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Welcome to the "Locked On Anaheim Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we are seeing a new age of Ducks hockey with Greg Cronin as the new coach, and a slew of talented prospects ready to take the hockey world by storm. Follow along with special guests, a weekly look into the Ducks' AHL affiliate, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying some beautiful SoCal weather... and excellent food. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Dostal Shines In Another Ducks Pre-Season Victory
Would you believe the Anaheim Ducks have won three games in a row and have the best record in the NHL... preseason standings? JD Hernandez can hardly believe it, but does that magically transform the Ducks into playoff contenders? Not so fast... it's still September. JD does give some more encouraging signs, and gives reason why the Ducks rebuild may be headed in the right direction. Also, there was a bit of nastiness in the third period, but is it all good?
27 min
Promising Signs Of This Pre-Season
The Anaheim Ducks won a second consecutive pre-season game... and there are some promising signs for Anaheim heading into the season! JD Hernandez talks more about Sam Carrick who, at this point, should be a lock for a roster spot once the season starts. Where does he fit in this Ducks roster, and what are some hopes for him? Also, Olen Zellweger shines, and the rest of the cast are beginning to show much better defensive prowess.
22 min
Who Were Some Of Those Guys?
The Ducks and Kings (well, some of them anyway) played the first preseason game at the Pond, and it went about as we expected it. JD Hernandez talks about the two players that shined the brightest in the first game, and looked at some key aspects of their game. Also, the quality of opponent may not have been the best of the crop, but that's okay! Also, what can we expect to see in the coming days for the preseason and show?
22 min
Pre-Season Thoughts, and RIP Nic Kerdiles
It's time for pre-season hockey! JD Hernandez gives some initial thoughts on the first games of the Ducks, and which players to watch out for as several players fight for spots that MAY be vacant if Zegras and Drysdale do not re-sign in the coming days. Also, we hear the tragic news on the passing of Orange County native and Ducks player, Nic Kerdiles.
21 min
Contract Situations In Anaheim
Both Trevor Zegras AND Jamie Drysdale STILL have not been signed yet... should Ducks fans be worried? JD Hernandez explains why there shouldn't be too much concern, and this isn't the first time that Ducks players have waited until after training camp to sign. Also, what could potential bridge deals mean for the Ducks down the line in 2.. 3... 4 years?
22 min
Rookie Showcase Thoughts!
JD Hernandez finally returns with new episodes, and we begin new episodes with thoughts on the rookie showcase in Las Vegas. Leo Carlsson showed up in a big way, but how did the rest of the Ducklings do in the showcase? More importantly, how did the rookies look as a team, and are we already seeing the influence of new coaching in the organization? What other rookies stood out above the rest?
26 min
It's Time To Say... Goodbye For Now? (Not Really)
It's only fitting that we look at some past goodbyes of former Ducks as JD Hernandez says goodbye to an old place, and a new studio soon to follow! We look back at the regular season home finale of Hall of Famer, Teemu Selanne... and his final lap with another Ducks legend. Also, we go back to the finale of Ryan Getzlaf! Finally, JD talks about other Hall of Fame players that had some memorable finales before finally heading off... for now.
29 min
Looking At Locked On Polls... Where is Zegras A...
It's time to talk about some Locked On polls that came out... and were the Ducks maybe a little bit disrespected on a list or two? JD Hernandez goes in depth with some of these polls, including who is the best young player in the NHL. Trevor Zegras did NOT come #1... not even in the top 3?!? Also, the fans want a change... and it turns out the Locked On hosts also want a change to the current Anaheim Ducks logo.
22 min
30th Anniversary Thoughts, Which Number Should ...
This season marks the 30th anniversary of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, currently known as the Anaheim Ducks. JD Hernandez talks about what might be in store for this coming season, and his thoughts on the 30th anniversary jersey. Also, which former Ducks should make a return visit this season? Also, this seems like a prime opportunity for the Ducks to retire at least one jersey number... should they just go ahead and retire another jersey this season, maybe two?
26 min
It's A Prospects Kind Of Day! (feat. Hadi Kalak...
JD Hernandez is back to begin the weekend with some prospect talk. Which young Ducks are poised to break out, and what are some of the long-term plans with other young players, such as Lukas Dostal? Also, Hadi Kalakeche and Sebastian High (Locked On NHL Prospects) chime in on their thoughts on the Ducks' prospect pool. They focus mostly on the stellar defensemen in the pipeline, and what they could bring to the table in the near future.
26 min
The Guys From Colorado Are Visiting! (feat. Chr...
It's another crossover, and this time JD Hernandez is joined by Chris Micieli AND Kyle Sullivan (Locked On Avalanche) to talk about Kyle's man-crush on Trevor Zegras, what are they waiting for, and how the Ducks plucked Greg Cronin AWAY from Colorado. What did Ducks brass really like about Cronin, and would he be a good fit in Anaheim? All of this and the obligatory jersey talk on this mega-crossover episode!
35 min
We're Back... and We're Still Waiting...
After another long illness, JD Hernandez is officially back with regular shows, and this marks the start of the 5th season of "Locked On Anaheim Ducks" on TLOPN! Despite all the time off, the Ducks STILL have not been able to sign neither Trevor Zegras nor Jamie Drysdale to long-term deals. What kind of money are they looking at NOW, and how far can this go? Also, many hockey fans are still waiting on a television deal that will keep the Anaheim Ducks on the air. Will Bally Sports continue to air games, and where else can the Ducks go to show their games?
26 min
Crossover Time, Part 2! Arenas, franchise playe...
It's the conclusion of our crossover with JD Hernandez and Robyn Leaño (Locked On Coyotes)! In this episode, they both look at the top 3 players in their respective franchise histories. Who should be in the top three for the Ducks? Finally, both JD and Robyn give their top 5 jerseys in Coyotes & Ducks history. There's some strong takes in that segment, too.
29 min
Crossover Episode Time! Which Prospects Should ...
Recorded earlier in the month, JD Hernandez and Robyn Leaño (Locked On Coyotes) host a live crossover to talk about everything under the desert sun! Among the topics discussed are which prospects both teams are looking forward to most seeing. Also, between the two teams... which one is more likely to win the Cup first?
27 min
The Ducks Sign A Goalie, What Does This Mean Fo...
Alex Stalock signs with the Ducks on a one-year deal. The veteran netminder sticks around the NHL for another year, and he has had quite the journey! Also, what does this signing mean for the Ducks' goaltending pipeline? Does Lukas Dostal need to prove himself once again at the AHL level?
20 min
A Welcome Back to JD... and Troy Terry!
We're back with new episodes of "Locked On Anaheim Ducks!" JD Hernandez is finally off the injured (and bereavement) list and does a quick recap of some of the off-season events that have involved the Anaheim Ducks so far this Summer. Also, Troy Terry signs a new 7-year contract with the Ducks... what does this mean for the franchise, and could this possibly lead to Troy Terry becoming the next captain of the Ducks?
22 min
Anaheim Ducks draft Leo Carlsson 2nd-overall in...
7 min
BONUS: Locked On NHL Mock Draft 2023: Picks 1 t...
21 min
Draft Thoughts and Cup Thoughts
JD Hernandez is back for this brief episode to share some quick thoughts on this upcoming draft and what's in store for the prospect pool. Also, was this one of the most lopsided Stanley Cup Final series in history, and how much pain are you in watching Shea Theodore hoist the Cup? Finally, there is still hockey going on in SoCal as JD shares some personal thoughts on this Firebirds run, and a partial schedule is revealed!
26 min
Greg Cronin Becomes New Ducks Head Coach
A new era is on the horizon as former Colorado Eagles coach, Greg Cronin, becomes the next coach for the Anaheim Ducks. JD Hernandez temporarily returns to discuss the new hire, the experience he brings to the table, and what to expect with him as the young prospects make their way to the NHL. Also, a somber explanation on the recent absence from the podcast...
27 min
Eakins Era Defined By Blown Leads (Part 2)
There were so many times the Ducks blew late leads over the course of the past 4 seasons, that this will now be a 3-part set of episodes. Oh joy. JD Hernandez talks about how the Ducks were able to lead the league in blown LATE leads over the last two seasons, and why they mattered early in the 2021-22 season. Also, was the Ducks blowing leads, yet somehow still winning in extra time, a sign of things to come?
28 min
Eakins Era Defined By Blown Leads (Part 1)
There are many ways to define the Dallas Eakins era during his 4-year coaching tenure in Anaheim. Some would say his benching of certain players is what is remembered most. However, JD Hernandez looks at the inability to hold a lead late in the game... for just the first two seasons. From the Ducks blowing a 4-goal lead in Florida to allowing a hat trick... to allowing another hat trick 4 weeks later. Sadly, this is just the beginning in this two-parter.
25 min
Disgusting Displays All Around
Adam Fantilli had a rather egregious hit during the World Championships, and while it wasn't dirty, it does bring up the question if that was the kind of toughness that was missing in Anaheim. JD Hernandez talks about why Fantilli should be able to bring that level of grit. Finally, a disgusting display took place in Dallas as they find themselves one loss away from being eliminated in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
20 min
Hockey Belongs In Non-Traditional Markets
With the final four teams in the hunt for the Stanley Cup Playoffs all being from the Sunbelt region, JD Hernandez explores why it's especially important this year that these markets experience a deep run in the playoffs. However, there is one team in the south that is not having any success... and that is the Coyotes. Finally, JD peels back the curtain and finally talks about another desert-swelling team that IS having some success. We go a little behind-the-scenes as JD talks about what it takes to prepare for a day as a professional PA announcer.
25 min
A Former Duck On the Wrong Side of History In 4...
Frederik Andersen was on the wrong side of history in the quadruple-overtime game between the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes. However, JD Hernandez explains that Andersen had been on the wrong side of history before... as a member of the Ducks in one of the most painful home losses in Ducks franchise history. Also, turmoil in Toronto could spell doom for the Leafs... can the Ducks take advantage this off-season?
21 min