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Locked On Astros offers a daily look inside the Houston Astros and the MLB. The show is hosted by Eric Huysman (@EricTalksStros) and Brett Chancey (@HtownWheelHouse) of Stros411 on Facebook. Listen to Locked On Astros, Monday to Friday. Listen for the extra Astros talk you can't get on the radio. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day!

Astros/Angels Preview without a Trout?
Astros vs. Angels Preview, What pitchers will stay and go, a little league story
14 min
Cristian Javier shined in his first MLB start
Joe Kelly and New Extra-Innings Rule Suck
27 min
Benches Clear As Joe Kelly Throws at Astros
The Dodgers won the battle on all fronts Tuesday night, but watch out for tomorrow.
32 min
Astros Win Behind Bats and Brandon Bielak
After Justin Verlander was placed on the IL, the Astros recall two pitchers and get the win.
26 min
Verlander Will Be Shut Down For Two Weeks
On a day where Zack Greinke has a early exit, we learned that Justin Verlander will miss time.
28 min
Justin Verlander notches 1st Win of 2020
The Astros take game 1 of 2020, Verlander, Brantley and Maldonado shine
14 min
Astros Opening Day Is Here & Expanded Playoffs
Looking at the Astros opening day roster and the expanded playoff news.
27 min
Brandon Bailey on Making The Astros (Interview)
After being told he made the Astros opening day squad, Brandon bailey joins the podcast.
24 min
Altuve is OK and Betts Sets Market For Springer...
The Astros dodge a COVID-19 crisis after Hunter Dozier tests positive.
31 min
People Are Enjoying Astros' HBP & Altuve's Injury
The joys of the Astros blowout derailed by Jose Altuve's exit after a slide at a plate.
23 min
Predicting Astros 30-man Roster and Players' Stats
Looking at the stats from the 2019 season for the Astros through 60 games.
27 min
Astros Exhibition Games vs. Royals In Doubt?
The 2020 Astros season begins on Friday, no matter what happens with the games in Kansas City.
27 min
Dusty Baker and the Cool Things He Says
Michael Schwab joins the podcast for part two talking about the 2020 season.
24 min
Talking Sign Stealing With Michael Schwab
Looking at how many games the Astros will play this year.
24 min
Framber Valdez Looks to be the Astros 5th Starter
With Jose Urquidy on the 10-Day IL, Framber Valdez looks to be the fifth starter.
18 min
The Baseball Brit Loves Lance McCullers Jr
Joey The Baseball Brit joins Htown Wheelhouse in an exclusive interview.
33 min
Astros players to wear mask, and Optimism?
Astros seek to work through struggles of an already tough Summer Camp
29 min
Justin Verlander and A Scrub Throw a 4 IP NoNo
The Astros play a four-inning scrimmage with two of their big horses on the mound.
27 min
Looking at the 2020 Astros Schedule and Practice
MLB unveiled the 2020 schedule for the Houston Astros
31 min
Astros Summer Camp Begins With Missing Campers
Yordan Alvarez and Jose Urquidy have conditions preventing them from joining the camp.
27 min
Authentic Astros Talk With Mike Acosta: Part 2
Mike talks about new features at MMP and the memes of Globe Life Field
27 min
Authentic Astros Talk With Mike Acosta: Part 1
Looking back at the 2017 season and looking forward to 2020.
27 min
Astros Set 56-Player Pool for the 2020 Season
Eric and Brett take a look at Astros 56-man player pool for 2020
33 min
Weekend Update With Brett "Htown Wheelhouse" Ch...
What's got Brett so upset?
25 min
Looking At the Rules For the 2020 MLB Season
Now that both sides agreed to something finally, let's take a brief look at the rules for the 2020 season.
24 min
There Will Be MLB Baseball Manfred Style: Part 2
The second part of the podcast discussing the latest MLB news.
22 min
There Will Be MLB Baseball Manfred Style: Part 1
We have a shotgun season unfolding for the MLB after the players reject MLB's latest offer.
25 min
Gabrielle of LO Red Sox: Discussing MLB's Mess ...
Could the Red Sox make a run for George Springer in free agency?
23 min
Talking MLB 60-Game Proposal with Jared Diamond
After saying there may not be a season a few days ago, Manfred meets with Tony Clark to make a framework for a season.
38 min
Gabrielle of LO Red Sox: Discussing MLB's Mess ...
Well, it looks like the players are standing firm and making Rob Manfred squirm.
26 min
Manfred's Not Sure There Will Be Baseball, What?
Rob Manfred has said that he's not so sure there will be baseball in 2020
35 min
Locked On Long Gone Summer with McGwire and Sosa
Four Locked On MLB host join to discuss the 30 for 30 documentary covering the summer of 1998.
53 min
The Yankees Did What and MLBPA Shuts Down Talks
It was a busy Saturday, so we decided to do a special podcast.
36 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundtable - 8 Locked On Hosts discuss life as a black man in America
85 min
Talking Astros 2020 Draft With Spencer Morris
Spencer Morris of the Crawfish Boxes joins Brett to discuss the 2020 draft
36 min
MLBPA Expected to Reject 76 Game Proposal
Despite MLB proposing more games, the players think they are way off track.
28 min
Instant Reaction to MLB's 76-Game Proposal
MLB offers to pay the players 75% of a their prorated salary for 76 games.
16 min
MLB Says "No More Counter Proposals For You!"
After the players latest proposals, MLB said that they will be discussing a shorter season.
29 min
What the MLBPA Wants and MLB's Fallback Plan
The players want more games and the owners have a backup plan.
24 min
Some Owners Willing to Cancel MLB Season
Which side is bluffing in the compensation discussions to restart the 2020 season.
18 min
What's Up With MLB Baseball Part 2
A look at what's going on with minor leaguers.
18 min
What's Up With MLB Baseball Part 1
Looking at the players reaction and who would be affected by the owners latest proposal.
18 min
Jomboy Joins To Discuss MLB's Latest Proposal P...
Jomboy talks about his part in the Astros trashcan banging scandal.
28 min
Jomboy Joins To Discuss MLB's Latest Proposal P...
They guy behind the videos of the Astros beating trashcans joins the show to talk baseball.
25 min
Memorial Day 2020 and What's Next for MLB
Memorial Day 2020 and What's Next for MLB
26 min
Talking Baseball Economics with Barry Bloom
We look at all the obstacles that MLB and the players association has to hurdle to play baseball.
35 min
"There's No Fighting in baseball." - Rob Manfred
No Fighting, spitting or shaking hands.
28 min
Catching Up With Bullpen Catcher Javier Bracamonte
The talks to restart the 2020 season will drag out longer as details are worked out.
38 min
Not So Fast, Players May Not Like MLB's Plan
It comes down to player safety and money as MLB presents it's plan to the MLBPA Tuesday.
24 min
So, There's a Chance for Astros Baseball in 2020
Could the Astros still extend George Springer?
22 min
Key Games From the Astros 2019 Season Part 2
Looking back at some more of the top games in 2019.
28 min
Key Games From the Astros 2019 Season Part 1
Looking back at a few of the best games of the 2019 season.
25 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 2017 ...
The Astros finally get the World Series championship, a look back.
33 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 2017 ...
Hurricane Harvey, The Verlander trade, and the ALDS vs. the Red Sox.
31 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 2017 ...
When people think Astros, they think of this
23 min
Talking MLB Latest 2020 Plans With Samantha Bunten
The Astros could be part of a 10-team west division.
33 min
Let's Discuss Manfred's Red Sox Report
MLB finally releases the Red Sox investigation report
27 min
Could Texas Be Part of Baseball Return Plans?
Looking at the rumors circling the restart of the MLB baseball season.
25 min
Htown Wheelhouse Interview with His Father
Htown Wheelouse interview with his Father
29 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 2005 ...
A look back at the playoff run for the 2005 Astros
32 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 2005 ...
Looking back at the 2005 Astros regular season.
19 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 2019
Despite falling short in the World Series, the 2019 Astros were special
30 min
Will the 2020 MLB Season be Played Under a Dome?
Looking at some of the information leaked about potential plans for the 2020 season
25 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 1980 ...
Part 2 of looking at the 1980 Astros season.
22 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 1980 ...
Looking back at the season where the Astros made the playoffs for the first time
20 min
What You Needed: Houston Sports Triple Play Part 2
The hosts of the Locked On Astros, Rockets, and Texans unite for two epic podcasts
23 min
What You Needed: Houston Sports Triple Play Part 1
The hosts of the Locked On Astros, Rockets, and Texans unite for two epic podcasts
21 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: 1986
What was Mike Scott's big season in 1986 is the Astros 5th best season.
24 min
Astros Best Seasons in Franchise History: Just ...
Looking back at three, not all, of the seasons that just missed making the top 5 list.
24 min
Talking About the MLB and MLBPA Agreement for 2020
When will baseball return?
28 min
Catching Up with Geoff Blum Part 2
Geoff Blum on the spring battles and more
26 min
Catching Up with Geoff Blum Part 1
It would have been opening day, but we discuss what's next for the Astros.
19 min
Catching Up with Julia Morales Part 2
What is Julia Morales doing in lockdown and thoughts on the Astros scandal once baseball resumes.
26 min
Catching Up with Julia Morales Part 1
With no Astros baseball currently going on, Julia Morales joins the show.
18 min
Fandom Feature Joshstros of Apollo Media 2 of 2
Brett wraps up his interview with Joshstros
17 min
Fandom Feature: Joshtros of Apollo Media 1 of 2
Part 1 of 2 Joshstros joins Brett for a 2 part interview
15 min
Looking Back At the Astros News of the Week
Justin Verlander has surgery and Jared Hughes and Astros part ways.
19 min
Astros and Rangers Crossover 2020 Series Preview
Lets talk Astros vs. Rangers once the play resumes.
21 min
Astros and M's Crossover 2020 Season Preview
Astros and Mariners what's ahead for both teams in 2020?
25 min
Astros and Angels Crossover 2020 Series Preview
When the 2020 season begins, we look at the Angels and Astros matchup.
19 min
Astros and A's Crossover 2020 Season Preview
When the 2020 season starts, the Athletics will be the Astros main foe.
20 min
MLB Will Postpone the Start of the Season
Trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus, MLB suspends games.
20 min
Please Don't Take Away our Opening Day
With the Corona Virus spreading, the Astros are monitoring the situation.
17 min
Yordan Alvarez and His Very Bad Knee
After the Justin Verlander injury, who is stepping up for the fifth starter?
27 min
Verlander's Opening Day Status Up in the Air
Justin Verlander and the Corona Virus, why you should not be worried.
25 min
Take My Triceps, Not Justin Verlander's
Listen to the latest Locked On Astros/Talking Stros podcast
29 min
Farewell Collin McHugh and Hello Josh James
Kyle Tucker finally breaks out and the battle for the fifth starter heats up.
23 min
Kyle Tucker and his Long-Lever Swing
Are the Astros hitters really that far behind the pitchers?
24 min
Astros Future Jimmy Price discusses Yordan's kn...
Alvarez Knee, JV and Urquidy pitch well, Whitely has good outing, and who is lurking in the minors for the Astros.
25 min
Should Astros Players to Drop in Fantasy Drafts?
Looking at how people outside view your hometown squad.
27 min
Fandom Feature: Joshtros of Apollo Media joins ...
Part 1 of 2 Joshstros joins Brett for a 2 part interview
15 min
Great to See Lance McCullers Back on the Mound
Talking Stros Sunday: Looking at the Astros rotation depth going into 2020.
34 min
Javier shines and Fiers wants to Face Astros
Cristian Javier, and Mike FIers "knows how to pitch" the Astros
17 min
Myles Straw Is Out Slugging Alex Bregman
While the Astros cheating was BAD, their appears to be more interest in the MLB in the aftermath
30 min
Gerrit Cole Throws the Astros a Bone
With all the players bashing the Astros, it was nice of Cole to clear the air a little.
34 min
Astros Win And Miggy Supports Altuve
Do you think that Miguel Cabrera would let a pitcher hit Altuve on purpose?
22 min
Greinke Finally Reports and Astros Get Booed
I know fans are mad, but why are you threatening the players and families.
20 min
Manni host of in the Nosebleeds Podcast
Brett and Manni discuss the 2020 outlook, Crisitan Javier, Lance McCullers Jr, and Dusty Baker
28 min
Astros Spring Training: Biggio spotted in uniform
Spring Training update: Houston Astros discuss outlook for 2020
17 min
An Interview with Bill Brown (Former Astros TV ...
Bill Brown Former Astros TV Analyst and Current Astros Outreach Director Joins the show.
23 min