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Living Regret Free
<p>Living Regret Free is a program to provide information on issues including life changes be it a job lost or sickness. Dr Gayle Carson hosts this program, providing guests who have had changes in their lives and have survived.</p>
Duff Gardner -- Talks about how much living in ...
Duff talks about how much living in Victoria
25 min
Debbie Anderson -- Living Regret Free
Debbie Anderson -- Living Regret Free
25 min
Denise Lamoureux -- Living Regret Free
Denise Lamoureux
26 min
David Karchere - Becoming a Sun: Emotional and ...
25 min
Eric Jones - Relationships are fundamental to ...
27 min
Miracle Maker's Quick Shift Formula - Lea Bayles
Miracle Maker's Quick Shift Formula
26 min
Diane Gerhart - Mindfulness for Chocolate Lovers
Mindfulness for Chocolate Lovers
26 min
Lyle Haugen on Living Regret Free
Building a supportive community and what it takes to manage being a diabetic.
26 min
Ed Oakley - Three propensities of health, wealt...
Ed Oakley on Living Regret Free
25 min
Dr. Rhoberta Shaler on Living Regret Free
Dr. Rhoberta Shaler
26 min
Dr, Maryann Miller On Living Regret Free
Global Transformation
26 min
Maria Martinez - 360 Prosperity
Maria Martinez - 360 Prosperity
26 min
JJ Flizanes - Empowerment Strategist
JJ Flizanes - Empowerment Strategist
26 min
Norm LaViolette - The Art of Making Sh!t Up
Norm LaViolette - The Art of Making Sh!t Up
26 min
Amy Dix - Brand New You
Amy Dix - Brand New You
25 min
Susan Kennard
Susan Kennard e: susan@susankennard.co.uk P: 07737100254 w: susankennard.co.uk FB: Susan Kennard T: Susan Kennard Skype: susan.kennard1 Susan is a Spiritual Scientist and explains what that is. She talks about her light bulb moment 9 years ago...
26 min
D.J. Chang
D.J. Chang T: author_djchang w: equityincites.com FB: AuthorDJChang e: deborah@equityincites.com Skype deborah@equityincites.com D.J. tells an inspiring story about accepting her ethnicity and sexual orientation finding love and miracles with her...
25 min
Ilana Kristeva
Ilana Kristeva e: ilana@fieldofchoices.com w: fieldofchoices.com FB: liana kristeva T: liana_kristeva Skype: vibrancecoach Ilana is a guide to inspiring leaders so they can shine while in service to others. She talks about discovering her life...
25 min
Abby Rohrer
Abby Rohrer Skype: Abby Rohrer FB: moneykarma e: abby@abbyrohrer.com w:abbyrohrer.com Abby is the founder of Clear Your Money Karma and is a certified Big Money Business Coach. She talks about what Money Karma means and how it relates to sales...
25 min
Terese Castellanos
Terese Castellanos Skype: Mark Torres w: theresecastellanos.com e: teresecastellanoslcsw@gmail.com FB: terese castellanos Terese talks about her personal loss and how it has shaped her life. She has 4 steps to healing and the order in which to use...
26 min
Michael Sloopka
Michael Sloopka w: negotiatingcoach.com FB: Michael.sloopka T: michaelsloopka?lang=en e: michael@sloopka.com Michael talks about why some people fear, dislike and resist negotiating and how this contributes to people living with regret. He speaks...
27 min
Nada Hogan
Nada Hogan Skype: nada.hogan-usa w: nadahogan.com FB: nadahoganlifecoach T: nadacoaching e: nada@nadahogan.com Nada lost her daughter at 18 through a car accident. She talks about moving forward after her daughter’s passing and how she began on her...
25 min
Is Podcasting Right For You
Dr Gayle Carson discusses Podcasts and if it is right for you
25 min
Jani Roberts
Jani Roberts e: janiroberts1@gmail.com FB : alignment essentials w: alignmentessentials.com Skype: Jani Roberts Jani has over 40 years of experience in the health and wellness field. She speaks to what motivated her to open Alignment Essentials....
25 min
Niajee Wallace
Niajee Wallace e: contact@niajee.com w: abundancehack.com T: Niajee Skype: niajaediva Niajee is an influencer and entrepreneur who helps her clients strategize and take action. She speaks to how her podcast came about and what she feels is the key...
26 min
Arline Warwick
Arline Warwick e: info@findcorporatesponsors.com FB: arlinewarwick w: findcorporate sponsors.com She talks about the 3 most important things for a person to be happy. She talks about how much imagination plays in making you happy and how you can be...
22 min
Julie Saillant
Julie Saillant FB: Motivation Addict Skype: Julie Saillant e: jsaillant5@outlook.com w: motivation-addict.com Julie is able to communicate a horse’s thoughts to their owners allowing them to create a deeper and more meaningful bond. She says her...
26 min
Rachel Augusta
Rachel Augusta —e: rachelaugusta@gutsygrackle.com w: rachelaugusta.com FB: TheGutsyGrackle T: ModDoLittle Skype: live:thegutsygracle Rachel works with animals all over the world who are sick, injured, have a terminal illness or suffer from trauma due...
25 min
Gila Kurtz -- Serial entrepreneur
Gila Kurtz e: gila@dogisgood.com w: dogisgood.om Gils is a serial entrepreneur who found her passion in working with dogs and their people. The co-founder and owner of Dog is Good, her company creates original messaging and design for a broad array...
25 min
Tal Ben-Shahar -- The author of “Short Cuts to ...
Tal Ben-Shahar W: theexperimentpublishing.com FB: tal-ben—shahar T: talbenshahar e: tal.benshahar@potentialife.com Skype: talbenshahar Email for Tal is tal.benshahar@potentialife.com The author of “Short Cuts to Happiness: Life –Changing Lessons...
26 min
Ora Nadrick -- founder and president of the Ins...
Ora Nadrick Skype: Ora.Nadrich e: ora@ theiftt.org FB: authororanadrich t: oranadrich w: oranadrich.com Ora is founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking and author of “Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity.” She...
26 min
Joie Cheng -- The Queen of Transformational Boo...
Joie Cheng e: lilly.cheng813@gmail.com FB: Joie Cheng T: selflovehealer E: joie@joiecheng.com W: joiecheng.com Joie Cheng is The Queen of Transformational Book Publishing and is passionate about helping people write and publish their books for...
25 min
Erica Ormsby
Erica Ormsby W: https://ericainspired.com e: erica@ericainspired.com P: 209-968-1550 Skype: lived:Erica_4979 FB: ericaormsbyinspired Erica wrote “I AM Happy, Healthy and Free” which is a best seller in 7 countries. She empowers people to awaken...
26 min
Angeline Hart
Angeline Hart P: 858-367-9678 w: www.gorillalove.com e: angeline@gorillalove.com FB: gorillalovecoaching T: gorillalove Skype: angelinem.hart Angeline is the author of “Gorillas Make Great Lovers” and talks about the advice she gives women when they...
26 min
Linda Olson
Linda Olson e: linda@wealththroughstories.com W: www.wealththroughstories.com P: 661-435-3729 Skype: linda.olson63 FB: madeforsomethingmore Linda is an international speaker, story coach, former college dean and marriage and family therapist. She...
26 min
Tom Antion
Tom is a one of the foremost internet marketers in the world and he lives a regret free lifestyle because he doesn’t have to travel anywhere to do his business. He speaks about his Internet Marketing School, the only one we know of, and how he runs...
26 min
Kathi Laughman
Kathi is a best selling author, inspirational speaker and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Her latest book “Adjusted Sails: What Does This Make Possible?” shows that it is in the winds of change we find out true direction. She talks about what...
25 min
Dr Gayle Carson - Finding Yourself in 2019
Dr. Gayle’s radio show “Living Regret Free” is dedicated to showing people how they can absolutely live regret free. This may be through meditation, self-defense, happy products, family, estate planning etc. We all have so many “things” coming into...
24 min
Sharon Lynn Wyeth
Sharon is recognized internationally as an expert on names as she can determine one’s strengths, challenges and the purpose of your life by deciphering a person’s name. She talks about all the ways this plays into everything you do—hiring, when there...
26 min
Stephanie Stierhoff
Stephanie Stierhoff e: awol@powerandbalancefitness.com Skype: Stephanie Stierhoff w: powerandbalancefitness.com FB: powerandbalancefitness T: PBF_AWOL She talks about her lupus diagnosis and how she self-advocates for this. She speaks to her...
26 min
Art Costello
Art Costello e: art@expectationtherapy.com w: https://expectationtherapy.com FB: expectationtherapy T: myexpectation Skype: art.costello Art explores the endless possibilities available to those who long for a beautiful, more abundant future. He...
24 min
Joya Gallasch
Joya Gallasch Skype: filmandactors e: info@joyapgallasch.com w: www.joyapgallasch.com FB: joyapgallasch T: joyapgallasch Having lived through a wildfire where her home, workshop space and office along with everything she owned burned she talks...
26 min
Tracy Higley
TracyHigley Skype: tracyhigley wL http://www.impactivity.com/purpose FB: impactivity No twitter e: tracy@tracyhigley.com Tracy talks about impactivity and what it means and speaks to the best and worst part of living a multi-passionate life,...
25 min
Susan Sheppard
Susan Sheppard e: susan@gettingwhatyouwant.com P: 818-414-6032 Skype: susanasheppard T: susansheppard FB: getting what you want w: gettingwhatyouwant.com Susan is the founder of Getting What You Want, Inc. which teaches women to own their feminine...
26 min
DOUGLAS VERMEEREN SKYPE: DOUGLASVERMEEREN2000 FB: DOUGLASVERMEEREN1 T: DOUGVERMEEREN E: MELISSA@douglasvermeeren.com w: douglasvermeeren.com Doug interviewed 400 leaders to discover personal power mastery. He is also the producer and director od 3...
26 min
25 min
Dr Gayle Carson -- Everyone deserves to life a ...
Everyone deserves to life a happy and joyful life. Dr. Gayle Carson hosts this show where her guests talk about the many things they have gone through, areas they have studied and how they got to the joyful side of life. Whether it is divorce,...
26 min
Gabrielle Birkner -- Modern Loss
Gabrielle Birkner Modern Loss This is a candid conversation about grief. Both women bonded over their pain, isolation and search for resources that spoke to them. They created a website about the messy and darkly hilarious experience of loss in the...
25 min
Tessa Fontaine -- The Electric Woman
Tessa Fontaine The Electric Woman This is her story in the midst of losing her mother, and finding herself out on the road with the World of Wonders, America’s last traveling sideshow. She earns a place in the crew and transforms into escape artist...
25 min
Sandy Allen -- A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise
Sandy Allen A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise Sandy Allen translates her uncle’s autobiography by artfully creating a gripping coming of age story while sticking faithfully to the facts as he shared them. She also shares background information on her...
27 min
Danielle Hammack
Danielle Hammack e: danielle@daniellehammack.com Danielle talks about why she got into the life coaching business, the key benefits clients get from working with her, her key messages, and the #1 challenge her clients come to her with. She talks...
26 min
Denise Mange
Denise Mange Skype: Denise Mange e: denise@petprana.com FB: Pet Prana w: petprana.com Denise is a Certified dog trainer, Pet intuitive, pet numerologist, and founder of Pet Prana. After working on Madison Avenue, she left the glitz and glamour...
26 min
Sindy Warren
Sindy Warren Skype: Sindy Warren FB: yogalifebysindywarren e: sindyyogini@gmail.com W; yoga8book.com Sindy is a certified yoga and meditation teacher who has authored “Radi8: Using the practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine.” She talks...
25 min
Dr. Brian Wilson
Dr. Brian Wilson Skype:wilsonbc287 w: infinitepotential.com T: wsupress FB: wsupress e: brian.c.wilson@wmich.edu Brian talks about John Fetzer and his quest for the New Age. He speaks to John’s spiritual practices, and his belief in...
25 min
Denise Alexander Pyle
Denise Alexander Pyle e: denise@dapylelaw.com w: dapylelaw.com Denise is a successful attorney, wrote "The Power of 1(0), A Guide to Living the Ten Commandments in Modern Times," which peels back the layers to deeply understand the meaning...
25 min
Atara Malach -- The author of “A Working Mother...
Atara Malach e: ataramalach@gmail.com w: ataramalach.com The author of “A Working Mother’s GPS A Guide to Parenting Success for The Modern Working Mom.” She developed a new parenting method and is targeting working moms as her ideal audience. She...
25 min
Clark Gaither -- Job related burnout
Clark Gaither FB: drburnout T: ClarkGaither e: clarkgaither@gmail.com Skype: clarkgaither1 w: clarkgaither.com You can get 5 free tools to download at reignitebook.com He talks about how he became interested in job related burnout and the...
25 min
David Winters -- “Tough Guys Do Dance” an autob...
David Winters W: www.davidwintersmedia.com David has produced and directed over 80 features and 200 TV shows. He also has been in over 100 TV shows as an actor. He’s had 6 Emmy nominations, 26 Award nominations for excellence in film and TV and...
25 min
Dale Halaway -- Author of “Being Called to Change”
Dale Halaway w: daleHalaway.com e: dale@dalehalaway.com T: dalehalaway Skype: dale halaway FB: dalehalaway He is author of “Being Called to Change” which was #1 on Amazon. Dale is a leading authority on personal and business transformation,...
26 min
Cheryl Albright
Cheryl Albright P: 941-702-2035 e: cheryl@soultosoulyogasrq.com W: soultosoulyogasrq.com FB: soultosoulyogasrq T:soultosoulyoga S:5857814826 (her cell) She is an occupational therapist and yoga teacher for the Special Child and talks about how she...
26 min
Joani DiCampli
Joani DiCampli P: 302-430-8197 e: boobaliciousiv@gmail.com w: etsy.com/shop/boobalciouss T: boobaliciousiv FB:boobalicious.breastdeodorant Skype: Joan DiCampli Joani created and founded Boobalicious Products which are all natural body hygiene...
26 min
Kim Minert
Kim Minert P: 602-527-2341 e: kim@deraildiabetes.com FB: Kim Minert T: kimminert Skype:kimminert21 W: deraildiabetes.com Kim is the People’s Diabetic. She talks about why they call diabetes a progressive disease and if it can be reversed. She talks...
26 min
Georgee Low
Georgee Low Georgee Low e: georgee@decideyourlife.com T: georgeelow FB: georgee.low w: decideyourlife.com Skype: decideyourlife P: 604 358 4569 She talks about moving from vision to profit and how she overcame the struggles of starting a...
26 min
Susan Ashby -- Serial successful entrepreneur
Susan Ashby e: overtheedgesue@gmail.com Skype: Susan Ashby From the UK, Susan is a serial successful entrepreneur yet has suffered a variety of challenges in her life. She talks about genealogy, her aha moment and learning to understand and...
26 min
Janetti Marotta -- Mindfulness is helpful for i...
Janetti Marotta Skype: janetti.marotta E: janetti@janettimarotta.com FB: janettimarottaphd w: janettimarotta.com Janetti is a clinical psychologist, speaker, facilitator and author of two books. She talks about why mindfulness is helpful for...
26 min
Jonathan Robinson -- “communication miracle,”
Jonathan Robinson w: findinghappiness.com FB: deeperhappiness T: deeperhappiness P: 530-470-6106 Skype: jon2ric e: iamjonr@aol.com Jonathan has written 12 books and been on Oprah and CNN. He talks about relationships, communication and how to...
25 min
Karen Bell-Brege - Tips on How to Live Happier
Karen Bell-Brege FB: Karen Bell-Brege FB: Karen & Darrin Author & Illustrator Web: www.improvspeaker.com http://www.monstermyths.com Email: Karenimprov@yahoo.com Karen is a writer with 12 children’s books out. She is also a mother and wife, and...
26 min
Sharon Weinstein - A 30 minute session on work/...
Sharon Weinstein FB: sharonweinsteinspeaks T: sharonmweinstei Skype: corewellness2 w: sharonmweinstein.com e: sharon@sharonmweinstein.com Sharon is President and Counder of the Global Education Development Institute and talks about her global...
27 min
Tammy Lane -- A Perfect Facebook Ad
Tammy Lane -- free template "A Perfect Facebook Ad Template" http://fbfaucet.com/fbtemplate Tammy is a former CPA who guides service based entrepreneurs to find their "Profit Sweetspots." She speaks about how she helps people with their Facebook...
26 min
Susan Gilbert -- A phone call to help you with ...
Susan Gilbert Skype: socialtribes FB: susangilbertmarketingstrategist T: susangilbert E: susan@susangilbert.com w: susangilbert.com Susan has grown many businesses, both her own and her client's, and she talks about how to measure success in...
26 min
Suzi Berg
Suzi Berg e: suzi@familyfunkits.com FB: Familyfunkits T: Familyfunkits Skype: suzjqz w: familyfunkits.com She tells how she came up with the idea for the Fun Kits and why. She talks about what's in the kits and how they employ her formula. She...
26 min
Dr. Brenda Wade
Dr. Brenda Wade e: love@docwade.com w: drbrendawade.com FB: dr.brendawade T: drbrendawade Skype;drbrendawade Dr. Wade is a frequent guest on Dr. Oz and her current subject is about Moms leading double lives. She talks about the risks and...
26 min
Jean Moroney
Jean Moroney e:jm@thinkingdirections.com w: thinkingdirections.com Skype: jean.moroney T: jeanrmoroney FB: Thinkingdirections She talks about how her focused decision making process helps people live with no regrets and what makes it difficult...
26 min
Carolin Hauser
Carolin Hauser w: womenintheflow.com FB: CarolinHauser T: CarolinHauser Skype: carolinhauser E: carolin@carolinhauser.com She talks about the inspiration for her book and why the #MeToo movement is just the beginning. .She talks about the...
27 min
Kelly Swanson - award winning story-teller, mot...
Kelly Swanson S: kellyswanson77 T: motivationspkr FB: motivationalspeakerKellySwanson w: motivationalspeakerkellyswanson.com E: kelly@kellyswanson.net Kelly is an award winning story-teller, motivational speaker, comedian and author of “Who...
25 min
Tammy Lee Schumacher -- The author of “The Seco...
Tammy Lee Schumacher E: tammylee@transformintojoy.com w: transformintojoy.com FB: transformintojoy T: transformin2joy Skype: tammylee521 The author of “The Second Start” which is a roller coaster read about a marriage on the verge of...
25 min
Lily Sanders == “Truth to Triumph: A Spiritual ...
Lily Sanders w: lilysanders.live FB:lilysanders.live T: lilysanders11 e: lily@lilysanders.live Lily is an expert coach, a soap opera regular, TV movie dancer and actress , multiple franchise owner, mother and featured Barnum and Bailey circus...
25 min
Alan Zimmerman -- Transforms the people side of...
Alan Zimmerman— LRF Skype: alan.zimmerman4 e: alan@drzimmerman.com w: DrZimmerman.com FB: DrAlanZimmerman T: dralanzimmermam Dr. Zimmerman transforms the people side of business with programs on attitude, communication and leadership that pay...
25 min
Saida Desilets
Saida Desilets w: Saidadesilets.com FB: drsaidadesilets T: saidadesilets Skype: jadegoddess e: saida@saidadesilets.com Saida talks about finding the culture altering collaborative way forward in a highly charged moment in history. She talks about...
30 min
Claudia Nicole
Claudia Nicole www.26daysbook.com FB: ClaudiaNicolespage T: cncastrosidea e: claudia@claudiaanicole.com Claudia talks about a plant based diet and how she failed badly at it in the first 26 days. She tells what she would say to dieticians who...
26 min
Toyin Abiola -- love and marriage coach and fou...
Toyin Abiola w: beautifulmarriage.org e: toyinabiolatalks@gmail.com Skype: toyin.abiola FB: ToyinAbiola11 T: @beautifulMRG Toyin is a love and marriage coach and founder of Beautiful Marriage Ministry. She talks about the six attitudes to avoid...
20 min
Scott Kimbro
Scott Kimbro w: scottkimbroteaches.com FB: Scott Kimbro Teaches T: @skimbroteaches Scott loves to teach and talks about how one faces their truths. He talks about what makes him an expert in urgent matters and how one can be successful in...
26 min
Ira Pastor -- CEO of Bioquark Inc
Ira Pastor e: pastor@bioquark.com w: bioquark.com Skype: iraspastor FB: ira.pastor.7 T: ira1onal Ira is CEO of Bioquark Inc. which explores complex forms of regenerative biology in nature to create novel therapeutics for human...
26 min
Liz Bull -- Weight Loss Consultant and Energy M...
Liz Bull e: liz@lizbull.com W: www.lizbull.com T: lizbullVGB P: 919-357-5054 Skype: lebull2 Liz is a noted Weight Loss Consultant and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She talks about why she does the work she does, and why diets don’t work. She names...
26 min
Traci McDonald -- Author of Romance novels
Traci McDonald Skype: tracimcdonaldauthor E: tracimcdonaldauthor@gmail.com w: tracimcdonaldauthor.com FB: tracimcauthor T: tracimcauthor Traci is a blind author of clean romance novels. Her latest is “Burning Bridges” and the forthcoming...
26 min
dec18 Ginny Nadler
Ginny Nadler Skype: yogagin e: ginny@corebodywisdom.com w: corebodywisdom.com FB: corebodywisdom T: ginnynadler The author of “Spiritual Anatomy: Realigning Body and Soul” talks about our cells having a “memory” and how we can discover and heal...
26 min
Karen Steil - Success is just around the bend
Karen Steil w: happyhealthyandwealthy.com T: Karen_Steil e: karen@churchofprofitsea.com Karen hates labels but loves Life Expe3rience. She talks about starting a church for profit and talks about why she thinks so many people are not happy,...
26 min
Joyce Maynard
Joyce Maynard The Best of Us—a memoir of finding strength in the midst of great loss. From the Mimi International Book Fair
25 min
Cara Nusinov
Cara Nusinov is an accomplished poet, artist and writing guru. Unrequited Loves and Other French Kisses—a book of frienshp and love about men and women both humorous and imaginative.
26 min
Mike Sahno
Mike Sahno e: info@msahno.com Skype: msahno_sdp T: @Mike Sahno W: https://msahno.com FB: sahnocomm Mike is an author of fiction, articles and business books and talks about embracing his past. He talks about whether writing is lonely and how...
25 min
John David Mann
John David Mann e: johndavidmann@me.com T: @johndavidmann FB: johndavidmanntheperson w: johndavidmann.com John talks about his diverse career and how he has co-authored books with famous people. He talks about “The Recipe” and why the subtitle...
25 min
Donna Cardillo - author of “Falling Together
Donna Cardillo FB: Donna.WilkCardillo T: @DonnaCardilloRN e: donna@donnacardillo.com w: donnacardillo.com The author of “Falling Together—How to Find Balance, Joy and Meaningful Change When Your Life Seems to be Falling Apart,” Donna is a...
27 min
Jean Abbott
Jean Abbott e: jeanabbott3@gmail.com FB: JeanSharonAbbott T: JeanSAbbott Skype: jean.abbott94 w: jeanabbott.com Jean was misdiagnosed as a young child with a form of Cerebral Palsy. She talks about why she isn’t bitter and angry after living 3...
26 min
Debbie Unterman -- Author
Debbie Unterman e: dunterman@aol.com T: @debbieunterman FB: Debbie.unterman Skype: Debbie.unterman w: talkingtomyselves.com Debbie works in the subconscious mind and helps people go within and find their own answers. She is the author of “Satori:...
26 min
Thomas Winninger
Tom Winninger FB: Thomas Winninger T: @Winninger w: winninger.com e: Thomas@winninger.com Known as America’s Market Strategist, he worked with powerful companies to help them gain market share and sustain growth. However he went on to discover...
25 min
Robert Williams
Robert Williams w: healtheworldproject.com FB: One08 Skype: Robert Williams T: One08Inc e: deashandera@yahoo.com An inventor and developer of technology and the author of “Love is the Power” he talks about why he wrote his life story as a book....
24 min
Katie Macks
Katie Macks e: katie@katiemacks.com T: getyourglowonus FB: katiemackscoaching w: getyourglowon.us or katiemacks.com Katie has cracked the code for living an Extraordinary and glow-filled life. She talks about how language affects our...
25 min
Debra Di Pietro -- Award winning blogger
Debra Di Pietro e: DebraDiPietro@outlook.com FB: warmmilkjournal T: warmmilkjournal w: thewarmmilkjournal.com Debra is an award winning blogger, author, speaker, play shop facilitator, community builder, adventurer, yogi and wine drinker, not...
24 min
Dustin Matthews
Dustin Matthews e: nicole@speakingempire.com w: speakingempire.com S: DustinMatthews FB: dustinmatthews t: dustinmatthews Dustin is the co-founder of Speaking Empire and his latest book “No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations: How to Sell...
26 min
Karl Romain
Karl Romain e: sifuromain@gmail.com Karl is a highly sought-after master trainer and coach whose clients come from all walks of life. He talks about why summer is a great time to reset your life. He also talks about his backstory and the biggest...
23 min
Donita Wheeler
Donita Wheeler w: http://www.mamabearcancercoach.com e: donita@mamabearcancercoach.com S: mamabearcancercoach or Donita Wheeler FB: mamabearcancercoach/services T: LifeCoachDonitaWheeler Donita talks about her personal story and how it has...
25 min
Gina Carr
Gina Carr w: the healthyhappyhour.com Skype: gina.carr T: ginacarr FB: ginacarr e: ginadcarr@gmail.com Gina is on a mission to help millions of people lived healthier, happier lives. She talks about how she lost more than 50 pounds and how she has...
25 min
Gina Gomez - Certified Life and Business Coach
Gina Gomez FB: iamginagomez e: gina@ginagomez.com T: iamginagomez Skype: mginagomez@gmail.com w: ginagomez.com Gina is a Certified Life and Business Coach, Master Coach for the Moms Helping Moms Business Network and host of the You Tube series...
24 min
Joann Yarrow - Theater Director
Joann Yarrow e: jmyarrow@gmail.com FB is Joann Yarrow w: liveanimationstudios.com Joann directs, choreographs and produces theater and film around the world. She talks about the people who have shaped her life and why she chose her profession....
24 min
Sandy Jones - Pro-retail jewelry
Sandy Jones FB: Sandy McDonald Jones w: sandyjonesjewelry.com T: jewelrydea e: Sandy@sandyjonesjewelry.com Sandy has been in the jewelry business for 33 years and talks about why she started a new career in retail jewelry after being a...
25 min
Diane Halfman -- SpaLife
Diane Halfman e: diane@dianehalfman.com T: dianeHalfman FB: dianehalfmanfan w:dianehalfman.com Diane is the Premier Expert in the science and psychology os SpaLife. She talks about what SpaLife is and her top favorite quotes. She talks about...
25 min
Dr Shira Bish -- The Book Creator
Dr Shira Bish e: drshira@thebookcreator.com FB: Shira.bush7 An international speaker, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur and developer of advanced book marketing systems, Shira is the Founder of “The Book Creator.” She inspires everyone to...
25 min
Charmaine McCowan -- Unlock Your Heart
Charmaine McCowan e: humaniteasheart@gmail.com w: humani-teasspeaks.com FB: Charmaine McCowan Charmaine teaches a workshop called “Unlock Your Heart” and talks about what it includes. As a breast cancer survivor she talks about the experiences...
25 min
Leslie Charles -- Author and Professional Speaker.
Leslie Charles e: leschas42@gmail.com w: lesliecharles.com w: C Leslie Charles p: T: @crankybuster Leslie is the author of many books and her “Why is Everyone So Cranky?” she appeared on over 8 national TV shows and was featured in 100...
25 min
Jeff Shavitz- Small Business Is Big Business
Jeff Shavitz e: jshavitz@clickitgolf.com FB: Jeffrey Shavitz T: @jeffshavitz W: clickitgolf.com Jeff left an exciting career on Wall Street to enter the entrepreneur world. He talks about his first book “Size Doesn’t Matter—Why Small Business...
24 min
Jyotish and Devi - Practicing Meditation
Jyotish and Devi w: ananda.org FB: jyotishand devi T: @jyotishanddevi e: jyotish@ananda.org They talk about how practicing meditation can raise consciousness and give some practical ways that people can start meditating. He speaks about the...
24 min
Leonard Perlmutter
Leonard Perlmutter e: ami@americanmeditation.org t: @amimeditation FB: americanmeditationinstitute w:americanmeditation.org Leonard is one of the Western world’s leading pioneers in the introduction of meditation in the cultural firmament....
25 min
Lynn Singer -- Voice Coach
Lynn Singer w: lynn-singer.com e: lynn@lynn-singer.com FB: breakingintobrilliance T: LynnSingerBiB Lynn has helped people fine their voice for over 30 years. She has appeared Off-Broadway, on TV and film was a well-known voice of radio and...
24 min
Paula Morand
Paula Morand e: bookings@paulamorand.com W: paulamorand.com FB: speakerpaulamorand T: paulamorand Paula is a dreaming big and being bold expert and shows people and organizations in a more bold fashion. She talks about what bold courage is,...
24 min
Jacqui Phillips -- Reset—A Spiritual Journey
Jacqui Phillips e: fdcipolla@gmail.com FB: jacquijphillips T: jacquijphillips w: jacquiphillips.tv Jacqui is the author of “Reset—A Spiritual Journey” and her mission is to inspire others to be their best selves. As a TV and Radio Host,...
25 min
Elaine Simpson -- What About Life?
Elaine Simpson e: esimpson@occupancysolutions.com FB: Elaine M. Simpson T: ems1225 w: occupancysolutions.com She talks about Living Regret Free and the impact it has had on her life. She talks about the greatest challenge in her life and...
25 min
Cheryl Kuba - Navigating the Journey of Aging P...
Cheryl Kuba e: ckuba@agingparentsolutions.com T: @agingpaent2 w: agingparentsolutions.com She talks about what it’s like to be a family caregiver and why there are more women than men in that role. She explains why her book “Navigating the...
24 min
Alice Cash
Alice Cash FB: surgicalserenitysolutions T: music4 surgery.chantdoc w: surgicalserenitysolutions.com e:DrAlice@surgicalserenitysolutions.com She explains what a clinical musicologist is and the difference between Music Medicine and Music...
24 min
Sharon Weinstein
Sharon Weinstein w: sharonmweinstein.com FB: sharonmweinstein T: SharonMWeinstein e: sharon@sharonmweinstein.com Sharon has lived an exciting life and believes life/work balance is a barometer for personal and professional well-being. She talks...
25 min
Kathy Gruver
Dr. Kathy Gruver e: drkathygruver@gmail.com T: @klgruver FB: drkathygruver4health P: w: KathyGruver.com Dr. Gruver is the author of 5 books and has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at...
24 min
Annette Fazio -- Finding the Leader Within
Annette Fazio e: annette@annettefazio.com FB: Annette.fazio.9 T: @faziospeaks w: annettefazio.com Author of “Finding the Leader Within” she talks about how that book ties into living a regret free life. She talks about how ordinary people...
25 min
Nancy Ganzekaufer
Nancy Ganzekaufer FB: nancyganzekaufer T: yourbizpartner1 e: Nancy@your-businesspartner.com w: nancyganzekaufer.com Nancy is a Life and Business coach and talks about how she got there. She gives 3 tips to women so they can move themselves...
26 min
Jill Lublin - profitability and visibility
Jill Lublin e: info@jilllublin.com T: JillLublin FB: facebook.com/people/jill-lublin w: jilllublin.com The author of 4 best selling books, Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and visibility in the...
24 min
Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong -- the “Green Genie.”
Elizabeth Armstrong FB: drelizabeth.armstrong T: DrEnvo w:drelizabetharmstrong.com e:drlizarmstrong@gmail.com Elizabeth is known as the “Green Genie.” She talks about shifting people to Heart-Centered Awareness .and how they benefit from it. She...
24 min
Molly Mahoney
Molly Mahoney w: mollymahoney.com e: molly@thepreparedperformer.com Molly is a very FUN and dynamic speaker and her specialty is really unique and timely: She helps people understand how to use Live online video (Facebook Live especially) to get...
24 min
Jeanne McPhillips
Jeanne McPhillips e: jeanne@supergirlls.com W: supergirlls.com Twitter: @Supergirll119 FB: Jeanne Marie Jeanne wants to spread girl power all over the world. She connects with college girls and your female professionals to help them find their...
24 min
Henry Hutcheson
Henry Hutcheson E: henry@familybusinessusa.com W: familybusinessusa.com FB: FamilybusinessUSA T: @henryhutcheson Henry Hutcheson is the President of Family Business USA and wrote “Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business.” He talks about...
25 min
Arsen Marsoobian -- Author
Arsen Marsoobian w: papasoob.com FB: arsen marsoobian T: mrsoob e: papasoob@soobent.com He talks about what SOOB stands for and why he started writing books. He talks about his 6 heart surgeries and why he came out of retirement. He speaks to...
25 min
Debbie Lyn Toomey - health and happiness specia...
Debbie Lyn Toomey w: healthandhappinessspecialist.com FB: healthandhappinessspecialist T: UHJdebbielyn e: debbielyn@healthandhappinessspecialist.com Debbie talks about why she started her own business and got her start as a health and happiness...
25 min
Carrie Greene -- Coaching
Carrie Greene e: carrie@carriegreenecoaching.com w: carriegreenecoaching.com FB: carriegreenecoaching.com T: carriecoaching She talks about why she left Wall Street and why she started her own business. She speaks to what the most important...
24 min
Allyson Lewis
Patti Pokorchak e: Patti@smallbizsalescoach.ca W: smallbizsalescoach.ca T: smallbizsalesco FB: smallbizsalescoach She talks about how she got started and then what made her return to school. She speaks to working in Europe, how she got into it...
25 min
Dr Laurie Ann Levin
Laurie Ann Levin Laurie has created a meditation journal. She talks about how to live longer, strengthen your relationships and create a healthier life. The books is chock full of exercises that will help you accomplish all this and is divided...
25 min
Kim Becking - life’s inevitable challenges are ...
Kim Becking w: www.lookingforwardlivinglife.com E: kim@lookingforwardlivinglife.com FB: Looking Forward Living Life T: Kim_Becking Kim is a cancer and life thriver who believes that life’s inevitable challenges are an opportunity to pause and...
22 min
Author Lisa Napoli
Lisa Napoli Lisa is the author of Ray and Joan (Kroc)—the man who made the McDonald’s fortune and the woman who gave it all away. This is an in-depth look at the passionate and tumultuous relationship between the billionaire fast food magnate and...
27 min
Gayle Forman -- #1 New York Times bestselling a...
Gayle Forman With her trademark insight and wit, #1 New York Times bestselling author Gayle tells a story of marriage, motherhood and friendship in her first novel for adults. She asks how we can reinvent ourselves when we can’t even recognize the...
25 min
Hollywood Standup Comedian Kerri Pomarolli
Kerri Pomarolli FB: Kerri Pomarolli T: kerripom w: kerripom.com e: klp919@aol.com Kerri Pomarolli is a Hollywood standup comedian who is known for her clean family humor. She’s been all over TV from The Tonight Show to Good Morning America and...
24 min
Carolyn Rose Hart on Purpose in Life
Carolyn Rose Hart e: carolyn@carolyynrosehart.com w: stepupstepout.com T: stepupstepoutbk FB: carolynrosehart Carolyn talks about her purpose in life and how she helps others create a vision for their life. She also speaks to her ideal...
25 min
Valda Ford - the world of sexuality
Valda Ford e: valdaford@icloud.com w: sexisnotforsissies,com T: sexnot4sissies FB: sexisnotforsissies.com She talks about how she got into the world of sexuality and how her experience as a nurse and sexuality expert led to her seminars. She...
24 min
Monica Neubauer - Realtor Life
Monica Neubauer e: monica@monicaneubauer.com w: monicaneubauer.com Monica is a successful Realtor who has taken her life experiences and turned them into adventures and detours though interesting places. She talks about the significant event...
26 min
Andy Shepherd -- Peak Performance Coach
Andy Shepherd FB: andywshepherd FB: Shepherdcoaching T: andywshepherd Skype: brazilandy w:andythecoach.com Andy is a peak performance coach and has 9 steps to how you achieve it. He believes if you practice these steps you will absolutely...
24 min
Jen Miller
Jen Miller FB: MyCoolChoice T: ChocZero e: jen@snapfit.com w: snapfit.com Holding many different positions at SnapFit, she has experienced the development of the products from the ground up. She talks about what makes their products different...
25 min
Yvonne Solomon -- Hair Solutions
Yvonne Solomon w: trichologyga.com FB: YShairsolutions T: Yvonne Solomon e: ysolomon7@gmail.com Yvone owns YS Hair Solutions and didn’t begin her career until the age of 37. She speaks to why she started so late, and some of the challenges...
24 min
Terrie Christine - Intuitive Life Coach, - Ps...
Terrie Christine w: terriechristine.com FB: terriechristine T: @terriechristine e: terrie@terriechristine.com Terrie is an internationally known intuitive life coach, psychic medium, speaker, author and creator of “The Secret Power of You...
24 min
Louis Van Amstel -- Dancing With the Stars
Louis Van Amstel e: Louis@lablastfitness.com w: lablastfitness.com Louis is a 3-time world champion and Emmy nominated choreographer best known for his 10 stunning turns on "Dancing With the Stars." He created the popular dance fitness program...
24 min
Rob Glick -- Senior Director of Group Fitness
Rob Glick P: 310-415-2450 w: empowerfitness.com T: @RobGlick FB: rob-Glick e: rob.glick@yahoo.com Rob is Senior Director of Group Fitness, Yoga and Cycle at Life Time. He talked about his long career in fitness and the changes he's seen. He...
25 min
Peter Twist - Training and Sport Performance
Peter Twist e: ptwist@twistconditioning.com P; 604-617-7383 w: twistconditioning.com Peter is all about functional training and sport performance. He heads the training for the China Olympic teams and has 10 franchised Twist functional training...
24 min
Todd Durkin - Conditioning Coach
Todd Durkin e: c/o A.Johannes@fitnessquest10.com w: www.Todd Durkin.com P: 858-271-1171 Todd is an internationally known strength, speed and conditioning coach who works with MVP's, Super Bowl Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists and Heisman Trophy...
24 min
Colin MacLeod - Celtic fiddle player
Colin MacLeod E: colinmacleod770@gmail.com W: celticfiddleguru.com T: @CFGCelticFiddle FB: celticfiddleguru Colin MacLeod is a Celtic fiddle player based in Melbourne, Australia and has been playing Celtic fiddle for over thirty years around...
25 min
Sara Hart -- Consultant and professional speaker.
Sara Hart E: sarahart@hartcom.com W: hartcom.com Dr. Sara Hart is an experienced consultant to organizations as well as a professional speaker. She talks about how “Sign of Enough” came about and who her primary audience is. She speaks to her...
25 min
Kalista Zackhariyas Jul11
Kalista Zackhariyas E: contact@kalistazackhariyas.com W: http://www.kalistazackhariyas.com Kalista is a powerful and inspiring storyteller. She talks about moving from homeless teenager to running her own company. Currently she is...
25 min
Samantha Skelley
Samantha Skelley e: samanthapskelly@gmail.com W: hungryforhappiness. Samantha is the founder of Hungry for Happiness and works with women suffering from disordered eating and body image issues. She talks about why so many women are stuck in the...
25 min
Claudia Lara - founder of Your Joyful Center
Claudia Lara w: claudialara.com e: Claudialarau@yahoo.com Claudia is a thought leader and founder of Your Joyful Center and helps individuals expand to a better version of themselves. She talks about what the Joyful Center is all about and how...
24 min
Mary Tataryn - founder of the Intention Dimension
Mary Tataryn E: mtataryn@hotmail.com w:lightingthelight.com Mary is the founder of the Intention Dimension. She talks about our energy system and what we need to know about it. She also speaks about Hara and what’s so big about it. She talks...
25 min
Dr Tammy Post - the “Queen of Hormones”
Tammy Post e: drtammytucker@hotmail.com W: drtammypost.com Called the “Queen of Hormones” she teachers others how to transform their lives to love the skin they’re in. She talks about why it’s important to pay attention to your hormones. She also...
24 min
David Meinz - America’s Personal Health Improve...
David Meinz w: davidmeinz.com e: david@davidmein.com David is known as America’s Personal Health Improvement Expert, and is the author of several books including “Ten Bonus Years.” He talks about healthy people eating nuts which are supposed to...
24 min
May 9 Jane Ann Covington
Jane Ann Covington e:janeann30305@gmail.com W: ExecutiveSolutionsInstitute.com Jane specializes in getting rid of limiting conscious and unconscious perceptions. She is an executive coach and does hypnocoaching. She talks about helping people...
23 min
Dr Stacey Cooper - Author of “Healthy Fuels Coo...
Dr. Stacey Cooper Latimer W: http://www.drstaceycooper.com 1staceylatimer@gmail.com Dr. Cooper is a speaker, presenter, Doctor of Chiropractic, educator, entrepreneur, wife and mother of 4 active teenagers. Author of “Healthy Fuels Cookbook” she is...
25 min
Christy Demetrakis - Founder of The Empowered S...
Christy Demetrakis christy@empoweredspeaker.com W: empoweredspeaker.com Christy is the President and Founder of The Empowered Speaker, a faith based global ministry. Her new book “Faith to Conquer Fear: Inspiration to Achieve Your Dreams”...
24 min
Gayle Rodgers - Vibrant Neighborhoods founder
Gayle Rodgers E: gaylerodgers@gmail.com Vibrant Neighborhoods founder, Gayle guides residents to establish thriving neighborhoods that enrich their lives and why that’s important. She talks about building connections and what a transformed...
25 min
Dave Sanderson - “The Miracle on the Hudson, Su...
Dave Sanderson http://davesandersonspeaks.com dave@davesandersonspeaks.com Dave is an inspirational speaker, author and survivor. The last passenger off US Airways Flight 1549, known as “The Miracle on the Hudson,” he talks about his...
24 min
Connie Queen - Mirror Work and Affirmations
Connie Queen conniequeen.com connie@conniequeen.com She speaks to how she started her spiritual path and whether she has any regrets about her marriages and divorce. She talks about her use of Mirror Work and Affirmations, and uncovering...
24 min
Bill Heinrich -- finding your true life purpose
Bill Heinrich mysoulfocus.com billheinrich@mac.com He talks about finding your true life purpose and how he helps people do that. He talks about the first thing someone should do if they want to improve their relationship. He discusses why...
24 min
Ron Manseth - Transformation Coach
Ron Manseth is a transformation coach and talks about the 3 things that keep people from living a big life. He speaks to what happens when people take charge of their lives, work through their inner stuff and decide to live big. He talks about a...
24 min
Dr Judi Grunwald - Speech Pathologist
Dr. Judi Grunwald e: judigrunwald@gmail.com Judi has spent 40 years as a speech pathologist and works with people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. She talks about why she chose this profession and how she coaches people. She helps...
25 min
Tianna Conte - a unique blend of mystic and sci...
Tianna Conte drtianna@gmail.com infinitepossibilitiesproductions.com Dr. Conte is a unique blend of mystic and scientist. She talks about her life altering experience known as NDE and what forever changed her perception of life. She talks...
24 min
Lee Milteer author of "Reclaim the Magic”
Lee Milteer leemilteerschoolofwisdom.com Lee’s book “Reclaim the Magic” is a labor of love. She talks about why she wrote it and who the book is for. She tells what she means by the word “magic” and how to become the King or Queen of your own...
27 min
Ted Behr - Business Coach
Ted Behr CoachTed@tedbehr.com http://ExpresswaytoSuccess.com Ted is a business coach who helps people who struggle with procrastination, disorganization and distraction. He talks about how to overcome procrastination and how to get organized. He...
25 min
Dr. Chris Martenson - PeakProsperity.com
Dr. Chris Martenson Chris@peakprosperity.com ChrisMartensonDotCom Chris is the co-founder of PeakProsperity.com and developer of the educational video seminar series “The Crash Course.” He is also the co-author of “PROSPER! How to Prepare For...
24 min
Jeffrey Meshel -Resources to those affected by ...
Jeffrey Meshel DivorceForce is an online community that empowers and provides resources to those affected by divorce. Jeff talks about why he created this company, what the objectives are, and what is unique about it. He talks about the features...
24 min
Rose Mallett - Reinvent Yourself
Rose Mallett http://www.RoseMallett.com Rose is someone who is really practicing what she loves. At the age of 60 she decided to reinvent herself and has had wonderful musical opportunities. A guest of Marvin Gaye’s at many Motown recording...
24 min
Dr. Phillip Yoo - author of “21st Century Pain ...
Dr. Phillip Yoo dryoo@lasermedinstitute.com W: theconciergeclinic.com Dr. Yoo is the bestselling author of “21st Century Pain Relief.” He also talks about how to treat the most difficult pain syndromes. He also talks about how he discovered laser...
24 min
Orion Talmay - feel more juicy, alive & sexy.
Orion Talmay talks about the biggest problems facing single women today, what women can do to release stress and how women can feel more juicy, alive and sexy. She talks about what nutrition supplements she recommends and how women can break from old...
24 min
Kellie Hill - Nutritional Therapy
Kellie Hill talks about what a nutritional therapy practitioner does. She speaks to whole foods and what challenges people are facing today. As a survivor of heart attacks and a stroke, she shares the top symptoms of what a women’s heart attack are....
24 min
Marcie Peters - Holistic Nutritionist and Speaker
W: thehealthandhappinessguide.com Marcie Peters is a holistic nutritionist and speaker, and talks about how she got involved in health and wellness. She’s called the “Age Backward Mentor” and describes what it means and why. She talks about the...
24 min
Dr. Rosalind Jackson - Board Certified Obstetri...
Dr. Rosalind Jackson W: www.drrozmd.com drrozjackson@gmail.com Dr. Roz is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist who encourages her patients to think of their Mind, Body and spirit when it comes to their health. She talks about the...
25 min
Alan Jackowitz and His Journey with Parkinson's
Brooklyn native, Alan Jackowitz grew up with the sound of rock and roll and adding machines. Struck with Parkinson’s at age 50, his life was turned upside-down but he still kept his perspective and his wonderful sense of humor. As Alan says “People...
25 min
Kate Miller - Prayer Art
Kate Miller does Prayer Art and talks about ow it began and what her inspiration for it is. She talks about her favorite aspect of it and why it has a mission. She speaks to what type of occasions Prayer Art has been purchased for and how long it...
25 min
Belinda Farrell - "Find Your Friggin Joy"
Belinda Farrell is the author of Belinda Farrell is the author of "Find Your Friggin Joy" and has completed 18 firewalks. She talks about what whales and dolphins have taught her and exactly what Plaque of the Soul is. Speaks to what motivated her...
24 min
Colonel Charles Hoge MD - PTSD
Charles Hoge is a nationally-known expert on PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) and other physiological reactions to war, as well as treatment strategies for war-related conditions. Dr. Hoge’s expertise spans...
24 min
Louise Griffith - Success Coach
Louise Griffith is an internationally recognized speaker, author, psychologist and success coach. Her book “You are Worth It” focuses on one topic for the week. It targets individuals who want more clarity, courage, confidence and joy in their life....
24 min
Brenda Elsagher - Humor for Health
Brenda Elsagher began her comedy, writing, and speaking career, and found a message using humor that resonates with every audience she meets. She started college at 42 and also survived cancer. She was young at the time and discusses how it impacted...
24 min
Janie Jasin - speaker and author
Janie Jasin is a speaker and author whose book “The Littlest Christmas Tree” has sold 2,000,000 copies. She talks about traditions and how they have impacted her life. She speaks to how she uses her wisdom and knowledge as an over-aging woman and who...
24 min
Rev. Lynn Walker Astrologer
Lynn Walker Astrologer mission is to help others on their spiritual paths. She is writing a book series and the first is called “Wisdom from Spirit Guides.” She talks about the writers who inspire her, and about her experiences as a a teacher and...
24 min
Dr. Jamison Spencer Sleep Apnea
Dr. Jamison is a dentist who helps people with sleep apnea. He discusses the problems that are related to it and whether there is any relationship to weight gain or difficulty in losing weight. He talks about whether children can get it and often...
24 min
Estaryia Venus Vibrational Healing
Estaryia Venus is a pioneer in Sound and Vibrational Healing. Featured on CBS’s Eye on America, her phone healing sessions produce life changing results and talks about the catalyst that stimulated her to be a healer. She talks about empowerment and...
24 min
Bette Price - marketing consultant
Bette Price is a marketing and management consultant who combines real-life experiences with practical theory to help companies strengthen their leadership teams and develop growth strategies. In this segment, she talks about her most recent book...
27 min
Amy Doyle Sanchez Fitness Instructor
Amy Doyle is a fitness instructor who talks about how fitness plays a role in living a regret free life and on your personal life. She talks about the mindset you need, her favorite books, coaches and mentors that have had an impact on her and tips...
24 min
Jim Cathcart-Author Speaker
Jim Cathcart The author of 16 books, Jim has delivered over 3000 speeches around the world. His motto is “Helping People Grow.” He’s a mountain trail runner, professional singer/songwriter, motorcycle enthusiast and a business motivator who coaches...
25 min
Leesa Rowland & Robin Cofer
Leesa Rowland/Robin Cofer, Author of “Discovering The It Factor Within You” she is a notable actress who has a cult following. She talks about where she got the inspiration to write the book, and how it benefits individuals. She gives advice to...
24 min
Frankie Picasso Master Coach Trainer
Frankie Picasso is a Professional Certified Life, Business and Master Coach Trainer, a full time Radio Host and Author of “Midlife Mojo and No Bull Allowed.” She is a solution specialist and advocate for Socially Cons ciousness Planet who just...
24 min
Coach Lauren Keith
Lauren Keith talks about what got her started as a coach and what she loves about it. She also dis cusses what makes her different than others and the impact she makes. She talk about habits that get in the way and antidotes to them. She shows how...
24 min
Beverly Bergman - Being Authentic
Beverly Bergman Although a professional copywriter, Bev talks about “Vulnerability: Why Being Authentic is Essential in your Life and Business.” She believes now more than ever that being vulnerable is required now to connect with others. She talks...
24 min
Paul Oster - Credit Repair Man
Paul Oster is referred as “The Nation’s Credit Repair Man” and is CEO of Better Qualified, a nationwide credit repair company and is a cyber security expert. He talks about how important your credit score it, whether you should have more or less...
24 min
Cathi Watson - Octogenarian
Cathi Watson is an Octogenarian and Fashionista with a Can Do attitude. She talks about how fear prohibits you from accepting yourself and how every negative experience affects you. She asks herself if she learned to let go and how she faces life....
24 min
Rodger Friedman - financial services
Rodger Friedman is a 35 year veteran of the financial services industry and the author of “Forging Bonds of Steel: How to Build a Successful and Lasting Relationship with your Financial Advisor.” He discusses the top 3 retirement planning mistakes...
24 min
June Cline - keynote speaker
June Cline is a keynote speaker, workshop leader and presentation skills and humor coach. She has a one woman show “Make It a Great Ride” and talks about IMO’S…idiot moments. She also discusses the comedic culture of companies and their leadership...
25 min
Wendy Sloan Holistic Healer
Wendy Sloan is a Holistic Healer who helps individuals make the transition from surviving to thriving using the tools of Hypnosis, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Channeling, and Coaching. An author and international speaker, Wendy started her business in...
24 min
Sally Strackbein
Sally Strackbein is an expert in authentic communication. She discusses whether or not storytelling is about entertainment or if business storytelling is about selling. She also discusses whether it should be short and factual and how you come up...
24 min
Tyler Thompson VP of Deductr
J T Thomas is V.P. of Business Development at Deductr. He talks about the company’s value proposition. He also discusses how it works and the key features. He compares it to Mint, Quickbooks, and TurboTax. He discusses who uses it and the reports...
25 min
Scott Q Marcus
Scott “Q” Marcus works with individuals and organizations to improve health, lower conflict, enhance communication and reduce stress. He refers to himself as a recovering perfectionist and he talks about the biggest barrier to living a regret free...
24 min
Melissa Davis - Social Selling
Melissa Davis has over 20 years of experience in social selling, direct sales, and network marketing with a unique blend of highly successful field as well as corporate experience. She has held corporate training and sales management positions with...
24 min
Susan Bock - Speaker and Coach
The best guides have traveled the trail before. Susan Bock is no stranger to this journey. Now a successful speaker and coach with deep intuition and self-direction, Susan’s own experience reads like many of her client’s stories. Success and the...
24 min
Mellanie True Hills - Heart Disease
Mellanie True Hills is a heart disease survivor, heart health expert, patient advocate, award-winning author, and founder and CEO of the non-profit American Foundation for Women's Health and StopAfib.org, the world's foremost atrial fibrillation...
24 min
Amanda Enayati -- Stress & Happiness
Amanda Enayati is a columnist, author and speaker whose essays about stress, happiness, creativity, technology, and identity have appeared widely, including on CNN, PBS, NPR, Washington Post, Reader's Digest, Salon and elsewhere. As a contributor for...
24 min
Terri Langhans blahblahblah
Terri Langhans FB: terrilanghans Twitter: @terrilanghans www.blahblahblah. She talks about how she came up with her website name of blahblahblah where she is Chief of Everything. She discusses the personality styles people have along with which...
25 min
Laurel Geise-Spiritual Author
Laurel Geise www.LaurelGeise.com Twitter: @LaurelGeise Facebook Author Page at Laurel Laurel is a spiritual author, teacher, speaker and mentor who empowers people around the world to live a soul-guided life. And she discusses what a soul guided...
27 min
Fab Mancini-FOX New’s Health
Dr. Fab Mancini facebook.com/DrFabMancini Twitter: @drfabmancini http://drfabmancini.com fab@drfabmancini.com Dr. Fab is FOX New’s Health Living Expert and Hay House’s best selling author of “The Power of Self-Healing.” Featured on Dr. Phil,...
24 min
Carol Morgan
Carol Morgan gives a voice to the invisible. She speaks about what the steps are to interpreting dreams, what water means in a dream and how to remember your dreams. As a spiritual dream coach, she helps her clients understand what their dreams...
24 min
David Altschuler - Raising Kids
David Altschuler has spent the last 30 years of his life listening to kids, school counselors and parents. Author of “Raising Kids in an Unhealthy World” he talks about how the things he has learned can make parenting easier. He understands what it...
25 min
Kim Weiss - Author of “Sunrise Sunset”
Kim Weiss - Author of “Sunrise Sunset” Kim is a book publicist, write and author mentor. This is gem of a gift book that brims with glorious color photographs of different suns on different days, captured from the very same vantage point, on the...
24 min
David Menasche-Author The Priority List
David Menasche is the David Menasche is the Author of “The Priority List: A Teacher’s Final Quest to Discover Life’s Greatest Lessons” David taught English at Miami’s magnet school Coral Reef Senior High School. This is an inspirational story of...
25 min
Dr Joachim de Posado
Joachim de Posado is an international speaker and author with experience in 60 countries. His TED talk has gotten over 1.4 million views and has been translated into 43 languages and was selected in 2013 as #11 of the 50 best educational talks in...
25 min
Paul Austin
Paul Austin - Author of “Beautiful Eyes: A Father Transformed, he is an emergency room doctor whose first daughter was born with Down syndrome. He chronicles his life with his daughter as he and his wife navigate cultural assumptions and prejudices....
25 min
Joe Clifford - acquisitions editor
Joe Clifford is an acquisitions editor, managing editor and producer as well as a writer. He talks about his past issues with substance abuse, and what it’s like to be a parent to a young son. He names his top 5 books and authors and the favorite...
25 min
Paul Sokolski Breakthrough Attraction
Paul Sokolski is the founder of the Breakthrough Attraction Academy and inspires people through the authenticity of his own personal journey. He talks about why it is so difficult to come to terms with regret and yet how living a regret free life can...
25 min
Ellen Bukstel award winning singer
An An award winning singer songwriter, Ellen Bukstel is a break the mold original. Her compositions of love, remembrance and social awareness are amazing and come from the story of her life. Married with 2 children, her husband was a hemophiliac who...
25 min
Dr. Jason Karp IDEA Personal Trainer
Dr. Jason Karp is one of the foremost running experts in America and a 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, he has written over 200 articles and 5 books. He gives the biggest piece of advice for new runners, whether running is bad for your knees...
24 min
Anastasia Chopelas Diamond Healing
Anastasia Chopelas is a former scientist and professor of Physics who had become a healer and has created the Diamond Healing Method. Understanding quantum mechanics helped her see how healing energy permeates time, dimension and space. She talks...
25 min
Rilla Caroline skin care products
Motivated by Mary Kay Ash, Rilla Caroline developed her own skin care product line. She talks about the ingredients used in her formulas, and the underlying cause of acne and other skin conditions. She talks about why most skin lighteners fail to...
26 min
Linda MacDougall
Linda MacDougall Linda talks about issues facing care givers and the problems that come from not addressing them. She also addresses energy drainers and why it’s important to be present and in the moment. Some of the caretaker issues are their life...
26 min
Teri Hockett
Teri Hockett talks about the definition of “What’s for Work?” and how it came about. She also talks about “Employed for Life” and what that means as well. She discusses what differentiates her from other career related sites and what the market...
25 min
Dorothy Wilhelm Living Regret Free
Dorothy Wilhelm - As a widow with six children, a bleak outlook and 50 pounds of unwanted weight, she turned her life around and started a new career in broadcasting, speaking and writing. She talks about the 3 changes you have to make right away and...
24 min
Charlotte Cole - Writer and Speaker
Charlotte Cole is a writer and speaker whose passion is to see people set free from the bondage of lies, unmet expectations and lost dreams. She talks about her own poor decisions that have set her on this path, and what it was like to find out she...
25 min
Mara Hoover - Entrepreneur
Mara Hoover is changing the money conversation for good. She talks about her money soundtrack currently and what it was like growing up. She speaks to why she has chosen women to work with and has a brand called FemmePowerU. She talks about her...
24 min
Jane Miller- -Author
Jane Miller’s book “Sleep Your Way to the Top” was released in the spring of this year. She talks about her climb up the corporate ladder and the important lessons she’s learned along the way. She has a career resource center and is a career expert....
25 min
Linda Spangle weight manage specialist
Linda Spangle is a weight management specialist recognized nationally as a leading authority on emotional eating and other psychological issues of weight loss. Her newest book is “Friends with the Scale.” She talks about how many people dread the...
23 min
Dr. Romie Mushtaq mind-body medicine
Dr. Romie Mushtaq is a traditionally trained neurologist with expertise in the field of mind-body medicine and helps clients connect to inner peace despite life’s external chaos as a physician, professional speaker, and certified life coach with her...
24 min
Gayl Murphy “The Celebritizer”
Gayl Murphy is a Media Entrepreneur, award-winning Hollywood correspondent, Media Expert, Speaker and Author. She is known as “The Celebritizer” and teaches interview and media tactics to CEO’s, showbiz pros, authors, experts, executives and creative...
23 min
Deb Jensen - Author
Deb Jensen is a working banker, Deb had always wanted to be a writer. Three years ago, a gift of a dream inspired her to write her first novel. This is about a young Hispanic man and a woman who met him in Mexico and then spent the weekend at his...
24 min
Lynda Chervil, author of “Fool’s Return”
Lynda Chervil is the author of “Fool’s Return” a new novel that incorporates valuable life lessons in a page turning tale that touches on technology, the green movement, and other aspects of contemporary society. She talks about why she wrote it, the...
26 min
Jude Bijou - Attitude Reconstruction
Jude Bijou’s theory of Attitude Reconstruction evolved over 30 years of her work as a licensed marriage and family counselor. She talks about what emotion is and how to change an unwanted attitude. She also talks about how we develop addictions and...
25 min
Sarah Ehrlich World Traveler
Sarah Ehrlich is a world traveler, Sarah talks about her formula for living regret free and her social enterprise called Ashieda. She deals with orphans and what it’s like to work with them. She speaks to the exciting things that happen as well as...
24 min
Katherine Pike- Health coach & speaker
Katherine Pike a Health coach and speaker, Katherine specializes in natural, permanent weight loss. She has a unique step by step system to assist people I finding true and lasting peace with food while achieving their ideal weight. She talks about...
25 min
Steve Olsher - Living Regret Free
Steve Olsher believes there is only ONE thing that prevents someone from living a life of happiness, fulfillment and purpose and is known as America’s Reinvention Expert. He’s written a book “What is your WHAT?” which shares tools on how to discover...
24 min
Michael Levin - Living Regret Free
Michael Levin is a writing coach and has even appeared on Shark Tank. He is dedicated to helping people develop creativity and where people can get ideas for their books. He has a YouTube channel called BooksAreMyBabies. He also believes technology...
25 min
Deborah Cabral - Living Regret Free
Deborah Cabral talks about why she became a professional organizer. Her company has 4 different divisions and she has a television show. She talks about her book “DeClutter Your Life NOW” and the certification process for Professional Organizers. She...
22 min
Jorden Gold - Living Regret Free
Jorden Gold founded Stretch Zone, a leading provider of advanced manual stretch therapy, He talks about why people should stretch and how often. He also discusses what to do if you have bad knees, hips or back pain, and how long it takes to see...
25 min
Dr Mildred Oliver - Living Regret Free
Dr. Mildred Oliver is one of only three ophthalmologists named to the list of America’s Leading Doctors. Celebrating Women’s Eye Health and Safety month, she talks about the prevention and awareness that women must be aware of. Fewer than 1 in 10...
25 min
Grant Cunningham on Living Regret Free
Grant Cunningham is an author and teacher of self-defense, firearms and self-reliance. He talks about how he got started in teaching others about self-defense and where martial arts fits into defending yourself. He also discusses guns and when they...
25 min
Vince Han on Living Regret Free
Vince Han is a digital media entrepreneur and the founder of Coach Alba. He talks about the advice he gives to people trying to make lifestyle changes, and the most difficult thing about helping people achieve behavior changes. The difference in...
24 min
Yuval Kaminka on Living Regret Free
Yuval Kaminka is the founder of Joy Tunes and he talks about the obstacles he had to overcome to get it started. He also discusses the ages that his apps are designed for and also the accolades and awards Joy Tunes has received. He also talks about...
26 min
Ultralight Pilot Arty Trost
Arty Trost is the only female long-distance ultralight pilot in the United States. She has been featured on NPR and in national media. She discusses how she lives her life without regrets, and why people think she’s a risk taker. She talks about her...
25 min
Hypnotherapist Barbara Schiffman
Barbara Schiffman is a certified hypnotherapist and a life and soul balance expert. Her book “Living in Balance for Boomers: Secrets to Making the Most of the Second Half of Life” is a guide for balanced, successful living. She discusses the second...
25 min
Dawna Hetzler Real Estate Author
Dawna Hetzler owns a real estate firm and is also an author and speaker focusing on women’s connection groups and retreats. She’s the author of “Walls of Warriors” based on her experiences with Jericho Girls, a group of women who meets to discuss the...
25 min
Kevin Darneauthor of “My Cat Won’t Bark!
Kevin Darne is the author of “My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany) which is learning how to approach relationships with complete awareness, having realistic expectations, and using self-empowering techniques. He talks about online dating, why...
25 min
Monique Vranesh on Living Regret Free
Monique Vranesh launched My Gym Children’s Fitness Centers, and has a My Gym At Home show that airs on BabyFirstTV. She talks about how hard it is get kids to put down video games, tablets and smart phones and get them to fun and play outside. She...
26 min
Lisa Rosser on Living Regret Free
Lisa Rosser is on a mission to help organizations improve their veteran recruiting and retention. She is the founder of The Value of a Veteran, was in the military for 22 years and published an employer guide to recruiting the military. She talks...
25 min
Isisara Bey
Isisara Bey is V.P. of Programs and Education for Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence. She deals with helping women entrepreneurs both economically and through entrepreneurship. The programs at Count Me In help both women veteran...
28 min
Sam Barry - How to Play the Harmonica
Sam Barry is a humorous brilliant magician who lives a totally different life at work, yet plays with some of the greatest musicians in the world. He makes playing the harmonica seem so easy and so much fun and the illustrations he has in the book...
26 min
Angela Cody Rouget - Major Mom
Angela Cody Rouget started to grow a place in her heart for Moms and their busy families. That’s when she got the inspiration of her idea to start an organizing company that helped them. She wants to make sure that everyone that lives in clutter and...
26 min
Peggy Kotsopolus Nov4
Peggy Kotsopolus is a registered holistic nutritionist and her book is divided into 5 sections. The Food-Mood connection, the Food-Weight connection, the Food-Beauty connection and the Food-Healthy connection and also has a section on healthy...
22 min
Laura McGee on Living Regret Free
Laura McGee is a divorce coach and works with women about the biggest regrets they have after the divorce. She talks about her unique blend of emotional support and legally trained critical thinking skills that help her clients make cost saving...
25 min
Patricia Sexton on Living Regret Free
Patricia Sexton is a former banker who moved to Mongolia to pursue her life’s dream and work as a foreign correspondent. She talks about what the trading floor was like and what made her decision to finally leave banking. She discusses Mongolia,...
25 min
Stacey Hall on Living Regret Free
Stacey Hall is the author of “Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All” and wants to help others heal their hearts. She talks about saving the lives of people who are stressed to the snapping point. She shows people how to become more powerful in...
27 min
Patricia Bubash on Living Regret Free
Talking about second marriages, Patricia Bubash talks about whether the energy put into being regretful has any purpose. Her divorce gave her a lot of information about second marriages which is why she wrote the book. She discusses whether or not...
24 min