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Locked On Blackhawks - Daily Podcast ...
<p>Every weekday, 670 The Score's Jay Zawaski brings you the Locked On Blackhawks Podcast. Join Jay Monday through Friday for the latest on the Chicago Blackhawks, featuring listener interactive segments, great guest interviews, and inside information from one of Chicago hockey's most connected voices. If you're a Hawks fan or a rival NHL fan looking to find out more about Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and the boys, this is the podcast for you. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network</p>
Locked On Blackhawks 040 - 11.22.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks lost their second game in a row, this time to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss and Jeremy Colliton's latest weird coaching decision. He also previews Saturday's big game vs Dallas.
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 039 - 11.21.2019 - Brian C...
The Blackhawks look to get back on track tonight vs the Lightning. Jay Zawaski previews the game, discusses the importance of Brian Campbell and weighs whether or not the Blackhawks should pursue Mike Babcock
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 038 - 11.20.2019 - Hawks l...
It was 48 minutes of pure misery, but the Blackhawks rallied back to make it interesting before losing 4-2 to Carolina. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down and goes over the games Pluses & Minuses
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 037 - 11.19.2019 - Talkbac...
Jay got a ton of great questions for Talkback Tuesday and did his best to answer them all. Later, we go Behind Enemy Lines to preview tonight's opponent, the Carolina Hurricanes.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 036 - 11.18.2019 - Hawks d...
The Blackhawks have won 4 in row, 5 of their last 6 and taken points in 8 of their last 9. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 035 - 11.15.2019 - Boqvist...
The Blackhawks demoted defenseman Adam Boqvist as Connor Murphy is set to return from the IR. Jay Zawaski discusses the impact of both moves and previews Saturday's game in Nashville
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 034 - 11.14.2019 - Dach sc...
The Blackhawks won their second in a row, beating the Golden Knights 5-3 in Vegas. Kirby Dach picked up a goal and an assist while Kane and Strome had 3 point nights of their own.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 033 - 11.13.2019 - Murphy ...
Connor Murphy will travel with the Blackhawks on their short two game trip, but could Alex Nylander be in danger of a scratch? Jay Zawaski discusses and shares audio of Jeremy Colliton after Tuesday's practice
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 032 - 11.12.2019 - Strome,...
Thursday, Dylan Strome admitted the Hawks were playing last year's system. Sunday, after the Blackhawks win, Jeremy Colliton confirmed it. Jay Zawaski shares the audio then answers your Talkback Tuesday questions
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 031 - 11.11.2019 - Lehner ...
The Blackhawks have suddenly taken 5 of the last 6 available points, and more importantly are showing signs of life after their 5-4 win over the Leafs. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down.
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 030 - 11.08.2019 - Hawks b...
The Blackhawks picked up a 5-2 win over one of the best teams in the West Thursday night, beating the Canucks 5-2. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down and goes over the game's Pluses & Minuses
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 029 - 11.07.2019 - Time fo...
After a series of embarrassing losses, Jay Zawaski thinks it's time for the Blackhawks to fire head coach Jeremy Colliton. He lays out his plan of succession and previews Thursday's game vs Vancouver
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 028 - 11.06.2019 - Lowly S...
The Hawks were dominated by one of the worst teams in the NHL on Tuesday night. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss and admits it might be time for a change at the top
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 027 - 11.05.2019 - Boqvist...
Jeremy Colliton has raved about Adam Boqvist's first two games. Jay Zawaski looks inside the numbers, previews tonight's game vs San Jose and looks at some potential trade candidates
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 026 - 11.04.2019 - Blackha...
The Blackhawks beat the Ducks in Anaheim, Adam Boqvist scored his first NHL goal and Jay Zawaski answers your Mailbag Monday questions
35 min
Locked On Blackhawks 025 - 11.01.2019 - Boqvist...
The Blackhawks have called up their top prospect, Adam Boqvist. What does the move mean and what can Hawks fans expect? Also, what does the team's new ticket offer say about the business side of things?
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 024 - 🎃10.31.2019🎃 - Dach ...
Wednesday, the Blackhawks announced that center Kirby Dach will remain on the NHL roster all season. Duncan Keith compares Q and Colliton and Brent Seabrook vents
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 023 - 10.30.2019 - Predato...
The Nashville Predators toyed with the Blackhawks for 60 minutes, outshooting them 51-20. Brent Seabrook sat again, and Jay Zawaski shares his Pluses & Minuses
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 022 - 10.29.2019 - Hawks f...
The Blackhawks begin their four game road trip Tuesday in Nashville. Jay Zawaski looks ahead to the matchup, discusses the Perlini trade and shares Jeremy Colliton's thoughts on a number of issues
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 021 - 10.28.2019 - Hawks b...
The Blackhawks ended their losing streak Sunday night, topping the LA Kings 5-1. Jay Zawaski breaks down the win and gets to your Mailbag Monday submissions.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 020 - 10.25.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks fell 4-1 to the Flyers in a brutal effort on Thursday night. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss, assigns the Pluses & Minuses and more
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 019 - 10.24.2019 - Injured...
Blackhawks defenseman Connor Murphy was placed on LTIR on Wednesday. Jay Zawaski shares why it's a huge loss and what the Hawks might do to fill his spot. Later, Jeremy Colliton speaks and Jay previews the Flyers
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 018 - 10.23.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks lost 2-1 to the Knights in the shootout Tuesday night. Kirby Dach picked up his first NHL goal, but the Hawks have suffered a major injury
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 017 - 10.22.2019 - Hawks/K...
It's game night in Chicago, as the Hawks face the Vegas Golden Knights Tuesday at the United Center. Jay previews the game, throws in his vote for Robin Lehner as the 1A goalie and shares The Athletic's NHL Players' Poll results
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 016 - 10.21.2019 - Caps to...
Kirby Dach made his NHL debut Sunday night, and despite the loss, it was an overall positive performance from the Blackhawks. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down then answers your Mailbag Monday questions
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 015 - 10.17.2019 - Dave Bo...
Two-time Stanley Cup Champion Dave Bolland joins Locked On Blackhawks to talk about 'One More Shift.' Jay Zawaski also shares the news from practice and a troubling Jonathan Toews stat
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 014 - 10.16.2019 - Ominous...
The Blackhawks returned to the ice Wednesday and Jeremy Colliton was very candid in his post practice interview. Jay shares a bad Gustafsson stat and debuts "Three Star Thursday"
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 013 - 10.16.2019 - Caggiul...
Is Kirby Dach going to play for the Blackhawks on Friday? If so, where does he fit? Jay Zawaski answers those questions, praises Drake Caggiula and talks about Dave Bolland's "One More Shift"
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 012 - 10.15.2019 - Hawks b...
The Blackhawks picked up their first win of the year with an impressive 60 minute effort over Connor McDavid and the Oilers
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 011 - 10.14.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks are 0-2-1 after losing to the Jets on Saturday. Jay Zawaski breaks down the game, shares his Pluses & Minuses as well as your Mailbag Monday contributions
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 010 - 10.11.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks dropped their home opener 5-4 to the now 1-4 San Jose Sharks. Jay Zawaski reacts to the loss, shares his Pluses and Minuses and takes you Down the Number Line
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 009 - 10.10.2019 - Collito...
Did Jeremy Colliton just call out Erik Gustafsson? It sure sounded like it. Jay Zawaski shares the audio, previews the home opener vs San Jose, then talks hockey with NHL Network's Kevin Weekes
31 min
Locked On Blackhawks 008 - 10.09.2019 - Dach's ...
Kirby Dach's Saskatoon coach had thoughts on his NHL future, Dylan Strome reflected on his time in Chicago and Jay talks Ice Hogs with Greg Boysen of The Hockey Writers
32 min
Locked On Blackhawks 007 - 10.08.2019 - Updates...
The Blackhawks are back from Prague, and they're getting healthier. Jay also previews the Avalanche with Ryan S. Clark.
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 006 - 10.07.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks dropped their first game of the season 4-3 to the Flyers in Prague. Jay Zawaski goes over the positives and negatives, then answers your mailbag Monday questions.
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 005 - 10.04.2019 - Debrinc...
Hockey season has arrived, Blackhawks fans! Jay Zawaski breaks down the greatness of the Alex Debrincat contract extension, looks ahead to Friday's opener and previews the Wild with Brandon Mileski
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 004 - 10.03.2019 - The deH...
So...is Calvin deHaan playing Friday or not? deHaan and Jeremy Colliton seem to have different ideas. We preview the Dallas Stars with Owen Newkirk then review some NHL and Blackhawks odds
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 003 - 10.02.2019 - Hawks s...
The Blackhawks have set their opening night roster, Carl Dahlstrom is a Jet, and Pat Foley apologizes for his poor choice of words. Paul Skrbina previews the Predators, as well.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 002 - 10.01.2019 - Dahlstr...
Jay Zawaski discussed Carl Dahstrom being placed on waivers, some potential waiver targets, and previews the Winnipeg Jets season
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 001 - 9.30.2019 - Hawks wi...
In the debut episode of Locked On Blackhawks, Jay Zawaski recaps the Hawks win in Berlin and previews the St. Louis Blues
25 min
The Locked On Blackhawks Teaser Episode
Welcome to Locked On Blackhawks, a new daily Blackhawks podcast hosted by Jay Zawaski
4 min