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Locked On Astros offers a daily look inside the Houston Astros and the MLB. The show is hosted by Eric Huysman (@EricTalksStros) and Brett Chancey (@HtownWheelHouse) of Stros411 on Facebook. Listen to Locked On Astros, Monday to Friday. Listen for the extra Astros talk you can't get on the radio. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day!

Astros: Banning the Shift, Full Season, More Ca...
Owners set another deadline for a full season for Tuesday.
35 min
Astros Top Prospects in Spring Training, and Co...
MLB and players are still far apart
34 min
Rob Manfred Had Hope Upon Hope.....Pfffftttt
The Lockout Continues and First 2 Weeks are Canceled.
40 min
Still Locked Out! A Locked On Special Episode
A breakdown unlike any other of what we saw happen March 1, 2022.
45 min
Astros: Cuban Connections with Phil Selig
21 Cubans' in the Astros systems
40 min
Astros: Evan Drellich Joins To Discuss The Ongo...
Eric and Brett are joined by Evan Drellich of The Athletic
31 min
Astros: Quick Hitter CBA Deadline Week- Day 1
MLB drops request to possibly limit minor league players in the future.
11 min
Astros Prospect Interview: Outfielder Alex McKenna
We have outfielder prospect Alex McKenna on the podcast.
32 min
Astros: MLB and MLBPA Get Serious Week Before F...
When will a deal be made? This week? This Month?
27 min
Astros: Ben Verlander talks Ohtani, Minor Leagu...
Ben Verlander on life as a minor leaguer
29 min
Astros: Ben Verlander Talks Justin, Team's Chan...
Who is Ben Verlander picking for the the Key Astros player to watch in 2022
23 min
Astros Players Werent Thrilled About MLB Latest...
But Manfred said he was optimistic right?
33 min
Astros Prospect Interview With Pitcher Joe Record
Eric and Brett interview Astros prospect Joe Record
28 min
Astros: Rob Manfred Is Optimistic For Opening D...
MLB owners agreed to universal DH, draft lottery, and draft pick compensation.
32 min
Great Houston Astros Playoff Teams, and Carlos ...
Htown Wheelhouse joined Sully from Locked on MLB to discuss All things Houston Astros Playoff History
49 min
Astros 60th Anniversary, Billy Wagner, Drug Tes...
Vote for Billy Wagner
36 min
Astros: Space Cowboys, Carlos Correa and Rob Ma...
Players are against a federal mediator, and Carlos is Still the Biggest Desire for Houston Sports Fans.
30 min
Locked On Crossover: Diamondbacks and Astros
Should Steriod users be let into the Hall of Fame?
43 min
Astros: CBA Meeting Didn't Go Too Well Look For...
A 90-minute meeting that didn't go well.
31 min
Astros: Next Round Of MLB CBA Talks Scheduled F...
What are the players and owners disagreeing about?
34 min
Astros: Space Cowboys and a Spring Training Del...
Are Orion and Orbit best friends?
36 min
Locked on Astros Origin Story with The No Doubt...
Enjoy the 2nd part as Eric and Brett talk about their most memorable Astros games.
50 min
Locked on Astros Origin Story with The No Doubt...
Eric and Brett sit down with the No Doubter Podcast Crew
31 min
Hall of Fame Inductee Announced, Baseball Still...
The Players and Owners Meet for the Second Straight Day
39 min
Astros: Optimism In CBA Talks Between MLB and M...
A second date the next day is a good sign right?
31 min
If the Houston Astros Played in the NFL, Astros...
Where would the Starting 9 play if they played NFL Football?
25 min
Astros Prospect Interview: Jimmy Endersby
Astros Prospect Interview: Jimmy Endersby
32 min
Carlos Correa Hires Boras, and the Sugar Land S...
Jeremy Pena vs. Jose Siri, Boras secures another Astros player, and the Space Cowboys
33 min
Astros Make Add to Farm System with Internation...
Jeremy Pena and Jose Siri Square off in the Dominican League Finals
34 min
MLB vs. MLBPA Talks? Astros Rising Star SS Jere...
What do talks mean with the Union and the Owners? Jeremy Pena will he start at SS in 2022?
33 min
Houston Astros Bright Future with Young Cuban S...
Houston Astros Yuli conenction goes a long way for future Cuban players.
25 min
Astros: Let's Discuss The Glenn Davis - Curt Sc...
What if the Astros didn't trade Curt Schilling?
30 min
Astros: If Re-Signing Verlander Was Biggest Mov...
Could Jeremy Pena be the starting shortstop starting opening day.
31 min
Astros Hire Assistant GM's and Announce Coachin...
Astros cancel Fanfest
31 min
Astros: Ken Rosenthal Out at MLB Network For Cr...
Any CBA talks planned?
32 min
Astros: Looking At Baseball America Farm Rankings
Jeremy Pena wins Dominican League Gold Glove
32 min
Astros 2022 New Years' Resolutions
What will 2022 hold for the Astros? Another Justin Verlander World Series Title?
34 min
Astros: Framber Valdez Gives Back and Jeff Bagw...
Was Jeff Bagwell robbed of more than 4 All-Star selections?
33 min
Greatest Gift in Astros Franchise History and R...
Post holiday podcast
29 min
Astros: Can Michael Brantley Take Another Step ...
Michael Brantley is a professional hitter a World Series contender needs
27 min
Could Astros Get Carlos Correa on Short-Term Deal?
Buster Olney suggests a short term deal if Carlos Correa can't get the deal he's looking for
31 min
Astros: Helping Alex Bregman Take The Next Step...
Being healthy will be a key to Alex Bregman's success
27 min
Houston Astros Holiday Wishlist
Htown Wheelhouse goes solo to talk about what the Astros need to compete for another World Series in 2022
25 min
Astros: Comparing Craig Biggio's First 12 Years...
Joe Espada is going for a second interview with the Mets as the manager
31 min
Astros Officially Re-sign A Pitcher Named Justi...
A player with the initials JV has officially re-signed with the Houston Astros
32 min
Top All-Time Astros For $15 Not Including Curre...
Who would you chose?
34 min
Astros: MiLB Rule 5 Draft News and Jon Singleto...
Who does Jon Heyman think are favorites to sign Carlos Correa when the lockout ends?
31 min
Astros Prospect Interview with Pitcher Shawn Dubin
Shawn Dubin joins the show to discuss the his 2021 season and future with Astros
31 min
Astros Minor League Launch Pad with Astros Future
Who are the Astros players to watch in the future?
35 min
Astros: McCullers on Lockout and Correa, Intere...
Because the Astros brought Baker back, other teams will be after Espada
31 min
Astros: Lets Talk About Manfred's Views on the ...
How long will the lockout last?
37 min
Astros Prospect Interview with Third Baseman Jo...
Joe Perez joins the show to discuss the his 2021 season and future with Astros
27 min
Astros: Carlos Correa Willing to Wait or Teams ...
Sean Pendergast of Sports Radio 610 to discuss the Houston Astros offseason
29 min
Astros: Carlos Correa Willing to Wait or Teams ...
Sean Pendergast of Sports Radio 610 to discuss the Houston Astros offseason
18 min
Will Carlos Correa Stay in Houston? With Apollo...
Htown Wheelhouse is joined by Apollo Dez from Apollo Media Group
33 min
Astros: Corey Seager's Contract Sets Market for...
Where will Carlos land? What other moves will the Astros make.
38 min
Astros Sign Hector Neris and Hot Stove Update
Carlos Correa may be out of the Astros plans with about $21 million left in luxury tax space
21 min
Happy Thanksgiving: Some Astros Stats to Be Tha...
Stats from the 2021 Astros season that fans should be thankful for.
35 min
Buster Olney: Astros In Market For An Elite Sho...
Which shortstop would be considered elite?
17 min
Astros: Did Justin Verlander Turn Down Deal Wit...
Shortstop or centerfield the biggest need for the Astros?
35 min
Astros Minor League Focus: Who's Next
Htown Wheelhouse Sits Down with Minor League Guru Mark White
29 min
Astros: Justin Verlander Re-Signing Mean They W...
Spotted, Carlos Correa and A.J. Hinch having breakfast that turned into lunch.
30 min
Houston Astros Re-Sign Justin Verlander for 1 Year
Jim Crane works his magic to bring Verlander back
32 min
Is Carlos Correa Not Returning? The Bridge to J...
The Astros Bridge to Jeremy Pena, will Verlander Sign the Qualifying Offer?
27 min
Houston Astros: Carlos Correa Declines Qualifyi...
Luis Garcia finishes second in the AL ROY Award
27 min
Astros Interested In Starling Marte? Carlos Cor...
The Astros Win Team Gold Glove
33 min
Astros Rule 5 Decisions and No Silver Sluggers?
Making room on the 40-man roster?
33 min
Seven Astros Nominated for ALL-MLB Team and Jak...
Jake Meyers has shoulder surgery and will not be ready for the start of the 2022 season.
28 min
Houston Astros to offer Justin Verlander A Cont...
The Astros Owner Jim Crane's Thoughts on JV returning, and James Click on His Number 1 Target
31 min
Houston Astros: Alex Bregman has Right Wrist Su...
Dusty Baker and Luis Garcia nominated for awards.
32 min
Astros: Re-Sign Dusty Baker, Correa Offer, Qual...
Did Carlos Correa get a proposed deal already? Is it long enough?
39 min
Astros Pick Up Yuli Gurriel's Team Option and S...
More thoughts by Dusty Baker next year?
31 min
Astros: Day After World Series-Correa, Free-Age...
Brent Strom will not return to Astros, what about Carlos Correa?
33 min
Astros Fall to the Braves in Crushing Game 6 Lo...
Astros bats go cold, and Braves take advantage.
29 min
Houston Astros Bonus Pod: Reflection on Game 5 ...
Can the Braves lose 3 in a row?
12 min
Houston Astros Keys To Victory In Game 6 of Wor...
Yordan Alvarez could be the key to the Astros winning the World Series
29 min
Astros World Series Game 5 Postgame Pod: The Se...
Martin Maldonado and Marwin Gonzalez were big in this game.
40 min
Astros Fall to Braves Face a Must Win in Game 5
Astros fall into a Must Win Game 5 to get the Series Shifted Back to Houston
25 min
World Series: Houston Astros Game 3 Postgame Po...
Luis Garcia pitches decent in the loss.
32 min
World Series: Houston Astros vs. Braves So Far ...
Who comes out on top on the Luis Garcia vs. Ian Anderson?
42 min
Houston Astros World Series Game 2 Post Game Po...
Jose Altuve tied for second all-time with playoff homers
41 min
Houston Astros World Series Game 1 Post Game Po...
Framber Valdez gives up 5 runs as the offense goes cold in Game 1
32 min
World Series: Bet on the Houston Astros and Gam...
Lance McCullers announces that he is out for the World Series
43 min
Locked On MLB Insider’s Thoughts on Astros vs. ...
Gordon Beckham talks about the Astros vs. Braves in the World Series.
8 min
Houston Astros vs. Braves World Series Crossove...
Locked On MLB Special: Who will win the World Series?
26 min
Houston Astros vs. Braves World Series Crossove...
Locked On MLB Special: Who will win the World Series?
25 min
Houston Astros Clinch 3rd World Series Birth in...
The Houston Astros have reached Dynasty Status and seek to win thier 2nd World Series in 5 years.
33 min
Houston Astros ALCS Game 6 Preview with Robert ...
It's the Astros time!
35 min
Houston Astros ALCS Game 5 Post Game Pod - Fram...
The Astros are one game away from the World Series
40 min
Houston Astros ALCS Game 4 Post Game - Jason Ca...
The Astros bullpen keeps the game close and allows the offense time to mount a comeback
38 min
Astros Drop Game 3 of ALCS Behind Urquidy and D...
Astros down but not out. ALCS Game 4 to feature Zack Greinke
25 min
Astros Pitching Plans Before Game 3 of ALCS
Jose Urquidy must pitch deep into the game for the Astros
39 min
Astros fall in Game 2 of ALCS, Head to Boston
Astros and Red Sox ALCS all even at 1-1
30 min
Astros Win Game 1 Of ALCS Behind Homers From Al...
Framber Valdez only lasts 2 2/3's innings but the bullpen steps up for the Astros
25 min
Astros vs. Red Sox Game 1 ALCS Series Preview C...
Lance McCullers is expected to be out for the ALCS for the Astros
32 min
ALCS Playoffs Preview: Astros vs. Red Sox - Wit...
Nathan Eovaldi says he doesn't like the Astros much.
42 min
Astros vs. Red Sox: Gordon Beckham Previews ALCS
Locked On MLB Insider's Take on the Astros
6 min
Astros Clinch 5th Straight ALCS, Bring On The R...
Jose Altuve adds an exclamation mark to the victory after getting hit earlier in the game
34 min
Astros: Rain Sets Up Lance McCullers vs. Carlos...
Astros seek 5th Straight ALCS with Ace Lance McCullers on the Mound.
38 min
Astros ALDS Game 3: Missed Strikes, Grandal's R...
Time to flush this one down the drain Astros fans.
35 min