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Locked On Canadiens is a daily podcast covering the Montreal Canadiens, for Habs fans everywhere. Scott Matla and Laura Saba bring you daily Canadiens news, commentary, opinions, trivia and more. Whether you're in Montreal or following your beloved Habs from afar, we, along with a variety of guests, will have your fix every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Episode 860 - The Montreal Canadiens sign Cole ...
Cole Caufield and the Canadiens inked a new deal, and it might soon be one of the NHL's best.
27 min
Episode 859 - Montreal Canadiens Cole Caufield ...
Are the Montreal Canadiens and Cole Caufield closing in on a contract extension? A report from Tony Marinaro prior to the weekend certainly seems encouraging. Michel Pezzetta has been signed to a 2-year contract extension with the Habs and we have a lot of feelings about what this means for the player and the team. Finally, the NHL salary cap is set to remain stagnant for this year but is expected to rise quite a bit next year. We talk about how this affects the future of Kent Hughes' rebuild.
27 min
Episode 858 - Is David Reinbacher the best opti...
Scott and Laura discuss the latest in Mock Draft news, Josh Anderson's shoes and so much more!
27 min
Episode 857 - Montreal Canadiens NHL draft stra...
A soundbite from new Nashville Predators General Manager Barry Trotz has us thinking what we would like the Montreal Canadiens NHL Entry Draft strategy to be in the short and long term. We also would like to start a conversation with our listeners about which NHL teams are good at developing their talent and which ones have squandered good drafting. Plus: if there was a Ted Lasso style situation in the NHL, who would be who (rest assured that there are no Season 3 plot spoilers in this episode).
29 min
Episode 856 - Should the Montreal Canadiens tra...
Scott and Laura discuss the latest goalie news for the Canadiens, and whether or not the team should trade their first round pick at the NHL Draft!
25 min
Episode 855 - Montreal Canadiens deadline to si...
The Montreal Canadiens will need to sign Frederik Dichow and Joe Vrbetic by June 1 in order to retain their rights, and we talk about both players' future with the Habs. Later on in today's episode, we have some listener topic suggestions, in which we predict the opening night roster for next season, and compare the 2023 Florida Panthers Stanley Cup run to the 2021 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup run.
28 min
Episode 854 - Montreal Canadiens offseason misc...
On today's episode, Jay Forster of Locked On Blue Jackets joins us to talk some Montreal Canadiens offseason miscellany. First, we talk about where we think Josh Anderson might be traded to if it came to it. We then talk about the NHL Entry draft and who we would each target if we were give the choice on behalf of our teams. How good is Matvei Michkov and what would he mean to a team that would take a chance on him. We then move on the Pierre-Luc Dubois chatter and address the perception that he is a spoiled "diva." Finally, while the Toronto Maple Leafs are in a state of uncertainty, we speculate on other teams that could use their five core players in Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Morgan Reilly, and John Tavares.
40 min
Episode 853 - Montreal Canadiens mailbag: who s...
It's the Friday Montreal Canadiens mailbag! We start the episode by talking about the IIHF World Championships before moving on to our mailbag. Questions this week include: should the Habs trade for Arizona Coyotes forward Clayton Keller? Which prospect will be available when the Habs draft with their Florida Panthers pick at 31st or 32nd? What other sports would we want to see the Habs play? And more.
27 min
Episode 852 - Dissecting Cole Caufield contract...
Scott is flying solo as he tackles Andrew Shaw's disappointing podcast interview, before looking at direct contract comparables for Cole Caufield.
26 min
Episode 851 - Winnipeg Jets wanted Nick Suzuki ...
The Montreal Canadiens and Pierre-Luc Dubois remain interested in each other, and we react to a report by Murat Ates of the Athletic that the Winnipeg Jets asked for Nick Suzuki in return for Dubois. We also react to the Athletic's mock draft as they mention a name we have not discussed here yet in Ryan Leonard. Plus: the importance of building a perennial contender as opposed to a one-and-done juggernaut.
26 min
Episode 850 - Should the Canadiens worry about ...
Scott and Laura discuss the potential for an 84 game season, and a potential return to the GM role for Marc Bergevin!
27 min
Episode 849 - European Football traditions we w...
While the Montreal Canadiens have been quiet lately, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been the opposite. We discuss Brendan Shanahan's decision to part ways with Kyle Dubas, how he handled the press conference announcing the change, and what this means for the Montreal Canadiens. We then turn our attention to an intriguing Habs mailbag question we received last week: what English Premier League or European Football traditions, rules, or procedures would we have the NHL adopt if we could? The transfer window? Academies instead of the NHL Entry Draft? Others?
29 min
Episode 848 - Grading wild Montreal Canadiens t...
Scott and Laura dive into the wildest of listener trade proposals for the Montreal Canadiens this summer!
28 min
Episode 847 - Montreal Canadiens prospect Lane ...
Montreal Canadiens prospect Lane Hutson has come a long way in his first year after being drafted by the Habs, firing on all cylinders and impressing on the world stage. We take the time to discuss his progress and his effort. We then talk about our wishlist for the Canadiens front office as well as the coaching staff. Finally, we discuss the news out of Tempe and the future, or lack thereof, of the Arizona Coyotes.
27 min
Episode 846 - NHL Conference Final predictions ...
Four teams remain, are there lessons to be learned for the Montreal Canadiens from the conference final teams?
30 min
Episode 845 - Montreal Canadiens player reviews...
We cap off our Montreal Canadiens player reviews for this season with Cole Caufield, Nick Suzuki, Justin Barron, and Rem Pitlick. How much should Cole Caufield's next contract with the Habs be for? Will Rem Pitlick play in Montreal this year? What are Justin Barron and Nick Suzuki's ceilings?
25 min
Episode 844 - Can the Montreal Canadiens learn ...
Scott and Laura discuss what lessons Kent Hughes could take away from Toronto being eliminated from the playoffs this year!
34 min
Episode 843 - A Montreal Canadiens Mock Draft S...
Scott and special guest Ian Boisvert tackle another Habs mock draft, and discuss the new rumours around Cole Caufield's contract
30 min
Episode 842 - Montreal Canadiens defensive corp...
Longtime Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price and his family have put their Montreal-area home on the market, capping off an entire Habs era. A listener submitted a trade proposal involving Cole Caufield and Logan Mailloux and we could not wait until the mailbag episode to discuss it. Finally, speaking of Logan Mailloux, we try to figure out a little bit of the future defensive corps in Montreal, focusing on the development and potential of Mattias Norlinder.
25 min
Episode 841 - Judging the Montreal Canadiens op...
Scott takes a look at Kent Hughes' post-Draft Lottery comments, and takes a look at who Habs fans are clamoring for at fifth overall.
26 min
Episode 840 - Montreal Canadiens picking 5th ov...
The Montreal Canadiens are officially picking 5th overall in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft and we recorded our instant reaction to it live. In the first segment we talk about what 5th overall means for the Habs. In the second segment, we look at some players that may be available to Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton at that spot. In our final segment, we talk about what it would take to move up or down in the draft as well as our feelings about Chicago winning the Connor Bedard sweepstakes.
25 min
Episode 839 - Montreal Canadiens mailbag: revis...
The second part of our Montreal Canadiens mailbag continues today with an intriguing question: if we could go back in time and re-do the 2019 NHL Entry Draft, who would we pick 2nd after Jack Hughes? We also have questions about how the NHL lottery odds work, which Habs prospects we should not get too attached to in Montreal, which ones are most likely to be NHL regulars next year, and more.
27 min
Episode 838 - Lane Hutson and Sean Farrell to s...
A trio of big name Habs prospects will be headed to the World Championships for the Americans, plus the Friday Mailbag!
26 min
Episode 837 - Montreal Canadiens NHL Draft need...
Scott and Laura take a look at potential draft needs at fifth overall and more!
24 min
Episode 836 - Montreal Canadiens player reviews...
Our Montreal Canadiens player review series continues with three intriguing cases. Juraj Slafkovsky had a really strange rookie year in the NHL, full of ups and downs. Mike Hoffman's performance has been somewhat disadvantaged by the fact that this team is not a great fit for him, but the effort seemed to be there this season. Jordan Harris is extremely great at what he does, as long as our expectations of him are accurately matched with his strengths and his true potential.
27 min