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Locked On Blackhawks 125 - 04.02.2020 - Hawks a...
The Blackhawks signed four young players to new or entry level contracts on Thursday. Jay Zawaski shares the news and reflects on the passing of White Sox broadcaster Ed Farmer.
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 124 - 04.02.2020 - Where d...
Blackhawks March Sadness is over. You'll never guess who won! Later, Jay goes over The Athletic's NHL broadcast rankings.
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 123 - 03.31.2020 - Talkbac...
Talkback Tuesday is back, and so is Scott Darling...
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 122 - 03.27.2020 - Who's m...
March Sadness is well underway. Jay Zawaski reveals the Elite 8, then answers a great listener question.
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 121 - 03.26.2020 - UC bein...
The round of 32 is March Sadness is nearly complete. Jay Zawaski gives you the results, answers some questions and more!
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 120 - 03.25.2020 - Survey ...
Blackhawks March Sadness got underway Tuesday. Jay Zawaski shares the (likely) round 1 results, then dives in to Jon Greenberg's Sports Fan Poll
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 119 - 03.24.2020 - Extende...
So many great questions on this edition of Locked On Blackhawks. We went an extra 10 minutes to get everything answered.
38 min
Locked On Blackhawks 118 - 03.23.2020 - Blackha...
Is there anything more played out than a bracket show? Nope. Here's one anyway! It's Blackhawks March Sadness!
21 min
Locked On Blackhawks 117 - 03.20.2020 - Bowman ...
Rocky Wirtz says both Jeremy Colliton and Stan Bowman will return next season. Jay Zawaski reacts to the news, then chats with Charlie Roumeliotis of NBC Sports Chicago.
30 min
Locked On Blackhawks 116 - 03.18.2020 - Uh...di...
The hockey in limbo for the forseeable future, Jay Zawaski decided to go back and look at some games from the Hawks historic 2010 Cup run, starting with Game 5 vs Nashville.
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 115 - 03.17.2020 - Wirtz w...
Rocky Wirtz, along with Jerry Reinsdorf, have decided to pay UC employees during the season pause. Jay Zawaski discusses that and answers your Talkback Tuesday questions.
27 min
Locked On Blackhawks 114 - 03.16.2020 - NHL pla...
The NHL is working on several plans of actions if/when they return this season, Jay Zawaski discusses and assigns some homework
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 113 - 03.13.2020 - Is the ...
The NHL season is paused, but Locked On Blackhawks is not! Jay Zawaski discusses the emergence of several young Hawks defensemen in this episode.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 112 - 03.12.2020 - Hawks b...
The Blackhawks smoked the Sharks 6-2 in a jam packed United Center. Will it be the last hockey game we see in a while?
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 111 - 03.11.2020 - Sharks ...
The Blackhawks have recalled 2018 1st round pick Nicholas Beaudin from Rockford. The Hockey Writers Greg Boysen joins Jay Zawaski for a scouting report.
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 110 - 03.10.2020 - Talkbac...
It's an absolutely jam packed Talkback Tuesday on Locked On Blackhawks!
31 min
Locked On Blackhawks 109 - 03.08.2020 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks lost their second in a row, this time to the Blues. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss as the playoffs become more and more of a pipe-dream.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 108 - 03.06.2020 - Feedbac...
It's Jay's final day in Arizona, so he answered a bunch of your Blackhawks questions!
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 107 - 03.04.2020 - BEST OF...
Jay Zawaski sat down with Olympic Gold Medalist Kendall Coyne to discuss her new documentary, 'As Fast As Her,' and the women's' participation in the All Star Game
18 min
Locked On Blackhawks 106 - 03.02.2020 - Start l...
Jay Zawaski has had enough of your lack of Corey Crawford love. FIX IT! Jay later calms down and answers your mailbag questions.
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 105 - 02.28.2020 - Hawks s...
The Blackhawks picked up their second regulation win of the month, topping Tampa 5-3 on the backs of Kubalik and Crawford. Robin Lehner had some more to say, as well.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 104 - 02.27.2020 - Toews, ...
Now that the smoke has cleared on Monday's trade deadline, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are speaking their minds. Find out what they said and hear your questions answered on Talkback Thursday.
35 min
Locked On Blackhawks 103 - 02.26.2020 - Blues b...
The Blackhawks are still seeking their second regulation win of the month after losing 6-5 in St. Louis. Before the game, Robin Lehner took to Twitter to clear the air on some things.
30 min
Locked On Blackhawks 102 - 02.25.2020 - Hawks t...
The Robin Lehner and Erik Gustafsson eras are over. Jay Zawaski breaks down the Blackhawks moves at the trade deadline on this episode of Locked On Blackhawks.
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 101 - 02.23.2020 - Hawks l...
The trade deadline is finally here. Jay Zawaski predicts what deals will go down and breaks down the Hawks 2-1 loss to Dallas.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 100 - 02.21.2020 - Eddie O...
In celebration of Episode 100 of Locked On Blackhawks, Hawks analyst Eddie Olczyk joined Jay Zawaski for some hockey conversation
27 min
Locked On Blackhawks 099 - 02.20.2020 - Hawks l...
You'd think a team on life support would show up ready to play against a non-playoff team on the verge of selling, but here we are. The Blackhawks lost 6-3 at home to the New York Rangers...so...there's that.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 098 - 02.19.2020 - Lehner ...
The NHL Trade Deadline is already heating up, with some high profile players already on the move. Meanwhile, the Hawks and Robin Lehner's camp are still trying to get a deal done.
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 097 - 02.18.2020 - Talkbac...
It's Talkback Tuesday and Jay answers all of your questions...most of them about the trade deadline.
31 min
Locked On Blackhawks 096 - 02.17.2020 - Blackha...
A crucial five game stretch of games left the Blackhawks with only two points, but they're still within six points of a playoff spot. What will they do ahead of next week's Trade Deadline?
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 095 - 02.14.2020 - Jay's d...
On this episode of Locked On Blackhawks, Jay Zawaski stretches his short legs for some bigger picture Blackhawks conversation
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 094 - 02.13.2020 - Blackha...
The Blackhawks season is slowly slipping away, as they lose 3-0 in Vancouver despite a dominant performance. Jacob Markstrom stopped all 49 Blackhawks shots.
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 093 - 02.12.2020 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks let another two points slip away, this time losing to the McDavis-less Oilers in Edmonton
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 092 - 02.11.2020 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks have a huge week ahead, but need to keep their cool on the ice. Jay Zawaski talks about the Hawks leadership breaking down on the ice, then answers your Talkback Tuesday questions.
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 091 - 02.07.2020 - Sources...
The trade deadline is fast approaching, and Jay Zawaski has been working his sources. He updates the Hawks deadline plans and previews Sunday's matchup vs the Jets
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 090 - 02.06.2020 - Blackha...
The referees played a role in costing the Blackhawks a win over the Bruins on Wednesday night, but the Hawks deserve the bulk of the blame.
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 089 - 02.05.2020 - Dach ex...
The Blackhawks battled back but ultimately fell short, losing 3-2 in OT to the Minnesota Wild
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 088 - 02.04.2020 - Hawks p...
It's another thrilling edition of Talkback Tuesday on Locked On Blackhawks, but first, Jay Zawaski addressed Dustin Byfuglien's potential free agency and the newest Blackhawks, Nick Seeler
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 087 - 02.03.2020 - Hawks b...
The Blackhawks took two points in a shootout victory over the Arizona Coyotes on Saturday night. Jay Zawaski breaks down the win and looks ahead to a busy week.
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 086 - 01.31.2020 - Charlie...
The Blackhawks are finally back at it on Saturday. NBC Sport Chicago Blackhawks Insider Charlie Roumeliotis joins the podcast from Arizona
30 min
Locked On Blackhawks 085 - 01.30.2020 - Hawks f...
It seems like the vast majority of Blackhawks fans are all in on a playoff run. Jay Zawaski shares some comments and updates Wednesday's Eddie Belfour story.
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 084 - 01.29.2020 - What's ...
The Hawks are in striking distance of a playoff spot, but they also have a coach and a GM that are mostly despised by the fanbase. So...what do we want to happen more?
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 083 - 01.28.2020 - Talkbac...
It's a special cross-over episode of Locked On Blackhawks, as Jay's Madhouse Podcast partner James Neveau sits in on Talkback Tuesday
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 082 - 01.27.2020 - Are the...
The Detroit Red Wings are one of the worst teams in NHL history right now. Are the Hawks on the same path? We catch up with voice of the Cubs and Red Wings fan Len Kasper to find out.
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 081 - 01.24.2020 - Kendall...
Olympic gold medalist Kendall Coyne joined Jay Zawaski to discuss the 'As Fast As Her' documentary, the 3-on-3 women's tourney at All Star Weekend and more!
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 080 - 01.23.2020 - Detroit...
The All Star break is here, but there's still tons to discuss from Jay Zawaski on Locked On Blackhawks
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 079 - 01.22.2020 - Hawks l...
It was an emotional night at the United Center as Joel Quenneville returned, Patrick Kane was honored and Duncan Keith passed a Hawks legend
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 078 - 01.21.2020 - An abso...
It's Locked On Blackhawks starring you, the Locked On Blackhawks listeners, on Talkback Tuesday
35 min
Locked On Blackhawks 077 - 01.20.2020 - Hawks w...
Patrick Kane scored his 1,000th point during the Hawks 5-2 win over the Jets on Sunday. Could he be the greatest Blackhawk of all time when it's all said and done? Jay Zawaski thinks so.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 076 - 01.17.2020 - Ben Pop...
Sun-Times Blackhawks writer Ben Pope joins Jay to break down the team's Top 10 Prospects
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 075 - 01.16.2020 - Hawks w...
Corey Crawford continued his dominance of his home town team while Zack Smith's two first-period goals propelled the Hawks to their third straight win
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 074 - 01.15.2020 - Toews, ...
The game started out ugly, but the Blackhawks regrouped and beat the Senators 3-2 in overtime. Toews scored the game winner, while Kubalik added a pair of goals for the second consecutive game.
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 073 - 01.14.2020 - Could m...
It's another edition of Talkback Tuesday on Locked On Blackhawks, and Jay Zawaski contends it's the finest episode yet! Give it a listen and hear for yourself.
33 min
Locked On Blackhawks 072 - 01.13.2020 - Hawks b...
Saturday, Dominik Kubalik scored a pair of goals in the Hawks 3-1 win. Can he keep it up? If he does, can the Hawks afford to re-sign him?
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 071 - 01.10.2020 - Hawks l...
Pekka Rinne scored an empty netter to seal the Predators 5-2 win over the Blackhawks. Jay Zawaski breaks down a sloppy and disappointing effort.
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 070 - 01.09.2020 - Lehner ...
The Blackhawks face off against the Nashville Predators Thursday night in a huge game for both team. Jay Zawaski previews the game with Robby Stanley, host of Locked On Predators
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 069 - 01.08.2020 - Hawks l...
It was another #MissedOpportunity game for the Blackhawks, who played well but fell short, losing to Calgary 3-1. Dylan Strome was injured in the game, as well.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 068 - 01.07.2019 - Jay ans...
It's another fantastical edition of Talkback Tuesday. Jay Zawaski answers all your Blackhawks related queries and comments on Nashville's firing of Peter Laviolette
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 067 - 01.06.2020 - Blackha...
The Blackhawks got out of the gates slowly, but rallied from down 2-0 to beat the lowly Red Wings 4-2
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 066 - 01.03.2020 - Canucks...
The Blackhawks played well, but ultimately fell short, losing 7-5 in a wild game in Vancouver. Jay Zawaski breaks it down and previews Sunday's game vs Detroit
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 065 - 01.02.2020 - Blackha...
The Blackhawks have won three in a row. Can they make it four straight tonight in Vancouver? Jay Zawaski previews the action.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 064 - 12.31.2019 - Kane na...
It's another Talkback Tuesday episode of Locked On Blackhawks, but first, Jay Zawaski shares some good (for once) Hawks news
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 063 - 12.30.2019 - Hawks a...
The Blackhawks came back from a two goal deficit to defeat the Blue Jackets in Columbus. Robin Lehner got the win, but the game wasn't without its controversy.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 062 - Seabrook, deHaan out...
Brent Seabrook and Calvin deHaan are out for the season. Could it be the end of the road for Seabrook? Jay Zawaski discusses and previews tonight's game vs the Islanders
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 061 - 12.24.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks lost 7-1 on home ice to one of the worst teams in hockey...so there's that. Oh, it's also Talkback Tuesday.
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 060 - 12.23.2019 - Hawks b...
The Blackhawks beat, and beat up on, the Avalanche on Saturday. Jay Zawaski breaks down the win and discusses Brent Seabrook's mysterious injury.
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 059 - 12.20.2019 - Hawks b...
Patrick Kane had 4 points, Robin Lehner stopped 36 shots and the Hawks beat the Jets 4-1. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 058 - 12.19.2019 - Hawks l...
Once again, the Avalanche got the best of the Blackhawks, this time 4-1. Jay shares a story of Doc Emrick, the nicest man in sports, and previews the Jets
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 057 - 12.18.2019 - Boqvist...
Adam Boqvist reached a contract milestone after Sunday's game, Jay Zawaski discusses that, looks at Dylan Strome's next contract, and previews the Avalanche game
21 min
Locked On Blackhawks 056 - 12.17.2019 - Marc Cr...
The Blackhawks and Marc Crawford issue joint statements informing fans the assistant coach will return on January 2nd. Jay Zawaski shares his thoughts and answers your Talkback Tuesday questions
31 min
Locked On Blackhawks 055 - 12.16.2019 - Blackha...
You win some, you lose some, just like the Hawks did this weekend. Jay Zawaski breaks down both contests and rides the roller coaster of emotions with you, the Blackhawks fan
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 054 - 12.13.2019 - Shortha...
The Hawks lost another tough one, this time falling 5-2 to the Arizona Coyotes. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss and discusses whether or not the Hawks should allow Dach to play for Team Canada was the WJC.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 053 - 12.12.2019 - Hawks a...
The Blackhawks are at a crossroads. Jay Zawaski looks down that dark road, previews the game vs AZ and talks to Kyle Demetrius, host of Locked On Sharks, about Pete DeBoer
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 052 - 12.11.2019 - Hawks l...
'Twas quite the stinker in Sin City, as the Blackhawks lost 5-1 to the Golden Knights. Adding injury to insult, Calvin deHaan re-injured his shoulder and looks to be out for quite a while.
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 051 - 12.10.2019 - Boqvist...
It was a newsy Monday for the Blackhawks, as the called up Adam Boqvist and Matthew Highmore while sending Andrew Shaw to LTIR. Jay Zawaski discusses the news and answers your Talkback Tuesday questions
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 050 - 12.09.2019 - Hawks l...
Robin Lehner will take the blame, but he's the only reason the Hawks even got a point in this game. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss and assigns the game's Pluses & Minuses.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 049 - 12.06.2019 - Debrinc...
The Blackhawks defeated hockey's best team, topping the Bruins 4-3 in Boston Thursday night. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down and preview tonight's matchup vs the Devils
27 min
Locked On Blackhawks 048 - 12.05.2019 - Lehner ...
Robin Lehner had a lot to say about the Marc Crawford situation. Jay discusses Mark Lazerus' great piece and previews tonight's game vs the Bruins
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 047 - 12.04.2019 - Strome ...
It's Talkback Tuesday on a Wednesday! Jay Zawaski answers all your Blackhawks questions, but first updates the statuses of several injured Blackhawks.
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 046 - 12.03.2019 - Hawks l...
It was another disappointing divisional loss for the Blackhawks on Monday, this time to the Blues. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss, talks about Marc Crawford's absence and more.
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 045 - 12.02.2019 - Avs smo...
In what could have been a weekend to gain some ground, the Blackhawks lost to Colorado twice by a combined score of 12-5. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 044 - 11.29.2019 - Blackha...
Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has been sniffing around Hawks and Ice Hogs games. Could a trade be in the works? Jay Zawaski also previews the Avalanche weekend series with Chris Micieli
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 043 - 11.27.2019 - Crawfor...
In one of their better efforts of the season, Corey Crawford and the Blackhawks shut out the red-hot Dallas Stars. Jay Zawaski breaks down the game, updates Dylan Strome's status and discusses the Akim Aliu situtation
31 min
Locked On Blackhawks 042 - 11.26.2019 - Your Ha...
Jay Zawaski laid forth the challenge, and the Locked On Blackhawks listeners came through. It's an overflowing mailbag on Talkback Tuesday!
28 min
Locked On Blackhawks 041 - 11.25.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks dropped a tough one to the Dallas Stars on Saturday night. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss and discusses Robin Lehner's shootout issues
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 040 - 11.22.2019 - Hawks l...
The Blackhawks lost their second game in a row, this time to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss and Jeremy Colliton's latest weird coaching decision. He also previews Saturday's big game vs Dallas.
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 039 - 11.21.2019 - Brian C...
The Blackhawks look to get back on track tonight vs the Lightning. Jay Zawaski previews the game, discusses the importance of Brian Campbell and weighs whether or not the Blackhawks should pursue Mike Babcock
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 038 - 11.20.2019 - Hawks l...
It was 48 minutes of pure misery, but the Blackhawks rallied back to make it interesting before losing 4-2 to Carolina. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down and goes over the games Pluses & Minuses
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 037 - 11.19.2019 - Talkbac...
Jay got a ton of great questions for Talkback Tuesday and did his best to answer them all. Later, we go Behind Enemy Lines to preview tonight's opponent, the Carolina Hurricanes.
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 036 - 11.18.2019 - Hawks d...
The Blackhawks have won 4 in row, 5 of their last 6 and taken points in 8 of their last 9. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 035 - 11.15.2019 - Boqvist...
The Blackhawks demoted defenseman Adam Boqvist as Connor Murphy is set to return from the IR. Jay Zawaski discusses the impact of both moves and previews Saturday's game in Nashville
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 034 - 11.14.2019 - Dach sc...
The Blackhawks won their second in a row, beating the Golden Knights 5-3 in Vegas. Kirby Dach picked up a goal and an assist while Kane and Strome had 3 point nights of their own.
25 min
Locked On Blackhawks 033 - 11.13.2019 - Murphy ...
Connor Murphy will travel with the Blackhawks on their short two game trip, but could Alex Nylander be in danger of a scratch? Jay Zawaski discusses and shares audio of Jeremy Colliton after Tuesday's practice
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 032 - 11.12.2019 - Strome,...
Thursday, Dylan Strome admitted the Hawks were playing last year's system. Sunday, after the Blackhawks win, Jeremy Colliton confirmed it. Jay Zawaski shares the audio then answers your Talkback Tuesday questions
29 min
Locked On Blackhawks 031 - 11.11.2019 - Lehner ...
The Blackhawks have suddenly taken 5 of the last 6 available points, and more importantly are showing signs of life after their 5-4 win over the Leafs. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down.
22 min
Locked On Blackhawks 030 - 11.08.2019 - Hawks b...
The Blackhawks picked up a 5-2 win over one of the best teams in the West Thursday night, beating the Canucks 5-2. Jay Zawaski breaks it all down and goes over the game's Pluses & Minuses
26 min
Locked On Blackhawks 029 - 11.07.2019 - Time fo...
After a series of embarrassing losses, Jay Zawaski thinks it's time for the Blackhawks to fire head coach Jeremy Colliton. He lays out his plan of succession and previews Thursday's game vs Vancouver
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 028 - 11.06.2019 - Lowly S...
The Hawks were dominated by one of the worst teams in the NHL on Tuesday night. Jay Zawaski breaks down the loss and admits it might be time for a change at the top
24 min
Locked On Blackhawks 027 - 11.05.2019 - Boqvist...
Jeremy Colliton has raved about Adam Boqvist's first two games. Jay Zawaski looks inside the numbers, previews tonight's game vs San Jose and looks at some potential trade candidates
23 min
Locked On Blackhawks 026 - 11.04.2019 - Blackha...
The Blackhawks beat the Ducks in Anaheim, Adam Boqvist scored his first NHL goal and Jay Zawaski answers your Mailbag Monday questions
35 min