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Join Daniel and Clint, two regular guys who love Georgia Bulldogs football and basketball just as much as you do. They dive deep into all things Georgia football, basketball, and recruiting. This is a podcast for fans, by fans - and talk about the stuff other podcasts don't talk about. The Locked on Bulldogs podcast is your place for UGA sports every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Stupid Things On the Internet
We discuss stupid things we read on the internet, namely Florida fans
33 min
Florida Still Sucks
We are not done with the Georgia Florida Game...lets keep celebrating
35 min
Cocktail Winners
Florida Sucks...that is all
37 min
Fact or Fiction Florida Hate Edition
Daniel gives a PSA for fans and we ask would you rather
34 min
Locks for Hate Week
We give out our locks for the Cocktail party as well as others we think you should bet
28 min
Media Material Just Dropped In Our Laps
We get to talk about Kirby's presser, some flat out silly things said by Florida staff and players, and finally take your questions via mailbag
36 min
Would you rather Gator edition
We ask some questions about "would you rather" to make our fandom truly known
34 min
Florida Hate Week Begins...
Gator Hate is in full effect
31 min
Football Fan PSA...then Basketball talk
PSA for over reacting fan of UGA football, then a deep dive into the basketball team
32 min
LOCKS...like an open ATM
We give out locks for the coming week and a little sneak peak at LSU Auburn tilt
30 min
Media Wednesday Florida Week
We talk Kirby-nese in his press conference, dumb stuff we read on the internet, and mailbag questions from you the fans
31 min
First Look Ahead to Florida
We get feels all out from Kentucky, play a game of "Would You Rather", and wrap up with a look to Florida
33 min
Kentucky Recap: What we loved, hated, and disag...
Defense is king, offense is lost, and a punt saved us?
31 min
Locked On Bulldogs: Predicting Robes are back
Looking at would you rather questions, Monday headlines on Friday, and Basketball talk
33 min
Locked On Bulldogs: LOCKS People!
We are talking about locks, giving them out to you so you can possibly have games mean something more than normal. Betting odds and point spreads
29 min
Locked On Bulldogs: Media Wednesday
Kirby's Pressers, Dumb stuff we read on the internet, and Mailbag
34 min
Locked On Bulldogs: Would you rather and look a...
Georgia Bulldogs Football
33 min
Locked On Bulldogs: South Carolina Game...what ...
Recap, fluke or puke, and one word to summarize your feelings.
33 min
Another Neyland beatdown
Daniel and Clint recap all the feelings from Tennessee. Jake Fromm. Lawerence Cager. The O-line. The pass rush. And much much more.
54 min
Tennessee Preview plus LOCKS
Daniel and Clint dive into the deep well of filth that is the University of Tennessee. They make predictions and give out locks for the weekend of college football.
35 min
Tennessee Week! Plus lots more
Rankings, Comparisons, Nervousness, Tennessee, Formal Apologies. We cover a lot on this episode!
54 min
Notre Dame recap
Daniel and Clint give their overall impressions and initial thoughts after the Notre Dame game.
57 min
Notre Dame confidence plus Locks
Daniel and Clint talk about dumb tweet, uneducated takes, and their current level of confidence in this team. Plus they give out a few locks for this weekend.
58 min
It's Notre Dame Week!!!
Forget about everything else. No other games matter. Daniel and Clint forget what's behind us and focus all our energy on this game. We dive into the ND Defense vs our offense and the ND offense vs our defense. How do we match up? Pretty well.
64 min
Arkansas St Preview and Week 3 Locks!
Daniel and Clint jump into week 3 and discuss whether they anticipate the Arkansas St game ever being too close for comfort. Then they give out locks to make you more money!
45 min
Over-reaction or legitimate reaction?
Daniel and try not to overreact to Murray St. But as always we feel lots and lots of feelings. Plus...Tennessee lost again!!!!
50 min
Week 2 lookahead and Locks
Daniel and Clint talk injuries, freshmen, defensive MVPs and pass out some stone cold money makers.
53 min
Week 1 reaction
It's GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog. Vandy reaction. Thoughts on the new guys. Stories from the game. And SEC takeaways from week 1.
72 min
Vandy preview and week 1 Locks!!!
You have survived the offseason! It's now time to celebrate by beating the crap out of Vanderbilt in Nashville on Saturday. Daniel, Clint (and Asher) have thoughts on what we will see Saturday. Plus all the locks you need to cash in for Week 1.
58 min
Game Week!!!!!
Daniel and Clint break down what they learned from Week 0 and dive into Vandy full tilt.
58 min
Position Group Ratings and LOCKS
FOOTBALL IS HERE!!! Daniel and Clint finish up their roster breakdown by rating the remaining position groups and then jump into some week 0 Locks
54 min
Scrimmage 2 recap
As the season approaches Daniel and Clint give their take on the happenings at fall camp.
34 min
Position Group Ratings: RB, CB, ILB
Daniel and Clint break down the roster as it relates to running backs, corners, and inside linebackers. Are they confident? Nervous? Ridiculously optimistic? Probably all of the above.
41 min
First Scrimmage and other fall camp news
Daniel and Clint recap all the news from the past week. Coordinators talked to the media (sadly that's a big deal around here). UGA had it's first scrimmage which is as close to actual football as it gets these days. And of course, we have to touch on a recent departure/betrayal by a former dawg.
57 min
Position Group Ratings QB, DL, OL
Daniel and Clint give their ratings for the first three position groups for this years team.
32 min
Fall Camp is HERE!!!!
Daniel and Clint deep dive into Kirby's presser, talk about a scheduling phenomenon, and give general takes on the impending season!
47 min
South Carolina game rewatch and the dumbest CFB...
Daniel and Clint discuss what may be the single dumbest college football take of all time from an unexpected source. They also discuss other offseason topics including takeaways from rewatching UGA vs USCjr from last year.
31 min
Season win totals and Power Rankings
Daniel and Clint give predictions on non-SEC season win totals and give out their all-important tailgate food power rankings.
50 min
SI Player Rankings and SEC Media Day Predictions
Daniel and Clint look into over-rated and under-rated players on the SI top 100 list. Then they dive into the zoo that is SEC Media Days and other happenings around the program.
54 min
Weekly news roundup. Cornerbacks, Quarterbacks ...
Daniel and Clint summarize the massive amounts of dumb takes they have read on the internet. Jake Fromm is slighted. Eric Stokes is slighted. And that's only the beginning.
53 min
SEC Season Win Total Locks!!
Daniel and Clint are back in their element giving out locks for season win totals. They tackle all 14 SEC teams including UGA. Plus a Stadium concession foods power rankings.
70 min
The Wide Receiver Debacle
Well. Just Damnit. We give our takes on JJ and then turn our focus to the players who haven't embarrassed the program and talk about who needs to step up. Plus some Nic Claxton reaction and a Cam Newton take.
55 min
Sports Announcer Power Rankings plus This or That
Daniel and Clint debate the absolute WORST announcers in the history of sports. There's a lot of them. But who are the absolute worst? Then they play a game of This or That. Two options. You can only take one. Which will you choose?
45 min
2019 Season Fact of Fiction plus Power Rankings
Daniel and Clint play a little game of fact or fiction about the upcoming season. Plus our first installment of our new segment: Power Rankings. We rank anything. Everything. Today: SEC football Stadiums not named Sanford.
42 min
All Time UGA Mt Rushmore plus ND deep dive
We reach the summit of our Mt Rushmore series. The best of the best. 4 names. One mountain. Then we jump into ND and talk about the biggest game of the early season.
37 min
RB Mt Rushmore and Strength of Schedule
Well we have made it to the running backs. It's THE position at UGA and that gives us a lot of choices when it comes to an iconic 4. Daniel and Clint also break down this year's schedule compared to recent years. All that an more.
48 min
Episode 64 - D-Line Mt Rushmore and 2019 Schedu...
Daniel and Clint hash out who belongs on the Mt Rushmore for Defensive Linemen and then turn their attention to the 2019 Schedule. Who are we excited about, who are we nervous about and who are we worried people might be sleeping on.
45 min
Episode 63 - Nonsense from the internet
Clint has been reading stuff on the internet again... We dive into some WR projections (yards and TD), some All SEC predictions including some MASSIVE snubs, and we talk about Nic Claxton and LSU (not sure why). Plus we update you on our new plan for episode releases.
53 min
The Florida Dumpster fire episode
The wheels have fallen off down in Gainesville. They are laying about a half mile back in a ditch somewhere while the bus continues to careen toward the cliff. The bus is on fire. People are jumping off left and right. And It. Is. Glorious. Let's talk about it! (Plus Safety Mt Rushmore)
70 min
Draft, Trivia, Idiots, and WR Mt Rushmore
LOTS to cover. We hit the NFL Draft. Good decisions. Bad decisions. We revisit some trivia (spoiler alert - Clint still sucks at trivia). We talk about some articles written about UGA (some dumb, some decent). And speaking of dumb....Dan Mullen makes an appearance. Plus we hit up Mt Rushmore for UGA wideouts. (spoiler: there is a NOTABLE omission you might not like).
61 min
G-Day Recap
Daniel and Clint break down what stood out on Saturday. Players, the broadcast, all of it. And then they put on their predicting robes and look ahead to the fall.
56 min
G-Day Preview plus CB Mt Rushmore
Daniel and Clint talk about Hoops Signing Day, the idiot Dan Mullen, G-Day and the best UGA corners of all time (spoiler alert Champ Bailey gets mentioned). All that and more!
60 min
Spring Practice and TE Mt Rushmore
Who are the 4 most representative TE's from UGA's storied history? What stands out from the first week of spring practice? What is the single grossest thing about Mizzou? All these questions and more!
58 min
Daniel and Clint break down the three things they most want to see as Spring Practice opens for the Dawgs and then dive deep into the rich history of punishing opponents (aka playing Linebacker) at UGA. They also give Final 4 picks and touch on some new items.
61 min
Offensive Line Mt Rushmore
Daniel and Clint dive into several news items of interest and then share their UGA Offensive Line Mt Rushmore. Also the single grossest thing about Texas A&M.
63 min
Episode 55 - Mt Rushmore of UGA quarterbacks an...
Daniel and Clint begin a series of episodes dedicated to celebrating the tradition and history of UGA football by each laying out their own Mt Rushmore for each position, beginning this week with the all important QB. They also talk about some hoops and name the single grossest things about the fake bulldogs of Miss St.
64 min
Episode 54 - Position Group Rankings
Daniel and Clint rank every position group on the team from weakest to strongest heading into spring practice.
71 min
Episode 53 - Recruiting frenzy!!!!
When your school currently has the #1 player in the country committed in both football AND basketball, you do a podcast dedicated to talking about recruiting. So here it is...
55 min
Episode 52 - Transfer Portal talk, plus recruit...
Daniel and Clint take a dive into the infamous transfer portal to see if anyone in there is actually good enough to start for UGA. They also talk hoops recruiting and football recruiting and a few other things.
53 min
Episode 51 - Hoops talk with @UGAHoopsFans and ...
Daniel and Clint talk to Jake again about the state of the UGA basketball program and what needs to change. They also go on several tangents about who knows what.
45 min
Episode 50 - Basketball despair and recruiting ...
Daniel and Clint look back on the hot mess that was the last three UGA basketball games, then talk about the new DB coach, as well as make some WAY too early projections for the 2019 football season.
50 min
Episode 49 - New coaches, NFL Players, and one ...
Daniel and Clint give thought and opinions about the new OC, the new TE coach, the lack of DC and all of the juniors declaring for the draft. Also, we discuss whether or not UGA football is "reeling"
50 min
Episode 48 - New Year's Resolutions
We make suggestions for what goals UGA players should set for themselves in the coming year.
53 min
Episode 47 - Sugar Bowl recap and SEC hoops pre...
Daniel and Clint dive into the tragedy of the Sugar Bowl and talk about SEC hoops. Plus a special guest with a bold prediction and some Mark Richt retirement talk.
72 min
Episode 46 - Sugar Bowl preview and Bowl Locks!
Daniel and Clint preview the Sugar Bowl, talk about keys to the game and whether or not Tom Herman will indulge in New Orleans shady nightlife while in town. Plus they give our more sure-fire moneymakers!
57 min
Episode 45 - Early Signing Day, Justin Fields, ...
Lots to talk about. Daniel and Clint give out Signing Day superlatives, talk about Justin Fields begrudgingly, and give out some more locks for bowl season.
66 min
Episode 44 - Recruiting wins, coaching searches...
It's a full episode with lots to discuss. We dive into recent recruiting news and whether or not it's big deal (spoiler alert - it is). We give our thoughts on the DC search and who Kirby needs to hire (spoiler alert - he's not listening to us). And we pick some bowl games. Because why not.
57 min
Episode 43 - The aftermath.
This sucks. We aren't well. But we are all in this together.
60 min
Episode 42 - Final thoughts...
On the eve of the SEC Champ Daniel and Clint are not confident anymore...can they talk themselves out of it?
24 min
Episode 41 - SEC Championship lock, predictions...
This is it. All our predictions. All our thoughts. All our feelings. Plus Daniel's system for always having access to a bucket in which to vomit.
64 min
Episode 40 - 4 Simple questions plus a head to ...
Who will carry us? Who will be the x-factor? Who will made us mad? Who will crap the bed? These are the questions for Saturday. Plus we go position by position and draft a fantasy team from both rosters. The results are very enlightening.
58 min
Episode 39 - The trenches and useless stats
Daniel offers a retraction and Clint rants about stats that don't mean anything. Then the guys dive into the matchup in the trenches, where the SEC Championship will inevitably be won.
60 min
Episode 38 - To Hell with Georgia Tech, it's Ch...
We wipe away the Georgia Tech game and turn our attention fully to THE game of the year. The one we have all been waiting for. Daniel and Clint dive into game plans, excitement levels, nerve levels, and all the feels.
66 min
Episode 37 - Thanksgiving Locks and Ga Tech
We dive into the "rivalry" that is UGA vs Ga Tech and talk about our locks for an amazing weekend of college football!
68 min
Episode 36 - Lots of feelings. SEC Championship...
We talk about names that make us feel feelings in the UMass game. We go back to the forbidden realm of SEC Championship lookahead, and we talk about the North Avenue Trade School.
74 min
Episode 35 - SEC Championship thoughts, Dumb st...
Daniel and Clint break their own rules and talk about Alabama and the SEC Championship game. Then they rant about other stuff and give out their weekly locks.
74 min
Episode 34 - Auburn sucks, plus some hoops talk
We assess our confidence in the football team, how much Kirby hates Gus and how much fun Tom Crean basketball is to watch. Plus lots more.
74 min
Episode 33 - LOCKS plus an Auburn Preview
"Georgia/Auburn is the deep south's oldest rivalry" they say. "Auburn steals all our recruits" they say. "This game is one of the biggest of the year every year" they say. So why doesn't this feel like a big game? Is there something wrong with us? Or is there just SO much wrong with Auburn? All that plus locks.
69 min
Episode 32 - SEC East Champs!!! AGAIN!!!
Daniel and Clint revel in the beatdown that UGA gave to Kentucky on their way back to Atlanta. Plus they can't resist an opportunity to laugh at Florida.
70 min
Episode 31 - LOCKS plus a Kentucky preview and ...
Daniel and Clint capitalize on LOCKS momentum and look to have another good week. Plus they give their thoughts on the big SEC East showdown this weekend for the Dawgs!
38 min
Episode 30 - Basketball Season Preview!!!!
Daniel and Clint dive into this year's basketball team and look at roster, schedule, expectations and preview the first year in the Tom Crean era at UGA. They also bring on a couple guests to break down the season.
90 min
Episode 29 - ALL THE FEELS. Florida is dead. Da...
This episode chronicles the Saturday of Daniel and Clint watching the Dawgs crush Florida. Pregame, during game, post game thoughts. And a lot of yelling. Also some cautionary words to Georgia fans who refuse to enjoy a good thing
73 min
Episode 28 - Florida is an abomination. Plus LO...
It is here. We can't contain our anxiety. We can't contain our hatred for the National Prison System minor league team that is the Florida Gators. We rant. We give you our predictions and keys to the game. Plus we look to capitalize on our good week last week and give out some more winners!
70 min
Florida Week. This is not a drill
Daniel is already feeling nauseous and Clint isn't far behind. It's Florida week people. But as the guys explain, it is NOT Florida "hate week"
63 min
Episode 26 - LOCKS plus your Mailbag questions
Daniel and Clint give out locks and answer your mailbag questions heading into the bye week!
67 min
Episode 25 - Well....that sucked
Daniel and Clint do exactly what you would expect them to do. Gripe about that miserable game. They also offer thoughts about whether that was simply a bad performance or if this is actually a bad team.
64 min
Episode 24 - LOCKS for week 6 and an LSU preview
Daniel and Clint (and Asher) dive into the test UGA will face in Baton Rouge this Saturday and how it will all shake out, then look to rebound off a tough week of locks last week.
63 min
Episode 23 - Vandy, some rants, Stegmania and LSU
Daniel and Clint highlight Vandy, rant about stuff that's stupid, preview LSU, give a few basketball takes, and call for the mailbag. Plus other nonsense.
72 min
Episode 22 - LOCKS for week 6
Daniel and Clint look to keep momentum off last weeks very successful locks episode (12-6) and have a lot of agreement. The question is whether or not that is a good thing.
50 min
Episode 21 - Tennessee recap
Tennessee is a cesspool. A garbage dump. An abomination. An absolute disaster of a program. And we beat the crap out of them again. Let's talk about that.
71 min
Episode 20 - LOCKS for Week 5!!! Plus it's Tenn...
Daniel and Clint talk dive into predictions for the UGA/Tennessee game and give thoughts on Ohio St/Penn St and Stanford/ND before giving out their LOCKS of the week.
71 min
Episode 19 - Missouri recap and Tennessee looka...
Daniel and Clint vent, defend, discuss positives and negatives of the Missouri game. After some needed honesty, we move on to what is one of the most exciting weeks of the season: the week we beat the crap out of Tennessee.
69 min
Episode 18 - LOCKS!!!! UGA Missouri preview plu...
Daniel and Clint talk UGA/Mizzou, Oregon/Stanford, Bama/A&M, plus a lot of stone cold locks!
73 min
Episode 17 - MTSU recap, O/U season stats, and ...
Daniel and Clint offer their thoughts on the drubbing of MTSU and look ahead at how various players will fare the rest of the season. Plus they revisit their best and worst predictions to this point on the podcast.
65 min
Episode 16 - Week 3 CFB Locks
Daniel and Clint recap how last week's picks turned out and dive into week three action. They talk UGA (obviously), Aub/LSU, OSU/TCU, and then give you a collection of locks you can take to the bank!
66 min
Episode 15 - #thebeatdown of USCjr plus some du...
Daniel and Clint gloat. A lot. About how much better UGA is than South Carolina. They also talk about what worries them more moving forward and some "would you rather" scenarios. But mostly it's just the gloating.
68 min
Episode 14 - Locks!!! Plus UGA vs South Carolin...
Week 2 picks! Daniel and Clint (with help from Asher) give thoughts on UGA vs USCjr this weekend, and then give out their LOCKS of the Week.
54 min
Episode 13 - Week 1 recap and South Carolina Pr...
Daniel and Clint have plenty of thoughts on Saturday's game against Austin Peay. What do they think about the defense? Justin Fields? Tyson Campbell? The offensive style? Plus some quick takes on other SEC teams (not Alabama. Never Alabama) and a few early thoughts on USCjr.
59 min
Episode 12 - PICKS!!! Week 1 key games, the UGA...
Daniel and Clint pick key matchups from Week 1 against the spread. Also discuss UGA vs Austin Peay and talk about what would make them feel good coming out of that game. Then they each give out a Lock of the Week. (A surefire money maker). Plus a listener question.
59 min
Episode 11 - Grossest fanbases in the SEC!
We dive into the absolute epicenter of filth as we talk about the 4 grossest fanbases in the SEC. The list starts bad and only gets worse as we climb toward #1. Plus we introduce a new trivia format and give you a one word description of our feelings about UGA's season.
67 min