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How's it going A's fans and welcome to Locked On A's, part of the Locked On podcast network. This podcast is your daily stop for all things Oakland Athletics. Of course we'll be covering the news and providing analysis, but we're also going to incorporate mailbags, statistical deep dives, A's history episodes, series previews and talk a bit about the minor leagues as well! The A's are a young and exciting team, and Locked on A's will be here with you every step towards winning the final game of the season. Locked on A's is hosted by former internet scribe (blogger) and noted baseball fan, Jason Burke. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

Episode Thirty-Seven - How a Shortened Season W...
How a Shortened Season Would Impact the A's
14 min
Episode Thirty-Six - Locked On is Locked Down
Locked On is Locked Down
14 min
Episode Thirty-Five - Say Hello to (D.C.) Lundb...
Locked on Mariners Crossover
26 min
Episode Thirty-Four - Talkin' Stros with Eric H...
Talkin' Stros with Eric Huysman
23 min
Episode Thirty-Three - Mailbag Episode: Roster ...
Mailbag Episode: Roster Moves, Roster Construction
17 min
Episode Thirty-Two - The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On
15 min
Episode Thirty-One - Wash Your Hands
Wash Your Hands
19 min
Episode Thirty - Next Man Up
Next Man Up
19 min
Episode Twenty-Nine - What a Jorge Mateo Trade ...
What a Jorge Mateo Trade Could Look Like
19 min
Episode Twenty-Eight - The Power of Glove
The Power of Glove
16 min
Episode Twenty-Seven - For Puk's Sake
For Puk's Sake
17 min
Episode Twenty-Six - Speed Doesn't Slump
Episode Twenty-Six - Speed Doesn't Slump
17 min
Episode Twenty-Five - When Your Slider Gives Yo...
When Your Slider Gives You Issues, Make it a Cutter
17 min
Episode Twenty-Four - What Happens if Piscotty ...
What Happens if Piscotty Misses Opening Day?
18 min
Episode Twenty-Three - Hello, Win Column
Hello, win column
18 min
Episode Twenty-Two - How the West Will Be Won
The A's Are Winning the AL West in 2020. Book it.
17 min
Episode Twenty-One - Working on the Slider
Working on the Slider
15 min
Episode Twenty - There Were Baseball Games This...
Spring games have begun!
16 min
Episode Nineteen - Potential Breakouts: AL MVP?
Potential Breakouts: AL MVP?
13 min
Episode Eighteen - Potential Breakouts: Jeffrey...
Potential Breakouts: Jeffrey Benjamin
18 min
Episode Seventeen - Potential Breakouts: The Ra...
One of the A's up-and-comers has been compared to Randy Johnson since he was drafted, so what will be the key for him to unlocking his potential in 2020?
16 min
Episode Sixteen - Potential Breakouts: This Pla...
This player doesn't need to have a huge offensive season to have a huge impact on the 2020 Oakland Athletics
17 min
Episode Fifteen - Potential Breakouts: Borderli...
This week is all about potential breakout players, so which one is "borderline unfair"?
21 min
Episode Fourteen - PECOTA isn't a Fan of the Oa...
PECOTA has the A's finishing where in the AL West??
21 min
Episode Thirteen - Spring Training Has Arrived
News and notes from the first day of spring training
15 min
Episode Twelve - What if the Playoffs Lasted Fo...
A new playoff format could be on the way in Major League Baseball, so just what is it all about?
15 min
Episode Eleven - One Man's Trash
A left-handed bat isn't going to a divisional rival, you say?
17 min
Episode Ten - A's History: The Greatest of All ...
Eddie Plank is the A's franchise leader in bWAR, so just who is he?
12 min
Episode Nine - They Did it All For the Mookie
What would a Mookie Betts to Oakland deal have looked like?
17 min
Episode Eight - Let's Add a Depth Option
Who would GM Jason sign out of the current free agents?
15 min
Episode Seven - "Get the Shovels Ready"
Catching up on all of the Oakland Athletics news from FanFest
16 min
Episode Six - It's Not the Hall of Unanimous, Y...
Jason has some fun at Jeter's expense and then talks about which A's could be building the foundation of their Hall of Fame candidacy
20 min
Episode Five - The Buzzers Are Circling
15 min
Episode Four - Crime and Punishment
The Astros have been punished, but was it enough?
31 min
Episode Three - Arbitration and Pipe Dreams
Arbitration, the A's, and Pipe Dreams
21 min
Episode Two - Cheating Cheaters (You're Only Ch...
17 min
Episode One - The Winter of our Contentment
While the Oakland Athletics haven't made a lot of eye-catching moves, the ones that they have made have built up the depth of a team that made the wild card game in each of the last two seasons
20 min
Locked On A's - Teaser Episode
A quick preview of what to expect from the new Locked On A's Podcast
2 min