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Welcome to the only daily podcast covering your Seattle Mariners. Each morning, host D.C. Lundberg will keep you informed of everything happening with the M's, including analysis, game recaps, series previews, roster changes, and some trivia & fun, too. If you have a question about the Mariners or a comment on the show, please email D.C. at lockedonmariners@gmail.com and your message might be read on the air during his Friday Mailbag segment. (Please use your name and hometown in your email.) Follow the Mariners right here on Locked On Mariners, part of the Locked On Podcast Network!

Capitalization of Dodger Mistakes Leads to M's ...
It was a good day to be a fan of the Seattle Mariners. A 4-3 victory over the defending World Series champions, who had lost all of three games thus far. The M's did capitalize on some Dodger mistakes -- both on the mound and in the field -- which led to the M's winning the ballgame. The M's pitching was also pretty good, limiting the powerful Dodger offense to only three runs. D.C. talks about the game, and also goes over some stats on the 2021 Dodgers to put into perspective just what a good team the Mariners beat.
23 min
Bang Bang, What's that Sound?
That sound was the Mariners winning two of three against the Trashcan Bangers. D.C. talks about all three games of this great series, including the two victories, and Zack Greinke's pitching mastery on Saturday. Kyle Seager has been on fire with runners in scoring position, and that did not change during this series. Mitch Haniger & Ty France continue to rake, and J.P. Crawford's struggles seem to have ended. In addition, the pitching's been pretty good, and at times very good.
32 min
Pitching Propels M's to Two Wins on Thursday
It was a good day for the Mariners pitchers. D.C. talks about both games of yesterday's double header, including Marco Gonzales' and Justin Dunn's great starts. There was some history made in Major League Baseball on Wednesday, and D.C. talks about both players who entered the history books. The Houston Astros are coming to town for three games, but their troops will be depleted. In addition, D.C. offers up some Jackie Robinson trivia in the Trivia Corner, as yesterday was Jackie Robinson Day.
29 min
M's Split Double Dip With O's
The title tells most of the story. The Mariners did, in fact, split a double-header with the Orioles. D.C. is joined by Clive Braithwaite IV who serves as co-host on this episode, and the two of them talk about both games, including Telegram Sam Haggerty's heroics in game two. D.C. also offers some updates on some injured players, including the unfortunate news on James Paxton, but some good news on Kyle Lewis.
30 min
Rainy Day Recess With Jon Miller
Since yesterday's game was rained out, D.C. invites Jonathan Miller on the show to do an almost entirely unscripted episode -- only one topic was decided upon before hand, and the two of them knew they weren't going to talk about it all that long. They start by talking a little about the first regular season power rankings to come out, which led into a brief discussion on how teams rebuild, they talk about Kyle Seager & Ty France... then go way off toping talking about collegiate basketball, bowling, and finally bring it back around to baseball by discussing the warnings issued to both benches on Sunday, leading to Scott Servais' ejection.
36 min
Mariners Execute a Pair of Twin Killings
Okay, to they weren't exactly killings, but the Mariners did win the final two games of the three-game series in Minnesota. D.C. talks about both games and a number of the key players involved in the weekend's pair of victories. He then briefly talks about the upcoming series in Baltimore against the Orioles, talks about the season's first no-hitter (and the San Diego Padres' first ever no-no), a rare feat accomplished in the Professional Bowlers' Association yesterday, and recaps the playoffs and finals of the Men's World Curling Championships which concluded last night.
33 min
Mariners Suffer a Twin Killing
Another rough one for the Mariners, another rough outing for Marco Gonzales, another weak performance by the offense. D.C. talks about this game, but highlights some of the bright spots for the M's, including Jose Marmolejos and Ty France. There's also injury news, and it's not good news for James Paxton. However, the news is much better for Evan White and Jake Fraley. Jonathan Miller joins D.C. to talk about the catcher's interference call from Wednesday's ballgame, and the two also talk generally about how umpires, blown calls, and players. Jon also gives his thoughts on the first week of the Major League Baseball Season.
30 min
In the Big Inning...
After the Mariners struggled against White Sox pitching for the whole series, they took out all their frustrations in the 6th inning. D.C. talks about that hit parade, which produced seven runs. (Eight for the game overall.) Unfortunately, Justin Dunn had another bad outing, and more unfortunately, two Mariners were placed on the injured list prior to Wednesday's game. D.C. also talks about these two injuries, and previews the upcoming series against the Minnesota Twins. He also talks briefly about the catcher's interference call, the umpires' handling of the situation, and about instant replay at large.
22 min
Two Forgetable Games, Two Injuries
Well, the first two games of the White Sox series went pretty badly, to say the least. Chicago pitching absolutely stifled Seattle bats, plus in game two, James Paxton and Jake Fraley both sustained injuries. D.C. talks about these two abysmal games, and then talks about how the teams in the National League have begun their seasons.
22 min
Crossover With Javier Reyes of Locked On Padres
Javier Reyes and D.C. Lundberg join forces for this dual episode. Javi has a lot of questions about the Seattle Mariners, a team that he's excited about. How good a candidate is Mitch Haniger for Comeback Player of the Year? And with a lot of the M"s younger prospects at the big league level, how does the farm system look. D.C. then asks about Blake Snell, the Seattle-area native -- from D.C.'s former hometown, no less -- and also asks about former Mariners Austin Nola and Dan Altavilla.
41 min
M's Win First Series of '21 (Plus Bonus Curling...
D.C. speaks about the final two games of the Mariners/Giants series, which the teams split. Friday was not the best of days for the Mariners, and two free agent relievers did not impress in their first outings. However, free agent starter Chris Flexen was very good in his first start as a Mariner on Saturday. Plus, the Mariners hit their first two home runs, and Taylor Trammell checked in with his first big league hit, not to mention very good defense in center field the entire series. To wrap up the show, D.C. offers an update on the Men's World Curling Championships which are currently taking place in Calgary.
26 min
Game One, Win One
The Mariners began the 2021 season with a victory... which was kind of handed to them by the Giants. D.C. talks about last night's game, including the impressive performances by both Jake Fraley and Taylor Trammell, who was making his Major League debut. He also talks about Kevin Gausman's game, and talks about why he thinks he may have been removed from the game too soon.
24 min
Meet the 2021 Mariners!
D.C. Lundberg talks about every single player on the Seattle Mariners Opening Day roster. Yeah, that's basically the show. And because it's also April Fool's Day, the show is... a little different.
30 min
Division Day: Crossover With Locked On Astros
Brett Chancey -- a.k.a. H-Town Wheelhouse -- joins D.C. Lundberg for this crossover episode. D.C. talks about how Kyle Lewis' knee injury may affect the outfield situation, and also talks about the bullpen. Brett talks about the Astros' outfield, which is now sans George Springer, and also the starting rotation, which will be without Justin Verlander for a spell. At the end of the show Brett talks about his memories from those very good Houston Astros teams of the mid-to-late 90s, and D.C. explains why he no longer hates the Yankees.
33 min
Fan Mailbag: A Little Bit of a Lot
Questions are all over the map on this edition of the Fan Mailbag. (Which isn't unusual, honestly.) One question is directed at Clive Braithwaite IV, while Jon Miller and D.C. handle the others, including explaining how D.C. gave Sam Haggerty and Donovan Walton their nicknames. (Which no one but D.C. uses.) Taylor Blake Ward also chimes in to answer a question about prospects. With some free time at the end of the show, Jon talks a little about basketball, which then turns into a conversation about college athletics, which goes onto yet another conversation that Jon's wife is... not thrilled with.
27 min
A Few Roster Updates (And Complaints)
Since the last update, the starting rotation and bullpen have become a little more clear. D.C. talks about who's left in the running for the remaining rotation spots, who has earned one of the spots up for grabs, and also talks about the bullpen. The outfield is also in a bit of flux, thanks in part to the knee injury to Kyle Lewis. D.C. spends the entirety of the last segment complaining about how the Mariners decided to structure their roster, and explains why he thinks a six-man rotation is a bad idea, and also how a three-man bench could potentially prove problematic.
26 min
Division Day: Crossover With Locked On A's
Jason Burke and D.C. Lundberg join forces to talk about the two teams they cover. Jason is pretty excited about the Mariners, so there's much more M's talk than A's. D.C. talks about the young players the M's will feature, and discusses when he thinks their window of opportunity will be to compete for an American League West title. Jason talks about the A's new shortstop Elvis Andrus, the pitching staff... and asks D.C. many questions about the Mariners.
39 min
Jarred Kelenic's Knee, Roenis Elias' Arm, and S...
The Mariners have suffered a couple different injuries over the course of the Spring. Jarred Kelenic was originally slated to be out for several weeks, but he's back ahead of schedule. How does he figure in the team's plans for left field in 2021? And what might Taylor Trammell have to say about those plans? Guest host Clive Braithwaite IV talks about this position battle, and also talks about the pitching staff, which is less one arm. Roenis Elias is in need of Tommy John surgery, and his season is finished. Who else are vying for spots in the M's revamped bullpen? Plus, with Shed Long Jr. not having been able to participate in Cactus League games thus far, what does that do for the situation at second base? Dylan Moore will be there to start the season, but what does his future hold? Also, why are so many statements in this episode description written as questions? Who is responsible for that? And what should his punishment be if we ever figure out who it was?
25 min
Division Day: Crossover With Locked On Angels
Brent Maguire and D.C. Lundberg join forces for this crossover episode. D.C. talks about the Seattle Mariners' rebuilding project, looks ahead to how the team might shake out in 2021, and also talks about what the team might do in free agency upon the conclusion of the season. Brent talks about the Angels' Jeckyl-and-Hyde 2020 season, the greatness that is Mike Trout, and throwback player David Fletcher.
28 min
Division Day: Crossover With Locked On Rangers
Brice Paterik and D.C. Lundberg do a joint episode of both their programs and talk about their two teams. They also spend some time complaining about corporate naming of stadiums. A recurring theme of this episode: Joey Gallo bombs.
47 min
The Sheffield Brothers, An Unusual Triple Play,...
D.C. "Better Late Than Never" Lundberg recaps the previous three Mariner Spring Training games. All of them ended in deadlocked scores. He talks about some of the more notable items from each ballgame, including the first on-field meeting between Justus Sheffield and his brother Jordan, an atypical triple play began by someone learning a new position, and the injury to top outfield prospect Jarred Kelenic.
21 min
MLB Changing Balls
Yes, that's the best title D.C. could come up with. Pathetic, eh? Anyways, before talking about baseballs, D.C. recaps the previous two Mariners Spring Training contests, one loss and one tie. The third game was pretty much bombs away, including the M's first home run of the Spring. Also, the baseballs will be slightly altered this season in an effort to cut down the home run rate. D.C. talks about these minor changes, and also talks about the home rate in 2019 vs. both 2018 and 1998, the last time there was a significant power explosion in baseball.
19 min
M's Start Spring On Right Foot
The Seattle Mariners got the Cactus League season underway yesterday by defeating the San Diego Padres -- in walk-off fashion, no less. D.C. talks about this first M's game of 2021. He also gives a small preview of the regular season, or at tells what rules from last season have carried over into this one. Also, the M's are putting an emphasis on baserunning this Spring. D.C. talks briefly about what the Mariners are preaching to their players about being more aggressive on the basepaths.
20 min
Mariners President and CEO Runs His Mouth
Seattle Mariners President and CEO Kevin Mather is now former Seattle Mariners President and CEO Kevin Mather, having resigned on Monday in regards to a video that surfaced online that featured him badmouthing Mariners players, some of which was incredibly insensitive. D.C. talks a little bit about what he said, and reads comments made by Major League Baseball and M's Chairman John Stanton.
10 min
Big Maple Returns
The Mariners have signed four free agent pitchers, including James Paxton, who previously pitched in Seattle. The Big Maple threw a no-hitter as a Mariner, and was traded away after the 2018 season to the Yankees for three prospects, including Justus Sheffield. The two of them will now occupy the same starting rotation. The M's also signed Ken Giles to a Major League contract, as well as JT Chargois & Taylor Guerrieri to Minor League deals with invitations to Spring Training. D.C. talks about all four pitchers on today's show.
18 min
BONUS EPISODE – Locked On Today – The only 20 m...
The latest from Atlanta where they are getting ready to host an NBA All-Star game that players don't want and fans are confused over. LeBron James sends the Lakers into overtime against the Thunder. The Suns ended the Milwaukee Bucks win streak. Karl-Anthony Towns returned for the first time since contracting COVID-19. A 5-team trade in the WNBA. Are the Jets the most interesting NFL team this offseason? Plus, Can the Vikings pull off what the Buccaneers did? It's the Q of the day.
16 min
Mailbag: All About Clive
D.C. answers some of your email questions on today's show. Lots of bowling & curling talk once again; D.C. talks about how he got into both sports, and also tells who his favorite bowlers and curlers are. D.C. also explains how he got in to podcasting, and talks about how he came to know is personal secretary, Clive Braithwaite IV.
24 min
What a Game: Sweet Lou's M's Debut (4/6/1993)
Today, D.C. talks about Lou Piniella's first game as Mariners manager. This game was against the previous year's World Series champions, who would go on to successfully defend their title. The Mariners started their Randy Johnson, an ace who was just coming into his own. Opposing him was Jack Morris, an ace who was on the back side of his career.
26 min
The Hall of Fame is Classless in 2021
Yes, the Hall of Fame is classless this year. But only in the purest sense of the word, since there is no Hall of Fame Class of 2021. No one was elected, and the Veteran's Committee didn't convene at all. D.C. talks about the three big names that everyone looks at this time of year -- Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, & Curt Schilling -- and also talks about a couple others whom he feels are deserving.
17 min
What a Game!: Bob Wolcott's Major League Debut ...
Today, D.C. recaps the Bob Wolcott's Major League debut, which was against the Boston Red Sox at the Kingdome on August 18, 1995. He was helped big time by third baseman Mike Blowers, who drove in seven runs, which included a first-inning grand slam.
23 min
What a Game!: The Mariners' Initial Voyage (4/6...
Kicking off a new series of episodes, D.C. looks back at the Seattle Mariners' first ever baseball game on April 6, 1977 in the Kingdome. They may not have played very well against the California Angels that day, but any team's first ever game is historic. After recapping the game itself, D.C. talks about some of the players who were a part of that history-making game, including both starting pitchers, Diego Segui and Frank Tanana.
26 min
Mailbag: Stadiums, Rebuilding, and Left-Handed ...
D.C. takes a solo dive into the fan mailbag. (Sort of) Someone asked a hockey question of Jason Hernandez, so he appears to answer this question. D.C. then answers questions on a hypothetical rebuilding project, and also describes what he thinks makes a good baseball stadium.
20 min
Remembering Tommy Lasorda (Part II)
Jason Hernandez is back with D.C. continuing to talk about the late, great Tommy Lasorda. Jason talks about the Dodger manager's run-ins with a couple of mascots, and also relays some personal interactions with Mr. Lasorda. They did not always talk about baseball; they would sometimes talked about one of their other favorite subjects: food.
24 min
Remembering Tommy Lasorda (Part I)
Los Angles Dodgers aficionado Jason Hernandez joins D.C. to talk about the life and career of legendary Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. The two talk about his managing career, and also a little about his pitching career, which includes a great game in 1948 while pitching in Schenectady.
23 min
Four Minor Moves and a Familiar Face (Plus Bonu...
The Mariners have recently signed four players to minor league contracts. Two of them have Major League experience, one has played at the Big League level in Seattle, and a third pitched in the M's minor league system. D.C. talks about all four players and breaks down some of their Major & Minor League career numbers. In the second half, he reads a few listener emails with subjects ranging from frequent guests Jason Hernandez & Jon Miller, astronomy, and bowing. (Yes, bowling again.)
18 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1981
The 1981 World Series is the subject of this one. The regular season was interrupted by a players strike, which led to a unique playoff format. And with that unique format came some oddities. After the dust settled, it was the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees who earned the right to compete for the 1981 baseball crown. These two teams had faced each other many, many times in the past, dating back to the Dodgers' days in Brooklyn.
26 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1997
Guest host Joey Martin recounts the 1997 World Series, which featured the Cleveland Indians and Florida Marlins. The two teams took very different routes to the 1997 Fall Classic, and Game Seven proved to be an exciting, nail-biting finale which went into extra innings.
29 min
Good Riddance, 2020!!
In this first episode of 2021, D.C. Lundberg and Jon Miller talk about what they're most looking forward to in the new year. They do talk about what they hope the Mariners can do not only in '21, but in seasons to come. They also talk about other things they're looking forward to, including other sports they are fans of. D.C. is excited that one of his favorite sports will be on display in Spokane; the PWBA will be holding a tournament in a bowling center about 10 minutes from his house. The two of them also look back at the 2020 Mariners season.
20 min
2020 In Memoriam
In the final episode of the year, D.C. looks reflects upon the careers of some of the big leaguers who passed away in 2020.
19 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1976
The New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds are the two participants in the 1976 World Series. While this was a four-game sweep at the hands of one team that was a well-oiled machine, there was some history in Game One. This was the first ever World Series to use the designated hitter rule. And the first DH to score a World Series hit has a very deep connection with the Seattle Mariners.
25 min
Mailbag Oddesy, Part IV: Free Agents, Bowling, ...
Jon Miller joins D.C. for the fourth show in a row to answer listener questions. They two discuss which free agents the Mariners might want to sign to improve for the long term, talk about their various travels, and also explain why they enjoy bowling & curling so much. D.C. also reveals why he enjoys women's bowling & curling more than men's bowling & curling. (The keyword is "hard.")
27 min
Mailbag Oddesy, Part III: 2020 M's Highlights
Jon Miller is back once again to continue answering fan emails. This time, they talk about some recurring themes of the 2020 Mariners, and which games & plays most exemplify those themes. Also, they talk more about small ball, and why both of them are advocates for this style of baseball. To end, they talk a little about catchers and framing pitches.
24 min
Mailbag Oddesy, Part II: Mascots and Autographs
Jon MIller and D.C. go farther into the fan mailbag. A question about mascots develops into a conversation about features at modern ballparks, which then goes into players signing autographs. D.C. talks about which players are more generous with their time than most, and also relays two stories about players who rejected requests for autographs.
23 min
Mailbag Oddesy, Part I: Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
Jon Miller joins D.C. to begin replying to listener emails. The one and only question that's gotten to has nothing whatever to do with baseball. Jon & D.C. talk about their favorite classic rock bands, and which types of music are their favorites. To begin the show, Jason Hernandez answers this question, which is a segment held over from the last time he was on this show. D.C. makes a rather bold statement regarding who he considers the best ever hard rock drummer.
22 min
Lopes & Ervin are Now Former Mariners
The Mariners lost two players from its organization yesterday. Tim Lopes and Philip Ervin were both claimed off waivers are headed to the National League Central. D.C. talks about both players, tells you which teams they're headed to, and also explains why the M's waived them in the first place.
12 min
Mailbag Revisit With J.D.
Jason Hernandez is back once again and answers some questions asked by listeners that were featured in the previous mailbag. These questions happen to fall right into J.D.'s wheelhouse. He talks about which famous games he's been to -- and there are quite a number of them -- and also gives his opinions on the Mariners' uniforms and baseball jerseys at large.
28 min
Major Minors Shakeup
Jason Hernandez joins D.C. once again to discuss some changes coming to Minor League Baseball, specifically the Northwest League and the California League. These two leagues are changing which level of Minor League ball they'll play, and the Mariners have had affiliates in both leagues. (And they'll continue to do so.) D.C. breaks down the changes in the Northwest League -- which affects baseball fans all over Washington, Oregon and Idaho -- while J.D. goes in depth on the changes in the Cal League.
30 min
Mariners Sign "Key" Free Agent
Today, a semi-addled D.C. is joined by Jason Hernandez. The two of them speak about the Mariners newest free agent signing, Keynan Middleton. How does he fit into the Mariners plans, and how does he plan to correct the issues he had in a "rough" 2020 season? Also, Jason & D.C. talk about the future of the National League designated hitter. Which for now is history. (Much to their delight.) Oh yeah. There's hockey and bowling talk, as well. (Congrats to Jason Belmonte!)
22 min
Mariners "In-Vest" In Their Bullpen
The Mariners have added two pitchers -- one via trade, and one via the Rule V Draft. We'll tell you about both new arms the Mariners will have at their disposal next year, and also talk about the Mariners' history with the Rule V Draft.
15 min
Mailbag Extravaganza (Part the Second)
Locked On Mariners Contributor Jon Miller & D.C. Lundberg answer the remaining fan emails that they didn't get to in the previous episode. The two discuss the strategy of using an "opener," and also discuss what changes -- if any -- they'd make to the Mariners uniforms.
21 min
Mailbag Extravaganza (Part the First)
Locked On Mariners Contributor Jon Miller joins D.C. Lundberg to answer fan questions in the latest Mailbag episode. Only two questions are gotten to, as replies to both questions each took up an entire half of the show. (Both of which also ran over time.) Find out how Jon and D.C. would run a big league ball club, including how they'd fashion a starting lineup & rotation, and what kinds of players they'd stock their team with. Also, listen as they tell some stories about the various games they've been to, and one very special ballpark in Cooperstown.
29 min
M's are "Flexen" Their Muscles
The Mariners have signed free agent Chris Flexen. D.C. tells you about the M's new right-handed pitcher, how he did last year in the Korean Baseball Organization, and also how he's done at the Major League level. In addition, D.C. talks about this year's Ford C. Frick Award winner, Al Michaels. There is a very bizarre transaction that took place in 2006 involving Mr. Michaels and a cartoon character.
17 min
Maniger Avoids Arbitration/R.I.P. Squiggy
Two bits of Mariners news on today's episode First of all, Mitch Haniger avoids arbitration. D.C. talks about his career as a Mariner, his injury-riddled past two years, and the impact his absence had in the outfield in 2020. Later on, D.C. talks about David Lander, who passed away last Friday. While he was a Mariners scout and at one time was minority owner of the Portland Beavers, he's best known for his role on the classic sitcom "Laverne and Shirley," where he played Andrew "Squiggy" Squiggman.
15 min
J.D.'s Travelogue/Fan Mailbag
Jason Hernandez joins D.C. Lundberg for this episode, and he shares his recent trip to Seattle with us. He was in Seattle to pick up his and D.C.'s cardboard "Seat Fleet" cutouts from [Pink Cell Phone Company] Park. (D.C. was going to join him, but was unable.) He talks about his brief stay in Seattle, and some items he purchased on his way back home The two of them then delve into the fan mailbag, answering questions from two very loyal listeners to this program.
36 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1988
Guest host Jon Miller tells us about the 1988 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics in this episode. This Fall Classic features Orel Hershiser's utter dominance of the A's, as well as Kirk Gibson's dramatic home run which ended Game One, a game in which he spent all but one half-inning in the Dodger clubhouse nursing two leg injuries.
23 min
One Thing Leads To Another (Part II)
Continuing their conversation from last time, D.C. Lundberg and Jon Miller start talking about the pennant races from 1996 and 1995, which leads to a conversation about Mark Langston, which then goes to Dwight Gooden and other pitchers with great breaking pitches. So of course, Randy Johnson's name comes up, which then leads to talk about Larry Walker and the 1997 All-Star Game, then other All-Star Game moments.
21 min
One Thing Leads to Another (Part I)
Jon Miller joins D.C. Lundberg on this episode. The two of them begin by discussing World Series memories, which leads to a discussion on Kirby Puckett, then his Minnesota Twins, their Manager Tom Kelly, then managing in general, which leads to a discussion involving Texas Rangers' manager Johnny Oates, Dennis Cook, and Ken Griffey Jr.
18 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1986
Joey Martin guest hosts this episode, which remembers the 1986 World Series. The New York Mets and Boston Red Sox were the participants in this Fall Classic. It was a dramatic and exciting seven-game Series, which is most remembered for one play at the end of Game Six -- Bill Buckner's error in the 10th inning which allowed the winning run to score. While that was a big play, there were other key moments which fed into the Red Sox's collapse late in the Series. In addition, Bruce Hurst turned in some great pitching performances, and there were other heroics by both teams.
14 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1979
The 1979 World Series is the subject today. The Baltimore Orioles went out to a 3 games to 1 lead in the Series, but the Pittsburgh Pirates mounted a comeback with great pitching and timely hitting.
20 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1989
Jason Burke of Locked On A's guests hosts this episode looking back at the 1989 World Series. This Series was highly anticipated, as it featured two teams from the same metro area -- the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. What was supposed to be a great spectacle for the Bay Area was upended by an event which has become associated with this World Series: the devastating Bay Area earthquake which took place just prior to the scheduled start of Game Three.
30 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1969
Jason Block from 8ThreeStudios guest hosts this episode, which looks back upon the 1969 World Series between the powerhouse Baltimore Orioles and the amazin' New York Mets. A classic and thrilling World Series, in which one team would score a seemingly miraculous victory.
10 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 2004
The 2004 World Series is the subject today, a Fall Classic featuring two historic franchises -- the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. Neither team had won the Series in a while, with Boston not having won it in 86 years. (St. Louis had last won in 1982.)
15 min
Happy Birthday, Junior!
Today, November 21, is Ken Griffey Jr.'s birthday. On The Kid's birthday, D.C. talks about his career, both with the Mariners and at large. In the show's second half, he talks about some other Major League Baseball players who share Junior's birthday, including two Hall of Famers. (One of whom was also born in the same city.)
16 min
Robinson Canó: PED Posterboy
Robinson Canó has failed his second PED test. D.C. talks about this, cheating in Major League Baseball at large, and the impact this suspension will have on the New York Mets. He also lists the more prominent Major League Baseball players who have previously tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, as a reminder that what you see on the field isn't always legitimate, and that there are still plenty of known cheaters in the game.
19 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1990
The 1990 World Series featured two teams who had very different seasons the year before. The Oakland Athletics won the World Series, and had also been in the 1988 Fall Classic. The Cincinnati Reds, meanwhile, finished 5th in the National League West the year before and had a brand new manager, Lou PIniella. The A's were heavily favored, and many experts predicted an Oakland sweep. The Reds would surprise the world, however.
18 min
And the Award Goes To...
It's awards time, gang. Who won the Gold Glove Awards? Who were the Silver Sluggers? How about Managers of the Year? Rookies of the Year? Cy Young Award Winners? MVPs? listen to this episode of Locked On Mariners to find out! (D.C. may or may not be overly excited about the American League Rookie of the Year.)
16 min
Rock 'n' Roll, Bowling, and Kim Ng
Today, D.C. is joined by Jon Miller. After dropping some extra-inning trivia to begin the show, D.C. goes off on a tangent about music. The second half of the show begins with some impressive baseball news, as the duo talk about the first female general manager in Major League Baseball history, Kim Ng. (Who was hired by the Miami Marlins.) D.C. finishes up by going off on another tangent, this one about female bowlers.
16 min
Locked On Mariners' Veteran's Day Special
On this Veteran's Day, D.C. does his best to salute those who have served in the armed forces by talking about those Major League Baseball Players who served in the military during wartime. While there were a plethora of players who served during World War II, others also served during World War I, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Locked On Mariners thanks those of you out there who have served your country.
16 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1992
In our small way of paying tribute to the late Alex Trebek, we today look back at the 1992 World Series -- the first Fall Classic to feature a team from Canada. (Mr. Trebek was Canadian) The Toronto Blue Jays faced off against the Atlanta Braves, who lost the '91 Series. Not only were the Jays the first Canadian team to play in the World Series (or the first non-American team at all), they were the first Canadian team to win it.
25 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1987
The Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals faced off in the 1987 Fall Classic, which went the full seven games. In fact, this was the first World Series in which the home team won every game. It was also the first Series featuring a team that had been outscored in the regular season. There were some lopsided victories, some close ballgames, and also some great pitching performances. Also, one team hit not one, but two grand slams.
21 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 2005
After recalling the 1905 World Series on the last episode, we fast-forward a century to look back at the 2005 Wolrd Series, which pitted the Houston Astros against the Chicago White Sox. Either the White Sox would win their first championship in 88 years, or the Astros would win their first ever, as they had never before been to the Fall Classic. Each game would be close and exciting, to boot, and there were several former Mariners who took part in this Series.
18 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1905
Continuing to remember great World Series of the past, D.C. goes way back to 1905 in this episode. Christy Mathewson almost single-handedly won the Series for the New York Giants against the Philadelphia Athletics, pitching three complete game shutouts. However, there were some other great pitching performances as well; every single game of this Fall Classic was a shutout.
21 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1968
Today, D.C. looks back to the Fall Classic that ended the "Year of the Picture" -- 1968. Bob Gibson's Game One performance was one for the ages, which he nearly matched in Game Four. Mickey Lolich, however, also pitched extremely well. And while this Series took place in the Year of the Pitcher, there were a surprising number of blowout victories by both teams, in addition to the brilliant pitching performances noted above.
25 min
Mariners Hot Stove Catch-Up
In the first episode of this program to feature honest-to-goodness Mariners news since the regular season ended, D.C. gets you caught up on all the transactions the M's have made thus far after their 60-game sprint ended about a month ago.
18 min
World Series Recap
Today, D.C. is joined by Jon Miller -- who is a Dodger fan as well as a Mariner fan -- to discuss the 2020 World Series which featured the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays. Even though the season and the playoffs were... different, the World Series was still the World Series, and the teams with the top two records in Major League Baseball made it to the Fall Classic. D.C. & Jon talk about each game, and spend a great deal of time on an incident in Game Six: Kevin Cash's decision to pull [Shoreline's very own] Blake Snell in the 6th inning.
30 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1975
Today, D.C. looks back at the great 1975 World Series featuring the Cincinnati Reds' "Big Red Machine" and the Boston Red Sox. Many future Hall of Famers participated in this Fall Classic, which Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk has said that Boston won three games to four. Game Six in particular was one of the greatest baseball games ever played.
18 min
A Classic Fall Classic: 1991
Continuing to look at World Series moments from yesteryear, D.C. talks about the 1991 World Series between the Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves, which was one of the best ever played. Game Seven in particular was one of the most exciting baseball games ever played.
22 min
Bill Mazeroski & Joe Carter: Fall Classic Walk ...
In this episode, D.C .talks about the two home runs which ended World Series -- Bill Mazeroski's blast in 1960 and Joe Carters jack in 1993. D.C. also talks about the games in which these historic home runs were hit, and some footnotes to each world series, including another infamous game pitched by the winning pitcher in 1960, Harvey Haddix.
19 min
Fall Classic Home Run Hat Tricks
There have been five games in World Series history in which one player hit three home runs. D.C. talks about all five games, then goes into more detail about Game Six of the 1977 World Series, which was Reggie Jackson's three home run game, earning him the nickname "Mr. October."
21 min
National League Championship Series Recap (Part...
Picking up where we left off yesterday, D.C., Jason Hernandez, & Taylor Blake Ward break down the final three games of the National League Championship Series. What was D.C.'s favorite moment from Saturday? No prizes for guessing what it was.
30 min
National League Championship Series Recap (Part I)
D.C. is joined by Jason Hernandez & Taylor Blake Ward to discuss the National League Championship Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves. In this first part, the trio recap the first four games of the series, including the the Dodgers setting a postseason record.
24 min
American League Championship Series Recap
D.C. breaks down all seven games of the American League Championship Series involving the Tampa Bay Rays (who had the best record in the American League) and the Houston Astros (who had the worst record among all 16 playoff teams). Also, D.C. talks briefly about Francois Lavoie's amazing accomplishment on Saturday at the PBA Playoffs, his second televised perfect 300 game.
21 min
American League Division Series Recaps
D.C. is back and... almost has his voice back. Today, he recaps both of the American League Division Series. Unlike the National League, neither series was a three-game sweep. However, like the NL, both series involved teams from one division. The New York Yankees played the Tampa Bay Rays, while the Oakland Athletics went up against everyone's favorite trash can bangers, the Houston Astros. (Who finished the regular season below .500.)
27 min
National League Division Series Recaps
D.C. still has no voice due to a bad cold, so in his stead, this episode is guest-hosted by Clive Braithwaite IV. Today, Clive recaps both National League Division Series: the Atlanta Braves vs. Miami Marlins, and the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres.
12 min
American League Wild Card Series Recaps
With D.C. still out with laryngitis, Jon Miller hosts again. On this episode, he offers updates on the already-completed American League Wild Card series, and offers more insight into his feelings on this newly-expanded MLB postseason format.
13 min
National League Wild Card Series Recaps
Jon Miller fills in for a laryngitis-stricken D.C. Lundberg and offers recaps from all four National League Wild Card series.
12 min
Fan Mailbag
Today, D.C. opens up the Fan Mailbag. He answers questions about Ty France, the M's offseason, bowling, and his gym membership. He then talks about the PBA Playoffs which are taking place at this time, which include Marshall Kent, a local bowler from Yakima.
15 min
2020 National League Season Wrap-Up
D.C. reviews the National League, going over each division, and going over some stats for all eight playoff teams. Also, he talks about the league leaders in batting average, ERA, and other important categories.
18 min
2020 American League Season Wrap-Up
Today (which was supposed to be a few days ago...) D.C. reviews the American League, going over each division, and going over some stats for all eight playoff teams. Also, he talks about the league leaders in batting average, ERA, and other important categories.
25 min
Diamond Quiz (Show #8: Episode of Champions)
Time for another Diamond Quiz Episode of Champions! The three previous game winners (Jason Hernandez of "Locked On Anaheim Ducks," A.J. Andrews of "Locked On Blue Jays," and Ulises Sambrano of "Locked On Rays") are invited back to play against one another and put their baseball knowledge to the test.
26 min
Tribute to the Hall of Famers We Lost in 2020
D.C. does his best to pay tribute and celebrate the careers of the four Hall of Fame baseball players we lost in 2020. Tigers great Al Kaline, "Tom Terrific" Tom Seaver, stolen base king Lou Brock, and dominating Cardinals World Series champion Bob Gibson.
19 min
2020 M's Season Review: Pitching Stats
About 36 hours later than planned, D.C. reviews the pitching stats of the 2020 Mariners. Who was the most impressive arm the M's had this season? Spoiler alert: It was Marco Gonzales. In which two categories did Marco lead the league? Find out the answer on this episode of Locked On Mariners. (If you still wish to listen after that tacky blurb.)
21 min
2020 M's Season Review: Batting Stats
On today's show, bowling fan D.C. Lundberg breaks down the Mariners offensive numbers from the abbreviated 2020 season. And... there's not a whole lot that can be added to that comment. In other news, he was really excited for the Elias Cup Finals
23 min
Change Lanes
Well, the Mariners 2020 campaign has come to an end. D.C recaps the final four games of the M's season before talking about a different league -- the PBA League. D.C. recaps the quarterfinals in both divisions of the newly-expanded PBA league (yes, team bowling), and also sets up the match-ups for this evening's semifinals. To close the program, he discusses the beginning of a project which he'll update from time to time on the program.
19 min
Where Do We Go From Here? Which Is the Way That...
Hey, kids; rock and roll; rock on; ooh, my soul. Yes, After briefly talking about the classic David Essex song, D.C. and guest Jason Hernandez talk about the Mariners Seat Fleet cutouts. Since there were fewer home games than anticipated, the Mariners are making it up to the fans in a pretty cool way. It's Friday, which means the Friday Mailbag. Jason sticks around to answer fan emails with D.C., which including questions about Safeco Field, the Mariners' future, and home & away jerseys. At the end, D.C. gets schooled by Jason on proper Spanish pronunciation and Mexican geography.
24 min
Mariners Beat the Trashcan Bangers, But Postsea...
The M's did beat Houston yesterday to take the series 2-1, but the scenario that would allow the Mariners to advance to postseason play is pretty unlikely. D.C. talks about yesterday's game, and then lays out exactly what would need to happen for the M's to end their playoff drought. Rock on!
14 min
Slowly Slipping Away
The Mariners' playoff hopes are fading following yesterday's loss to Houston. D.C. talks about yesterday's game and shares what he thinks the M's need to do to make it to postseason play this year. Two more division titles have been claimed, D.C. gets you up to speed on who has clinched what, and also gives an updated on the National and American League leaders, both pitching and hitting.
15 min
One Down, Two to Go
The Mariners took the first game of the most important series of the year. D.C. speaks about this first game of three vs. the Houston Astros. In the second half, he updates you on the rest of the divisional races in baseball, including the first [and so far only] team to win its division outright.
18 min
D.C. to Comissioner Manfred: "Get Off My Lawn!!"
D.C recaps the final two games of the Padres series in San Diego, including yesterday's extra-innings affair. Which means that once again, he complains about the stupid free runner rule, and may or may not mock Commissioner Manfred in the process. To close out the show, D.C. shares a story about his great-grandfather, whose birthday it would have been today.
19 min
California Dreamin' (That the Mariners Would Win)
In two different "Sans" -- San Francisco and San Diego -- the Mariners would play the part of the home team while the air in Seattle remained smoky. And in both cities, they'd lose. D.C. breaks down the two previous games, as well as talking about how the Astros did over the previous two days. Then, the... Friday??? Mailbag segment, one day later than planned. D.C. answers questions about the M's playoff chances, his playing days, and thumb wrestling.
14 min