Living Well While Living Online

Many of us are now living the majority of our lives online. It is where we work, our social communication and connection, it is our entertainment and play. All of this screen time comes at a cost, which manifests differently for each of us. In this podcast we will look at different ways that people are being resilient in their everyday lives in their pursuit to show up for themselves on a daily basis. It is our hope that you will find a few tricks and tools to add to your own survival kit while recognizing that the struggle is REAL... for all of us. So put aside your ideals of perfection, control and normalcy and spend some time on this roller-coaster with us as we try to find some balance, and live well while living online.

This podcast is a production of the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio. Producer is Reinett Chefu. Executive producer is David DesRoches, director of community programming.

Mental Health
Health & Fitness
Creating Space and Boundaries with Dr. Devin Ma...
Creating Space and Boundaries
45 min
One Day to Wellness with Bruce and Mindy Mylrea
One Day to Wellness
57 min
Authentic leadership & Self Care with Luciana M...
Authentic leadership & Self Care
71 min
Students of Self Care with QU Students in Cork
Students of Self Care
73 min
Food Is love with Dana White
Food Is love with Dana White
58 min
Self-Care Snippets: Season 1 and 2
Self-Care Snippets Compilation
19 min
Take a Breath, Take a Knee and Learn with Brad ...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by cousin Brad Gallagher. Brad is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Freehold Hospitality.
53 min
Having a Self-Talk with Athletic Trainer Sara M...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Sara MacDonough-Civitello who is an Athletic Trainer at Quinnipiac University.
60 min
Gratitude, Self-Love and "Blissipine" with Simo...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Simon Paul Sutton, curator of the book "Self Love Now: 54 Answers to the Same Question" (
61 min
Dancing Through Life's Challenges with Mark Tor...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Mark Tortora, Associate Director of Education Abroad at Quinnipiac University.
51 min
Having a "Freak Out" Moment as a Form of Self-C...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Sarah Morelli. With over 27 years in the fitness industry, Sarah is the director of her own company, Athleticum and an International Fitness Presenter.
53 min
More Than a Game: Building a Team Legacy with Q...
Host Tami Reilly is joined by Kyle Robinson, Head Women's Volleyball Coach at Quinnipiac University.
47 min
Remaining True to Yourself with Natalie Murray
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Natalie Murray. A banker for 16 years, Natalie left the security of her corporate job to inspire health and wellness.
53 min
Acknowledging the Good in Our Lives with Mary S...
Host Tami Reilly is joined by Mary Steele. From Cork, Ireland, Mary has worked in International Education since 1995.
55 min
Overcoming Struggles to Stay Motivated with Dr....
Host Tami Reilly is joined by Dr. Max Mitchell, a Quinnipiac University alumni and co-owner of Advanced Physical Movement (APM) Sports Chiropractic in North Haven, CT.
58 min
Slowing Down and Trusting the Process with Jani...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Janine Mongardini. Janine has been a part of the fitness industry for over 35 years.
63 min
Finding Balance in Life Through the Perspective...
Host Tami Reilly is joined by Carly Bauersachs, a graduate student at Quinnipiac University earning her master's in Business Administration.
57 min
Nestor Salinas on Riding the Current Through Li...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Nestor Salinas.
61 min
Understanding That It's Okay to Say No with Col...
host Tami Reilly is joined by Colleen Freese.
60 min
Actor Craig Walker on Being Empathetic and Acti...
Host Tami Reilly is joined by Craig Walker, an actor and small business owner.
53 min
Host Tami Reilly Previews Season Two of Living ...
Host Tami Reilly previews season two of Living Well While Living Online, which kicks off Wednesday, February 3, 2021.
4 min
A Season One Wrap Up with Tami's Own Daughter, ...
This is our final episode of season one, and today's episode is even more special because host Tami Reilly is joined by her daughter Savanna.
51 min
Words of Wisdom with Quinnipiac Junior Corey Wi...
Today, host Tami Reilly chats with Corey Windham, a junior Graphic and Interactive Design major at Quinnipiac University.
45 min
Honoring the Life of Natashia Iacovelli
This week's episode honors the life of Natatshia Iacovelli, who tragically passed away days after recording her interview with host and dear friend, Tami Reilly.
66 min
Embracing Your Rest Days with Nadine Stewart
Today, host Tami Reilly interviews Nadine Stewart, a Women's Ministry Leader and Fitness Professional.
44 min
Quinnipiac Student Veterans Remaining Grounded ...
This week, host Tami Reilly is joined by Aaron Machado and Kathleen Lekko, two Quinnipiac student Veterans who have served in the Marines.
72 min
The Importance of Unplugging and Recognizing Im...
This week, host Tami Reilly is joined by Ben Rippe, the President of Besser Events, LLC.
48 min
Building Yourself From the Inside Out with Eliz...
This week, host Tami Reilly is joined by Elizabeth Lenart, the National Program Director for Balletone.
46 min
Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic Through a Smal...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Katalina Rieglemann, owner of Katalina's Bakery in New Haven, Connecticut.
46 min
Leaving a Positive Mark on Others with Educator...
This week, host Tami Reilly is joined by Steve Mark, Professor of English and Chairperson of the Humanities Department at Housatonic Community College.
58 min
Cassandra Turner: Believe in Yourself Because Y...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Cassandra Turner, head coach of Quinnipiac University's Women's Ice Hockey team.
48 min
Kathryn Templeton on Routine and the Importance...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Kathryn Templeton. From counseling a client with trauma, leading a Three Wisdom Traditions workshop to providing Ayurvedic advise in Spiritual & Health Magazine as a Ayurvedic Abbie, she is an expert at managing stress and trauma in our bodies.
44 min
Quinnipiac's Student Body President Embodies Wh...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Sophia Marshall, Quinnipiac University's student body President.
54 min
Community, Courage and Change with Fred Hoffman
Host Tami Reilly is joined by Fred Hoffman, owner of Fitness Resources, an education and consultancy company that specializes in staff training, professional career development and much more.
64 min
Dr. Lauren Gastall on Finding Beauty Within You...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by Dr. Lauren Gastall, a traveling doctor of physical therapy and a pilates instructor with a passion for movement.
47 min
Exploring Self-Care During COVID-19 From an Edu...
Today, host Tami Reilly is joined by her childhood friends, Judy Nacca and Mary Ellen Mysogland.
61 min
Meet Tami Reilly, the Host of Living Well While...
Tami Reilly has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years, and she started this podcast because self-care is easy to forget when the world continues to shift under our feet.
30 min
Living Well While Living Online: An Introductio...
This is about our podcast and what can expect to hear each week.
1 min