C. then proceed to discuss at length the career of Frank Tanana.
24 min
Crossover With Locked On Rangers Featuring Bric...
This crossover with Locked On Rangers features Brice Paterik and D.C. Lundberg discussing both teams' 2020 outlook, the 1996 Rangers team, as well as the legend of Ichiro.
30 min
Crossover With Locked On Astros Featuring Brett...
Locked On Astros joins Locked On Mariners as Brett Chancey and D.C. Lundberg talk a little current M's and 'Stros, and look back at how both teams did in the mid-to-late 1990s.
26 min
Crossover With Locked On A's Featuring Jason Burke
In the first crossover episode of the week, Locked On Mariners and Locked On A's come together for this conversation between Jason Burke and D.C. Lundberg. With all the news surrounding baseball and the delay of the season, the hot topics of the day were, of course, curling and Marcus Semien.
26 min
Who Are the Greatest Mariners Designated Hitter...
The week-long series concludes with D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller discussing the top three designated hitters the M's have had. In the second half of the program, D.C. opens up the Friday mailbag.
21 min
Who Are the Greatest Mariners Center Fielders a...
In this penaltimate episode in the series, D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller talk about the best center fielders and catchers in M's history.
19 min
(3-12-2020) NEWS FLASH: Major League Baseball C...
Major League Baseball announced today that all remaining Spring Training games have been cancelled, and the beginning of the regular season will be delayed due to concerns about the Coronavirus. No film at 11.
2 min
Who Are the Greatest Mariners Corner Outfielder...
The week-long series continues with D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller discussing the greatest left fielders and right fielders ever to play for the Seattle Mariners.
20 min
(3-12-2020) NEWS FLASH: Governor Inslee Bans La...
Washington state Governor Jay Inslee has issued an edict banning large gatherings in three Western Washington counties. This will affect the Seattle Mariners opening series. No film at 11.
0 min
Who Are the Greatest Mariners Middle Infielders...
The look at the greatest Mariners of all time continues with D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller talking about the best second basemen and shortstops that the M's have had.
19 min
Who Are the Greatest Mariners Corner Infielders...
In the second episode in this week-long series, D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller talk about the greatest first basemen & third baseman in Mariners history.
17 min
Who Are the Greatest Mariners Pitchers of All T...
This week on the show, D.C. Lundberg and Locked On Mariners contributor Jonathan Miller will discuss the top all-time best Mariners at each position. The series kicks of with the duo talking about the greatest M's ever to toe the rubber. (Which means they're talking about pitchers.)
19 min
Diamond Quiz (Show #3)
The third episode of Diamond Quiz features Aram Leighton from "Locked On Marlins," Jeff Snider of "Locked On Dodgers," and Jason Burke from "Locked On A's."
17 min
Coach Class
D.C. introduces the Mariners 2020 coaching staff, then takes a look at how some other teams are doing in Spring Training.
16 min
D.C. Couldn't Think of a Title
D.C. Lundberg goes over the last four Mariners' Cactus League games, reports on the first series of reassignments to minor league camp, checks in to Braves camp to see how King Felix is doing, and then talks about one of the game's biggest stars getting locked up by his team.
14 min
Three Games in Two Days/Mailbag #3
D.C. recaps the M's previous three Cactus League contests -- including Thursday's split squad games -- and then delves into the Friday Mailbag to answer fan questions.
19 min
Generically Titled Spring Training Update of Tw...
D.C. talks about Monday & Tuesday's Spring Training games, a few roster moves, and some injury news.
12 min
Baseball Under the Arizona... Rain?
Well, Mother Nature decided that she didn't want the Mariners first Spring Training game on Saturday to happen. The M's begun their Cactus League season on Sunday, which D.C. Lundberg talks about in this episode. He also offers some cautious optimism about Yusei Kikuchi and talks about King Felix's first Spring start for the Atlanta Braves.
13 min
Pronouncing Japanese Names 080/Mailbag #2
Sportscasters mispronouncing names of Japanese athletes has been a major pet peeve of D.C.'s. In the first half of this episode, he offers a crash course on Japanese name pronunciation. After class has ended, he opens up the Friday Mailbag to answer some of your questions.
20 min
Maniger's Rehab, a Slowride
D.C. Lundberg discusses an article about Mitch Haniger's rehab efforts from the various surgeries he's underwent.
14 min
My Oh My! Locked On Mariners Remembers Dave Nie...
D.C. Lundberg and guest Jonathan D. Miller reminisce about the late, great, Hall of Fame Mariners play-by-play announcer Dave Niehaus on what would have been his 85th birthday.
17 min
D.C. talks about the plethora of rule changes coming to Major League Baseball for the 2020 season which were made official last week.
13 min
D.C. Catches Up On Last Week's News After Predi...
After taking the week off to watch the National Curling Championships, D.C. finds himself having to recap the entire week's worth of news after predicting there wouldn't be much news. The M's added a veteran outfielder to the mix, Mitch Haniger underwent another surgery, and a familiar face is back with the team. D.C. ends the show by expounding the wonders of curling.
14 min
The Three-Way That Went Awry
D.C. Lundberg and Southern California-based guests Jason Hernandez (from "Locked On Anaheim Ducks") and Taylor Blake Ward (from "Locked On Angels") discuss the very confusing the week the Dodgers, Red Sox, Twins, and Angels had in regards to the on-again-off-again-on-again Mookie Betts trade. At the end of the program, both So-Cal guys discuss two top Mariners prospects who played in Modesto last season.
28 min
Mariners Pre-Spring Positional Outlook: The Cat...
In the first half of the program, D.C. Lundberg wraps up the week-long series examining the Mariners roster, as he speaks about the team's catchers. The second half of the program is the first Mailbag segment of the relaunched show, where D.C. answers questions about Mariners prospects, a former Mariner who's now a Yankee, and pancakes, among other topics.
17 min
Mariners Pre-Spring Positional Outlook: The Pit...
In part three of this riveting four-part series, D.C. Lundberg talks about the Mariners' pitching staff. SPOILER ALERT: He is not nearly as enthused about this group as he is the infielders or outfielders.
14 min
Diamond Quiz (Show #2)
Last time, this game show didn't have a name. Now it does. Ladies and gentlemen, Diamond Quiz's second episode features returning champion Taylor Blake Ward from "Locked On Angels" defending his crown against Paul "Sully" Sullivan from "Locked On MLB" and four-time "Jeopardy!" champion Jason Block from 8ThreeStudios.
17 min
Mariners Pre-Spring Positional Outlook: The Inf...
In part two of this four part series, D.C. Lundberg talks about the state of the Mariners' infield prior to Spring Training, and what it may look like as the regular season commences.
16 min
Mariners Pre-Spring Positional Outlook: The Out...
In part one of a ground-breaking, in-depth, award-winning [I wish] series, D.C. Lundberg examines the state of the Mariners outfield going into Spring Training.
16 min
Japan, Taiwan, and Taijuan
The M's have signed two free agent pitchers, one to a Major League contract and one to a minor league deal. How will these two arms impact the team? And what's going on with yet another unsigned arm whom the Mariners were reportedly interested in?
14 min
Mitch Haniger: Rotten to the Core
Mitch Haniger has unfortunately suffered another setback during his recover from... last season's injury. In other news, the M's have acquired a southpaw who'll compete for a job in the starting rotation.
13 min
Unnamed Baseball Trivia Game Show (Show #1)
D.C. finally got to live out his childhood fantasy of being a game show host. (Yes, three episodes into his tenure here.) While this game doesn't yet have a title, the first edition pits Jonathan D. Miller, Jason Hernandez of "Locked On Ducks" & Taylor Blake Ward of "Locked On Angels" against each other. Who will emerge victorious? Listen to see who will take home the top prize of... well, nothing.
16 min
Hall of Famery, Walker, the Captain and Me (And...
Special guest Don Shelton joins D.C. to discuss this afternoon's Hall of Fame Ballot election announcement, and his thoughts on some of the players on the ballot.
19 min
New Season, New Host
The new host of this program, D.C. Lundberg, introduces himself and gives a little insight into what Locked On Mariners will bring you during the upcoming 2020 season.
8 min
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