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Locked On Canadiens is a daily podcast covering the Montreal Canadiens, for Habs fans everywhere. Scott Matla and Laura Saba bring you daily Canadiens news, commentary, opinions, trivia and more. Whether you're in Montreal or following your beloved Habs from afar, we, along with a variety of guests, will have your fix every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Episode 62 - Did they call him Bam Bam?
Scott and Laura welcome Kyle Demetrius of Locked On Sharks for some trivia and laughs.
45 min
Episode 61 - Benny and the Jets
Julian McKenzie joins the show to discuss the Habs win over the Jets and the upcoming World Juniors tournament.
32 min
Episode 60 - All by Myself
Laura is away so Scott is in charge of trying to not burn the podcast to the ground while recapping Saturday's loss to the Oilers, and previewing Monday's game in Winnipeg.
25 min
Episode 59 - Scott Roast
In the spirit of a big win over the Flames, Laura roasts Scott with some help from fellow Habs fans.
35 min
Episode 58 - Scorch Forever with Mike Fail
Scott and Laura welcome Mike Fail to preview the Montreal Canadiens' game against the Calgary Flames.
28 min
Episode 57 - Future Imperfect
Scott and Laura recap the Montreal Canadiens game against the Vancouver Canucks and talk about mortgaging the future of the team in exchange for a taste of success.
27 min
Episode 56 - Go West Young Habs
Previewing the upcoming game in Vancouver, and discussing whether or not there should be a change in the lineup.
26 min
Episode 55 - Do More Goals
Scott and Laura recap Saturday's loss to Detroit and discuss Joel Bouchard's impact on the organization.
26 min
Episode 54 - Textually Active
The Red Wings are really bad, so we quickly say how bad they are before launching into the mailbag!
30 min
Episode 53 - Danault For Selke
Scott and Laura recap Cayden Primeau's first NHL win and kick off the campaign to inspire Selke Trophy voters to pay attention to Phillip Danault.
28 min
Episode 52 - Is It Too Late to Say Jarry Now?
Recapping how the Habs stole two points from the Penguins, and previewing tonight's game against Ottawa!
28 min
Episode 51 - Sandwich History Lesson with Adam ...
Scott and Laura welcome Adam Gretz to talk about the most surprising teams in the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and why Pittsburgh puts fries in literally everything.
30 min
Episode 50 - Harambe Would Vote for Brendan Gal...
Recapping the Canadiens win over the Rangers and rating the Habs ugly holiday sweaters.
21 min
Episode 49 - Saku Feelings: Turku Drift
Scott and Laura discuss the Canadiens' loss to the Colorado Avalanche, the hit on Jesperi Kotkaniemi, and Cayden Primeau's first NHL start.
24 min
Episode 48-2 Saku 2 Feelings
Previewing the game against Colorado, and exploring the coaching rumors surrounding the Habs, also more Saku!
26 min
Episode 47 - Saku Feelings
Finally, a win! Scott and Laura recap the Canadiens' huge win against the New York Islanders and discuss their Saku Koivu feelings.
35 min
Episode 46 - Ugly Sweaters for an Ugly Streak
The Habs are still sliding, so we're discussing bad jerseys in addition to previewing the Islanders game!
23 min
Episode 45 - Pastabarnak
Scott and Laura go over all the suggestions that are floating around to improve the Montreal Canadiens and break down the feasibility and sensibility of each one.
25 min
Episode 44-French Fry Salad
It's mailbag day once again so expect nonsense!
34 min
Episode 43 - Turning Point
Listener discretion is strongly advised as we discuss racism as well as psychological and emotional abuse hockey players have been describing over the last few days.
30 min
Episode 42 - On the Rebound
How the Canadiens can rebound against the Boston Bruins, and discussing how coaches can better work with their players.
27 min
Episode 41 - Where's the Reset Button?
Scott and Laura rant about the previous week in Montreal Canadiens hockey and discuss how the Habs can turn their season back around.
22 min
Episode 40-Math is Hard
Previewing the upcoming Rangers game, forgetting how to do math, and the weekly mailbag!
24 min
Episode 39 - Habs Blocked, Babs Chucked
Scott and Laura recap the Montreal Canadiens' overtime loss to the Ottawa Senators and discuss the implications of the Toronto Maple Leafs' coaching change on their division.
26 min
Episode 38-The One with the Fruitcake Rant
Tuesday's game against Columbus was bad, so both hosts decide to yell about bad holiday foods.
26 min