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The Edmonton Oilers Head Into Winnipeg To Celeb...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match-up against the Edmonton Oilers. Are the Jets expecting a sub-.500 team, or the one that's currently on a 3-game winning streak? How are the Oilers arranged under new coach Knoblauch? Is this Edmonton squad actually playing better hockey, or is the coaching change boost an illusory effect? Looking around the league, which teams are vying for playoff spots, and which teams look well on their way to clinching a spot in a few months? Who are the true contenders amongst a crowded field of average to above-average squads?
23 min
Jake Oettinger And Poor Special Teams Sink The ...
On tonight's episode, we break down a frustrating shutout defeat at the hands of the Dallas Stars. What went wrong for Winnipeg to fail to score for the first time this season? Were the Jets outplayed, or was Oettinger the primary reason for the defeat? How on Earth did Winnipeg fail to score on two straight 5-on-3 power plays? Will the special teams issue correct itself this season, or does the team need to make acquisitions to resolve the problem? Where will Vilardi slot into the line-up once he returns? Are the new lines the Jets ran at the end of the Stars game likely to stick against the Edmonton Oilers?
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The Winnipeg Jets (Finally) Lose A Game...Time ...
On tonight's episode, we recap an annoying, but otherwise unsurprising loss in Nashville. On a night when the Jets seemed to be just a bit off their typical game, what seemed to be the primary culprits for the defeat? Were the forwards and defense struggling, or was the goaltending at fault? Were the Jets able to mount a valiant comeback, or were the Preds firmly in control of this game from start to finish? Should the Jets make some adjustments to the skater usages? How can Perfetti, Ehlers, and Niederreiter get more shifts without spoiling what makes them so effective? Will Winnipeg win the upcoming rematch against the Dallas Stars?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Welcome Back Rick Bowness Wit...
On tonight's episode, we recap a spirited, feisty, and impressive Winnipeg Jets victory over the Florida Panthers. In Rick Bowness' first game back behind the bench, how did the team play? Did the Jets continue their recent streak of great 5v5 play? Did Hellebuyck put on another clinic in net? How did the Jets manage to frustrate and shutout a high-octane Panthers offense? Did Scott Arniel do a good job in Bowness' absence? Just how good can this team truly get? Are we starting to see the shape of something special this season? Will the Preds be yet another victim on Winnipeg's current winning streak?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Roast A Delicious Victory Tur...
On tonight's episode, we recap a wild and fun Winnipeg Jets win against the Tampa Bay Lightning. How did the Jets celebrate their pre-Thanksgiving festivities? Was Winnipeg stronger at even-strength, or was this game a big tug of war? Which Jets skaters rose to the challenge and answered the call? Who struggled against Tampa's skill and speed? Has Hellebuyck finally turned the corner this season? How can Winnipeg tweak the current lines to make this team an absolute juggernaut? Is it worth exploring the trade market for big fish, or can this team win with internal upgrades? Finally, we preview the second half of the Florida swing, taking a look at the Panthers ahead of the Friday match-up.
24 min
Sifting Through The Pile Of Sellers For Perfect...
On tonight's episode, we continue our dig through a number of likely sellers for Winnipeg Jets trade targets. Could the Blues be willing to part with Pavel Buchnevich? What would an extremely talented scorer with another full year of term cost Winnipeg? Is it a worthy buy, or would the Jets be overspending for an asset that may not extend long-term? Is Vrana worth taking a flyer on? Speaking of Flyers, is there any hope of Winnipeg fishing Travis Sanheim out of Philadelphia? What might the Jets need to pay for a combo of Konecny and one of Seeler or Walker? Finally, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming road match-up against the talented, if flawed, Tampa Bay Lightning.
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Could Make A Big Upgrade With...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at a few potential trade deadline sellers with expiring assets. Could the Winnipeg Jets make a big deal with the Calgary Flames for a blueliner? What expiring defenders might make sense for the Jets? Are any of Hanifin, Tanev, and Zadorov actually worth trading for? What happens if the Flames ask a high price for one of these rentals? Are there any Flames forwards worth trading for? Is there any chance of a Laine return to Winnipeg? If not Laine, who could Winnipeg pluck from the Columbus Blue Jackets? Is there a potentially underrated pick-up in one of Jake Bean or Adam Boqvist waiting in the wings?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Crank Out A Pair Of Big Weeke...
On tonight's episode, we recap a pair of big wins against the Buffalo Sabres and Arizona Coyotes. Given that the games were back-to-back, what were the Jets able to deliver in each effort? Was one game a better performance than the other, or was Winnipeg able to deliver an even offering for both games? Which Jets stood out the most? How did Winnipeg manage to shut down Arizona's offense completely? Was this the team's best defensive performance of the season? How do the wins impact Winnipeg's place in the standings? Are the Jets shoo-ins for a playoff appearance, or will the battle for the post-season run until the bitter end?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Prepare To Welcome The Buffal...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match-up with the Buffalo Sabres. Is this Sabres team a true threat in the east? What has held Buffalo back from the top of the Atlantic division? Will the return of Tuch be enough of a difference-maker to concern the Jets? We also check in on Gabriel Vilardi and Ville Heinola, walking through what their respective returns could mean for Winnipeg's offensive potency. Will both players be the antidote the Jets power play has been craving? Finally, we revisit the Dubois trade with LA. How have the players who were exchanged performed for their new clubs?
24 min
Cole Perfetti And Kyle Connor Lead The Winnipeg...
On tonight's episode, we recap a fun night of Jets hockey against a cagey New Jersey Devils squad. Despite missing Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier, this Devils team still has some firepower. Was it enough to threaten Winnipeg, or did the Jets take care of business? Who stepped up for Winnipeg in the most crucial situations? Was this another game dominated by 5v5 play, or did Winnipeg finally get some stronger special teams? Is Cole Perfetti Winnipeg's new favorite player? What has changed in Cole's game this year to make him so good? Are the Jets in a good enough form to maintain a playoff spot over the next few weeks?
24 min
Ranking The Best And Worst Trades Of The Winnip...
On tonight's episode, we take a tour through trades past from the second edition of the Winnipeg Jets, attempting to find some underrated gems and some deals that left a bit of a sour taste. Where does the Dubois-to-LA trade rank amongst the top deals? Is the Niederreiter trade the best deal the front office has ever made? Where do the deals for players like Michael Frolik and Dylan DeMelo rank? Should they be considered absolute steals? What about the deal to send Evander Kane to Buffalo? What are some of the trades the Jets have come to regret? Was it because Winnipeg acquired lesser talent, or were there more complicating factors?
24 min
The Dallas Stars Edge Out The Winnipeg Jets Wit...
On tonight's episode, we walk through some major takeaways from Winnipeg's narrow defeat to the Dallas Stars. Was the scoreline an accurate reflection of how close these two teams were? What gave the Stars the ultimate advantage in the end? Will the Jets special teams ever get to an acceptable state? How might the poor special teams play impact the rest of the season? Can the Jets improve both the power play and penalty kill without roster reinforcements? Finally, we preview an upcoming battle with a difficult, if injured opponent in the New Jersey Devils. Will the battle-tested Devils surprise the Jets, or are they too battered to be a threat?
24 min
The Dallas Stars Roll Into Winnipeg This Weeken...
On tonight's episode, we preview a challenging upcoming battle with the Dallas Stars. What should the Jets expect from a deep, skilled roster? Are the Stars as good as they were last season? How are the lines arranged, and are Seguin and Duchene truly playing on the third line?! What could prove to be the biggest challenge for Winnipeg? We also look ahead to what the Jets roster still needs in order to be a true playoff threat. Can the team acquire a legitimate top-4 defender? How will Winnipeg respond to an upcoming slate of games that features an Eastern Conference-heavy lineup?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Crush The Nashville Predators...
On tonight's episode, we recap an impressive Winnipeg win over the Nashville Predators. What stood out in a 6-3 thrashing of the hated rivals from down south? Is Winnipeg's top line finally starting to figure things out? How many hat tricks will Kyle Connor nab this year? Is this the best third line the current Jets franchise has ever had? What should Winnipeg be willing to pay for a Niederreiter extension? Is Winnipeg a legitimately great team, or are the gaps enough to hold the Jets back? Should we start getting excited about what the Jets can accomplish in the post-season?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Roll Through The St. Louis Bl...
On tonight's episode, we recap an entertaining, if slightly chaotic Winnipeg Jets win over the Blues. What was Winnipeg's approach to taking down a division rival? Were the Blues able to generate much in the way of offensive threat, or did Winnipeg lock them down? Is the top line finally starting to find some rhythm as a unit, or is it too early to get excited? Should we be expecting the power play fortunes to shift after a 2-goal night, or is this more a product of the competition? Which Jets have had major bounceback seasons after rougher previous years? Is it time to start considering a temporary shutdown for Nik Ehlers?
23 min
Niederreiter And Dillon Lead The Winnipeg Jets ...
On tonight's episode, we recap a whacky Winnipeg Jets win over the Arizona Coyotes. How did Niederreiter and Dillon come across multigoal games...all on the same night? Were the Yotes as decent as their record indicates? How was Winnipeg's special teams performance after some dire recent outings? Will this victory springboard the team to bigger and better things? Was Hellebuyck at fault for any of the goals against, or did the Jets leave him out to dry? What is Winnipeg's biggest enemy right now? Is it another team, or the mistakes the Jets continually make?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Undone By Mistakes, Poor ...
On tonight's episode, we provide some final thoughts on Winnipeg's loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. With this being the fifth or sixth straight loss to Vegas, can the Jets ever defeat their rivals? What were the biggest culprits for this loss? Why have both sides of the special teams unit completely imploded this season? Where has the legitimately strong PK from last season gone, and will it ever return? What should the Jets expect from the Arizona Coyotes. Is this Yotes team as bad as last year's squad, or a surprising opponent not to be underestimated?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Struggling Mightily In Ve...
On tonight's episode, we get a bit feisty as we walk through the first period or so of action between Winnipeg and Vegas. Why did the Jets come out of the gates looking so listless? Is it just the nature of playing in the Sin City, or was Vegas legitimately outclassing the Jets? When will the special teams finally go back to being average? Can Winnipeg survive with both the power play and penalty kill contributing nothing to the team? How can the Jets change the tides and drive momentum in the right direction? Is it time for the depth lines to start getting more ice-time?
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Face The Vegas Golden Knights...
On tonight's episode, we preview an extremely tough road match-up for the Jets against the Vegas Golden Knights. Despite a somewhat lopsided scoreline in their last meeting, should Winnipeg feel more confident in their ability against Vegas? How can the Jets disrupt the Knights pressure and forecheck? Will the Winnipeg defense and goaltending be able to withstand the pressure? Can the Jets get the power play and penalty kill back on track before facing Vegas? How is the rest of the league faring in the first few weeks of the season? Which teams have truly impressed, and which teams might be on the verge of a coaching change?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Fall Just Short Of Victory In...
On tonight's episode, we recap some highlights from a tightly-contested overtime loss to the New York Rangers. Are we continuing to see encouraging signs from this Jets team? What went well for Winnipeg against a deep, competitive Rangers squad? Should the Jets be mildly concerned about some of the lack of finish? How can the team help the struggling power play? What do we make of Wheeler's return to Winnipeg? Should Blake be seen as one of the true greats in the halls of former Winnipeg Jets, or will he fall just short of the upper crust? Is Cole Perfetti finally starting to hit his stride at the NHL level?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Fall To Montreal In A Shootou...
On tonight's episode, we recap an entertaining night of Jets hockey, where Winnipeg sadly didn't come away with the win, but certainly deserved it. Were the Jets legitimately the stronger of the two teams? How did the Habs survive the onslaught of Winnipeg pressure? Can the Jets sustain the current level of success? Is the recent run of form (7 of 8 possible points) a better indicator of the true talent of the team than the 1-3 start? What's going on with Ehlers, and can he recover his form before the Jets are forced to make a move? What should we expect from the Rangers when they roll into town on Monday?
24 min
The Welcome Jets Visit Montreal For Some Hockey...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match-up against the Montreal Canadiens. What can the Jets expect from a Habs team that's still in the process of rebuilding? Should Winnipeg be worried about a potential trap game, or is this an opponent we should expect to beat? Who will be the danger men for Montreal? Does Winnipeg have the line match-up advantage, and which units should see elevated ice-time? What's going on with the second line usage? Is Perfetti seeing less time than he should? Why is this a potential problem for the Jets long-term? How can Winnipeg correct the less-than-optimal deployments?
24 min
Connor Hellebuyck Leads The Winnipeg Jets To A ...
On tonight's episode, we walk through a challenging Jets victory over the Red Wings. What went well for the Jets in Scott Arniel's second game as interim head coach? Did Winnipeg win the 5v5 battle, or were the Red Wings a stiffer opponent than some of the earlier opposition? How did the Jets fare against one of the top-ranked power plays in the league? Is Hellebuyck finally back to mid-season form, just a few games into the season? Is this the game that finally gets Ehlers back to his free-scoring self? What can Winnipeg do to minimize some of the less-effective parts of Kyle Connor's game? Can they find a linemate that can do enough defensively without keeping Kyle from doing what he does best?
24 min
The Biggest Surprises (And Disappointments) Of ...
On tonight's episode, we kick off with a few rapid thoughts on Mark Chipman's promise to keep the Jets in Winnipeg. Do we feel like that's a reliable promise, or are the flagging attendance figures telling a different story? Why are so many tickets going unsold? Is it really a fanbase problem, or a deeper issue? What have been the biggest surprises and disappointments through the first few games? Are the former LA boys doing well, or is the Dubois trade aging poorly? When will Nik Ehlers look like the Nik Ehlers we know and love? Is the blueline salvageable at all, or are we in for a very long season?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Take Care Of Business Against...
On tonight's episode, we recap a big Jets victory over the St. Louis Blues. How did Winnipeg fare under interim coach Scott Arniel? Did he make any particular adjustments, or was it more business as usual for the team? Was Winnipeg able to control the play against the Blues, or did Hellebuyck have to stand on his head again? How can the Jets fix a relatively porous defense? Will this be a continuous problem throughout the season, or something Winnipeg can resolve by the trade deadline? Why does this team occasionally remind me of the magical 2017-18 squad?
24 min