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Locked On Cougars - Daily Podcast On ...

Jake Hatch brings you daily coverage of the BYU Cougars with the Locked On Cougars Podcast. Locked On Cougars brings BYU fans the latest news and comprehensive coverage when it comes to the BYU football and basketball programs as well as a look at the other teams in the BYU athletic department. Hatch gives you his unique insights and insider information about the Cougs as they continue "on the trail to fame and glory" every day along with interviews with players and coaches that you can't find anywhere else. Locked On Cougars is proud to be part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Locked on Cougars - February 19, 2019 - BYU Bas...
BYU men's & women's basketball are peaking at the right time and BYU baseball goes through growing pains on opening weekend in Arizona
27 min
Locked on Cougars - February 15, 2019 - BYU Bas...
Recapping a key win at San Diego for BYU basketball as they look to win the second seed in the WCC Tournament & previewing the BYU Baseball season ahead
27 min
Locked on Cougars - February 14, 2019 - Eric Ma...
Jake Hatch is joined by Sean Walker to talk about the reported hire of Eric Mateos at BYU & preview BYU vs. USD
28 min
Locked on Cougars - February 13, 2019 - Yoeli C...
Jake Hatch talks BYU basketball with star forward Yoeli Childs & examines if the BYU running back position group has more options on or coming to the roster than originally thought
27 min
Locked on Cougars - February 12, 2019 - Mike Li...
Examining why BYU fans should be watching The AAF & the Salt Lake Stallions as well as the comments from BYU baseball coach Mike Littlewood about Jaren Hall
25 min
Locked on Cougars - February 11, 2019 - BYU Bas...
BYU basketball's win over Pacific has them in a good spot as they look to stay in second place in the WCC & spring ball is a big opportunity for BYU QB's not named Zach Wilson
27 min
Locked on Cougars - February 8, 2019 - BYU Roll...
Recapping a dominant road win for BYU basketball over Portland & taking a glance at the early prospects for the Cougars in the 2020 recruiting class
26 min
Locked on Cougars - February 7, 2019 - Talking ...
Recapping National Signing Day & talking with passing game coordinator Aaron Roderick & running backs coach A.J. Steward
25 min
Locked on Cougars - February 6, 2019 - National...
Jake Hatch is joined by Sean Walker for a special extended edition National Signing Day podcast
47 min
Locked on Cougars - February 5, 2019 - Zach Wil...
Jake Hatch talks about the injury that will limit Zach Wilson in spring ball, the opportunity it presents for other quarterbacks & a National Signing Day primer with preferred walk-ons included
26 min
Locked on Cougars - February 4, 2019 - Gavin Ba...
Recapping BYU basketball's win over Loyola Marymount as Gavin Baxter breaks out, looking at a new running back commit in football by the name of Alec Meza & congratulating Kyle Van Noy
24 min
Locked on Cougars - February 1, 2019 - BYU Blow...
Recapping BYU's blowout loss to #4 Gonzaga Thursday night and looking ahead to the final weekend ahead of National Signing Day for BYU football
26 min
Locked on Cougars - January 31, 2019 - Sean Wal...
Jake Hatch and Sean Walker talk about Tom Holmoe's media summit & preview BYU basketball's showdown against #4 Gonzaga tonight in Provo
24 min
Locked on Cougars - January 30, 2019 - 2019 BYU...
Jake Hatch delves into the 2019 BYU football schedule that was released Wednesday with his thoughts on the 12-game slate for the Cougars
25 min
Locked on Cougars - January 29, 2019 - Tanner B...
Jake Hatch talks life in pro football and playing for the Salt Lake Stallions with former BYU tight end Tanner Balderee & another update on Kalani Sitake's contract
27 min
Locked on Cougars - January 28, 2019 - Kalani S...
Jake Hatch recaps the comments from Kalani Sitake to Jay Drew & updates listeners on the latest in BYU basketball recruiting
26 min
Locked on Cougars - January 25, 2019 - BYU Exac...
Recapping the BYU win over Saint Mary's Thursday night & exmaining the potential
24 min
Locked on Cougars - January 24, 2019 - BYU vs. ...
Previewing the rematch between BYU basketball & Saint Mary's at the Marriott Center & recapping the pickups in recent days for the BYU football program
25 min
Locked on Cougars - January 22, 2019 - Dave Ros...
Examining if BYU should consider moving on from Dave Rose in response to a listener question & Kalani Sitake's comments to Jeff Call about transfers & replacing Ryan Pugh
24 min
Locked on Cougars - January 21, 2019 - BYU Blow...
Looking back at BYU men's basketball's blowout loss at San Francisco & a look at the former Cougars in the NFL as they played for an opportunity to make the Super Bowl
26 min
Locked on Cougars - January 18, 2019 - Big Wins...
Recapping big wins for the BYU men's and women's basketball teams on Thursday night along with a look at former Cougars in the pro ranks and the weekend schedule for BYU teams
25 min
Locked on Cougars - January 17, 2019 - Pro Oppo...
Looking into a comment from a former BYU Cougars about pro prospects for BYU football players & previewing the Pepperdine game in hoops tonight
30 min
Locked on Cougars - January 16, 2019 - BYU Foot...
Examining if BYU has a "transfer epidemic," reviewing and previewing the BYU quarterback position and reacting to Austin Hoyt's decision to move on from football & not pursue the NFL
28 min
Locked on Cougars - January 15, 2019 - Holy War...
Catching up on all the latest BYU football news, including the extension of the Holy War series, Ryan Pugh leaving for Troy & Tevita Mo'Unga's decision to transfer
28 min
Locked on Cougars - January 14, 2019 - BYU beat...
Jake Hatch recaps BYU's win over Santa Clara in WCC play, how former Cougars in the pros did & the weekend's results for the other BYU sports programs
24 min
Locked on Cougars - January 11, 2019 - BYU Blow...
Jake Hatch reviews BYU's win over Portland in hoops and previews their game against Santa Clara while also talking about the positives that come from the depth of BYU's athletic department
26 min
Locked on Cougars - January 10, 2019 - Dave Ros...
Jake Hatch examines the latest development(s) with Jahshire Hardnett & the BYU men's basketball program as well as previewing the season for the fifth-ranked men's volleyball team
29 min
Locked on Cougars - January 9, 2019 - Riley Bur...
Jake Hatch examines rhe latest transfer from BYU football as Riley Burt will pursue a graduate transfer & former BYU basketball star Michael Smith explains what he's seeing from the team
26 min
Locked on Cougars - January 8, 2019 - Jahshire ...
Jake Hatch talks abotu the report of BYU guard Jahshire Hardnett transferring from BYU as well as catching listeners up on BYU football news & notes
26 min
Locked on Cougars - January 7, 2019 - BYU blown...
Jake Hatch recaps BYU basketball's latest loss, an 88-66 blowout in Moraga, CA against Saint Mary's Saturday night, & catches up on the latest news & notes with the BYU football program
26 min
Locked on Cougars - January 4, 2019 - BYU holds...
Jake Hatch recaps BYU's West Coast Conference-opening 90-87 win for BYU men's basketball & preview the Saturday showdown at Saint Mary's for the Cougars
25 min
Locked on Cougars - January 3, 2019 - BYU vs. P...
Jake Hatch previews the West Coast Conference opener at Pacific for BYU Basketball and looks at the overall strength & depth of the WCC this season
27 min
Locked on Cougars - January 2, 2019 - New Year'...
Jake Hatch kicks off 2019 with a look at his & listener's New Year's Resolutions for the BYU Cougars in football, basketball, the athletic director's office & even with the fans themselves
27 min
Locked on Cougars - December 31, 2018 - BYU Bas...
Jake Hatch looks at BYU basketball's issues as they limp into West Coast Conference play at 8-7 and updates listeners on former Cougars in the Pros for Week 17 in the NFL
26 min
Locked on Cougars - December 28, 2018 - Zach Wi...
Jake Hatch is back with comments from Zach Wilson about his growth, a preview of the road game at #19 Mississippi State for BYU basketball & catching up with former Cougars in the pros
31 min
Locked on Cougars - December 21, 2018 - Preview...
Jake Hatch previews the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl between BYU & Western Michigan as well as the basketball showdown for the Cougars against San Diego State
25 min
Locked on Cougars - December 20, 2018 - Impact ...
Jake Hatch examines the returned missionary class for BYU headed into 2019, an interview with Brayden El-Bakri & Tausili Fiatoa's status
27 min
Locked on Cougars - December 19, 2018 - Early S...
Jake Hatch recaps the early signing day for BYU football with a look at the players BYU officially signed & updated listeners on former Cougars in the NFL ranks for Week 15
30 min
Locked on Cougars - December 18, 2018 - Kalani ...
Kalani Sitake & Ilaisa Tuiaki talked about the bowl preparations for BYU, the silly season for coaches, recruiting & more on today's edition of Locked on Cougars
28 min
Locked on Cougars - December 17, 2018 - BYU Rec...
Jake Hatch recaps the big weekend in BYU football recruiting as the Cougars look to close strong on the recruiting trail & looks back on the gut punch loss for BYU basketball against UNLV
29 min
Locked on Cougars - December 14, 2018 - Footbal...
Jake Hatch explains why the transfers from BYU football are a win-win scenario for both sides, talks with Dallin Holker about his freshman season & previews BYU vs. UNLV in hoops
29 min
Locked on Cougars - December 13, 2018 - BYU bea...
Recapping BYU's win over Portland State in hoops, recapping another football transfer and talking with Troy Warner & Adrian Leiser
34 min
Locked on Cougars - December 12, 2018 - Dave Ro...
Jake Hatch preps you for the early signing period in college football a week out for BYU football and previews the Portland State game for men's basketball tonight
29 min
Locked on Cougars - December 11, 2018 - Kalani ...
Jake Hatch reacts to Kalani Sitake's comments to the media after he spoke to the press Monday & updates on former BYU players in Week 14 of the NFL season
26 min
Locked on Cougars - December 10, 2018 - BYU rou...
Jake Hatch looks back on BYU's big win over Utah in hoops, examines Christian Folau's decision to transfer in football & shouts out the women's volleyball team
29 min
Locked on Cougars - December 7, 2018 - Previewi...
Jake Hatch previews the rivalry matchup between BYU and Utah Saturday afternoon in the Beehive Classic & also catches up on some Big 12 expansion news
26 min
Locked on Cougars - December 6, 2018 - BYU obli...
Looking at the big bounce back win for BYU over Utah State in hoops and examining Dick Harmon's column on BYU legend Ty Detmer
26 min
Locked on Cougars - December 5, 2018 - Previewi...
Jake Hatch takes a look at the Utah State Aggies ahead of their rivalry game against BYU tonight & the first public comments from Nick Emery were played & analyzed
25 min
Locked on Cougars - December 4, 2018 - Kalani S...
Recapping Kalani Sitake's press conference as his team begins preparations to take on Western Michigan in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl & catching up with former Cougars in the NFL
28 min
Locked on Cougars - December 3, 2018 - BYU Head...
Examining the matchup between BYU & Western Michigan in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl & looking at the newest issue(s) for men's basketball after a three-game slide
25 min
Locked on Cougars - November 30, 2018 - Answeri...
Jake Hatch breaks down the latest in BYU's hunt for a postseason bowl game, answer listeners' questions from the mailbag & talks BYU-Weber State with Brett Hein
37 min
Locked on Cougars - November 29, 2018 - BYU's U...
Jake Hatch shares his fiery & strong takes on BYU basketball's loss to Illinois State & how the BYU admissions office is hurting the football program's ability to succeed
27 min
Locked on Cougars - November 28, 2018 - BYU Coa...
Jake Hatch talks about the contact period in college football recruiting that is open now for BYU coaches to make visits & catches up with former Cougars in the pro ranks
27 min
Locked on Cougars - November 27, 2018 - Kalani ...
Jake Hatch explains why Kalani Sitake's job status in Provo isn't & shouldn't be up for review while also talking BYU basketball with guard T.J. Haws
27 min
Locked on Cougars - November 26, 2018 - BYU col...
Jake Hatch looks back at an opportunity lost for BYU as they lost their eighth straight to Utah as well as examining the men's basketball loss to Houston & women's volleyball in the NCAA Tournament
28 min
Locked on Cougars - November 23, 2018 - Holy Wa...
Jake Hatch preview the Holy War as BYU looks to end a seven game slide against their arch-rivals, the Utah Utes
29 min
Locked on Cougars - November 21, 2018 - Preview...
Previewing the BYU basketball game against Rice, sharing personnel notes with regards to BYU football & talking Holy War with Aleva Hifo
29 min
Locked on Cougars - November 20, 2018 - Holy Wa...
Hearing from Kyle Whittingham & Kalani Sitake on the Holy War, examining potential bowl destinations for BYU & catching up with former Cougars in the Pros
28 min
Locked on Cougars - November 19, 2018 - BYU is ...
Looking back at BYU's 45-10 win over New Mexico State for BYU football to become bowl-eligible and reviewing BYU basketball's blowout of Alabama A&M
29 min
Locked on Cougars - November 16, 2018 - Yoeli C...
Jake Hatch recapped BYU basketball's win over Oral Roberts & Yoeli Childs joining the 1,000 point club in the win as well as previewing tomorrow night's New Mexico State game in football
28 min
Locked on Cougars - November 15 , 2018 - Previe...
Jake Hatch previews tonight's BYU basketball game against Oral Roberts and talks with Tanner Mangum about his career in a Cougar uniform
27 min
Locked on Cougars - November 14, 2018 - BYU dow...
Looking back at BYU basketball's win over Northwestern State, a mildly alarming trend developing for the team & talking with BYU football assistant head coach Ed Lamb
28 min
Locked on Cougars - November 13, 2018 - Recappi...
Recapping Kalani Sitake's weekly press conference ahead of senior night against New Mexico State, previewing Northwestern State vs. BYU in basketball & updating you on former Cougars in the Pros
25 min
Locked on Cougars - November 12, 2018 - Looking...
Jake Hatch reviewed the 35-16 win over UMass for BYU football and the 75-65 win for BYU basketball over UVU in his weekend review for the Cougars
27 min
Locked on Cougars - November 9, 2018 - BYU Bask...
Jake Hatch examines the sanctions imposed by the NCAA on the BYU men's basketball program & gives his preview of BYU-UMass in football
27 min
Locked on Cougars - November 8, 2018 - BYU Foot...
Jake Hatch talks about why he believes any talk of Kalani Sitake's job status being in jeopardy this season being premature in his mind & catches up with BYU running back Lopini Katoa
29 min
Locked on Cougars - November 7, 2018 - Recappin...
Recapping BYU basketball's 86-70 loss to #7 Nevada Tuesday night and talking quarterback play with BYU passing game coordinator Aaron Roderick
30 min
Locked on Cougars - November 6, 2018 - Previewi...
Jake Hatch recaps Kalani Sitake's comments about game management in the Boise State loss, previews BYU basketball's season-opener at Nevada & updating former Cougars in the Pros
27 min
Locked on Cougars - November 5, 2018 - Recappin...
Jake Hatch recapped the 21-16 loss for BYU at Boise State with comments from Kalani Sitake as well as recapping how the weekend went for other BYU sports teams
28 min
Locked on Cougars - November 2, 2018 - Previewi...
Jake Hatch gets you ready for tomorrow night's BYU football game against Boise State, recaps the men's basketball win over Westminster & covers the weekend schedule for other BYU sports teams
28 min
Locked on Cougars - November 1, 2018 - BYU Sche...
Analyzing BYU future schedules after announcement of home-and-home with Arkansas is announced and catching up with Cougars punter Rhett Almond
30 min
Locked on Cougars - October 31, 2018 - Michael ...
Jake Hatch reacts to the pointed comments from BYU cornerback Michael Shelton after practice on Tuesday and works in fan reaction.
31 min
Locked on Cougars - October 30, 2018 - Kalani S...
Recapping Kalani Sitake's comments during his weekly press conference on consistency, reacting to Bronco Mendenhall's latest comments about independence & catching up with former Cougars in the NFL
31 min
Locked on Cougars - October 29, 2018 - Reaction...
Jake Hatch recaps BYU's 7-6 loss to Northern Illinois and where the blame for the lackluster offensive showing should lie as well as updates on the other BYU teams in action over the weekend
33 min
Locked on Cougars - October 26, 2018 - NIU Game...
Jake Hatch previewed the Northern Illinois game for BYU with a look at the Huskies vaunted defense as well as a chat with sophomore offensive lineman Tristen Hoge
30 min
Locked on Cougars - October 25, 2018 - BYU defe...
BYU football adds a new commitment, a position change coming for J.J. Nwigwe, Zach Wilson talks about being QB1 in Provo, why BYU should follow Notre Dame's lead & a recap of men's basketball's win over Saint Martin's
27 min
Locked on Cougars - October 24, 2018 - Stopping...
Jake Hatch talks about the Northern Illinois Huskies and their offense as BYU prepares to take them on as well as examining BYU's exhibition opener in basketball against Saint Martin's & some BYU football recruiting updates
33 min
Locked on Cougars - October 23, 2018 - BYU's Yo...
Jake Hatch examined the youth movement for BYU football and why the long play is rewarding Kalani Sitake along with updates on former Cougars in the NFL in Week 7
28 min
Locked on Cougars - October 22, 2018 - BYU Bask...
Jake Hatch checks in on the commitments BYU basketball picked up and the offers handed out by the football program over the weekend
25 min
Locked on Cougars - October 19, 2018 - BYU Recr...
Jake Hatch talked BYU recruiting with coaches fanning out to catch prospects in action this weekend and also talked BYU basketball with T.J. Haws
30 min
Locked on Cougars - October 18, 2018 - Utah's L...
Examining the assist that Utah gave BYU with Zach Wilson in light of Jack Tuttle transferring & getting Jeff Grimes thoughts on Wilson & making the decision to start him at quarterback
31 min
Locked on Cougars - October 17, 2018 - Sean Wal...
Sean Walker from KSL.com joined Jake Hatch to talk about the BYU football program at the midway point & upgrades that are coming to the Marriott Center for basketball season
35 min
Locked on Cougars - October 16, 2018 - Tanner M...
Tanner Mangum's comments about his BYU career, how midseason quarterback changes for the Cougars have played out in the past & updates on former Cougars in the pros
31 min
Locked on Cougars - October 15, 2018 - Hawaii F...
Jake Hatch re-watched the Hawaii game & shares his takeaways from his film review for BYU as well as a discussion about the bye week this week
30 min
Locked on Cougars - October 14, 2018 - Hawaii W...
Jake Hatch gives his instant analysis to BYU's 49-23 win over Hawaii as well as listener thoughts on the victory
26 min
Locked on Cougars - October 12, 2018 - Previewi...
Jake Hatch gets you ready for the BYU vs. Hawaii game Saturday night in Provo with players to watch & keys for a Cougars win
31 min
Locked on Cougars - October 11, 2018 - Zach Wil...
Talking about the news breaking that BYU freshman quarterback Zach Wilson will be the Cougars starter Saturday night against Hawaii, NCAA transfer rules going into effect & "Quick Hits"
28 min
Locked on Cougars - October 10, 2018 - Injury u...
Updates on injuries for BYU defensively, an insider look at at the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors with Hunter Hughes & how former Cougars in the pros performed
32 min
Locked on Cougars - October 9, 2018 - Paul Jame...
Looking back at the life & career of longtime BYU broadcasting legend Paul James as well as QB issues for BYU & Hawaii
28 min
Locked on Cougars - October 8, 2018 - Recapping...
Looking back at the 45-20 loss to Utah State, the lessons learned and a debate about if BYU should make a change at quarterback
28 min
Locked on Cougars - October 5, 2018 - Utah Stat...
Jake previews the Battle for Old Wagon Wheel between BYU and Utah State and shares some thoughts on BYU men's basketball media
30 min
Locked on Cougars - October 4, 2018 - Injury No...
Jake Hatch talks BYU injuries with as many as four starters for the Cougars potentially not being available Friday night against Utah State and examining some of the story-lines surrounding BYU basketball
29 min
Locked on Cougars - October 3, 2018 - BYU Stren...
Jake Hatch tlks about the credence of strength of schedule for BYU in September & what it means for the Cougars as well as catching up with linebacker Matt Hadley
28 min
Locked on Cougars - October 2, 2018 - Former Co...
Taking a look at what Kalani Sitake thinks of Utah State, Checking with former BYU players in the NFL & examining the commitment of Euless Trinity (TX) wide receiver Keanu Hill
26 min
Locked on Cougars - October 1, 2018 - Washingto...
Jake Hatch recaps what he learned after re-watching the Washington loss for BYU & examined the loss of Moroni Laulu-Pututau for the Cougars
26 min
Locked on Cougars - September 29, 2018 - Washin...
Jake Hatch breaking down what went wrong for #20 BYU in their 35-7 loss at #11 Washington Saturday night
25 min
Locked on Cougars - September 28, 2018 - BYU-Wa...
Previewing #20 BYU's showdown in Seattle, WA against #11 Washington Saturday evening plus catching up with the men's basketball program as they begin preseason practices
30 min
Locked on Cougars - September 27, 2018 - Improv...
What BYU offensive coordinator Jeff Grimes and passing game coordinator Aaron Roderick believe is the key to improving BYU's passing game, getting to know Gunner Romney & quick hits on other BYU teams
32 min
Locked on Cougars - September 26, 2018 - BYU's ...
Examining why the fly/jet sweep offense is benefiting BYU & giving them success, getting to know freshman cornerback D'Angelo Mandell & notes on women's volleyball
30 min
Locked on Cougars - September 25, 2018 - Kalani...
Jake Hatch reacted to comments from BYU football coach Kalani Sitake durign his weekly press conference, recapped how former Cougars in the NFL did and talked about the 1984 National Championship with regards to facing Washington this week
27 min