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Nicole Giordano brings you a fiery, daily update on Washington DC’s favourite sports team, your Capitals! Tune in for educated, hot takes, thrilling special guests, and a women’s perspective on a male dominated sport! Part of the Locked On Sports network
No hockey but we still have quite a lot to disc...
Babies, NHL proposed schedule and more!
13 min
Let's Debate: Best and Worst sports movies of a...
Nikki Giordano and Hunter Hodies discuss the best of the best and the worst of the worst
25 min
Grab a drink, I know I did. The NHL suspends th...
A hard day for not only sports fans, but all of the world.
16 min
The Coronavirus and the NHL: What it means for ...
Coronavirus panic spreads through pro-sports in addition to recaps of the Caps last two matchups
16 min
Oh my god, you're dating a Penguins fan? That's...
Caps/Pens crossover edition
18 min
Time To Get To Work: A look into the remainder ...
Presidents Trophy, Playoffs, and laying out the rest of the regular season for the Capitals
16 min
Strong Women In Sports: Special Guest Jess Belm...
The first of our 4 part series for Womens history month following strong women in the sports industry
19 min
The Wild World Of Caps: Trades, Slumps & More
There is so much to talk about in the world of Capitals hockey and Nikki dives right in
14 min
What the Puck, Caps
12 goals against in 2 games, what the puck.
16 min
#WomenBelongInSports. Period. End of Story.
National Girls and Women in Sports Day brings up an important conversation
17 min
Don't mansplain hockey to me
A run down of the Caps past, present and future games for the month of Febuary.
20 min
This one is for Kobe
Kobe deserves more than just a segment, so this episode is dedicated to him.
15 min
Skills Comp, Goal Songs and the Week Ahead
Skills Comp, Goal Songs and the Week Ahead
15 min
"Yes sir, my son was attacked by a fuzzy orange...
Gritty is a criminal, hockey faithful aren't fans of VSCO girls and more...
15 min
Flightless Birds are dumb
Special edition cross-over episode with Hunter Hodies of Locked on Penguins
22 min
Treat people with kindness
In a very special segment of Locked On Caps, Nikki discusses the importance of Hockey Talks
18 min
All-Star game or All-Star lame?
NHL All-Star game 2020, Power play woes and more!
17 min
Your favorite hockey players on the Bachelor. W...
Because who wouldn't want to see Tom Wilson on a reality dating show
17 min
You've got mail! Gettin' reallll personal
Nikki recaps tonights Caps/Canes game and gets realll personal with your mailbag questions!
19 min
Dirty Hits? No Biggie. Just don't complain abou...
Catch up on all things Caps from over the Holiday break, plus what's going on throughout the NHL
17 min
"Stick to Hockey"
No, they shouldn't just stick to hockey.
16 min
Caps vs B’s Crossover with Ian McLaren
Conspiracy theories, the NHL ‘hotline’ and more!
24 min
Hockey fans are a bunch of weirdos
Supersitions, good luck charms and more.
16 min
#WomenBelongInSports : The importance behind th...
Another "below ice level" dive with Nikki
18 min
Roadtrips, Injuries and Trades, Oh My!
Nikki talks all things Caps with roadtrips, injury updates and trade news
17 min
Sidney Crosby eats glue.
Nikki is joined by the host of Locked On Peguins, Hunter Hodes to talk the Caps/Pens Rivalry.
20 min
The NHL continues to dissapoint but is anyone r...
Frustrated Nikki is frustrated.
18 min
Episode 6: Why are people in the Sports Industr...
Another dive below ice level with Nikki
21 min
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
Nikki goes in depth on the Caps schedule and talks a whole lot about dicks... oops we mean Don Cherry.
22 min
There are 0 women in Hockey Operations for the ...
Episode 3
19 min
Did Nikki really drink more vodka than Ovi duri...
Episode 2 gets pretty interesting..
19 min
Locked On Caps: This is just the beginning
Episode one!
15 min
Welcome to Locked On Caps
Get to know Nikki, your host
2 min