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Join Daniel and Clint, two regular guys who love Georgia Bulldogs football and basketball just as much as you do. They dive deep into all things Georgia football, basketball, and recruiting. This is a podcast for fans, by fans - and talk about the stuff other podcasts don't talk about. The Locked on Bulldogs podcast is your place for UGA sports every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

News Round Up and Top 5 SEC Dlinemen
We discuss someone's top 5 DL in SEC and Jordan Davis makes an appearance
22 min
This or That: 10 Game Season Edition
We discuss this or that. with how UGA would be better served concerning a few 10 game schedule scenarios
22 min
10 Games It Is
We discuss how 10 games may impact UGA
22 min
Another Transfer...Panic or Nah?
Another Transfer...Panic or Nah?
26 min
This or That: Dan Really Leaving UF? Kirby Half...
Our favorite segment, this or that. Time to get talking about Dan Mullen at UF, Kirby Speeches, and UGA colors.
23 min
JT Daniels is eligible immediately, what does this mean for the Dawgs
34 min
Creating a New Betting Game: Will You Take This...
Danile forces Clint to make decisions on bets that he is supposing
19 min
Wednesday This or That: Picking Between Golf An...
This or that is our favorite segment, come see what Daniel and Clint choose on today's podcast
18 min
So....Conference Only Games Translates To What....
Does Conference only games mean the College Football season will soon be completely cancelled?
21 min
Fact or Fiction: Most important game, competiti...
Daniel and Clint discuss the facts or the fiction around fans, SEC East teams, and our 2020 most important game
25 min
This or That: Athens PD, Jeremy Pruitt, and Top...
This or That is back again. A new OC or DC, a Top PFF safety or WR, and more.
27 min
Meth Gators & RB Breakdown
What is a meth gator you asked? Plus RB breakdown.
28 min
Top 3 Most Exciting Games of 2020
We reveal our top 3 games for the 2020 season based on our personal excitement level
26 min
This or That: Listeners Edition
This or That is brought to you by the listeners this week.
23 min
Another Silly First Round Mock Draft
Why do they all have to do a "way too early" mock draft...they aren't good takes
29 min
Most Exciting Games #4-6 for the 2020 Season
Close to numbers 1-3 of most exciting games according to Daniel and Clint
28 min
This or That...Because its our favorite
More this or that for what's best for the UGA football program
26 min
Recruiting News Round Up
Florida whiffs and UGA is still Dan's daddy
28 min
Most Anticipated Games 9-7
We give out the 9th-7th most anticipated games according to Daniel and I
30 min
This or That...Fan Submitted Question
A fan sends in a This or That....and it's got some power behind it
27 min
News Roundup and Listener Input
We do a news roundup for some pre season SEC rankings
27 min
Most Exciting Games Countdown Begins
We start our countdown of games we are most excited for this year
26 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
8 Locked On Hosts discuss life as a black man in America
85 min
This or That Is the New Standard
QB controversy again? Nakobe Dean or Jorge Pickens? Blowout Wins or 3 Points Games?
23 min
Kirby Leads Out For Change
Thats our Head Coach. He is leading for change and we are all for it
26 min
Barrett Sallee Welcome to the Pod
Someone decided to make statements that are...shall we say...uneducated
28 min
This or That Part 4
This or That Part 4 thanks to Asher
31 min
JT Daniels News
JT Daniels is officially at UGA...what does this mean for us?
31 min
Biggest Potential Loser
Which player/coach has the most to miss out on in the coming season
21 min
This or That...Which do you want
We discuss two options that will make UGA successful, This or That
23 min
We discuss the return of football season and what you need to be looking for leading up to it
22 min
Rookie Outlook
UGA rookies and their outlook based on depth chart and other players on team
28 min
This or That Part 2
We give our take on what's best for UGA between two options
22 min
Tennessee trolling and Why Deandre Why
We talk about why UT is a laughable program and ask why questions about Deandre Baker
27 min
You are wrong....We Need MORE Sports
Who would even say that we don't need more sports right now?
20 min
You Can Have This or That...Make a Wise Decision
We introduce a new segment called This or That where we ask what would be best for UGA...This or That
24 min
10 Game Possibility
We discuss what it would look like to play 10 games in a season shortened by virus
27 min
Season Win Total Bets...YES REALLY
SEC football win totals are out, let's go.
28 min
When, Where, and How Will College Football Happen
Three scenarios, which one is best?
26 min
Basketball Preview: Because You Need To Know
Transfers, new recruiting projections, and more
26 min
Final Draft Recap
We conclude our discussion of free agents, drafted players, who is set up for success and who will stick
27 min
Draft Recap UDFA
Discussing those who signed as free agents from UGA
28 min
Draft Recaps for UGA Players
We discuss the players drafted who will make UGA proud
26 min
UGA Draft Preview with Locked On Giants
We join the Locked On Giants Podcast to preview UGA draft prospects
39 min
UGA Fantasy Draft Part 8
Conclusion of the draft is here
27 min
UGA Fantasy Draft Part 7
Close to the final rounds
40 min
UGA Fantasy Draft Part 6
We are almost to a complete three team playoff of all time greats
32 min
UGA Fantasy Draft Part 5
Continuing our climb to a complete team to face off in fictional game against one another
33 min
UGA Fantasy Draft Part 4
We continue on in the draft and have a lot of good picks coming on.
35 min
UGA Fantasy Draft Part 3
The draft marches on
31 min
UGA Fantasy Draft Part 2
We continue the draft for another episode. It doesn't slow down!
29 min
All Time UGA Fantasy Draft Part 1
Daniel, Clint and now MICHAEL! Pick their favorite players for an all time fantasy draft team head to head.
30 min
How many game tickets will $1200 get you?
Stimulus check could be put to good use
30 min
Drafting Current UGA Players
We select the top 5 UGA players currently in league and like we are preparing for the 2020 season
23 min
All Decade Team Part II: Defense
We pick the best defense from the last decade at UGA
24 min
The All Decade Team
We give you the best team the 2010 Decade provided for us
27 min
The Locked On Bulldogs Lexicon
We give you the lexicon for locked on bulldogs so you too can understand our lunacy
24 min
Tommy Bush: Portal Ready or Playing Time Ready
Tommy Bush is either a contributor or a transfer portal candidate. Which one will it be?
22 min
We Need to See Something Lewis Cine
We discuss the newcomer to the secondary starting line up in Lewis Cine and what we need to see from him next year
23 min
Will we still be RBU?
We discuss new offense with our tradition of RBU
26 min
Don't Be That Fan
We break down ways not to be that guy or lady as a UGA fan this coming year
20 min
Zamir White Show Me Season
We need to see a few things Zamir, let's talk.
24 min
Sugar Bowl Rewatch
We watched the Sugar Bowl again and have some new insights
23 min
Tyson Campbell Under The Microscope
We discuss the case of Tyson Campbell, show us something In camp my man.
23 min
Send off to Basketball
Putting a Bow on Basketball Season
24 min
Newman. Jamie Newman.
Its literally all about Jamie Newman this episode
30 min
Players who need to step up or step out
We start a discussion of players who need to step up or step out of the program
30 min
Stupid Stuff We Read...Hint it involves Florida
Stupid stuff thanks to Florida ex coaches and current coaches
26 min
I Give You The Floor...Convince Me!
Daniel and I get 3 minutes each to convince the other of something we believe to be true
27 min
Embarrassing Sports Moments and Mathis Debate
We talk through the backup QB battle and contribution as well as embarrassing sports moments inspired by the Basketball Team's performance
30 min
UGA Assistant Coach Power Rankings
We rank the assistant coaches for UGA Football
19 min
Spring Game Broadcast and Once a Dawg, Always a...
We discuss the spring game broadcast decision and walk through combine stupidity
25 min
Twitter Clean Up & Basketball is Meaningful
We try to tell you why basketball is still meaningful and do some house keeping from Twitter
25 min
Next Year Spicy Take and Best Sports Movies of ...
We each give a hot take for next year's football program as well as give you our Power Rankings for Sports Movies
34 min
Safety Breakdown and Even More Power Rankings
We discuss the Safety position and the lack of depth but the height of talent plus Power Rankings again
35 min
Your Feedback Responds and Basketball Gut Kick
We discuss the basketball game against USCjr and address some of your feedback from Twitter and email
33 min
What if The Office and College Football Had A B...
We make a casting revision to The Office made up of College Football Coaches
29 min
Cornerback Break Down and Another Food Power Ra...
We discuss the cornerback position as well as the fast food power rankings
32 min
Basketball Iconic Moment and Stupid Things on t...
We discuss the basketball game and depth we have plus cover the stupid interneting people do
34 min
TE Positional Group and Whiskey???
We discuss the TE group as well as the sweet amber bottles of whiskey
34 min
Setting the Edge on Defense & Favorite SEC Coac...
Daniel an Clint talk through the Edge defenders as well as coaches in SEC that are fun outside of Kirby of course
34 min
OL Positional Breakdown & Least Annoying Fan Ba...
Daniel and Clint talk about the OL for the upcoming season and give our take on the fans that aren't so bad
31 min
ILB Breakdown & Teams We Love To Hate
Daniel and Clint discuss the ILB depth chart as well as Power Rankings of any sports teams we love to hate
34 min
Position Group RB and Success of First Year OC's
We discuss the RB group and give insight as well as discuss the previous first year offensive coordinators successes
32 min
Positional Break Down: WR & Power Rankings Keep...
We discuss the WR group and who may surprise as well as who the key contributors are
28 min
Power Rankings Are Back & D Line Break Down
We do a few power rankings as well as positional break down of Interior D-Line
30 min
FULL QB Depth Chart Break Down
Daniel and Clint discuss what the QB room will look like this year and who should be alpha
31 min
Position Group Superlatives
We give out some positional group superlatives for most likely to surprise, disappointed, athletic, and so on
25 min
Oscars for UGA Football
We discuss the Oscars that we would like to nominate for the UGA roster
29 min
Recruits Galore Part II
We aint done talking recruits
29 min
Recruits Galore
Daniel and Clint discuss the singing class and how the culture shift continues under Kirby Smart
29 min
Florida Basketball Preview & Defensive Position...
We discuss the players most vital to the defense next year as well as Florida basketball game preview
25 min
Most Important Position Player and Basketball S...
Daniel and Clint discuss the positional players most important for next year and how well the basketball team can perform
29 min
A No Win "Would you rather" & MVP TE next year
Daniel proposes a would you rather that is from Satan's pit. And we discuss who is the most important TE for us next year.
23 min
We Update Recruiting Reactions and Pick a 3 on ...
We got up to #2 on Recruiting Rankings. Plus we play a game from a listener
31 min
So there is a New "New" Low
The basketball team shows us a new low and some Whose Most Important Position Player series continues
26 min
Blind Guesses: Better Football Stats & Basketba...
We discuss who may or may not have a better season, yes already we are guessing. Plus basketball preview
27 min
A New Low: Basketball
We discuss the new low for the basketball program and always talk football offseason, this time Coley
26 min
Ole Miss Basketball Preview and Would You Rather
Need a win in a bad way against Ole Miss. Plus a would you rather for football recruits
27 min
Unsexy Names but Rather Exciting Offense?
The offense may be exciting without names that are headliners
29 min