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Rob Manfred Comments on the Astros, James Click...
Astros receive some reprieve from the Commissioner and we announce the Astros NBA All Star Team
15 min
Carlos Correa Admits Banging And Defends Altuve
Correa owns up to banging scheme in 2017, and defends Altuve while Dusty Baker worries about his hitters
35 min
What We Learned From The Astros Apology
A lot was said by the Astros players, but did it even matter?
43 min
Andrew Heaney Hopes the Astros Feel Like S---
The New MLB Roster Rules Are Announced
26 min
El Jefe Beltran and his Astros Minions
We are Locked On The Astros Godfather Carlos Beltran
23 min
Looking at the Astros Bullpen and Bolsinger News
The hits keep coming for the Astros this offseason as more comes out in the aftermath of the scandal.
23 min
AJ Hinch's Interview and the Codebreakers Article
What a great way to end the week right before spring training.
23 min
Astros Set To Sign Top Cuban Hitter For $4 Million
Pete Rose uses the Astros to push his Hall Of Fame agenda
19 min
How Do Rays Fans Feel About Astros Hiring Click?
Looking at the Mookie Betts trade and the shock wave sent through the league.
25 min
Sorry Rays For the Astros Stealing James Click
Tim Brown thinks that Astros shouldn't have stolen Click from the Rays
28 min
Astros Hire Rays' Executive James Click As GM
The Astros now can move forward with a GM and manager in place for 2020.
23 min
Dusty Baker Should Inspire Astros Fans in 2020
Reflecting on Dusty Baker's press conference with the Astros
23 min
Astros Hire Dusty Baker to be the Manager in 2020
In a surprise move, the Astros do hire Dusty Baker, but only for 1-year and a option.
38 min
Is Dusty Baker The Astros Manager or Not?
It was a weird day for Astros fans a Baker reportedly was hired, but not quite yet.
29 min
Are The Astros Looking at Both Baker and Evans?
Both Baker and Evans worked for the Giants for a long-time, could they work together in Houston again?
29 min
The Loss of Kobe Bryant & the Latest Astros News
More outcry from baseball to punish the Astros players.
24 min
Dallas Keuchel Talks About The 2017 Astros
Brad Ausmus is now being interviewed to be the Astros manager? No thanks!
33 min
Manfred: The Astros 2017 Title Will NOT Be Vacated
Sorry Los Angeles City Council. there is no way to know what would have happened if the Astros weren't cheating.
22 min
It Appears That Dusty Baker is at the Top of List
The Astros will meet as a team once they get to Florida and plan apology
26 min
Looking For the Right Manager for the Astros
Looking at the manager candidates and looking at the HOF announcement tomorrow
31 min
Callis Joins to Talk Astros Punishment & Prospects
How will the loss of draft picks affect the Astros?
27 min
Day 4 of the Astros Fallout Has Carlos Beltran ...
Taylor Blake Ward Joins to talk Astros and Angels
33 min
Grae Kessinger Interview & Booth Talks Astros
Jeremy Booth joins to look at the best manager for the Astros.
41 min
Day 2 Of the Fallout of the Astros Sign Stealin...
The Red Sox do indeed make a move after the Astros fired AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow
39 min
The Astros Get Punished: Fire Hinch & Luhnow
Jim Crane Goes Beyond MLB Punishment, Jeff Luhnow and A.J. Hinch were both dismissed by the Astros.
44 min
Chandler Rome Joins to Talk About Astros Invest...
The Astros beat writer joins to discuss cheating, arbitration, and so much more.
28 min
Astros Head To Arbitration With Springer and Diaz
The Astros file at $17.5 million and Springer at $22.5 million
26 min
Who the Heck Is Austin Pruitt..Checks Notes..AHHH
The Astros add a potential arm to the rotation or bullpen for next four seasons
25 min
The Astros Will Be Punished Soon But Not Alone
Spencer Morris joins to talk about the latest in the Astros sign-stealing scandal
24 min
The Astros Are 14th In Fewest Spending
As Spring Training approaches, so does the outcome of the investigation
17 min
So Long Will Harris & What Correa Said About Fiers
The Astros lose their fireman in the bullpen
19 min
Could the Astros Work An Extension With Springe...
The deadline to settle on contracts for arbitration eligible players is Jan 10.
21 min
Did the Astros Make A Mistake Trading For Greinke?
Jack Curry criticizes the Astros for letting Gerrit Cole go
19 min
Astros Got a Catcher: Re-Sign Maldonado
The Astros finally get Maldonado to sign a two-year deal
12 min
Gerrit Cole Loses His Beard & Catching Options
Could the Astros extend George Springer and avoid arbitration?
16 min
Joe Smith Re-Signs With the Astros
Needed another arm for the bullpen, the Astros re-sign Smith
21 min
The AL West Gets Better As Astros Sit Idle
The Rangers Make a Big Move That Set Stadium Ablaze
23 min
The Astros Lose Three Prospects in Rule 5 Draft
The Astros have only a little bit of money to get three more players
28 min
About Those Correa Trade Rumors and Reports
Gerrit Cole is now the enemy and I feel alright
21 min
Report Said the Astros Considered Trading Correa
Could the Astros trade Carlos Correa and Josh Reddick to cut salary?
28 min
The Strasburg Signing Shows Astros Are Out On Cole
The Winter Meetings begin with a bang as Strasburg returns to the Nationals.
18 min
Let The Winter Meetings Begin for the Astros
The Astros still have a few holes on the roster to address.
20 min
The Aftermath of the Jake Marisnick Trade
Saying goodbye to Jake from Rake Farm
18 min
Zach Wheeler Is No Longer an Option for Astros
The Offseason is Hot Outside of Houston
18 min
So Long Aaron Sanchez, We Will Always Have the ...
The Astros Non-Tender Aaron Sanchez
16 min
The Non-Tender Candidates
The Non-Tender Candidates
18 min
Thankful For Family, Friends, Astros, and Garneau
Happy Thanksgiving All!!!
15 min
Locked On Astros' Prospect Chas McCormick
Interview With Astros Outfield Prospect Chas McCormick
17 min
Does Josh Reddick's Surgery Change Offseason Pl...
The Astros are in a state of limbo waiting for the verdict of the investigation.
17 min
MLB Is Investigating the 2018-19 Astros As Well
This Could Get Even Messier
24 min
Who Did the Astros Protect From Rule 5 Draft?
You May Take Draft Picks, But You Can't Take Away the 2017 Champs
20 min
Reaction to Rob Manfred's Comments and Possible...
Jeremy Booth joins to talk about the Astros cheating scandal
26 min
Batting Clean Author Kirk McKnight Joins to Tal...
The podcast takes a short break from the cheating talk to talk about Dale Murphy
22 min
How Far Up Does This Cheating Scandal Go?
MLB Is Still Investigating the Astros 2017 Season
16 min
Alex Bregman, More Cheating, and Rule 5 Draft Talk
Jayne Hansen joins to talk about the Rule 5 draft
24 min
Cy Verlander and the State of the Farm System
Jayne Hansen Joins to Talk About the Astros Farm System
22 min
Mike Fiers And Others Snitch on the 2017 Astros
Let's Please Just Talk About Baseball!
28 min
Alvarez Is The ROY and Zack Wheeler Talk
Yordan Alvarez Wins The AL ROY Unanimously
16 min
What's Up With the Ryans' and Luxury Tax Talk
Is the luxury tax that bad for the Astros?
19 min
Looking Ahead to the Astros Offseason
Does Gerrit Cole Make Sense?
18 min
Jim Crane Says They Will Make A Run For Cole
The Astros offer a qualifying offer to Gerrit Cole and other news.
14 min
Gerrit Cole And The Luxury Tax Threshold
Zack Greinke is the only Astros player to get a Golden Glove Award.
15 min
Astros Fall Short in the World Series
Astros Fall Short in the World Series
23 min
Nats Force A Game 7 in the World Series
What is Bregman doing with the bat and why did Dave Martinez get so upset?
19 min
Are You Pumped For Game 6 Of The World Series?
Justin Verlander is looking to change his luck in the World Series
19 min
Cole, Alvarez, and Correa Lead Astros to Victory
Not Even Women Flashing Gerrit Cole Could Distract Him
18 min
The World Series Is All Tied Up
The Astros win behind the bat of Alex Bregman and the pitching of Jose Urquidy
18 min
Astros Win Game 3 Of World Series
The Offense Capitalized on the Nationals Miscues.
20 min
You're Telling Me There Is A Chance?
The Astros turn to Zack Greinke to get a big win in Washington
23 min
Gerrit Cole Actually Loses a Game
The Astros are unable to recover from Gerrit Cole allowing five runs
23 min
Ben Reiter Joins to Talk Astros and World Series
Which pitching staff is better and Brandon Taubman
24 min
Zack Greinke Will Be The Key in World Series
With all the match up of aces, Zack Greinke starts could be the biggest for the Astros.
26 min
The Astros Are World Series Bound!
Jose Altuve walks it off to send the Astros to the World Series.
23 min
Astros Are Still Up 3-2 And Let's Play Loud Ton...
Justin Verlander recovered after early struggles but the Astros head home for Game 6
21 min
The Astros Win Game 4, Need 1 More Win for WS
Justin Verlander will look to clinch the ALCS tomorrow night,
23 min
The Astros Whistle While They Win or Lose?
The Astros Game Is Postponed as Whistle-Gate Emerges
19 min
Astros Win Game 3 Behind Gerrit Cole
Astros Win In Game 3 Behind Gerrit Cole
19 min
How Big Was Carlos Correa's Walk off Homer in G...
Gerrit Cole Is Set to Face the Yankees In Game 3 of the ALCS
24 min
Astros Win Game Two in ALCS on Correa's Blast
Astros Win Game Two in ALCS on Correa's Blast
18 min
Astros Bats Held to 3 Hits In Game 1 of ALCS
Zack Greinke Had a Better Start, But Not Great
18 min
Astros Win ALDS, Bring On The Yankees!!!
The Astros win in dominating fashion behind the domination of Gerrit Cole
27 min
The Astros Are Very Confident About Game 5
With Gerrit Cole on the mound, the Astros look to advance to the ALCS.
16 min
Astros Get Tropicana'd In Game 4 of the ALDS
The Rays Force Game 4 of the ALDS
18 min
Zack Greinke Struggles as the Astros Drop Game 3
Justin Verlander will get the start for Game 4 of the ALDS.
17 min
Greinke Will Let His Pitching Do the Talking
Game 3 of the ALDS Will Start Early Today
17 min
Game 2 Domination By Gerrit Cole In ALDS
Gerrit Cole's Domination Was Almost Wasted in the Ninth
18 min
The Rays Got Verlander'ed In Game 1
Verlander and Altuve Lead Astros to Victory in Game 1
17 min
Astros: Some ALDS Game 1 Talk Before First Pitch
The Astros Will Begin the 2019 postseason at 1:05 pm today.
21 min
Talking Astros vs. Rays with Geoff Blum
Now that the Rays are in, Blummer joins to talk Astros playoffs
28 min
A Look at the Athletics While We Wait For the A...
Gerrit Cole Adds More Awards to his Season Accomplishments
17 min
Gerrit Cole Dominates As The Astros Win 107th Game
In the final tuneup of the regular season, the Astros looked good.
20 min
Astros: Home Field Throughout The Playoffs Baby!
Justin Verlander Hits Two Milestones in his Win
17 min
The Astros Clinch The Number 1 Seed in the AL
The Astros need one more win to clinch home field through out the playoffs
19 min
Astros: Zack Greinke Got Close to A No-Hitter
The Astros Set A New Franchise Record With Wins
16 min
Houston, We Have A New Single Season Strikeout ...
Gerrit Cole Passes JR Richard in Most K's in a Season In Astros History
17 min
Astros: Justin Verlander Is Just Awesome
A Little Off Day Astros Talk Centered Around Justin Verlander
17 min
The Astros Clinch the AL West Again!
Is Wade Miley a Lock for the Astros Playoff Roster?
15 min
Dear Fans, Don't Interfere With Balls In Play -...
All About Wade Miley and Fan Interference
16 min
The Astros Are First To 100 Wins
Gerrit Cole Get's his 300th Strikeout of the Season
16 min
Astros Need One More Win to Reach the Century Mark
The Astros Get Timely Offense and Great Pitching By Justin Verlander
18 min