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Locked On Hurricanes - Daily Podcast ...

Attention Canaics! The premier daily podcast for your favorite bunch of jerks has finally arrived. Jared Ellis of FanSided's Cardiac Cane and Walker Barrow are proud to bring you daily news and analysis on your Carolina Hurricanes. As well as occasional guest hosts and interviews. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network

Jared's Speech Impediment
Jared and Walker preview the All-Star weekend and talk about some other news following a certain mascot. We also share a good amount of tweets for Clapback Friday.
27 min
Welcome to the Soup Sandwich
Jared and Walker cover some potential happenings with one of the Canes players; to leave or not to leave? It's also Walker's favorite time of the week: Trivia Thursday. The guys also share their thoughts on upcoming video games that are slated to release this year.
35 min
Big Willy is Back
Your two favorite idiots are back, and drunk. Jared and Walker discuss last night's win against the Jets as well as talk about the playoff picture. It's also time for another Way Back Wednesday.
31 min
What I Did at Band Camp
The solo reins have been pulled once again! Walker previews tonight's game against the Winnipeg Jets and talks about some questions that were posed on Twitter.
21 min
Grown up emo kid talks to himself
Jared sits alone in a room talking into a microphone today. He gives a quick recap of both games that took place over the weekend. As well as another installment of Metro Monday.
21 min
Get Well Soon, Dougie <3
Jared and Walker recap last night's game against Columbus, discuss Dougie's injury. The guy's also make each other question their sanity with Trivia, which we missed yesterday. They also preview the game against Anaheim tonight.
35 min
Hey Girl, You Up?
Jared and Walker bring you another edition of Locked On Hurricanes: After Dark, with a special opening that we know you guy's will love. Walker takes the reins for Wayback Wednesday and the boy's also talk about what they had for dinner.
23 min
And the Oscar for Best Dive goes to TJ Oshie
Jared and Walker discuss last night's loss against the Capital, Jared asks Walker a question, and Walker talks about something comical.
29 min
A Whale of a Good Time- Whalers Weekend Special...
Jared and Walker welcome the man himself H. Wade Minter onto the show and ask him questions that we had for him as well as questions you guys had for him! We also feature Metro Monday as well as recap the back-to-back shutouts this weekend.
31 min
Whale Pour Me a Beer- Whalers Weekend Special: ...
Jared and Walker bring the first installment of the Whalers Weekend special with an episode recorded on location at R&D Brewing. Jared and Walker preview both upcoming games against the Arizona Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings. Jared also shares his ratings and rankings of the Ice Age movies. The guys also end the episode with another installment of Clapback Friday.
55 min
Our Rice Krispy Treats are a Global Pandemic
With a rather slow day in the Carolina Hurricanes world, Jared and Walker just goof off while talking about things that relate to the return of Justin Williams and bring a little more information as to what's in store for Whalers Weekend; among other things!
33 min
Jared and Walker recap last night's HUGE win against the Flyers as well as bring your weekly dose of Wayback Wednesday. Also, if you couldn't tell by the title, a certain someone has returned to the Canes.
20 min
Yeet a Coin to Your Witcher
Jared and Walker preview tonight's game against Philadelphia and Walker asks Jared a question for Tuesday.
26 min
O' Podcast Of Plenty
Jared and Walker recap this weekend's losses as well as bring another edition of Metro Monday. Today's episode also features special guests Barry the Cat and Lexi the Dog.
38 min
Solo Walker 2: Return of the Crapitals
Walker takes the solo reins today and previews tonight's game against Washington and dishes out some important news regarding some exciting events coming up.
13 min
Vote for Turbo
Jared and Walker recap the New Year's Eve win against the Habs, give our condolences to one of our boys, and have our first Trivia Thursday of the decade.
18 min
Our Favorites of the Decade
Jared and Walker do a quickfire preview of tonight's game against the Habs as well as share their favorite movies, music, shows, and other things of the past decade. Happy New Year!
41 min
Our Favorites of 2019
Jared and Walker recap this weekend's games that ended with one loss and one victory. They also share their top miscellaneous categories from 2019. Metro Monday is also included but not as in depth as usual.
39 min
Toss a Coin to Your Podcast
Jared and Walker preview tonight's game at MSG against the Rangers as well as preview the game tomorrow at PNC against the Capitals. No Clapback Friday this week as everyone was on good behavior due to the holidays; however Jared and Walker ramble on about t.v. shows to give y'all our daily tangent.
33 min
Time to Eat Christmas Leftovers
Jared and Walker have a good time talking about what all happened between them during this holiday season. They also bring another installment of Trivia Thursday with an additional mini-segment of Wayback Wednesday.
29 min
Granite Countertops Make the Kitchen Pop
Jared and Walker recap last night's high-scoring loss against Toronto and have a little fun goofing off more than usual. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
35 min
Babe, I'm Late... Uploading Today's Episode
Jared and Walker give a quick recap of Saturday's loss against Florida and preview today's game in Toronto (which was currently in progress.) We also announce something exciting happening next year!
26 min
Mom Said Take the Chicken Out of the Freezer
Jared and Walker are joined by our good friend and fan Amanda as we recap last night's win against Colorado and do one of our favorite moments of the week: Clapback Friday!
23 min
Nips Out for Harambe
Jared and Walker recap tonight's game against the Avalanche and prove that we know very little about Hockey History in today's installment of Trivia Thursday.
30 min
Oops... Svech Did It Again!
Jared and Walker recap last night's dub in Winnipeg, feature Wayback Wednesday, and have our signature stupidity.
27 min
Just Keep Swimming
Jared and Walker preview tonight's game in Winnipeg, answer a question from our OG friend and fan Amanda, and get carried away with ideas on how we can make money for the holiday season.
29 min
James Reimer Appreciation Episode
Jared and Walker, recap Saturday's shutout win against Calgary, send out their well wishes to two players in the hockey community, and ring in the week with another rendition of Metro Monday.
29 min
A Goal or Not a Goal, That is the Question
Jared and Walker recap last night's loss in Vancouver, bring some Canes After Dark content to light, and bring you this weeks Clapback Friday.
24 min
Give Me That Good Hockey- Canes After Dark 5
Jared and Walker preview tonight's game, go one for one in today's installment of Trivia Thursday, and get distracted by their surroundings.
31 min
Gotta Go Fast
Jared and Walker give a quick fire episode recapping last night's win over the Oilers. Another installment of Way Back Wednesday is in the books too.
14 min
Yankin' the Cables- Canes After Dark 4 Preview
Jared and Walker preview the game tonight against Edmonton, discuss the recent firing of Dallas Stars' Head Coach, and bring another edition of Tuesday Questions. With special guest appearances by their dogs and some guy on a lawnmower.
25 min
A New Episode This Is
Walker recaps the win against the Minnesota Wild (which was also Star Wars night but I failed to mention that) and brings today's Metro Monday standings. Jared also recorded at the game on Saturday with our good friend Jeff AKA the KILTED CANIAC.
43 min
Joe Thornton Is a Cancelled Boomer
Spectrum Internet sucks and so does Joe Thornton. Jared and Walker recap the Canes' win against the Sharks, give a very low effort preview of the game against the Wild on Saturday, and bring another edition of ClapBack Friday.
36 min
Fish In A Cyclone Preview- A Non-Copyrighted Title
Jared and Walker preview tonight's game and bring another edition of Trivia Thursday.
37 min
Podcast Gone Wild
Join Jared and Walker in Locked On Hurricanes: After Dark. Jared and Walker recap last night's game against Boston, bring you another Wayback Wednesday, and go off on more tangents about music.
37 min
Ice Ice Stormy- A Trip to Hurricanes Practice
Jared and Walker bring you a recording with our good friend Shlomo who sat down with Jared at yesterday's practice. Jared asks Walker a question and Walker's cat makes an appearances doing what all cats love to do; knock stuff over! BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T LOVE CATS???
28 min
Dungeons & Dumba$$es
Jared and Walker recap this past weekend's games and start the week off with another look at the Metro Standings! Hope you all are ready for some stupid banter and a surprise special guest that we didn't even know about!
25 min
Rogue One: The Rise of Walker
Walker takes the solo reigns on today's episode and brings you the preview of tonight's game against Nashville and brings a funny story about one of our listeners to the show!
12 min
Eat More Turkey- Hamilton Thanksgiving Special
Jared and Walker welcome Hamilton and his Dad to the show and have a conversation with him as well as include him in this weeks installment of Trivia Thursday.
30 min
Bye Felicia! Bill Peters needs to get out of th...
Jared and Walker share their their thoughts on the recent news of Bill Peters, bring another installment of Wayback Wednesday, and bring you a few laughs based off of things you'll just have to listen to find out!
42 min
Mom Said, "Go Play Outside." - Locked On Hurric...
Jared and Walker take a slow news day and talk about the potential for the Hurricanes hosting an outdoor game. Jared also talked with the guys from the Talking Sauce Podcast about their thoughts on it as well. With special appearances by Jared's dogs.
35 min
Back To Back Win Boiz
Jared and Walker talk about their meeting with Mike "Big Rig" Masicalco. The Canes declawed the Panthers and sent the fried up some Red Wings style octopus. And it's Metro Monday!
37 min
Pour One Out for the Win Streak- Locked on Hurr...
Jared and Walker recap last night's game, preview tomorrow's game, and bring you another edition of Clapback Friday.
36 min
Stormy V.S. Gritty 2: The Rematch- Locked On Hu...
Jared and Walker preview the upcoming game against the Flyers, converse about a egotistical coach recently being fired, and question each other's hockey knowledge in the second installment of Thursday Trivia.
26 min
Blackhawks Down-A tribute to Joel's broken stic...
Hope you guys are ready for some tangents because, Jared's sleep deprivation is in full effect as he and Walker recap last nights game against the Blackhawks. They discuss details of the upcoming alumni game and dive into some hockey history for Way Back Wednesday.
36 min
"Tank" You Marksmen - Locked On Hurricanes Epis...
Jared and Walker review the upcoming Carolina @ Chicago game, review the Marksmen Bunch of Jerks Night,and their inflatable tank and talk about a certain players decision to share his bodily fluids.
38 min
Solo:A Jared Ellis Episode-Locked On Hurricanes 11
Jared is skating solo today since Walker is out. He gives you a rundown of Erik Haula's injury and recaps the game against the Wild from Saturday. He also gives you a look at the metro division standings as well as eastern conference and league ones as well.
17 min
Lord of the Canes:Return of the Marty-Locked On...
Jared and Walker give their thoughts on a busy day within the Hurricanes organization. They recap the previous nights' OT win over the Sabers. And dive into Clap Back Friday.
27 min
Locked On Hurricanes Episode 3
Jared and Walker welcome their first guest co-host: Dana! We answer a question from her and have a good chat about Canes' hockey. We also recap that turd sandwich we call a game against the Philadelphia Flyers.
15 min
Buffalo Wild Canes-Locked On Hurricanes 9
Jared and Walker give a quick preview at the Canes game against the Buffalo Sabers. They also discuss Erik Haula and Jordan Martinook's injuries. Jared also causes Walker's brain to catch fire in this edition of Trivia Thursday.
21 min
The Cherry On Top-Locked On Hurricanes 8
Jared and Walker discuss the skate with the Canes event, touch on Don Cherry's firing from Sports Net. And introduce Way Back Wednesday.
26 min
Locked On Hurricanes Episode 7
Jared and Walker recap the rematch between Ottawa and Carolina, give their personal "welcome back" to Mike Maniscalco, and talk about some potential HOF from Hurricanes' history.
28 min
Locked On Hurricanes Episode 6
Jared and Walker recap the Ottawa and Hurricanes game, take a look at the current Metro standings, spill some tea, and preview tonight's rematch against Ottawa.
26 min
Locked On Hurricanes Episode 5
Jared and Walker recap the Rangers and Canes game, introduce Clapback Friday, and talk about possible trade actions; among other things!
24 min
Locked On Hurricanes Episode 4
Jared and Walker discuss the newest recalled player from the Charlotte Checkers. They preview the Hurricanes and Rangers game coming up, introduce Trivia Thursday as well as give a sneak peek of recurring segments. Walker also reveals what he prefers to dip his pizza in.
29 min
Locked On Hurricanes Episode 2
Jared and Walker do a quick rundown of things going on in and around the Hurricanes' organization. We also have the second half of the interview with Julia from Locked On Devils. The formal request for Shania Twain to join the show is made. As well as questions being read and answered!
20 min
Locked On Hurricanes Episode 1
Jared Ellis (Cardiac Cane) welcomes Walker Barrow, the new co-host of Locked On Hurricanes as they talk to Julia from Locked On Devils. As well as take a look at the Metro Division standings.. .
26 min
Locked On Hurricanes Teaser
Jared Ellis of FanSided's Cardiac Cane gives you a brief look at what you can expect when you tune into Locked On Hurricanes.
3 min