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Is The Winnipeg Jets Rebuild Avoidable Or Inevi...
On tonight's episode, we discuss some of the feedback and commentary you provided about Winnipeg's potential rebuild. How did you all feel about the players potentially needing to be traded? What were your feelings about the rebuild itself? Is this something any of us actually wants to sit through, especially after the Jets spent so long building the current core? Where did it all go so wrong for Winnipeg, and how do they fix the mess?
23 min
Life After Barry Trotz: Winnipeg Jets Fans Vote
On tonight's episode, we survey Jets fans to find out what they think the team should do post-Trotz. Should Pierre-Luc Dubois be someone Winnipeg tries to retain? Is Connor Hellebuyck going to continue playing at an elite level into his 30s, or does Winnipeg need to consider a new man in net down the road? What do the Jets do with Mark Scheifele, and can the relationship be salvaged? Who should coach Winnipeg next season?
22 min
The 2021-22 NHL Season Is Now Over
On tonight's episode, we recap a thoroughly entertaining Stanley Cup Finals series between the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning. What gave Colorado the edge against a deep, veteran team stacked with proven winners? More importantly, what can the Winnipeg Jets learn from both the Avs and Lightning? Is there a way for the Jets to emulate this success and build off of either organizational model?
22 min
The Barry Trotz To Winnipeg Dream Is Over
On tonight's episode, we discuss the ramifications of Barry Trotz's announcement that he'll be taking a break from coaching. What does this mean for the Winnipeg Jets? Who will Winnipeg try to hire, and are any of the remaining coaching candidates actually good enough to get the Jets to the post-season? Is it better to start the rebuild early instead? What players and assets are worth letting go of to begin the long-term rebuild process?
20 min
The Dust Is Settling Around The Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we discuss the rumor that the Winnipeg Jets might try to convince Pierre-Luc Dubois to stay. Is it worth the risk of hurting his trade value? Could this end up being another Jacob Trouba trade situation, where initial offers were better than the final return? What is the likelihood Dubois would actually stay? We also discuss the possibility that Blake Wheeler is mutually interested in leaving Winnipeg. How ominous of a sign is it to see the captain wanting to walk away? Will all of this upheaval mean Barry Trotz is more likely to skip coaching altogether and join Winnipeg in a management role?
19 min
There Is Chaos In Winnipeg Jets Land
On tonight's episode, we attempt to unpack the last 24 hours of Winnipeg Jets headlines, and how they'll shape the destiny of the team going forward. Is Paul Maurice the right hire to take the Florida Panthers to a Stanley Cup trophy? What lessons might he have learned since leaving the Jets? Why is Winnipeg suddenly indicating Blake Wheeler's trade availability? Is moving the captain the right decision? How will the Jets deal with Pierre-Luc Dubois' announcement that he'll be testing free agency in 2024? Would Dubois' departure mean the rebuild timeline becomes relevant again?
23 min
The 2022 NHL Awards Votes Are In...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the 2022 NHL award winners for the Hart, Vezina, Calder, and Norris trophies. Why was Cale Makar ranked so closely to Roman Josi when he was clearly the better skater? Did Moritz Seider really have a season worth winning the Calder for, or did the voters get fooled by an initial bias? Should Igor Shesterkin have won the Hart Trophy, or was the selection of Auston Matthews as accurate as it could be?
22 min
A Hang-Up In The Barry Trotz Signing?
On tonight's episode, we discuss the rumor that the delay in the Winnipeg Jets signing Barry Trotz might actually reside on Winnipeg's end. Are Cheveldayoff and Chipman willing to let Trotz call the shots as soon as this upcoming draft? Do we even know what Barry's philosophy of team-building is? What evidence exists that Trotz can actually turn Winnipeg into a contender? We then discuss some of the ambiguity around this year's prospect draft, and why that may favor Winnipeg's long-term ambitions.
21 min
Barry Trotz Might Be Signing With The Winnipeg ...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the news that Barry Trotz appears to be circling back and negotiating with the Winnipeg Jets. Just how long would he be coaching for? How would the Jets incorporate Trotz into a management role once he's done coaching? Can any other team offer Barry the sort of front office flexibility the Jets can? We then discuss three bold predictions for Winnipeg's 2022-23 season, as well as my hopes and dreams for next year.
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets And The 30th Overall Pick
On tonight's episode, we take a look at a handful of prospects available at the 30th overall pick. Would Luca Del Bel Belluz be the potential goal-scoring centre the Winnipeg Jets currently lack? What limitations in Luca's game should Winnipeg be concerned about? Is Pavel Mintyukov a worthy risk, and why are scouts so mixed on his defensive game? Are Mintyukov's defensive issues enough to wash out his offensive capability? We also touch on Winnipeg's need to spend a good deal to recruit a quality coaching staff, and give some insights into game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Candidate Pool Nar...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the ramifications of the Golden Knights signing Bruce Cassidy, while John Tortorella appears ready to sign for Philadelphia. Did the Winnipeg Jets miss out on signing Cassidy and Tortorella? Does this mean Trotz is an increasing likelihood for Winnipeg? Beyond next season, what does the future hold for the Jets, and how will they navigate expiring contracts for Hellebuyck, Scheifele, Ehlers, and more?
28 min
Winnipeg Jets Fanbase Pulse-Check: A Rebuild?!
On tonight's episode, we pop one of the biggest questions to the Winnipeg Jets fanbase: should the Jets start to rebuild? Needless to say, the survey results have been a mixed bag of emotions. We cover everything from the coach leading the rebuild process, to what the Jets should do with Nikolaj Ehlers and Connor Hellebuyck. Are these guys who should hang around as the team tears it down and starts over, or are greener pastures calling? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
26 min
Barry Trotz Watch Is Almost Over...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the ramifications of a potential Barry Trotz announcement this week. The Winnipeg Jets and Philadelphia Flyers have been rumored to be among the best candidates...so who will actually end up with Barry? What will happen to the rest of the coaching market once Trotz is signed? With a coaching staff signing made, how will the Jets then improve the rest of the team? What are the biggest skill needs for Winnipeg?
25 min
Projecting The 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we discuss the current head coaching candidates for the Winnipeg Jets. With Barry Trotz currently in limbo, the Jets have narrowed down a sizeable back-up list. Is Pascal Vincent the man for the present and future? What would it take for Jim Montgomery to join Winnipeg? We then give some ideal line-ups for the 2022-23 Jets, breaking down a rework of the forward lines and some adjustments to the defensive pairings.
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Should Move On...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the reality that the Winnipeg Jets need to consider moving on from hiring Barry Trotz. Given the sudden availability of Bruce Cassidy and the current free agency status of Claude Julien, is Trotz truly the best choice among the candidates? If Winnipeg can't decide on a coach to get them back to the playoffs, should the team opt for a rebuild? Who might be moving on if the Jets decide to tear it all down and start over?
27 min
Free Agent Gems For The Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we talk about a number of potentially underrated signings for the Winnipeg Jets to consider. Can Tyler Ennis be the fourth line hero the team needs in the absence of Mathieu Perreault? Is Brett Kulak the ideal pairing partner for someone like Ville Heinola? Should the Jets pursue a player like Erik Gudbranson, or stay far away?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Have A New #1 Head Coaching C...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of the Boston Bruins firing Bruce Cassidy. How does Cassidy stack against coaching free agents like Barry Trotz? Should the Winnipeg Jets make Cassidy their new priority target? We then discuss the sweep of the Edmonton Oilers at the hands of the Colorado Avalanche, and preview two potential Stanley Cup Finals match-ups based on the on-going Eastern Conference Finals.
23 min
More RFAs For The Winnipeg Jets To Pursue!
On tonight's episode, we continue our dive for more restricted free agent options for the Winnipeg Jets to uncover. Could Ethan Bear be a prime candidate to help bolster Winnipeg's right-shot defensive grouping? What would Bear's arrival mean for Neal Pionk? Is Martin Necas worth taking a risk on, or is he too likely to deflate under future Winnipeg coaches? We then close out with some thoughts on the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. Should the New York Rangers be worried about a loss, or should they feel confidently in control? What will the Oilers do after 3 dispiriting losses to Colorado?
25 min
The Winnipeg Jets Need Restricted Free Agents!
On tonight's episode, we dive into the vast pool of restricted free agents. With a number of RFAs potentially looking for green pastures, who should the Winnipeg Jets be targeting in trades? Is there a scenario where Matt Tkachuk could ever end up in Winnipeg? What is the market like for Brock Boeser, and why are the Canucks seemingly keen to let him go? Is Kevin Fiala really a bad player, or is he just misunderstood? We then give some brief thoughts on the Colorado-Edmonton series to close the night out.
21 min
Winnipeg Jets Fanbase Pulse-Check: Your Feedback
On tonight's episode, we take a look at some early feelings about the upcoming Winnipeg Jets season from fans just like you. Are you feeling optimistic about Winnipeg's playoff chances? Why are some folks against the idea of signing Barry Trotz? Do you all want Mark Scheifele to stick around, or are you hoping he hits the road (for the right price)? We then close out with a check-in on the Eastern Conference Finals, rooting on ex-Jets Andrew Copp and Jacob Trouba to win some hardware.
21 min
Scott Arniel Is Joining The Winnipeg Jets...Wha...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of Scott Arniel joining the Winnipeg Jets coaching staff. Will he be vying for the lead opening, or assuming an assistant coach's role? What impact might this have on the Barry Trotz pursuit, considering Arniel and Trotz have worked together previously? We then discuss two potential draft targets with the newly-promoted New York Rangers first round pick, including Jagger Firkus and Glev Trikonov. Can these two talented snipers boost Winnipeg's goalscoring output?
26 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Getting Another First Rou...
On tonight's episode, we talk about the excitement surrounding the New York Rangers series victory over the Carolina Hurricanes. The win now means the 2nd round pick included for Andrew Copp becomes a 1st round pick. Where will the Winnipeg Jets be picking again when the playoffs are over? Just how significant is the difference between a late 1st and a late 2nd round pick? We then preview the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, closing out with some thoughts on whether or not Barry Trotz would actually improve teams eliminated during these final rounds.
24 min
Conor Geekie And The Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we discuss a number of potential prospects for the Winnipeg Jets to select at 14th overall. Is Winnipeg Ice centre Conor Geekie truly an elite-level talent? Should the Jets make Geekie a priority? Where to Kevin Korchinski and Denton Mateychuk rank in the pantheon of defenders? Are Korchinski and Mateychuk better options for the Jets than Geekie? We then close out with some lingering thoughts on round 2 of the NHL playoffs before we move towards the Conference Finals.
23 min
The 2022 NHL Free Agent Frenzy: Part 2
On tonight's episode, we continue examining the upcoming unrestricted free agent class for the NHL. Could Johnny Gaudreau be an option for the Winnipeg Jets to sign? Just how much cap space would the Jets have to clear to be a remote consideration? Is Victor Rask an underrated diamond in the rough for a bottom-6? Should Winnipeg consider trying to bring Andrew Copp back with term? We then close out with playoff updates and my thoughts on the brand new Top Gun film.
26 min
The 2022 NHL Free Agent Frenzy
On tonight's episode, we wrap up our thoughts on what the Winnipeg Jets should do about free agents like Eric Comrie and Jansen Harkins. Why didn't the Jets give Comrie the necessary games to achieve RFA status? Did he earn any additional games on merit alone? What can Harkins bring to the team when not paired with Scheifele? Closing it out, we also take a look at an incredible upcoming UFA market. Will Evgeni Malkin remain a Pittsburgh skater, or seek glory elsewhere?
26 min