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As The Trade Deadline Nears, Who Should The Win...
On tonight's episode, we review a few remaining Winnipeg Jets trade deadline targets from the Ottawa Senators and Philadelphia Flyers. With the Jets having scouted both teams recently, who might make for the ideal trade partner? Are the continued overtures with Philly something to keep an eye out, or is there not much of a trade to be had? Should Winnipeg pursue a bigger fish like Travis Konecny, or go after rentals like Sean Walker? What both players potentially cost Winnipeg, and is it worth the price of admission? What internal upgrade options might make the decision to trade particularly complicated?
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Beat The Minnesota Wild With ...
On tonight's episode, we recap an unusual Winnipeg Jets victory, powered by a strong power play performance. How many PP goals were the Jets able to score against the Minnesota Wild? Did the PP unit actually look dangerous consistently, or did we see Vilardi and Monahan take over the unit's scoring prowess? How did the Jets fare at even-strength? Are we still seeing the same problems with the top-6 that we've seen for a few weeks now? Is there any sign that the coaching staff recognizes and plans to address the problems, or are we stuck with the current arrangements? How else can the Jets fix their top-6 woes? What opponents lie in wait for the Jets in the final days of February?
26 min
The Lukewarm Flames Catch The Winnipeg Jets By ...
On tonight's episode, we recap a frustrating loss to the Calgary Flames. Was this defeat preventable, or were the Jets outmatched by a superior roster? What line-up decisions to continue to cause consternation for the fanbase? Will we ever see Ehlers-Scheifele-Vilardi reunited? Why is the coaching staff so resistant to changing back to a line that was so successful previously? Are the Winnipeg Jets truly a meritocracy, or are there a frustratingly high number of double standards? Who seems to be the biggest target for these double standards? How will the Jets prepare for a home game against the pesky Minnesota Wild?
25 min
The Winnipeg Jets Survive A Wild And Woolly Aff...
On tonight's episode, we recap an evening filled with fireworks against the top-ranked Vancouver Canucks. How did the Winnipeg Jets fare against the toughest team they've faced this season? Was the Canucks offense as fearsome as expected, or did the Jets find a way to nullify their scoring impact? Which Jets players stood tall amidst Vancouver's best shifts? Have the Jets finally fixed the top line and power play, or were both units a bit more lucky than good? How did Monahan score his first goal in Winnipeg colors? Should Winnipeg still make a few changes ahead of their game against the Calgary Flames, or leave things as-is?
25 min
The Winnipeg Jets Face A Daunting List Of Contr...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at some of Winnipeg's biggest upcoming free agent extensions, and try to figure out which players might be returning for the long haul. Will the coaching staff give Ehlers, Perfetti, and Vilardi a reason to stick around? How will Nik's agent react to the middle-6 ice-time, despite top-line production rates? Are Perfetti and Vilardi going to be given prime roles in the future, or will we see them continue to be used in insulated minutes? What should Winnipeg do with star scorer Kyle Connor? Are the limitations in his game enough to hold him back, or should the Jets hand him a blank check? How should the Jets deal with the expiring blueline? Will any of the vets be good ideas to extend?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Prepare To Face The Top Team ...
On tonight's episode, we preview a juggernaut match-up between the league's number one team in Vancouver, and one of the top defensive outfits in the Winnipeg Jets. What has fueled the most insane Canucks run in the team's history? Is this sustainable, or should we just ignore that question and embrace their success? Will the Jets be able to hold back the avalanche of Canucks goal-scoring? Is Winnipeg able to finally rebound in its own goalscoring efforts? Should we treat this is a potential Western Conference final preview? What teams should we be concerned about from the Eastern Conference? Who in the West looks the most intimidating? Will we see a Cup Champion emerge from one of the Central and the Pacific Divisions?
28 min
The Winnipeg Jets Shutout The Sharks To Keep Th...
On tonight's episode, we recap a solid Winnipeg Jets victory over the San Jose Sharks. Were the Jets able to control play against San Jose? What kept Winnipeg from running the score up? Are the lines playing well enough, or should the team consider making some changes? Why is the coaching staff so fixated on the idea of Connor and Scheifele together? Will the power play ever score again? What is the coaching staff getting wrong about defending leads late in games? Do the demotions of Perfetti, Ehlers, and Vilardi actually help the Jets to defend better, or is the effect illusory? Are the Jets planning to make any big trade splashes, or are they done after the Monahan deal?
27 min
The Winnipeg Jets Down The Pittsburgh Penguins ...
On tonight's episode, we recap a tight goalie battle between the Jets and Penguins that led to a Winnipeg victory. Did Bones go back to the Ehlers-Scheifele duo on the first line? Was this combo able to produce offense once again, or were the naysayers correct? How is Connor fitting alongside two of Winnipeg's top attackers? Does he read the game the same way they do, or should he be moved to a different line to rebuild chemistry? Will Bones promote Vilardi back to the first line again? How are the post-win vibes? Can Jets fans make Canada Life Centre an imposing place for opponents, or will we see muted responses for the time being? Who is returning to the roster to replace the recently-demoted Toninato? Will Heinola ever get his chance to seize a blueline spot?
22 min
Will Home Ice Treat The Winning Jets Better Tha...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming rematch against the Pittsburgh Penguins. After two lackluster efforts against Pennsylvanian teams, will the Jets rebound with a visit home? What adjustments can the Jets coaching staff make to get this team going again? Would Ehlers on the first line be enough to spark the team, or should the Jets make a few additional tweaks? Is Winnipeg prepared to go another game with Logan Stanley in the line-up, or will Ville Heinola finally make his long-awaited season debut for the big club? How will the Jets approach the trade deadline? Will they swing big, or settle for more depth additions to round out the line-up?
25 min
A Failure To Launch Grounds The Winnipeg Jets A...
On tonight's episode, we recap a painful Winnipeg loss to the Flyers. What kept the Jets from rising to great heights after a miserable outing against the Penguins just a few nights ago? Are these blues just a temporary, passing phase, or a sign of deeper problems with the roster and coaching staff? Were there any bright spots from a game where Winnipeg lost in the first period? What signs of life did the Jets offer us, and will they be enough to carry momentum into the next game? Why is the coaching staff hellbent on not playing Ehlers on the top line? What happened as soon as they promoted him to the first line? Is Winnipeg doomed to repeat the collapse of last season, or will this team turn this around this weekend?
26 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Looking For Revenge Again...
On tonight's episode, we preview several challenges the Winnipeg Jets are dealing with ahead of their rematch with the Philadelphia Flyers. How many games will Winnipeg be without top defender Brendan Dillon? Is his suspension justified, too harsh, or too lenient? Does the punishment fit the way Player Safety has typically ruled in these cases, or have the Jets gotten unlucky? Who will step in to the line-up to replace Dillon? Are the Jets planning to call Heinola up for subsequent games? Will Sean Monahan notch his first point as a Jet against the Flyers? How will Philly line up against Winnipeg, and can the Jets put on a better show than they did against Pittsburgh?
25 min
The Pittsburgh Penguins Spoil Sean Monahan's Wi...
On tonight's episode, we walk through some painful takeaways from a frustrating shutout loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. What went wrong in Winnipeg's resumption of the season? Is the recent dip in 5v5 form an easily-explainable problem, or are there deeper issues for the team to address? When will we ever see league-average special teams? How much longer will the Jets allow the special teams to struggle for? Did Monahan do enough to impress in his debut, or was the general malaise of the team too great to overcome? What should the Jets do about the sputtering top line? Is it time to reunite Ehlers-Scheifele-Vilardi? How will Winnipeg deal with the likely suspension of Brendan Dillon? What is Dillon's long-term future with the Jets looking like?
27 min
After Monahan, What Else Are The Winnipeg Jets ...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at some potential points of trade interest for the Winnipeg Jets in the wake of the Monahan acquisition. Are the Jets still interested in another centre, or will Winnipeg look for some wing depth? Is another defender still on the table? Why would Chris Tanev make a good deal of sense for the Jets? What would it cost to add Tanev to Winnipeg's blueline, and is he an upgrade over what the Jets currently have? If the Jets were interested in internally promoting to fill spots, who might step up? Are we ready for Rutger McGroarty's arrival to the NHL? What can we expect to see in Sean Monahan's debut against the Pittsburgh Penguins?
27 min
Sean Monahan Is Now A Winnipeg Jet! What Did Th...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the details and implications of Sean Monahan to the Winnipeg Jets! What did the Jets send the other way to the Montreal Canadiens? Did Winnipeg overpay, or was this package not nearly as expensive as it looks? What will Monahan bring to the Jets? Is he a good fit for this team, or did Winnipeg jump the gun a bit prematurely? What are Sean's strengths and weaknesses? How will his acquisition impact the rest of the team? Might this move actually help Ehlers and Perfetti get more ice-time? What was the potential opportunity cost of this trade? Have the Jets missed out, or does this trade still leave Winnipeg room to make other deals? How should we feel about the overall trade?
27 min
The Winnipeg Jets Have A Need Down The Middle.....
On tonight's episode, we continue our thoughts on Winnipeg's optimal trade targets. Is there a chance the Jets might come away with a legitimate centre upgrade? What might Adam Henrique bring to the team? Is Sharangovich secretly one of the top acquisitions the Jets might be able to bring in? Should we trust his crazy goalscoring form of late? What should Winnipeg do about Brock Nelson? Is the lifelong Islander willing to make the move to the Jets, and what would his considerable size and skill bring to the team? Would he be the best option overall? Is there a chance the Jets might be able to pry Morgan Frost away from the Flyers? What kind of upside might he have? Are there any defenders worth Winnipeg's interest and assets?
27 min
A Side Of Centres To Go With Those Future Winni...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the potential trade market for centres. What could the Winnipeg Jets conjure up to fill the gap behind Mark Scheifele? Are there better options for Winnipeg's long-term picture than Elias Lindholm? Is this the season we see Casey Mittelstadt move closer to home? Could Alex Wennberg be a surprisingly effective 2-way option to reinforce Winnipeg's middle-6? What might Yanni Gourde do for the Jets scoring issues? With so many choices and potential routes for Winnipeg to improve through, how should the team handle its trade priorities? Is there a combo that makes the most sense?
28 min
The Winnipeg Jets Could Use A Bowl Of Hot, Spic...
On tonight's episode, we take a gander at the selection of wingers that could potentially upgrade the Winnipeg Jets. Are there players with term worth paying a steeper price of admission for, or should the Jets be content with rentals? Would a double-dip for Perron and Sprong be one of the best possible trade combos Winnipeg can make? How would they bolster a deep Jets roster? In the more expensive tier, would a move for Vatrano be worth the likely cost of a major asset package? What would Frank bring to this team that the Jets don't already have? Is his cap hit low enough to allow for other moves? In the dream category of players, is there any hope at all of luring Giroux out of Ottawa? What would it take for Winnipeg to fish Guentzel out of Pittsburgh?
28 min
The Winnipeg Jets Enter The All-Star Break In R...
On tonight's episode, we discuss Winnipeg's recent downturn in form. Is it something to be concerned about for the remainder of the season, or just a temporary setback? Are the injuries and fatigue primarily to blame, or is this team not quite as good as the record indicates? Will the Jets be healthy in time for the resumption of the season next week? Should we be upset by the loss of Declan Chisholm on waivers? Why were Winnipeg fans so upset by his claiming, and does it truly have an impact on the team's future? Could the Jets acquire Elias Lindholm for less than initially anticipated? If the trade package is significantly cheaper, is that a good gamble to make?
23 min
As The Winnipeg Jets Prepare For Toronto Round ...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming rematch with the Toronto Maple Leafs. What can the Jets expect against a team that got the better of them in overtime a few nights ago? Which injured Jets will be returning to the line-up, and will they be enough to tip the balance back in Winnipeg's favor? What do we make of the suggestion to potentially consider trading Laurent Brossoit for roster help? Does it make any sense whatsoever, or should the Jets continue to operate as usual? If Patrik Laine truly is on the block and open to a return to Winnipeg, could there be a fit for both sides? How on earth would the Jets even make this happen, and is it worth the inherent risk?
25 min
The Winnipeg Jets Lose A Heartbreaker In Overti...
On tonight's episode, we recap a brutal 1-0 loss to the Maple Leafs in overtime. What was the primary culprit in Winnipeg's defeat? Have the injuries and fatigue put the team too far behind the 8-ball? How can the Jets get back on track once the All-Star break passes? Are we expecting to see Scheifele and Vilardi back in the line-up over the weekend? If not, who will need to step up to help lead the Jets to victory? What are Winnipeg's primary needs ahead of the trade deadline? Will the Jets cash in some of their considerable stock of futures to go all in, or are we expecting more modest deals as in previous years? Will McGroarty get a chance to become an internal rental this year? What on earth has gotten into Kyle Connor's defensive game?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Almost To The All-Star Br...
On tonight's episode, we discuss some of the recent deployment issues the Winnipeg Jets have run into while down key players. Who has Bones turned to the most in the absence of Scheifele and Vilardi? Is Rick putting faith in the right players, or should he give more ice-time to some of Winnipeg's other skaters? Why is he as rigid as he is with some of the deployments? What can the Jets expect from one of their last opponents before the All-Star break? Are the Maple Leafs truly in dire straits, or is their mediocre recent form a minor blip? How is the rest of the league faring so far? Have there been any more standings changes, or is it largely the same as it was a few weeks ago?
25 min
One Of The Greatest Streaks In NHL History Fina...
On tonight's episode, we bid farewell to one of the greatest streaks in Winnipeg Jets, and NHL, history. With the Jets falling to the Bruins 4-1 on the road, what can we take away from one of the most incredible and unexpected streaks of the season? Are the Jets capable of going on another run like this later this season? Is the streak ending something of a relief, or is there even more pressure to succeed? Could the All-Star Game break have come at a better time for the Jets? Will we see Scheifele and Vilardi back in the line-up in the final games before the break? What have the recent injuries revealed? Is Winnipeg still in need of a centre, another defender, a combination, or none of the above?
26 min
The Winnipeg Jets Hit The Road To Take On The O...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match-up against the Ottawa Senators. What should the Jets prepare for against a team that is struggling in all facets of the game? Is this a trap game, or one the Jets should be able to handle easily? What is Ottawa's line-up looking like for the weekend, and are there any surprises the Jets should be aware of? Will Winnipeg's special teams get back on track after a rough last few weeks? What is the remainder of January looking like? Can the Jets sweep both games against the Toronto Maple Leafs? Just how many days of rest will Winnipeg have in a jam-packed February? Will this be the toughest stretch of the season for the Jets?
21 min
How Are Winnipeg Jets Fans Feeling About The Te...
On tonight's episode, we take a breather and check in with Winnipeg Jets fans to see how they're feeling about the current direction of the team. How do fans feel the front office has performed? Is this the best sustained stretch of Jets leadership we've seen from Chevy? Does that good will extend to the coaching staff, or are opinions a bit more mixed there? What might get the coaching staff grades back on track? Do fans agree with the sentiment that the Jets should go all-in this year, or are feelings divided? What do Jets fans think of the idea of trading Nate Schmidt? Is it a true necessity, or something Winnipeg might be able to avoid?
25 min
It's Time For The Winnipeg Jets To Go All-In On...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the need for the Winnipeg Jets to cash their chips in and chase a Cup this season. Why is this particular year such an opportunity for Winnipeg to go for the greatest trophy in hockey? Are the Jets truly the best team in the league, or are they the best-positioned to make themselves the best in the league? What improvements could a first-place squad possibly make that would be meaningful? Which Jets skaters need to up their game if they want to remain starters once Winnipeg starts making trades? Are Appleton and Iafallo truly locks for this line-up, or do we need to see more from them? What are the Jets interested in acquiring, and have they made trade overtures?
24 min