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Co-hosts Joey Palazzola, Thomas Welch, Josh Hyman and an array of guests lead you through the season with a daily podcast on the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, St. Louis Blues. Game previews/recaps, line combination juggling, trade rumors, and a never ending list of entertaining and knowledgeable guests. -- you'll find it all on the Locked On Blues Podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Time to Panic?
Josh and Tommy cover the Blues loss to Vegas, and other NHL news
26 min
Connor McDavid: A Man on Fire
Josh and Tommy cover the various matchups from around the NHL
29 min
Round Robin Game 1 Recap
Josh and Tommy break down the matchup between the Blues and Avalanche
28 min
Blues vs Blackhawks Recap
The boys recap the Blues' exhibition game against Chicago
28 min
It's Finally Gameday: Blues vs Blackhawks
Ladies and Gentleman... it’s GAMEDAY!
26 min
Sports are BACK
Josh and Tommy cover Cardinals opening day, the Blues at practice, and more!
24 min
Kraken Open a Cold One
Josh and Tommy discuss the newest addition to the NHL, the Washington Football Team, and more!
28 min
The Blues are Back at Practice
Josh and Tommy break down the St. Louis Blues scrimmage, the Hart Trophy, and more
26 min
Episode 99 - Life in the NHL Bubble
The boys break down more NHL Award news, as well as recent events around the NHL
24 min
Episode 98 - Two Weeks Away
Josh and Joey break down the rapidly approaching NHL Playoffs, Awards, and more
22 min
Episode 97 - Hotel X!?
Josh and Tommy break down the NHL playoff teams' hotel assignments, playoff news, and more!
22 min
Episode 96 - Hockey in August!?
Josh breaks down the return to play schedule, and covers more playoff news
22 min
Episode 95 - Pat Mahomes is a Rich Man
Josh and Tommy break down the news on the NHL CBA, and talk about Pat Mahomes' new contract
26 min
Episode 94- The Gauntlet: Joey vs Tommy
Joey and Tommy battle it out in an NFL themed gauntlet
23 min
Episode 93 - Covering the Crazy Draft Lottery
Josh and Joey cover the crazy results of the recent NHL Draft Lottery
25 min
Episode 92 - Ryan O'Reilly Day
The boys discuss the Cam Newton signing, and the two year anniversary of the ROR trade
25 min
Episode 91 - The Gauntlet: Josh vs Joey
Josh and Joey battle it out to see who knows NHL goal songs best
23 min
Episode 90 - The Big Three Vol. 9
Tommy and Josh discuss their favorite concerts, draft busts, and childhood movies
24 min
Episode 89 - The Return of Tarasenko!?
The boys discuss Tarasenko resuming skating, the MLB returning, and other various sports news!
26 min
Episode 88 - A Weekend Episode!?
Josh and Tommy cover more return to play news for the NHL, NBA, and MLB
24 min
Episode 87 - The Big 3 Vol. 8
The boys discuss their favorite donut flavors, episodes of The Office, and more
22 min
Episode 86 - The Buffalo Fire Sale
The boys cover the countless firings by the Sabres, the MLB drama, and more
27 min
Episode 85 - One Year Cup Anniversary Special
Josh and Tommy break down game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final
27 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundtable - 8 Locked On Hosts discuss life as a black man in America
85 min
Episode 84 - NHL Award Predictions
Josh and Tommy give their predictions for the NHL Awards this year
26 min
Episode 83 - The Great Pet Debate
Josh and Tommy recap game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final, and debate about fast food, and pets
33 min
Episode 82 - More Playoff News!?
Josh and Joey cover the recent news surrounding the NHL playoff format
29 min
Episode 81 - Revisiting the Cup Final (Games 1-4)
Josh and Tommy break down games 1-4 of last year's Cup Final!
28 min
Episode 80 - The Gauntlet: Joey vs Tommy
Joey and Tommy battle it out in the Gauntlet
23 min
Episode 79 - The Return to Play is OFFICIAL
Josh and Tommy discuss the official return to play plan that was revealed this week
28 min
Episode 78 - Playoff Matchups!?
Josh and Tommy discuss The Match, as well as give their insight on potential playoff matchups
32 min
Episode 77 - The Gauntlet: Josh vs Joey
Josh and Joey battle it out in this week's edition of the Gauntlet
22 min
Episode 76 - The Big Three Vol. 7
The boys discuss their favorite Gatorade flavors, gym class games, potential playoff matchups, and more
29 min
Episode 75 - Dmitrij Jaskin is the MVP!?
The boys discuss Jaskin being awarded KHL MVP, potential return to play & more!
25 min
Episode 74 - The Gauntlet: Josh vs Tommy
The boys talk about the Rams' new unis, and Josh and Tommy battle it out in the gauntlet
32 min
Episode 73 - The Big 3 Vol. 6
The boys rank their favorite TV show themes, hockey player abilities, & more
32 min
Episode 72 - 24 Team Playoff!?
Josh and Tommy discuss the implication of a 24 team playoff, and rank which mascots would win in a battle royale
37 min
Episode 71 - The Gauntlet: Josh vs Joey
Josh and Joey battle it out in the gauntlet
23 min
Episode 70 - 2003 Re-Draft
The boys re-draft the top 10 picks of the 2003 NHL Entry Draft
35 min
Episode 69 - The Big 3 Vol. 5
The boys discuss their favorite games from the cup run, Warzone drop spots, and more
34 min
Episode 68 - The Gauntlet: Joey vs Tommy
Joey and Tommy battle it out in this week's gauntlet
27 min
Episode 67 - The Big Three Vol. 4
The boys discuss their favorite sports duos, guilty pleasure songs, and more
36 min
Episode 66 - Cup Contending Window
The boys discuss future of the Blues, including contracts, and potential long term success
35 min
Episode 65 - The Gauntlet: NFL Draft Edition
Josh and Joey battle it out in an NFL Draft themed gauntlet
26 min
Episode 64 - The Variety Hour Vol. 2
Josh and Tommy cover a variety of sports topics on today's episode
34 min
Episode 63 - The Football Episode
The boys talk some football news: Gronk, new uniforms, & more
30 min
Episode 62: The Gauntlet: Tommy vs Joey
Tommy and Joey battle it out in this week's edition of the Gauntlet
27 min
Episode 61 - The Elephant in the Room
The boys discuss the recent Blues contract extensions, as well as weigh in on the Pietrangelo debate
34 min
Episode 60 - The Big Three Vol. 3
The boys discuss their favorite ice cream flavors, sports awards, comedy movies, & more
28 min
Episode 59 - The Gauntlet: Josh vs Joey
Josh and Joey battle it out in an XFL themed gauntlet
20 min
Episode 58 - The Higher or Lower Game
Josh and Tommy try to guess the more popular internet search term
30 min
Episode 57 - Hockey Jeopardy
Josh and Tommy compete in hockey Jeopardy
19 min
Episode 56 - The Gauntlet: Josh vs Tommy
Josh and Tommy battle it out in this week's edition of the Gauntlet
23 min
Episode 55- Prospect Talk with ESPN's Chris Peters
The boys sit down to discuss some Blues prospect with Chris Peters of ESPN
33 min
Episode 54 - Which NHL Player Are You?
Josh and Tommy take the "Which NHL Player Are You?" quiz online!
38 min
Episode 53 - The Gauntlet: Josh vs Joey
Josh and Joey battle it out in this week's edition of the Gauntlet
32 min
Episode 53 - The Big Three Vol. 2
The boys discuss their favorite movie theater candies, memes, B-Dubs sauces & more!
28 min
Episode 52 - The Big Three Vol. 1
The boys discuss their favorite pizza toppings, video games, sports movies & more!
38 min
Episode 51 - Prospect News
Josh and Joey cover some Blues news, as well as XFL and NFL happenings
23 min
Episode 50 - The Fortnite Episode!?
The boys talk about a variety of news; from Fortnite to XFL
38 min
Episode 49 - The Gauntlet is BACK
Tommy and Joey compete in a 15 question Gauntlet
30 min
Episode 48 - Would You Rather?
The boys play a hockey edition of "Would You Rather?"
35 min
Episode 47 - The Hardest NHL Quiz Ever!?
Josh and Tommy take on the self proclaimed "hardest NHL quiz ever"
38 min
Episode 46 - Variety Hour
The boys cover everything from the Blues, the WWE, Tom Brady, and more!
35 min
Episode 45 - The Show Must Go On
The boys talk video games, movies, TV shows, and NFL news
40 min
Episode 44 - Return to Anaheim
The boys preview the ANA game, discuss not having fans at March Madness, and more
26 min
Episode 43 - Where Has the Offense Gone?
The boys review the FLA game, and cover various news around the NHL
31 min
Episode 42 - Sweeping the Blackhawks
Josh discusses the games from the weekend, and previews Monday's game
25 min
Episode 41 - Fan Mailbag Friday
The boys answer your questions!
31 min
Episode 40 - Playoff Predictions
The boys preview the NJ game, and predict who makes the playoffs
33 min
Episode 39 - Unbeatable
The boys discuss the Blues' 8th straight win
33 min
Episode 38 - Talking BattleHawks with Bruno Rea...
The boys chat with BattleHawks offensive lineman Bruno Reagan
22 min
Episode 37 - Chatting with Tony X.
Josh chats with Tony X. about his rise to fame, the Blues win streak, and the BattleHawks
21 min
Episode 36 - Colt 55 and Two Zig-Zags
The boys discuss the Blues 6 game win streak
31 min
Episode 35 - 5 in a Row!
The boys recap the exciting Blues v Blackhawks matchup
29 min
Episode 34 - Trade Deadline Special
Josh and Joey break down the wild trade deadline
44 min
Episode 33 - The Blues are BACK
The boys recap the Blues win over ARZ, and cover more recent trades
23 min
Episode 32 - Winning Again
The boys cover the Blues win against NJ, as well as recent trades around the league
25 min
Episode 31 - Time to Panic?
Josh and Joey break down the recent struggles of the St. Louis Blues
23 min
Episode 30 - Weekend Back 2 Back & the Gauntlet
The boys discuss the upcoming back to back against NSH, as well as compete in the Gauntlet
22 min
Episode 29 - Sending Thoughts to Jay Bouwmeester
Josh and Tommy talk about the scary Jay Bouwmeester incident, plus recap the BattleHawks opening weekend
27 min
Episode 28 - Weekly Preview
Josh previews the week ahead for the Blues
20 min
Episode 27 - Return of the Gauntlet
Fan mailbag, plus Joey and Tommy battle it out in the weekly Gauntlet
24 min
Episode 26 - Weekend Preview
The boys preview the slate of Blues games over the weekend
19 min
Episode 25 - Beating up on the Canes
The boys recap the win over the Canes, as well as previewing the upcoming trade deadline
22 min
Episode 24 - Not a Road Trip to Remember
Josh reviews the Blues' Canada road trip, the Super Bowl, & more
20 min
Episode 23 - The Battle of Alberta is Back
The boys review the battle of Alberta, the Blues recent re-signings, & more
27 min
Episode 22 - The Blues are Finding Their Stride
Tommy and Josh break down the Blues games against VAN and CGY
19 min
Episode 21 - Beasts of the East ft. Andrew Chelney
Josh chats with Andrew Chelney of Chel Squared
26 min
Episode 20 - All-Star Weekend
The boys recap the events of All-Star Weekend
25 min
Episode 19 - Gauntlet Rematch & Fan Mailbag
Josh and Joey battle it out in the Gauntlet, plus the weekly fan mailbag
33 min
Episode 18 - The Good and the Bad of the Blues ...
Positives and negatives of the Blues' battle with injuries, Super Bowl predictions, and more!
30 min
Throwback Episode - Chatting with Cam Janssen
A re-upload of an interview from the boys' previous podcast.
60 min
Episode 17 - Looking Ahead
What to expect post all-star break, and the McGregor vs Cowboy fight
22 min
Episode 16 - Mailbag and Gauntlet Week Three
Josh vs Tommy in the 3rd edition of the Gauntlet
34 min
Episode 15 - Laughing at Brad Marchand
Tommy and Josh recap Blues vs Rangers, Blues vs Ducks, and make fun of Brad Marchand's shootout fail
29 min
Episode 14 - Gateway Grinders pt. 2
Tommy and Josh sit down and chat with Thomas of Gateway Grinders for part 2 of their interview
19 min
Episode 13 - Chatting With Gateway Grinders Pt. 1
Tommy and Josh chat with Thomas Brinkman of Gateway Grinders
33 min
Episode 12 - Back in the W Column
Josh and Tommy cover the Blues victory against the Sharks
29 min
Episode 11 - Talking Blues and Movies w/ Dan Buffa
Josh and Tommy chat with KSDK writer and STL Film Critics member Dan Buffa
32 min