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Welcome to the only daily podcast covering your Seattle Mariners. Each morning, host D.C. Lundberg will keep you informed of everything happening with the M's, including analysis, game recaps, series previews, roster changes, and some trivia & fun, too. If you have a question about the Mariners or a comment on the show, please email D.C. at lockedonmariners@gmail.com and your message might be read on the air during his Friday Mailbag segment. (Please use your name and hometown in your email.) Follow the Mariners right here on Locked On Mariners, part of the Locked On Podcast Network!
(3-31-2020) Mariners Yearbook: 1999
D.C. Lundberg examines the 1999 Seattle Mariners season, including the Kingdome's final game, Safeco Field's first, and an incredible on-field presentation prior to the All-Star Game in Fenway Park.
25 min
(3-30-2020) Mariners Yearbook: 1998
D.C. Lundberg talks about the 1998 season, which was largely frustrating, but did include Ken Griffey, Jr.'s pursuit of Roger Maris's single-season home run record, Turn Ahead the Clock Night, and one shining game in the career of a veteran minor leaguer.
25 min
(3-27-2020) Mariners Yearbook: 2001
To wrap up the week, D.C. Lundberg reminisces about the great, almost indescribable, 2001 Seattle Mariners season.
25 min
(3-26-2020) Mariners Yearbook: 2000
D.C. Lundberg takes a look back at the 2000 Seattle Mariners -- the first season after Ken Griffey Jr. was traded away, the first full season in Safeco Field, and their second trip to the American League Championship Series.
17 min
(3-25-2020) Where's D.C.?
With regular host D.C. Lundberg a bit under the weather, Locked On Mariners contributor Jon Miller fills in for him and introduces himself to the audience; he talks about some of his favorite baseball memories, and touches on his experience as an umpire.
13 min
(3-24-2020) Mariners Yearbook: 1996
D.C. Lundberg looks back at the 1996 Mariners, the first M's squad to defend a division title, and a team that dealt with a lot of injuries, a lot of mid-season trades, & a problematic pitching staff.
16 min
(3-23-2020) Mariners Yearbook: 1993 & 1994
D.C. Lundberg takes a stroll down memory lane and looks back at Lou Piniella's first two seasons as Mariners manager.
17 min
(3-20-2020) Crossover With Locked On Angels Fea...
Locked On Angels meets Locked On Mariners in the final crossover of the week. Taylor Blake Ward talks about what Anthony Rendon offers the Angels, how his addition may affect Tommy LaStella's & David Fletcher's playing time, and also the Halo's starting rotation. Taylor and D.C. then proceed to discuss at length the career of Frank Tanana.
24 min
(3-19-2020) Crossover With Locked On Rangers Fe...
This crossover with Locked On Rangers features Brice Paterik and D.C. Lundberg discussing both teams' 2020 outlook, the 1996 Rangers team, as well as the legend of Ichiro.
30 min
(3-18-2020) Crossover With Locked On Astros Fea...
Locked On Astros joins Locked On Mariners as Brett Chancey and D.C. Lundberg talk a little current M's and 'Stros, and look back at how both teams did in the mid-to-late 1990s.
26 min
(3-17-2020) Crossover With Locked On A's Featur...
In the first crossover episode of the week, Locked On Mariners and Locked On A's come together for this conversation between Jason Burke and D.C. Lundberg. With all the news surrounding baseball and the delay of the season, the hot topics of the day were, of course, curling and Marcus Semien.
26 min
(3-13-2020) Who Are the Greatest Mariners Desig...
The week-long series concludes with D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller discussing the top three designated hitters the M's have had. In the second half of the program, D.C. opens up the Friday mailbag.
21 min
(3-13-2020) Who Are the Greatest Mariners Cente...
In this penaltimate episode in the series, D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller talk about the best center fielders and catchers in M's history.
19 min
(3-12-2020) NEWS FLASH: Major League Baseball C...
Major League Baseball announced today that all remaining Spring Training games have been cancelled, and the beginning of the regular season will be delayed due to concerns about the Coronavirus. No film at 11.
2 min
(3-12-2020) Who Are the Greatest Mariners Corne...
The week-long series continues with D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller discussing the greatest left fielders and right fielders ever to play for the Seattle Mariners.
20 min
(3-12-2020) NEWS FLASH: Governor Inslee Bans La...
Washington state Governor Jay Inslee has issued an edict banning large gatherings in three Western Washington counties. This will affect the Seattle Mariners opening series. No film at 11.
0 min
(3-11-2020) Who Are the Greatest Mariners Middl...
The look at the greatest Mariners of all time continues with D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller talking about the best second basemen and shortstops that the M's have had.
19 min
(3-10-2020) Who Are the Greatest Mariners Corne...
In the second episode in this week-long series, D.C. Lundberg and Jonathan Miller talk about the greatest first basemen & third baseman in Mariners history.
17 min
(3-9-2020) Who Are the Greatest Mariners Pitche...
This week on the show, D.C. Lundberg and Locked On Mariners contributor Jonathan Miller will discuss the top all-time best Mariners at each position. The series kicks of with the duo talking about the greatest M's ever to toe the rubber. (Which means they're talking about pitchers.)
19 min
(3-5-2020) Diamond Quiz (Show #3)
The third episode of Diamond Quiz features Aram Leighton from "Locked On Marlins," Jeff Snider of "Locked On Dodgers," and Jason Burke from "Locked On A's."
17 min
(3-4-2020) Coach Class
D.C. introduces the Mariners 2020 coaching staff, then takes a look at how some other teams are doing in Spring Training.
16 min
(3-3-2020) D.C. Couldn't Think of a Title
D.C. Lundberg goes over the last four Mariners' Cactus League games, reports on the first series of reassignments to minor league camp, checks in to Braves camp to see how King Felix is doing, and then talks about one of the game's biggest stars getting locked up by his team.
14 min
(2-28-2020) Three Games in Two Days/Mailbag #3
D.C. recaps the M's previous three Cactus League contests -- including Thursday's split squad games -- and then delves into the Friday Mailbag to answer fan questions.
19 min
(2-26-2020) Generically Titled Spring Training ...
D.C. talks about Monday & Tuesday's Spring Training games, a few roster moves, and some injury news.
12 min
(2-24-2020) Baseball Under the Arizona... Rain?
Well, Mother Nature decided that she didn't want the Mariners first Spring Training game on Saturday to happen. The M's begun their Cactus League season on Sunday, which D.C. Lundberg talks about in this episode. He also offers some cautious optimism about Yusei Kikuchi and talks about King Felix's first Spring start for the Atlanta Braves.
13 min
(2-21-2020) Pronouncing Japanese Names 080/Mail...
Sportscasters mispronouncing names of Japanese athletes has been a major pet peeve of D.C.'s. In the first half of this episode, he offers a crash course on Japanese name pronunciation. After class has ended, he opens up the Friday Mailbag to answer some of your questions.
20 min
(2-20-2020) Maniger's Rehab, a Slowride
D.C. Lundberg discusses an article about Mitch Haniger's rehab efforts from the various surgeries he's underwent.
14 min
(2-19-2020) My Oh My! Locked On Mariners Rememb...
D.C. Lundberg and guest Jonathan D. Miller reminisce about the late, great, Hall of Fame Mariners play-by-play announcer Dave Niehaus on what would have been his 85th birthday.
17 min
(2-18-2020) Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
D.C. talks about the plethora of rule changes coming to Major League Baseball for the 2020 season which were made official last week.
13 min
(2-17-2020) D.C. Catches Up On Last Week's News...
After taking the week off to watch the National Curling Championships, D.C. finds himself having to recap the entire week's worth of news after predicting there wouldn't be much news. The M's added a veteran outfielder to the mix, Mitch Haniger underwent another surgery, and a familiar face is back with the team. D.C. ends the show by expounding the wonders of curling.
14 min
(2-10-2020) The Three-Way That Went Awry
D.C. Lundberg and Southern California-based guests Jason Hernandez (from "Locked On Anaheim Ducks") and Taylor Blake Ward (from "Locked On Angels") discuss the very confusing the week the Dodgers, Red Sox, Twins, and Angels had in regards to the on-again-off-again-on-again Mookie Betts trade. At the end of the program, both So-Cal guys discuss two top Mariners prospects who played in Modesto last season.
28 min
(2-7-2020) Mariners Pre-Spring Positional Outlo...
In the first half of the program, D.C. Lundberg wraps up the week-long series examining the Mariners roster, as he speaks about the team's catchers. The second half of the program is the first Mailbag segment of the relaunched show, where D.C. answers questions about Mariners prospects, a former Mariner who's now a Yankee, and pancakes, among other topics.
17 min
(2-6-2020) Mariners Pre-Spring Positional Outlo...
In part three of this riveting four-part series, D.C. Lundberg talks about the Mariners' pitching staff. SPOILER ALERT: He is not nearly as enthused about this group as he is the infielders or outfielders.
14 min
(2-5-2020) Diamond Quiz (Show #2)
Last time, this game show didn't have a name. Now it does. Ladies and gentlemen, Diamond Quiz's second episode features returning champion Taylor Blake Ward from "Locked On Angels" defending his crown against Paul "Sully" Sullivan from "Locked On MLB" and four-time "Jeopardy!" champion Jason Block from 8ThreeStudios.
17 min
(2-4-2020) Mariners Pre-Spring Positional Outlo...
In part two of this four part series, D.C. Lundberg talks about the state of the Mariners' infield prior to Spring Training, and what it may look like as the regular season commences.
16 min
(2-3-2020) Mariners Pre-Spring Positional Outlo...
In part one of a ground-breaking, in-depth, award-winning [I wish] series, D.C. Lundberg examines the state of the Mariners outfield going into Spring Training.
16 min
(1-31-2020) Japan, Taiwan, and Taijuan
The M's have signed two free agent pitchers, one to a Major League contract and one to a minor league deal. How will these two arms impact the team? And what's going on with yet another unsigned arm whom the Mariners were reportedly interested in?
14 min
(1-28-2020) Mitch Haniger: Rotten to the Core
Mitch Haniger has unfortunately suffered another setback during his recover from... last season's injury. In other news, the M's have acquired a southpaw who'll compete for a job in the starting rotation.
13 min
(1-23-2020) Unnamed Baseball Trivia Game Show (...
D.C. finally got to live out his childhood fantasy of being a game show host. (Yes, three episodes into his tenure here.) While this game doesn't yet have a title, the first edition pits Jonathan D. Miller, Jason Hernandez of "Locked On Ducks" & Taylor Blake Ward of "Locked On Angels" against each other. Who will emerge victorious? Listen to see who will take home the top prize of... well, nothing.
16 min
(1-21-2020) Hall of Famery, Walker, the Captain...
Special guest Don Shelton joins D.C. to discuss this afternoon's Hall of Fame Ballot election announcement, and his thoughts on some of the players on the ballot.
19 min
(1-20-2020) New Season, New Host
The new host of this program, D.C. Lundberg, introduces himself and gives a little insight into what Locked On Mariners will bring you during the upcoming 2020 season.
8 min
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