"Living Fearlessly" with Lisa McDonald

“Living Fearlessly” with Lisa McDonald explores the obstacles and challenges that hold people back from leading happy, successful, and abundant lives. The show seeks to inspire and empower listeners to break the cycle of negative thoughts and actions that prevent them from reaching their goals. Each week, Lisa interviews newsmakers, entrepreneurs, motivational coaches, entertainers, athletes, philanthropists, activists and authors who embody what it is to “live fearlessly” and thrive. Guests and host share personal experiences and tips in frank, open discussion.

Maureen Fahey Knutson 5/22/15
Please join me LIVE on Friday, May 15th as I read aloud my, "Dear Universe," letter on my show, "Living Fearlessly ." A letter dedicated to ALL as we are truly ONE. If one of us hurts; we all hurt. Tune in at The Contact Talk radio Network....
54 min
Lisa McDonald flying solo on, "Living Fearlessl...
Please join me LIVE on Friday, May 15th as I read aloud my, "Dear Universe," letter on my show, "Living Fearlessly ." A letter dedicated to ALL as we are truly ONE. If one of us hurts; we all hurt. Tune in at The Contact Talk radio Network....
47 min
Craig Dubecki 5/08/15
Please join me LIVE on Friday, May 8th on my show, "Living Fearlessly ," as I will be joined by my lovely friend and guest, Craig Dubecki! Craig is a musician, an inspirational speaker, and an author!
52 min
Jane Wojtasznski 5/01/15
Please join me LIVE on my show, "Living Fearlessly ," this Friday at 8:00am PST/ 11:00am EST, as I have the pleasure of interviewing my lovely guest, Jane Wojtasznski who is the founder, designer, motivator, and mover & shaker of her own magazine, "I...
53 min
Jennifer Kay - Therapist 4/24/15
Guest, Jennifer Kay - Therapist @ Jennifer Kay MSW RSW Counselling! Lets learn more about Jennifer's own counselling agency; her practices, clinical philosophies, Mental Health, Autism, and a vast array of client services, resources, and initiatives!
54 min
Cameron Steele - the man who got me onto radio!...
"Living Fearlessly ,"as I interview the Network's Owner, Cameron Steele! Cameron very kindly sought me out for radio, which has incredibly enhanced my own journey! Lets find out more about Cameron's own radio show, his passions and who he is! Treat...
55 min
Going LIVE with Rob Preuss - Musical Genius 4/...
Rob Preuss has had a stellar musical career starting in his teen years with successful bands such as The Spoons and Honeymoon Suite. Rob has journeyed to Broadway in NYC as a sought out Musical Associate Producer for many of the well-known hit shows...
56 min
Dr. Jamie Turndorf aka "Dr. Love" 4/3/15
Deep in your heart, you've always known it: love never dies. Those earth-shaking, soul-lifting relationships just can't be taken from you. Dr. Jamie Turndorf, the celebrated relationship expert also known as Dr. Love, discovered this truth with...
54 min
"Being Transparent When You Are In The Shit." ...
No matter the different hats and faces we all wear - no matter how successful or accomplished people glean you to be - we are all human - we are all in this together!
52 min
'SpoonFed.' Lisa interviews Canadian Gold Artis...
Gordon Deppe - forerunner of the musically talented band, the Spoons. Lisa talks music and books with Gordon, and how the darkest moments in ones life oftentimes precipitates the greatest gifts!
54 min
Authentic Leadership with the Internationally R...
Dov was ranked 6th out of the top 100 most sought out speakers according to Inc. magazine. Dov's most recent book, 'Fiercely Loyal,' has been flying off the shelves in bookstores and often sold out; needing restocked.
54 min
Our Sister Passion Journey.
Interviewing Gina Best - Gina and Lisa were one of 12 people from around the world to have been chosen to receive intensive training, licensing, and certification from NY Times Bestselling Author (twice over) in her San Anselmo, CA, home in February...
54 min
Doing the Dance With Self.
This show precipitated by a FB friend of Lisa's, posting on FB that he planned to take his own life on that particular day (weekend prior to third show - Family Day weekend in Canada).
52 min
Why Do You Care What People Think About You?
The imperativeness of rising above, rather than succumbing to, others negative perceptions of us.
54 min
Being Fearless
Introduction of Self. Embracing any and all moments of fear so as to live your most authentic life. My personal journey, which brought me to clarity, passion, and alignment as a human being
53 min