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Co-hosts Joey Palazzola, Thomas Welch, Josh Hyman and an array of guests lead you through the season with a daily podcast on the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, St. Louis Blues. Game previews/recaps, line combination juggling, trade rumors, and a never ending list of entertaining and knowledgeable guests. -- you'll find it all on the Locked On Blues Podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.
Episode 55- Prospect Talk with ESPN's Chris Peters
The boys sit down to discuss some Blues prospect with Chris Peters of ESPN
33 min
Episode 54 - Which NHL Player Are You?
Josh and Tommy take the "Which NHL Player Are You?" quiz online!
38 min
Episode 53 - The Gauntlet: Josh vs Joey
Josh and Joey battle it out in this week's edition of the Gauntlet
32 min
Episode 53 - The Big Three Vol. 2
The boys discuss their favorite movie theater candies, memes, B-Dubs sauces & more!
28 min
Episode 52 - The Big Three Vol. 1
The boys discuss their favorite pizza toppings, video games, sports movies & more!
38 min
Episode 51 - Prospect News
Josh and Joey cover some Blues news, as well as XFL and NFL happenings
23 min
Episode 50 - The Fortnite Episode!?
The boys talk about a variety of news; from Fortnite to XFL
38 min
Episode 49 - The Gauntlet is BACK
Tommy and Joey compete in a 15 question Gauntlet
30 min
Episode 48 - Would You Rather?
The boys play a hockey edition of "Would You Rather?"
35 min
Episode 47 - The Hardest NHL Quiz Ever!?
Josh and Tommy take on the self proclaimed "hardest NHL quiz ever"
38 min
Episode 46 - Variety Hour
The boys cover everything from the Blues, the WWE, Tom Brady, and more!
35 min
Episode 45 - The Show Must Go On
The boys talk video games, movies, TV shows, and NFL news
40 min
Episode 44 - Return to Anaheim
The boys preview the ANA game, discuss not having fans at March Madness, and more
26 min
Episode 43 - Where Has the Offense Gone?
The boys review the FLA game, and cover various news around the NHL
31 min
Episode 42 - Sweeping the Blackhawks
Josh discusses the games from the weekend, and previews Monday's game
25 min
Episode 41 - Fan Mailbag Friday
The boys answer your questions!
31 min
Episode 40 - Playoff Predictions
The boys preview the NJ game, and predict who makes the playoffs
33 min
Episode 39 - Unbeatable
The boys discuss the Blues' 8th straight win
33 min
Episode 38 - Talking BattleHawks with Bruno Rea...
The boys chat with BattleHawks offensive lineman Bruno Reagan
22 min
Episode 37 - Chatting with Tony X.
Josh chats with Tony X. about his rise to fame, the Blues win streak, and the BattleHawks
21 min
Episode 36 - Colt 55 and Two Zig-Zags
The boys discuss the Blues 6 game win streak
31 min
Episode 35 - 5 in a Row!
The boys recap the exciting Blues v Blackhawks matchup
29 min
Episode 34 - Trade Deadline Special
Josh and Joey break down the wild trade deadline
44 min
Episode 33 - The Blues are BACK
The boys recap the Blues win over ARZ, and cover more recent trades
23 min
Episode 32 - Winning Again
The boys cover the Blues win against NJ, as well as recent trades around the league
25 min
Episode 31 - Time to Panic?
Josh and Joey break down the recent struggles of the St. Louis Blues
23 min
Episode 30 - Weekend Back 2 Back & the Gauntlet
The boys discuss the upcoming back to back against NSH, as well as compete in the Gauntlet
22 min
Episode 29 - Sending Thoughts to Jay Bouwmeester
Josh and Tommy talk about the scary Jay Bouwmeester incident, plus recap the BattleHawks opening weekend
27 min
Episode 28 - Weekly Preview
Josh previews the week ahead for the Blues
20 min
Episode 27 - Return of the Gauntlet
Fan mailbag, plus Joey and Tommy battle it out in the weekly Gauntlet
24 min
Episode 26 - Weekend Preview
The boys preview the slate of Blues games over the weekend
19 min
Episode 25 - Beating up on the Canes
The boys recap the win over the Canes, as well as previewing the upcoming trade deadline
22 min
Episode 24 - Not a Road Trip to Remember
Josh reviews the Blues' Canada road trip, the Super Bowl, & more
20 min
Episode 23 - The Battle of Alberta is Back
The boys review the battle of Alberta, the Blues recent re-signings, & more
27 min
Episode 22 - The Blues are Finding Their Stride
Tommy and Josh break down the Blues games against VAN and CGY
19 min
Episode 21 - Beasts of the East ft. Andrew Chelney
Josh chats with Andrew Chelney of Chel Squared
26 min
Episode 20 - All-Star Weekend
The boys recap the events of All-Star Weekend
25 min
Episode 19 - Gauntlet Rematch & Fan Mailbag
Josh and Joey battle it out in the Gauntlet, plus the weekly fan mailbag
33 min
Episode 18 - The Good and the Bad of the Blues ...
Positives and negatives of the Blues' battle with injuries, Super Bowl predictions, and more!
30 min
Throwback Episode - Chatting with Cam Janssen
A re-upload of an interview from the boys' previous podcast.
60 min
Episode 17 - Looking Ahead
What to expect post all-star break, and the McGregor vs Cowboy fight
22 min
Episode 16 - Mailbag and Gauntlet Week Three
Josh vs Tommy in the 3rd edition of the Gauntlet
34 min
Episode 15 - Laughing at Brad Marchand
Tommy and Josh recap Blues vs Rangers, Blues vs Ducks, and make fun of Brad Marchand's shootout fail
29 min
Episode 14 - Gateway Grinders pt. 2
Tommy and Josh sit down and chat with Thomas of Gateway Grinders for part 2 of their interview
19 min
Episode 13 - Chatting With Gateway Grinders Pt. 1
Tommy and Josh chat with Thomas Brinkman of Gateway Grinders
33 min
Episode 12 - Back in the W Column
Josh and Tommy cover the Blues victory against the Sharks
29 min
Episode 11 - Talking Blues and Movies w/ Dan Buffa
Josh and Tommy chat with KSDK writer and STL Film Critics member Dan Buffa
32 min
Episode 10 - The Gauntlet Returns
The boys answer some fan questions. Josh and Joey compete in the second ever Gauntlet challenge
37 min
Episode 9 - Hey Now, You're an All-Star
The boys talk winter classic rumors, all-star announcements & more
29 min
Episode 8 - The All-Decade Draft Special
The boys go head to head to head in a fantasy draft to see who can create the best All-Decade Blues team
43 min
Episode 7 - Going Streaking
DIscussing the Blues back to back wins vs WPG
35 min
Episode 6 - Welcome to the Gauntlet (& fan mail...
The boys answer your questions, and then take on the first ever Locked on Blues Trivia Gauntlet
30 min
Episode 5 - Top of the West
The boys review the latest game from the red-hot St. Louis Blues
25 min
Episode 4 - Chatting With Jordan Kyrou
The boys interview Blues young phenom Jordan Kyrou
22 min
Episode 3 - YoungPageViews Pt. 2
Episode three of the Locked On Blues podcast, featuring the rest of the interview with YoungPageViews
32 min
Episode Two - Hall and Yotes
Recap vs Avs, Taylor Hall Trade, & Notes v Oilers preview (Also, Joey is finally here!)
26 min
Episode One - Welcome! (ft. YoungPageViews)
Episode one of the Locked On Blues podcast, featuring an interview with YoungPageViews
22 min
The Locked On Blues Teaser Episode
2 min