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Follow along with Dylan Short this season as the Atlanta Braves look to build upon last years momentum and look to return the Braves to national prominence with the Locked On Braves Podcast. Phenoms, franchise cornerstones, young blood, and grizzled veterans, the Braves have it all. This season we'll take the journey with one of the most exciting Atlanta teams in recent history and delve beyond the box score to fully understand the talent unfolding before us. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Braves Make Big Splash in International Market ...
The Atlanta Braves have their international restrictions lifted and spent big on some international prospects over the weekend. Also, we breakdown the latest top 50 prospects rankings for the Atlanta Braves and discuss if they should trade Drew Waters.
23 min
Nick Green Joins the Show to Talk About Atlanta...
Nick Green of BravesOnBalley joins Jake Mastroianni on Locked on Braves to discuss the 2021 season for the Atlanta Braves, what's the hold-up with Freddie Freeman, and what is he looking forward to the most in the 2022 season.
27 min
Ranking Braves Starting Rotation Options
We rank a deep list of starting rotation options for the Atlanta Braves in 2022 and if another starter in free agency is necessary.
21 min
Does Trevor Story Fit as SS for Atlanta Braves
We talk about the lockout situation and whether or not Trevor Story makes sense this offseason for the Atlanta Braves.
20 min
Mailbag: Braves Prospect With Brightest Future
Jake Mastroianni (@ShortStopBall) answers your Twitter questions, including who has the brightest future between Atlanta Braves prospects Bryce Elder, Jared Shuster, and Spencer Strider.
26 min
Atlanta Braves Offseason Recap with Jon Magel
We talk with Jon Magel about the 2021 season and offseason for the Atlanta Braves, including the ongoing sagas with Freddie Freeman and Marcell Ozuna. We even get a College Football Playoff preview in there.
26 min
Breakout Candidates for the Atlanta Braves in 2022
We take a look at a couple of breakout candidates for the Atlanta Braves during the 2022 season.
25 min
Atlanta Braves 2022 New Year's Resolutions
Jake Mastroianni gives his New Year's Resolutions for himself as a fan, for the Atlanta Braves, and the Locked on Braves podcast.
17 min
8 Moves Atlanta Braves GM Should Make to Finish...
Jake puts on his GM hats and makes eight moves for the Atlanta Braves to finish off the offseason, including signing Freddie Freeman, getting rid of Marcell Ozuna, and bringing back Eddie Rosario and Joc Pederson.
23 min
Braves Biggest 2021 Storylines
We talk about the biggest storylines for the Atlanta Braves from 2021.
21 min
10 Favorite Braves Players of All-time
Jake gives us his 10 favorite Atlanta Braves players. Who is your favorite Braves player of all time?
23 min
Lockout MLB Power Rankings
With rosters currently frozen during the lockout, where do the Atlanta Braves rank in our current MLB Power Rankings?
26 min
Braves Farm System Rankings
We talk about the Buck Showalter hire by the Mets and where the Atlanta Braves farm system ranks.
23 min
Braves Other 1B Options
If Freddie Freeman does sign elsewhere, how do the Atlanta Braves fill the huge vacancy at first base?
20 min
Braves by the Numbers
Taking a listener question, we talk about some of the most popular stats used in today's game and which Atlanta Braves players are the best at each of them.
25 min
Braves Top 2021 Regular Season Games
We talk about the hold-up with Freddie Freeman and your favorite regular season Atlanta Braves games from 2021.
27 min
Mailbag: Freeman or Olson?
Jake answers several of your Twitter questions, including what's the better business move for the Atlanta Braves -- Freddie Freeman or Matt Olson?
25 min
Dale Murphy Interview
We talk with Atlanta Braves legend Dale Murphy reflecting on his career, the 2021 Braves, and the future of the team.
38 min
Who wins -- Braves 1995 or 2021? MiLB Rule 5 Draft
Who wins between the 1995 Atlanta Braves and 2021 version? And we break down the picks in the MiLB Rule 5 Draft.
26 min
Braves 1995 vs 2021: Infields
We continue our comparison of the 1995 Atlanta Braves and 2021 team looking at each infield position.
22 min
Braves '95 vs. '21: SP, RP, and C
We compare the two World Series champions in Atlanta position-by-position looking at starting pitching, relief pitcher, and catcher on today's episode.
25 min
Trade Partners for Ozuna, and Does Trevor Story...
We take some of your questions and talk about some potential trade partners for Marcell Ozuna and whether or not Trevor Story is a fit with the Atlanta Braves.
26 min
Mailbag: Do Braves Add a Starting Pitcher
On this mailbag Friday we talk about whether or not the Atlanta Braves add another starting pitcher and give you an update on the lockout.
23 min
Lockout Begins with No Freddie Freeman Deal
It's a sad day in Major League Baseball as the lockout begins and an even sadder day for Atlanta Braves fans with no Freddie Freeman deal done.
24 min
Freeman Rumors and Non-tender News
We got some Freddie Freeman rumors on Tuesday along with the non-tender deadline where the Atlanta Braves made some interesting decisions.
23 min
Ozuna is Back. Braves Sign Kirby Yates
The Atlanta Braves had a big news day on Monday with the resolution of MLB's investigation into Marcell Ozuna and the team signing Kirby Yates.
22 min
Free Agency Frenzy. Positional Review: SP
Free agents signing like crazy ahead of lockout. And we continue our Atlanta Braves positional review with starting pitching.
24 min
NL East Thanksgiving Draft
Four of the hosts from the NL East do a Thanksgiving draft. Let us know who you think won. And Happy Thanksgiving!
31 min
NL East Roundtable Discussion
In this NL East roundtable discussion, we talk about what the Atlanta Braves have to do to win the division for a fifth straight year.
27 min
A trade! Positional Review: Third Base
The Atlanta Braves make a trade for the bullpen, and we continue our positional review with third base.
24 min
'22 HoF Ballot; Positional Preview -- SS
We look at the 2022 Hall of Fame ballot and continue our Atlanta Braves positional review with shortstop.
25 min
Mailbag: Braves DH Targets
In this Friday mailbag episode, we talk about possible fits for DH for the Atlanta Braves and who they might trade.
25 min
Braves Positional Review: Second Base
We take a look at the second base position for the Atlanta Braves and the latest news and rumors on Freddie Freeman.
23 min
Braves Outfield Situation and Options
We look at the current and future outfielders for the Atlanta Braves and some free agents they could turn to this offseason.
21 min
Braves Sign Manny Pina as Backup Catcher
The Atlanta Braves make their first big move of the offseason by signing catcher Manny Pina to a two-year, $8 million deal.
22 min
Braves 2022 Payroll - How to Get More
We look at what the Atlanta Braves 2022 payroll looks like and how they can cut money to spend more.
21 min
Mailbag: Should Braves Extend Dansby Swanson
We answer a lot of your great questions about the Atlanta Braves in this week's edition of the Locked on Braves mailbag.
27 min
Braves Biggest Offseason Needs
We look at the biggest offseason needs for the Atlanta Braves and how they could fill those needs.
22 min
Why Braves Should Re-sign Freddie Freeman
Jake Mastroianni (@ShortStopBall) gives you his top reasons for why the Atlanta Braves should bring back Freddie Freeman.
23 min
Braves 2021 Season Rewind
We go through the ups and downs of the 2021 season that led to an Atlanta Braves World Series championship.
25 min
Braves Postseason Top Moments
A look back at the biggest moments for the Atlanta Braves through the entire 2021 postseason.
26 min
Braves World Series Parade Reaction
Relive the best moments from the Atlanta Braves World Series parade. A couple of offseason transactions as well.
25 min
Best Moments from Braves World Series
We take a look back at the biggest and best moments from the Atlanta Braves World Series victory.
25 min
Braves Are World Series Champions!
The Atlanta Braves finish it off in Game 6 with a 7-0 win over the Houston Astros to take home the World Series crown!
25 min
Braves World Series Game 6 Preview
Breaking down the pitching matchups for Game 6 of the World Series between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros. Prediction and keys to victory.
21 min
Braves Fail to Close Out Game 5 of World Series
Despite a first-inning grand slam, the Atlanta Braves are unable to close out the World Series in Game 5.
22 min
Braves World Series Game 5 Preview
The Atlanta Braves turn to another youngster on the mound in Game 5 to try and close out the World Series. Pitching breakdown, keys to victory, and prediction.
19 min
Braves Steal Game 4 of World Series, Go Up 3-1
The Atlanta Braves got back-to-back home runs in the 7th and come from behind to win Game 4 of the World Series over the Houston Astros.
24 min
Braves World Series Game 4 Preview
What can the Atlanta Braves expect from Dylan Lee in Game 4 of the World Series? Biggest keys to win and a prediction.
21 min
Braves Win Game 3 of World Series 2-0
The Atlanta Braves pitching staff flirts with a no-hitter as they take Game 3 of the World Series 2-0 and take a 2-1 series lead.
25 min
Braves World Series Game 3 Preview
In our World Series Game Preview between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros, we break down the pitching matchups, keys to victory, and prediction.
18 min
Braves Astros World Series Travel Day Crossover
Jake and the guys from Locked on Astros talk about what's happened so far between the Braves and Astros in the World Series and preview the upcoming games.
43 min
Atlanta Braves Drop Game 2 of World Series 7-2
It was Game 1 in reverse as the Houston Astros jump out to an early lead and the Atlanta Braves never really threatened in a 7-2 loss in Game 2 of the World Series.
22 min
Braves World Series Game 2 Preview
We breakdown the Game 2 pitching match between the Braves and Astros and give they keys and prediction.
14 min
Atlanta Braves Win Game 1 of World Series 6-2
The Atlanta Braves offense came out hungry and the bullpen was solid after Charlie Morton left early leading to a 6-2 win over the Houston Astros in Game 1 of the World Series.
18 min
Braves and Astros World Series Preview -- Key M...
We break down the biggest matchups to watch as the Atlanta Braves take on the Houston Astros in the 2021 World Series
20 min
World Series Crossover Preview
We talk with the host of Locked on Astros to preview the World Series matchup between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros
51 min
Braves Are Going to the World Series!!!
The Atlanta Braves took down the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 of the NLCS are returning to the World Series for the first time since 1999!
15 min
NLCS Game 6 Preview with Sam Peebles
Jake and Sam talk about the events of this NLCS series between the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers and preview Game 6.
27 min
NLCS Game 5: You Thought It Would Be Easy?
Jake Mastroianni takes over as host and breaks down a game to forget as the Atlanta Braves lost 11-2 to the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5.
15 min
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