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The Winnipeg Jets Have A Ton Of Free Agents Thi...
On tonight's episode, we begin the challenging task of determining which Winnipeg Jets free agents should be asked to return and which should be let go. Was David Rittich good enough to serve as Winnipeg's back-up goalie going forward, or should the Jets explore internal options? Just how good could Morgan Barron become with an increased role next season? Is Dubois bound for Montreal, or will another team coming calling with a better offer for his services? Did Karson Kuhlman make enough of an impact to return, or should the Jets replace him internally? How many years can Winnipeg get Samberg locked up for?
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The Winnipeg Jets Could Have A Successful Off-S...
On tonight's episode, we map out how the Winnipeg Jets could expedite their retooling process with savvy trades. Will Hellebuyck be one of the rare goalies to fetch a reasonably high trade return? What might Winnipeg receive in return? Would a cap-dump goalie be beneficial for securing a higher draft pick next season as well? Is it time to sign Samberg to a multi-year, long-term extension? What has the young blueliner shown so far in the first few seasons of his Jets career? Would any team out there be interested in Neal Pionk? What would moving his cap hit do for the Jets' long-term planning? Where will Scheifele end up? Are teams willing to pay for his high-end scoring, or wary of his commitment issues?
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A Three-Point Checklist For This Upcoming Winni...
On tonight's episode, we walk through three agenda items for the Winnipeg Jets to figure out this summer. What will the direction of next year's squad be? Are the Jets pushing for the playoffs, or preparing for the future? What impact will each route have on the roster? Do the Jets intend to bring everyone back if they remain competitive? Does this include Dubois? Why would retaining Dubois be a mistake? How will these decisions influence the fate of the Winnipeg Jets for the next 5 to 10 years? Can the team fix the power play before next season rolls around?
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Kyle Dubas Is Out In Toronto...Should The Winni...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the shock announcement of Kyle Dubas' departure from the Maple Leafs. What soured between Dubas and the Leafs braintrust? What can we discern from Kyle's moves as GM? Was this team actually his vision for Toronto, or were there interlopers with competing agendas? Should the Jets be interested in having Kyle join? What sort of approach would he bring to Winnipeg, and is it actually aligned with what the front office would want? We also check in on Brad Lambert's stellar WHL playoffs, and try to figure out when the fabulous Finn might make his return to the Winnipeg Jets.
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Three Hopes And Fears For The 2023-24 Winnipeg ...
On tonight's show, we offer up three hopes and fears for the next Winnipeg Jets season. Will the Jets finally get around to integrating their prospects and system players into big club roles? Is the club ready to demonstrate that it's learned the right lessons from past failures and fan feedback? How can the Jets rebuild trust with a frustrated fanbase? Is there a legitimate worry that Winnipeg will try to maintain status quo? What is the price of running it back with the same group that struggled the first time around?
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Arizona Is Done With The Arizona Coyotes....Wha...
On tonight's episode, we dig into the recent revelations surrounding the Arizona Coyotes. With the residents of Tempe voting against an agreement with the Yotes, where will the former Winnipeg franchise turn to next? Should the Yotes serve as a cautionary tale to Winnipeg's front office, or are the Jets safe from concerns of relocation? How did Arizona ever let this situation get this bad? On the theme of relocation, we discuss some prime candidates from Winnipeg's roster who may be due a relocation. Is Blake Wheeler on the verge of retirement, or one last playoff run with another franchise? Which defender named Dylan might be the first to find a new home?
20 min
Could Quentin Musty Or Mikhail Gulyayev Be Draf...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at prospects Quentin Musty and Mikhail Gulyayev. What could Musty bring to the Jets, considering his powerful frame and heavy shot? How has Quentin tried to create offense with Sudbury? Does it seem like something that could be repeated at the NHL level? Is Mikhail Gulyayev the best puck-moving defender in the whole draft? Are the Makar and Hughes mentions just a touch too far for the young blueliner? Why is Gulyayev ranked towards the back of the first round? What could he become if he moves to North America in a few years?
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The Winnipeg Jets Trade Rumor Mill Is Spinning ...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the increasing trade chatter around Mark Scheifele and Connor Hellebuyck. With the goalie market looking quite dead, could the Winnipeg Jets actually be trading from a position of strength? Is Hellebuyck going to bring more than most goalies typically do? What would a trade for an elite netminder with one season left even look like? Where will Scheifele end up? Are teams going to be impressed with his past scoring exploits, or concerned about his rollercoaster performances? We also preview some of the upcoming NHL playoff conference finals, trying to figure out which of these teams is primed for a Cup Finals appearance.
21 min
Three Predictions For The 2023-2024 Winnipeg Je...
On tonight's episode, we look ahead to what could be a turbulent next season for the Winnipeg Jets. Will Connor Hellebuyck still be between the pipes, or is he bound for greener pastures? Why might the Jets opt to trade him, especially when goalies of his calibre are a rare breed? Will Winnipeg even make the playoffs? How are they going to fill the likely talent departures over the next few months? Might Kevin Cheveldayoff finally feel some legitimate pressure to perform? If the Jets miss the playoffs, what will become of Chevy's position?
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Could Oliver Moore Be The Next Great Winnipeg Jet?
On tonight's episode, we dive into top prospect Oliver Moore, predicted by some to be Winnipeg's first round draft selection. What can Moore bring to a sluggish Jets offense? Is his top-end speed enough to surmount some of the scoring issues in his game? How has Moore typically created offense, and is it a skillset that projects at a pro level? If the Jets choose Oliver, what is his likely projection as a pro? Should Winnipeg just trade back in the draft instead? Finally, we close out with some second round playoff action in the NHL. How did the Canes manage to disrupt a powerful Devils squad? Are the Leafs about to fall to Paul Maurice? Why do the Oilers and Knights hate each other so much?!
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What If The Winnipeg Jets Just...Ran It Back?
On tonight's episode, we take the reverse side of last night's musing on a Winnipeg Jets rebuild. If Winnipeg just maintained status quo and tried to keep the gang together, how would they improve the roster? Are there free agents the Jets could realistically afford that improve the team? How many veterans nearing the end of their careers could the Jets convince to come on 1-year deals? Are there any members of the core who'd still be on the way out, even with the knowledge the Jets will try to remain competitive? Who could Winnipeg fish out of Montreal to try and replace Dubois' impact? Is running it back a good idea at all?!
23 min
What If The Winnipeg Jets Tore It All Down...?
On tonight's episode, we explore the highly unlikely, but still entertaining idea of the Winnipeg Jets embracing a rebuild. Which skaters would likely survive the dreaded trade axe? Who could bring the Jets the highest value in draft capital? Would Lowry remain a lifelong Winnipeg Jet, or pack his bags for greener pastures? Who could make the best use of Kyle Connor's elite finishing ability and modest cap hit? Is there anyone on the blueline opposing teams would actually be interested in? What will Winnipeg do with Connor Hellebuyck? What free agents might be brought in to fill the void left over from a roster teardown?
22 min
The NHL Draft Lotto Is Finally Here...
On tonight's episode, we run through the first ten picks of the NHL draft lottery. Which franchises made out like relative bandits? Which teams are left with major disappointments? Why did it have to be Chicago that won the lotto? Where will the Winnipeg Jets pick? Is there anyone worth getting excited about at 19th overall? Who could fall to the Jets there, and will they be likely NHLers? Finally, we check in on the current NHL playoffs. Are the Seattle Kraken real Cup favorites? What will Toronto do if the Leafs are swept by the Panthers?
21 min
Can The Winnipeg Jets Remain Competitive While ...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the wonderful world of cheaper free agent signings. Can Winnipeg bring in solid middle-6 talent that won't break the bank? What sort of price ranges can the Jets realistically afford? Is the team really doing that badly financially? What types of players will be available for Winnipeg to consider? Would one of Ethan Bear or Troy Stecher help the Jets find a new home for Neal Pionk? How much will Evan Rodrigues and Andreas Athanasiou be asking for on their next deals? Could their skilled finishing be the antidote to Winnipeg's bottom-6 scoring woes? Would free agent signings block too many spots for internal promotions?
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The NHL And AHL Playoffs Are Heating Up...Who W...
On tonight's episode, we catch up with the NHL playoffs as the semifinals get underway. Are the New Jersey Devils worried about a game 1 whalloping at the hands of the Canes? How are Oilers fans feeling about an early defeat to Vegas despite a 4-goal performance from Draisaitl? Have we ever seen back-to-back nights with 4-goal games before? How far will the Seattle Kraken take their Cinderella season? Are the Florida Panthers quietly on the way to a Cup Finals appearance? Finally, we catch up with the Manitoba Moose and Brad Lambert's Seattle Thunderbirds. How are the baby Jets faring in their respective playoff runs?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Of Next Season....And Beyond
On tonight's episode, we grapple with the difficult questions awaiting the Winnipeg Jets as they dive into the off-season. What will Winnipeg do with Mark Scheifele and Connor Hellebuyck? Are both players about to be traded to kick off the rebuild, or is Winnipeg steadfastly holding to the "run it back" mantra? If both players remain, are they actually interested in re-signing with the Jets? Could Winnipeg even afford Hellebuyck's next contract? Who should the Jets let go amongst the multitude of bottom-6 players currently up for renewal? Is it time for more internal promotions from the Manitoba Moose? Which skaters could make the jump to the NHL and help Winnipeg find more offense for the bottom-6?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Ignoring The Warning Sign...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of the growing rift between the Winnipeg Jets and the fanbase. Is the team cognizant of just how angry many of the fans are? Why is Winnipeg continuing to put out the messaging it has chosen to adopt? What do we make of the Jets opting to continue with Cheveldayoff and Rick Bowness? Does this team even have a clear vision of what it wants to be going forward? How will the lack of changes and the continued mediocrity impact next season's ticket sales? Will the fanbase tolerate another year of an abbreviated playoff appearance, or are changes coming? Finally, we close out with a quick preview of the next round of the playoffs!
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are In Crisis Mode...Are The ...
On tonight's episode, we recap a thoroughly bizarre weekend of Winnipeg Jets press conferences. What ultimately became of Rick Bowness' post-game 5 quotes? How did the Jets players react to Rick's frustration? Does the roster feel any responsibility for how this season turned out? Which party is in the right here? Is anyone in the right, or are both parties incorrect in their assessment of the series? How do the Jets rebuild bridges from here? Is Bowness coming back, or did he say his last goodbyes with this team? Did he lambast only the players, or also offer thoughts on his own shortcomings against a superior Knights team?
20 min
Road to the Stanley Cup 2023: Winnipeg Jets pro...
6 min
The 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets Season Ends With A Wh...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the implications of a disastrous playoff series against the Vegas Golden Knights. What went wrong against a Vegas squad that, while very good, isn't as strong as it once was? Should the blame lie the with the players, the coaching staff, or everyone involved? Who bears the most responsibility? Which players showed up and which didn't? Should everyone on the team be concerned about their future as we approach the summer? What will Winnipeg do with Mark Scheifele and Pierre-Luc Dubois? Are other players potentially on the way out too? What is next for a Jets team that is watching the twilight of this core?
19 min
The Winnipeg Jets Face The Vegas Golden Knights...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's series-deciding game 5 against the Golden Knights. With the Jets looking extremely shorthanded, how has Bowness arranged the lines? Can we expect anything positive from a line-up that is running thin on scoring talent? Who will step up to the plate in the stead of Mark Scheifele? Is Nik Ehlers finally healthy enough to rejoin the team? How will his presence affect the shape of the team's destiny? Do the Jets have any hope of salvaging this series, or is it too little, too late? What will it take for Winnipeg to try and claw out of the hole they've dug for themselves? Finally, we reflect on Rick Bowness' first season. Will his tenure be remembered fondly?
20 min
Will Game 5 Be The Last Game For This Current W...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the possibility that game 5 against the Golden Knights will signal the end of this current Winnipeg Jets core. If this is how the Jets bow out, what will be the legacy of this group of players? Did this core live up to the potential, or fall short of expectations? Which players might be heading on to greener pastures? Who will remain, and can the Jets build around the players who stick around? From the prospect pool, who will rise to the top of Winnipeg's future core? How long would a potential retool or rebuild take? Should Jets fans be excited about the future of the team, or worried that we'll see another repeat of this core?
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are On The Brink Of Eliminati...
On tonight's episode, we recap a dispiriting loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. Was it a question of effort, lack of depth, or something else that led to Winnipeg's defeat? Just how many injuries to key players can the Jets endure before the camel's back breaks? Is Winnipeg anticipating missing Scheifele for the remainder of the series? Is that question even important to a Jets squad that is down 3 games to 1? How can Winnipeg salvage this series with a tough road game ahead? Are there any call-up options from the Moose that could help right the ship, or will Winnipeg have to settle for the current rotation of players they already have?
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Fall Just Short Of The Perfec...
On tonight's episode, we walkthrough a heartbreaking loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. How did the Winnipeg Jets rally from a 4-1 deficit to force double overtime? Should the Knights be worried after blowing a massive 3-goal lead in 20 minutes? Who played the role of hero for the Jets after a dispiriting first 40 minutes? Will Hellebuyck return to Vezina form before the end of this series? How are the Jets supposed to replace the impact of Josh Morrissey? Is there anyone internally who can provide a boost from the backend? Can Dylan Samberg rebound after a horrific stroke of misfortune cost the Jets the game? How will Winnipeg adjust ahead of tonight's game 4?
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Settle For A 1-1 Series Split...
On tonight's episode, we recap a painful road loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. Despite the defeat, should Winnipeg Jets fans still be optimistic? What have we learned about the Jets through 6 periods? Are the Knights in more trouble than they realize? Which team is playing with house money, even with the records being even? How can the Jets counter Vegas' neutral zone trap game? Will Nik Ehlers be healthy enough to return to the line-up? What will his presence do for the team? Are the Jets in a good position to take a stranglehold on the series at home? How are the other playoff teams faring so far?
20 min