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Cole Thompson and Locked on Aggies are here to get you ready for the 2021 College Football season. Thompson, an SEC alum and award-winning journalist, comes to you daily with up to date information surrounding the Aggies and what to look forward toward spring ball and the NFL Draft with players hoping to make their dream a reality. With interviews, recaps and analysis each week, the Locked on Aggies podcast is your go-to place for all 12th Man coverage. Listen daily for your Maroon and White kick with Locked On Aggies, part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

BONUS EPISODE: What's at stake if the Universit...
The Longhorns and Sooners have made it official that they want to join the SEC, here's what it means for the conference.
29 min
Is this the end of SEC expansion in the future?
Jake Crain from 'The JBoy Show" hops on the pod
31 min
Jimbo Fisher: The results will come when we don...
Here's more thoughts on Jimbo Fisher's press conference.
31 min
Jimbo Fisher: Kent State is Alabama. Colorado i...
Here's several things Jimbo Fisher had to say about Texas A&M entering August
28 min
Should Texas A&M be mad at the SEC for the Texa...
At this point, do the Aggies have a reason to be upset with Greg Sankey
28 min
Can Texas A&M ACTUALLY make it work with Texas ...
If the report is true, a former A&M rival will be joining the SEC
28 min
Will the new NIL rule hurt or help Texas A&M in...
After Bryce Young was paid $1 million, is that the asking price for all players?
27 min
Which underrated Aggies are poised for a breako...
Which potential superstar on the offense can take the next leap in 2021?
27 min
Which underrated Aggies are poised for a breako...
Which potential superstar on the offense can take the next leap in 2021?
25 min
The Aggies O-Line Is Better in 2021 Than 2020
Well, is it better?
25 min
Five Questions Jimbo Fisher MUST Answer At SEC ...
What do you want to know about the Aggies in 2021?
24 min
Who leads in the battle for QB1; Zach Calzada o...
Which Aggies quarterback should be under center in 2021?
27 min
PFF says Jimbo Fisher isn't a top 10 College Fo...
Yes, Texas A&M fans, you can now be upset
24 min
Three ways the Aggies will be the best offense ...
Here's how Texas A&M can be the best offense next season
28 min
Is Jimbo Fisher a top five coach in College Foo...
Who are the 10 best coaches going into the 2021 season?
29 min
Who is Texas A&M's Mount Rushmore in Football?
Who are the four names most associated with in Aggie football?
26 min
Texas vs. Texas A&M: Who is the better offense?
Which lone star state program has the best offenses going into 2021.
27 min
Who can dethrone Texas A&M in the race for the ...
Nine times out of 10, three of the four college football playoff spots are already selected.
26 min
Is 2021 the year to trust Jimbo Fisher?
Will fans no longer hate on Jimbo Fisher?
25 min
How does the new College Football Playoff forma...
Texas A&M could be blessed or cursed thanks to the new playoff format
28 min
Does 12 teams hurt Texas A&M's chances of makin...
30 min
PFF is a bore since is Texas A&M isn't the "Gua...
Once again, Texas A&M gets little respect in the conversation of College Football Playoff
28 min
Ryan Tannehill is the 2021 MVP Favorite with Ju...
With Julio Jones now in Tennessee, can Ryan Tannehill win a Super Bowl?
25 min
Who are the new "U's" and is Texas A&M one of t...
With the league changing, are the Aggies a "U"
29 min
On the doorstep? Texas A&M is right there
Texas A&M seems to be "the next team" on the rise.
28 min
A Consensus Top 10...WITHOUT Texas A&M
Texas A&M still does not know its status entering the 2021 season
26 min
Alright, Who Is Rob Childress' Replacement in A...
Rob Childress is out at Texas A&M, so who should come in and replace Rob Childress
25 min
Aggies Stock: Buy or Sell
Which Aggies Stock should you be buying into for the start of the new season?
25 min
Is Buddy Johnson the future of the Steelers def...
Chris Carter from Locked on Steelers joins the podcast
28 min
USA Today's Top 10 Has Texas A&M Ranked Where?
The Aggies must not like the USA TODAY Writers
24 min
Projecting The Defense: Is this the Maroon Goon...
23 min
Projecting The Offense: Who is Texas A&M's QB f...
Is Zach Calzada or Haynes King the QB of the future?
24 min
Who Should Join the SEC if They Expanded?
Which two schools should join the SEC if they were to expand?
25 min
Texas A&M's Defense....Are they College Footbal...
Can the Aggies be the league's best defense?
24 min
Isaiah Spiller Is RB1.....not according to PFF
Is Isaiah spiller the top running back returning to college football in 2021?
27 min
Kellen Mond against Kirk Cousins? Is he the fut...
Join Locked on Vikings host Luke Braun talking all things Vikings and Kellen 11
24 min
Can Haynes King or Zach Calzada be QB2 in the S...
The battle between the Aggies QB could lead to the future of the SEC
27 min
Jimbo Fisher vs. Nick Saban?: Let the showdown ...
Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher will be the story of the 2021 College Football season
27 min
The 2022 NFL Draft is Texas A&M's year!
Texas A&M could have five Aggies land in the first-round next April?
27 min
Welcome to the Aggie Awards 2021!
Let's look back and see which players excelled in the 2021 NFL Draft
26 min
Kellen Mond a Viking? How we feeling Aggie nati...
25 min
Maroon and White Recap: Better Get a WR1
With Shadrach Banks transferring, Texas A&M needs a new No. 1 WR
25 min
What if a mock draft decided Texas A&M's Footba...
What would happen if the Aggies draft prospects were decided by mock drafts?
25 min
A College Football Super League....WITHOUT TEXA...
In a College Football Super League, The Athletic's Andy Staples won't include the Aggies
32 min
Jimbo Fisher: Football Doesn't Begin Until the ...
The Texas A&M head coach had something to say entering the final week.
24 min
Haynes King is not a Top-25 College QB, but Bry...
The Texas A&M quarterback was not featured in the list of top 25 QBs.
25 min
Does Strength of Schedule Truly Matter? For Tex...
The Aggies must be building on their strength of schedule for 2021
22 min
Kenyon Green: "I have to be the leader of the o...
The new left tackle has spoken
25 min
Ainias Smith: "Our offense needs to be more exp...
The Texas A&M weapon spoke on what the offense needs in 2021
25 min
Where does Buddy Johnson fit in the NFL?
The Texas A&M LB has several suitors based off his play
27 min
Savion Flagg went where!?!?
The Texas A&M star has transferred elsewhere
25 min
DeMarvin Leal; This Defense Is Special, Specifi...
DeMarvin Leal and Jayden Peevy spoke to the media
24 min
Texas A&M Pro Day: How did it all go?
How did the Aggies do overall in their final showcase before the NFL Draft?
23 min
Who is the Aggies CB1 for 2021?
Who is the top cornerback for Texas A&M in 2021?
27 min
From A to Z: Breaking down the Aggies loss to t...
The Aggies Women's Basketball Season is officially over
26 min
Who are the five most important Aggies of 2021?
Which Texas A&M stars will shine in 2021
28 min
What's the Aggies' deepest position for 2021?
Which position will be the Aggies' bread and butter for 2021?
25 min
Success Rate: Can Texas A&M Win Still on the Of...
What happens to the Aggies now with four linemen gone?
26 min
Jay Jay Chandler and Savion Flagg BOTH are now ...
What happens to the Aggies now
30 min
Where does Aniais Smith fit next season?
What position should and Anias Smith play next season
27 min
The Aggies lose Kevin Marfo! Now what Texas A&M...
27 min
DB Devin Morris steps away from Texas A&M
The Aggies will lose a key defensive player
25 min
Texas A&M Basketball is over....now what?
The Aggies are out of the NCAA Tournament
25 min
Darrell Dickey is heading to Kansas!?!?
Would Darrell Dickey be a good head coach for the Jayhawks?
27 min
Haynes King? Zach Calzada? Mellen Kond? Who is ...
28 min
Aggies railed by Razorbacks...Hello SEC Tournam...
What can fan expect from the SEC tournament with Texas A&M?
25 min
Kellen Mond QB4 over Who again!?!
The Texas A&M quarterback has risen up the ranks
30 min
Texas A&M basketball is back! What the in actua...
Buzz Williams and the Texas A&M basketball team finally returned to the court
27 min
The Aggies are the SEC's Best Team If.....Here'...
Texas A&M
29 min
Is Kenyon Green an All-American Left Tackle?
With the recent move, can Kenyon Green adjust over to left tackle for the Aggies?
28 min
Petition for an extra season of eligibility for...
The SEC needs to give Aggie players another season of eligibility
27 min
When will Texas A&M return to the court!?!?
How much longer will Texas A&M be without basketball?
24 min
Johnny Manziel set for a future in the NFL?
Johnny Manziel returned to the gridiron this weekend
26 min
BONUS EPISODE – Locked On Today – The only 20 m...
Listen to the brand new Locked on Today podcast, part of the Locked on Podcast Network
17 min
Steve Sarkisian vs. Jimbo Fisher and the recrui...
Which head coach has the advantage in winning for the long-term
26 min
Is Mike Evans the greatest Aggie to ever grace ...
Mike Evans is a Super Bowl champion
26 min
Jimbo Fisher: "It was another great recruiting ...
Jimbo Fisher talks to the media on the 2021 recruiting class
25 min
Let's recap the 2021 recruiting class
With LJ Johnson now in the mix, Texas A&M will finish with the No.7 team
27 min
Kellen Mond the Senior Bowl MVP, where's his dr...
Is Kellen Mond now a top QB in the 2021 NFL Draft?
34 min
What can Jhamir Johnson be for the Aggies offen...
With the Tennessee grad transfer coming into the fold, what exactly could he be for the Aggies?
27 min
Texas A&M All-SEC Team: Is the Maroon Goons back?
Who are the the stars of the All-SEC
25 min
Texas A&M All-SEC Offense: Johnny Manziel no QB...
In eight years with the SEC, who are the All-SEC offensive players
27 min
How much will the Aggies miss Kellen Mond in 2021?
Texas A&M football is entering a new life in the post Kellen Mond era
34 min
Texas A&M is the best team in the SEC, right?
Let's rank all 14 teams in the SEC
27 min
Transfers galore for the Aggies roster
Who will be back in 2021 for the Aggies and who will be headed else where?
24 min
Asking Aggies: Who is the Aggie's X-Factor in b...
Let's answer questions talking about the Aggies basketball program
31 min
Can the Aggies Basketball program get back on t...
Another loss means another season on wonder for 2021
22 min
Breakout the breakouts: Who is coming in hot fo...
Which is the breakout player for A&M will be great in 2021
27 min
Can Texas A&M take down Mississippi State?
The Aggies head to Starkville to take on the Bulldogs
24 min
Alabama winning is good for Texas A&M
Texas A&M now is the best since 1939
30 min
Aggie Basketball: Good or still underachieving?
What can fans make of the A&M basketball program?
26 min
An early look at 2021 Texas A&M starting roster
With three more Aggies leaving the program, let's look to 2021
25 min
Kellen Mond declares for the NFL Draft! Now what?
Kellen Mond is gone. What happened next?
24 min
Would Kellen Mond be smart in returning to Coll...
Kellen Mond will have a big storyline to follow entering 2021
24 min
The Longhorns have Steve Sarkisian, how does th...
The Alabama OC is now headed to Austin!
25 min
Locked on Crossover: Can the Aggies continue th...
Candace Cooper of Locked on Tarheels joins the podcast
32 min
Texas A&M's Mike Elko has fixed the Aggies for ...
Mike Elko deserves more praise
26 min
Mike Elko: "Opt outs or nots, UNC will be dange...
Hear from the Aggies defensive coordinator breaking down everything.
26 min
Darrell Dickey: We're here to play, we don't ex...
The Aggies will be at full-strength for Saturday
27 min
What is the true legacy of Kellen Mond?
Is Kellen Mond the QB1 of Texas A&M?
27 min