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Follow along with Jake Mastroianni this season as the Atlanta Braves look to build upon last years momentum and look to return the Braves to national prominence with the Locked On Braves Podcast. Phenoms, franchise cornerstones, young blood, and grizzled veterans, the Braves have it all. This season we'll take the journey with one of the most exciting Atlanta teams in recent history and delve beyond the box score to fully understand the talent unfolding before us. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Atlanta Braves Biggest 2023 Storylines: Who is ...
Most positions in the Atlanta Braves roster is locked up for a long time. But who will be the long-term shortstop is still anyone's guess entering 2023.
41 min
Atlanta Braves 2023 Storylines: Watch out for s...
Michael Harris II and Spencer Strider were fantastic for the Atlanta Braves during their rookie seasons. But do they take a step back in 2023?
32 min
Atlanta Braves Option Vaughn Grissom and Braden...
In a shocking move, the Atlanta Braves decided that neither Vaughn Grissom or Braden Shewmake are ready to take over at shortstop to start the 2023 season.
50 min
Atlanta Braves prospects to be traded and kept ...
We look at the prospects that Alex Anthopoulos and the Atlanta Braves could use in trades to make any upgrades during the season.
26 min
Atlanta Braves Mailbag: The 1 Player Braves Can...
Injuries are an unfortunate aspect of sports as the New York Mets learned on Wednesday. In this mailbag episode one listener asks who the player on the Atlanta Braves is they can't afford to lose.
38 min
That Atlanta Braves Pitching Staff is Due Some ...
The Atlanta Braves had several pitchers last year outperform their normal levels, leading to the possibility of them taking a step back.
32 min
The Atlanta Braves Offense Should Be Even Bette...
The Atlanta Braves offense was easily a top five offense in all of baseball last year, but with several key players looking to improve in 2023 like Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ozzie Albies, it could be even better this season.
35 min
2023 NL East Preview: The Atlanta Braves Are St...
The National League East will be the best division in all of baseball during 2023, but the Atlanta Braves remain the Beast of the East.
24 min
Most Impressive Atlanta Braves Prospects in Spr...
The Atlanta Braves have had several prospects who have been really impressive in Spring Training led by a couple of arms competing for a rotation spot in Jared Shuster and Dylan Dodd.
27 min
Atlanta Braves Mailbag: Is Vaughn Grissom Ready?
In this mailbag episode, listeners ask if the Atlanta Braves should live through the growing pains with Vaughn Grissom or move on.
41 min
Biggest Keys for Atlanta Braves to Win World Se...
This Atlanta Braves team has all of the pieces needed to win a World Series in 2023, but what are the biggest keys to that happening?
29 min
Biggest Strengths for Atlanta Braves in 2023
There are several strengths for the Atlanta Braves heading into 2023, but perhaps their power is the biggest.
32 min
Biggest Weaknesses for Atlanta Braves Heading I...
Left field seems like the biggest weakness for the Atlanta Braves heading into 2023, but a bounce-back season from an Eddie Rosario who can see would certainly help.
24 min
Atlanta Braves Prospect Pipeline Update: Are We...
Jake Mastroianni goes over MLB Pipeline's latest top 30 prospects ranking for the Atlanta Braves, which is still very high on shortstop Braden Shewmake.
22 min
Atlanta Braves Mailbag: Is Marcell Ozuna Here t...
On this week's mailbag episode Jake answers several questions on what the Atlanta Braves will do with Marcell Ozuna.
37 min
Sean Murphy's Defense is the Biggest X-factor f...
The Atlanta Braves made a bold trade this offseason by acquiring Sean Murphy, and his defense will be the team's biggest x-factor in 2023.
33 min
2023 Projections for Atlanta Braves -- Anderson...
There is no question the Atlanta Braves should be a great team in 2023, but we take a look at some of the projections out there to see just how good many believe they can be.
32 min
You Can Not Miss These Atlanta Braves Game in 2023
Major League Baseball decided to implement a more balanced schedule starting in 2023 creating a lot of exciting home games for the Atlanta Braves.
30 min
Atlanta Braves Best Rookie of the Year Candidat...
Spring Training games got underway for the Atlanta Braves over the weekend and Dylan Dodd was impressive showing why he might be the best Rookie of the Year candidate for the team in 2023.
27 min
Atlanta Braves Mailbag: Expectations for Vaughn...
In this mailbag episode, Jake opens it up talking about what would be considered a good 2023 season for Vaughn Grissom.
32 min
5 Biggest Things to Watch in Spring Training fo...
Beyond the position battles, there will be several key things to keep an eye on as Spring Training games begin, including the new rules.
31 min
Opening Day Roster Predictions for Atlanta Brav...
As we gear up for Spring Training games, Jake Mastroianni gives his prediction on who will make the Opening Day roster for the Atlanta Braves.
25 min
Atlanta Braves 2023 Preseason Awards Predictions
The Atlanta Braves should have several players competing for the big end-of-season awards, but who will win those awards for the team?
31 min
5 Atlanta Braves Prospects to Keep Eye on in Sp...
The Atlanta Braves have several prospects in Spring Training who could play a vital role at the big league level at some point in 2023.
27 min
Atlanta Braves Mailbag: Brandon Gaudin is New P...
The Atlanta Braves have heir new play-by-play voice on TV as long-time Braves fan Brandon Gaudin was announced on Thursday.
36 min