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Little Gold Men is the inside story of Hollywood, from awards shows and red-carpet premieres to the hard work and whisper campaigns that get people there. Weekly episodes feature obsessive, expert conversations about the best of television and film, with special guest appearances from stars, creators, and critics. LGM also dives deep into Oscar history, and offers insight into all the other awards that make up Hollywood’s continual dash toward glitz and glory.

TV & Film
Interview: Edward Berger (All Quiet on the West...
The German director on his film's historic nine Oscar nominations, the literal slogging through the mud required to make his World War I drama, and why he cast his lead actor, Felix Kammerer, because "he doesn't look like a hero."
31 min
The Oscar Buzz Out of Sundance, and More Oscar ...
Joe Reid returns to dig into some of the most fascinating stats from this year's nominations, from John Williams's formidable record to the staggering 16 first-time acting nominees. Then Richard, Rebecca, and David check in on the buzziest titles from Sundance, some of which we might be discussing on Oscar nomination morning this time next year.
49 min
The 2023 Oscar Nominations Are Here!
Breaking down the snubs, surprises, records, and remaining mysteries of this year's nominees.
34 min
The Most Mysterious Oscar Campaign, Explained
Have you heard about To Leslie, a small film with an enormous heart? If you follow a famous actress on Twitter, you almost certainly have. So is that last-minute campaign enough to get Andrea Riseborough a best actress nomination? Plus, a look at the Critics Choice Awards and the final moments of momentum as Oscar nomination voting closes.
34 min
Interview: Niecy Nash (Monster - Dahmer: The Je...
First David Canfield speaks with the recent Critics Choice Award winner about the challenge of her role in Dahmer, and how working on Reno 911 simultaneously kept her grounded. Then, Richard Lawson catches up with Kerry Condon, who first worked with Martin McDonagh over 20 years ago and reunites with him on The Banshees of Inisherin, which has brought a level of acclaimed she never allowed herself to imagine on that beautiful Irish set.
46 min
What We Learned from the Golden Globes and the ...
A surprisingly successful Golden Globe Awards led directly into some thrilling— and baffling— SAG nominations. A look back at a very big week in awards.
43 min
Interview: Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) ...
Last spring, two directors traveled to CinemaCon in Las Vegas to convince movie theater owners that, after two years of pandemic disaster, they had made the movies that could save theaters. Turns out, they were both right. Katey Rich talks to Joseph Kosinski, who teamed up with star Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer to expand the legacy of Top Gun, and Baz Luhrmann, who says it's his "lot in life" to tackle subjects that other people think are dated, or even cheesy — but every time, he sells them on it anyway.
58 min
Welcome Back to the Awards Season Rodeo
With the New York Film Critics Circle dinner on the east coast and the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards looming in Los Angeles, awards contenders are preparing for one last sprint before Oscar nominations voting opens on January 12.
28 min
Interview: Angela Bassett (Black Panther: Wakan...
Yohana Desta talks to the star of the second Black Panther movie, how she came to understand her character Queen Ramonda through costumes and how she and Letitita Wright stuck together in order to move on without Chadwick Boseman. Then, Katey Rich speaks to James Cameron and Russell Carpenter, the director and cinematographer who both won Oscars for Titanic and reunited for Avatar: The Way of Water, a project that was somehow even more massive.
58 min
Interview: Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki (...
In separate conversations with Julie Miller, the actors who play Prince Charles and Princess Diana discuss the challenges of season 5, what’s ahead in season 6, and the power of Prince Charles breakdancing.
47 min
Your Burning Awards Season Questions, Answered
Plus, a conversation with Sony Pictures Classics co-presidents Michael Barker and Tom Bernard about the past, present, and future of indie film releasing.
75 min
Interview: Taylor Russell (Bones and All) and B...
David Canfield hosts conversations with two people at the center of the awards swirl, and at very different phases in their career. First, Bones and All breakout Taylor Russell discusses joining the Luca Guadagnino cinematic family, and what drew her to the cannibal romance. Then, Living star Bill Nighy shares his surprise at that film's long journey, and what it meant to dive into a very specific period of British history and find something new.
52 min
The Winners and Losers of the Golden Globes and...
Everything Everywhere All at Once pulls way ahead, Babylon shows up surprisingly strong, and Ana de Armas can't be counted out. Plus, a look at Avatar: The Way of Water, and the awards race it has the potential to disrupt.
40 min
Interviews: Olivia Colman and Sam Mendes (Empir...
First, Katey Rich talks to the star and director of Empire of Light, inspired by the loneliness of early pandemic lockdowns and Mendes’s own mother. Then Rebecca Ford talks to the writer and director of Tár, who is happy about any fan theories about his movie— but won’t reveal how Lydia Tár got her EGOT.
55 min
A Look Ahead at the Sundance Comeback
The Sundance Film Festival, returning in person for the first time since 2020, promising a wide range of starry vehicles and potential breakthroughs. Plus, a look at the New York Film Critics Circle awards and the topsy turvy best supporting actress race.
45 min
Interview: Jeremy Pope (The Inspection) and Ria...
First, David Canfield talks to the star of The Inspection, the military drama based closely on the life of writer-director Elegance Bratton. Then, Katey Rich talks to Rian Johnson about the way he structures his ingenious mysteries Knives Out and Glass Onion — but no spoilers, we promise.
48 min
The Indie Spirits, The Gothams, and the Awards ...
Big wins for the team behind Everything Everywhere All at Once and Danielle Deadwyler at the Gotham Awards on Monday night kicked off the season of in-person awards shows with a bang. Plus, a look at the disappointing Thanksgiving box office and the release of Will Smith's Emancipation.
39 min
Interview: Zoe Kazan (She Said) and Hong Chau (...
First, Rebecca Ford talks to Zoe Kazan about the "nosy questions" she learned to ask to play Jodi Kantor in the journalism drama She Said. Then, David Canfield talks to Hong Chau about her excellent year, with a key role in Darren Aronofsky's The Whale as well as the dark thriller The Menu.
48 min
There Are So Many Great Movies in Theaters— Why...
A look at the disappointing box office for She Said and some other specialty releases, plus a guide to the title that are worth catching over the long holiday weekend. Plus, Natalie Jarvey joins to break down the Bob Iger shocker at Disney.
34 min
Interview: Paul Dano (The Fabelmans) and James ...
Two conversations with people from films that dive deep into family and memory— what could be more perfect for Thanksgiving week? First, David Canfield talks to Paul Dano, who took on the towering challenge of playing Steven Spielberg's father in The Fabelmans. Then Rebeca Ford talks to James Gray, who mined his own childhood for the 1980-set "ghost story" Armageddon Time.
52 min
Babylon Causes a Commotion
One of the final major awards players makes its debut, and may raise more questions than answers. Plus, a look at Wakanda Forever's stellar box office and the arrival of yet another intriguing limited series, Fleishman is in Trouble.
37 min
Interview: Ramin Bahrani (2nd Chance) and Brian...
First, a flashback to the onstage conversation Richard Lawson had with Ramin Bahrani at the Miami Film Festival, where he premiered his documentary 2nd Chance. Then, Richard speaks with Brian Tyree Henry, who received a Gotham Award nomination for his powerful supporting turn in the intimate drama Causeway.
40 min
Just How Many Blockbuster Best Picture Nominees...
With Wakanda Forever opening this weekend, the question remains if it can repeat Black Panther's series of Oscar feats. And with Top Gun: Maverick and maybe Avatar: The Way of Water also in the hunt, will the Oscars be ready to fully embrace blockbusters? That, plus a conversation with Hollywood: An Oral History co-author Sam Wasson.
54 min
Interview: Domee Shi (Turning Red)
Given the chance to pitch three story ideas to Pixar to make her feature directing debut, Domee Shi wound up pursuing the most personal— the story of a Chinese-Canadian girl going through puberty in especially wild fashion. Rebecca Ford talks to the director of Turning Red about the Easter eggs from her own childhood she included in the movie, and why the most specific stories can turn out to be the most universal. NEW! E-mail us at Find Little Gold Men on Twitter: @HWD Follow our hosts: @kateyrich, @rilaws, @beccamford, @davidcanfield97 Our editor and producer is Brett Fuchs.
25 min
How Weird Can the Golden Globes Make This Award...
A look at the potential for everything from Ticket to Paradise to Lyle Lyle Crocodile becoming Globes contenders. Plus, discussion of The Wonder and Causeway, and a conversation with John Koblin and Felix Gillette, authors of the new HBO history It's Not TV: The Spectacular Rise, Revolution, and Future of HBO.
58 min
Interview: Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere...
Michelle Yeoh's entire 40-year career— yes, even the failures— were a "long rehearsal" for the ambitious sci-fi epic. Rebecca Ford talks to the Hollywood and Hong Kong icon about how she pushed herself making Everything Everywhere All at Once, and where she wants to go next. Find Little Gold Men on Twitter: @HWD Follow our hosts: @kateyrich, @rilaws, @beccamford, @davidcanfield97 Our editor and producer is Brett Fuchs.
26 min
The Oscar Hopefuls Getting the Biggest Boost Ou...
From audience award winners like Tár and Devotion to the big movie that is conspicuously absent (hello, Fabelmans!), October is the month to find out which awards hopefuls can truly sustain their momentum. Plus, a look at the recent allegations about Sacheen Littlefeather, and discussion of Armageddon Time and the upcoming season of The White Lotus. NEW! E-mail us at Find Little Gold Men on Twitter: @HWD Follow our hosts: @kateyrich, @rilaws, @beccamford, @davidcanfield97 Our editor and producer is Brett Fuchs.
41 min
Interview: Sigourney Weaver (Call Jane) and She...
Interview: Sigourney Weaver (Call Jane) and Sheila McCarthy (Women Talking) Even decades into her thrilling career, Sigourney Weaver has an especially exciting fall, with the pre-Roe v. Wade abortion drama Call Jane coming to theaters now, and Avatar: The Way of Water on the horizon. She talks to David Canfield about all of it. Then Katey Rich catches up with Sheila McCarthy, the veteran Canadian actress who shines in the exceptional ensemble of Women Talking, shouldering some of the film's funniest moments as well as the most heartbreaking. Find Little Gold Men on Twitter: @HWD Follow our hosts: @kateyrich, @rilaws, @beccamford, @davidcanfield97 Our editor and producer is Brett Fuchs.
48 min
Introducing: The Pitchfork Review
10 min
The Awards Season Underdogs Worth Watching
With a shaky best actor lineup, ten best picture spots to fill, and some mysteries left on the horizon, nearly everyone is plausibly an underdog— but the Little Gold Men crew have their eye on a few in particular. Plus, a look at new releases The Banshees of Inisherin, The Good Nurse, and Aftersun. Find Little Gold Men on Twitter: @HWD Follow our hosts: @kateyrich, @rilaws, @beccamford, @davidcanfield97 Our editor and producer is Brett Fuchs.
43 min
Interview: Barry Keoghan (The Banshees of Inish...
First, David Canfield speaks to Barry Keoghan, who has built a reputation for sinister characters but transforms into well-meaning sweetheart Dominic in Martin McDonagh's The Banshees of Inisherin. Then, Rebecca Ford talks to Ruben Ostlund, the director of the wild Palme d'Or winner Triangle of Sadness, which is more inspired by his real life than you might think. Triangle of Sadness is in limited release now. The Banshees of Inisherin opens in Iimited release October 21. Find Little Gold Men on Twitter: @HWD Follow our hosts: @kateyrich, @rilaws, @beccamford, @davidcanfield97 Our editor and producer is Brett Fuchs.
48 min
Want to Win Best Picture? Get Your Cast Traveli...
With regional festivals and special screenings in full effect, films like Everything Everywhere All at Once and Women Talking may find themselves with a distinct advantage: their casts seem to really, genuinely love spending time together. Plus, a look at the New York Film Festival premieres of She Said and The Inspection and deep dives on the endlessly fascinating best original song and best director races. Find Little Gold Men on Twitter: @HWD Follow our hosts: @kateyrich, @rilaws, @beccamford, @davidcanfield97 Our editor and producer is Brett Fuchs.
38 min
Interview: Adam Sandler (Hustle)
Fresh of some of the best reviews of his career in Uncut Gems, Sandler earned raves again in the energetic, heart-on-its-sleeve sports drama Hustle, which premiered on Netflix earlier this year. On this week’s podcast he gets candid about finding projects that scare him, getting back on the road to do standup, and what he likes in modern comedy even if he can’t figure out TikTok.
32 min
Can Anybody Beat Cate Blanchett?
TAR premiered at the New York Film Festival this week to yet another set of raves, but Cate Blanchett's competition in best actress continues coming in hot. She's still the one to beat, but how much of a challenge will that third Oscar actually be?
33 min
Interview: Emma Thompson (Good Luck to You Leo ...
The iconic actress gives her first interview since entering the Oscar race— surprisingly!— with the Searchlight Pictures film that never played in U.S. theaters. But she's got much more than awards on her mind in this wide-ranging conversation.
32 min
The Best Supporting Actress Race Has Blown Wide...
Now that Michelle Williams is going lead, the supporting actress is suddenly the most exciting Oscar race. Plus, a look ahead at the New York Flim Festival, the release of Bros and re-release of Avatar, and some intriguing rumors about how Apple might crash into the season.
40 min
Interview: Thuso Mbedu (The Woman King) and Bil...
Two of the breakout hits from the Toronto International Film Festival are now ready to dominate theaters. First, Rebecca Ford talks to Thuso Mbedu about her incredibly challenging debut film role in The Woman King, and how Viola Davis led the cast with not just strength, but humor. Then David Canfield talks to Billy Eichner about the long journey to Bros, and why he's always been ready to be more than Billy on the Street.
47 min
The Golden Globes Comeback Is Complete — For Now
With the Globes now officially back on TV, which movie campaigns will benefit most? Plus, a look at a busy weekend of Oscar and film festival events, The Woman King's box office success, and what happens now that The Fabelmans is the presumed best picture frontrunner—and how long that might last.
41 min
Interview: Lena Dunham (Catherine Called Birdy)
After some deliberate time away from the spotlight, and then some pandemic delays, Dunham has two films out this year— and the latest, Catherine Called Birdy, is the YA book adaptation she's wanted to make for a decade, but only really could have made now.
27 min
The Hits, the Misses, and the Serious Oscar Buz...
Which movies will actually play well Stateside? Which Oscar campaigns may already be over? Richard Lawson and David Canfield report back with everything they saw at the Toronto International Film Festival.
38 min
The Best and Worst of the 2022 Emmys
Sheryl Lee Ralph's victory was an all-time highlight, but was the rest of the show up to her level? And how did she and the other winners celebrate once the cameras were off? Katey Rich, David Canfield, and Rebecca Ford break down the 2022 Emmys.
31 min
All the Buzz— and Rumors— From Venice, Tellurid...
Forget the timed standing ovations and the spitting conspiracy theories— what really matters after the Venice and Telluride Film Festivals? Richard Lawson, Rebecca Ford, and David Canfield are here to report back, and look ahead to the Toronto International Film Festival, too.
54 min
Interview: Owain Arthur (The Rings of Power)
Anthony Breznican talks to the actor who plays Prince Durin IV in the sprawling fantasy series, which is now airing on Prime Video.
27 min
Venice, Telluride, and Everything to Watch Out For
From Cate Blanchett as a menacing conductor to whatever Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu has in store with Bardo, there's a whole lot of movies to keep track of— and an entire Oscar race that will have taken shape by the time this weekend is over.
32 min
Interview: Domhnall Gleeson (The Patient)
Playing a serial killer after a career as nice guys, Gleeson stretched himself for the FX series opposite Steve Carell— but also felt compelled to do something beyond your typical criminal mastermind. The Irish actor talks to David Canfield about what he's looking for at this point in his career, and figuring out what he had in common with a killer.
29 min
The Indie Spirits Adopt Gender Neutral Categori...
A look at the latest news from the Spirits, the Academy, the Toronto Film Festival, and more, plus a special appearance from Vanity Fair's Natalie Jarvey to dive into the internal drama at HBO Max, and why people care so much about it in the first place.
42 min
Book Club: White Noise
After 15 years of failed attempts, Noah Baumbach will be the one to bring Don Delillo's landmark 1985 novel to the big screen. So what to expect? Katey Rich, Rebecca Ford, and HIllary Busis dive into the social satire that inspired a thousand imitators, but remains surprisingly effective— and darkly funny.
24 min
Book Club: Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis
Soon to be a feature film starring Timothee Chalamet, Bones & All had the potential to be the cannibal version of Twilight... even if that's not exactly what the book is at all. Also discussed on this week's episode: new developments from the New York and Toronto film festivals, the rumored comeback of the Golden Globes, and how Better Call Saul might be perfectly positioned to get its Emmy due at last.
49 min
Interview: Hoyeon (Squid Game) and Christina Ri...
Rebecca Ford and David Canfield catch up with two actresses who had breakout moments on television this year— and wildly different paths to this year’s Emmys.
48 min
Book Club: She Said by Jodi Kantor and Megan Tw...
Vanity Fair's editor-in-chief Radhika Jones joins for a discussion of the book about the landmark Harvey Weinstein investigation, and what kind of soul-searching the movie adaptation might spark in Hollywood. Plus a look at this year's Emmy host, a new Academy president, and what a Harry Styles Oscar campaign might look like.
47 min
Interview: Michael Stuhlbarg (Dopesick)
The Emmy nominee claims he saw the role of Richard Sackler as a great opportunity that happened to come his way— but after building a career of scene-stealing acclaimed work, it's hard to believe anything as good as Michael Stuhlbarg's work happens by accident.
26 min
Book Club: Women Talking by Miriam Toews
Among the many huge titles announced for the Toronto Film Festival last week was Women Talking, Sarah Polley's adaptation of the 2018 novel. To kick off our August book club series we discuss the novel and what the adaptation might look like, in addition to taking an even closer look at the fall festival lineups.
41 min
Interview: Kieran Culkin (Succession)
He'll be the first to credit the writers of Succession for Roman Roy and every other irresistibly terrible member of that family— but over three seasons of the HBO drama series, Culkin has also been able to make the character his own. Here he talks to Rebecca Ford about returning to shoot season four, why Succession made him want to stick with acting, and where in the world Alan Ruck's Emmy nomination is.
27 min
Venice and Toronto, Revealed
Festival season is almost upon us! Which means lineup announcements. Richard, Rebecca, and David look at the big titles headed to Venice next month and dig into the ever-developing news from Toronto. Later in the episode, the team wonders whether Angela Bassett might be an Oscar contender for Wakanda Forever and debates the merits of the new release Nope.
40 min
Interview: Dale Dickey (A Love Song)
David Canfield speaks with Dale Dickey, the consummate character actor best known for stealing scenes in Breaking Bad and Winter’s Bone, about a lifetime of making the most of small parts—leading to her brilliant first leading role, in the romantic indie A Love Song.
28 min
Is It Time for a Tom Cruise Oscar Campaign?
With Top Gun: Maverick reigning as the undisputed box office champ of the summer, could a best actor Oscar for Tom Cruise actually happen? Plus, a look at the TIFF lineup, other possibilities for festival season, and a burning Emmy question.
39 min
Interview: Quinta Brunson (Abbott Elementary)
A conversation with the creator and star of ABC's breakout hit comedy, who says the show's success has allowed her and the entire team "to believe in ourselves."
26 min
Interview: Lesley Manville (Mrs. Harris Goes to...
David Canfield talks to the star of the summery escapist comedy, who says making something light and frothy isn't necessarily easier than a dark Mike Leigh drama.
27 min
What to Know about the 2022 Emmy Nominations
Succession and Ted Lasso reign supreme, Abbott Elementary and Yellowjackets have freshman surges, and the voters really, really love The White Lotus.
37 min
Book Club: My Policeman, Soon to Be Starring Ha...
Erin Vanderhoof joins Katey and David for a conversation about Bethan Roberts's novel about an unconventional relationship in 1950s Britain between a woman, her policeman husband, and his museum curator lover. The book has been adapted as a film starring Emma Corrin, David Downs, and Harry Styles as the policeman in the middle of the love triangle. It's set for release in theaters October 21 and on Prime Video November 4.
50 min
Interview: Jenny Slate (Marcel the Shell with S...
A conversation with the actor and creator of the sneaker-wearing shell who was a 2010 viral sensation, but might be even more resonant today.
25 min
Pride Oscar Flashback: Moonlight
A look back at 2017's historic best picture winner, and how it still manages to surprise. Plus a discussion of the new class of Academy members and the ongoing drama behind the scenes at the Golden Globes.
43 min
Interview: Rose Byrne (Physical)
A conversation with the star of the Apple TV+ series, who describes herself as “an actress of a thousand questions.”
26 min
Pride Oscar Flashback: Pariah
A look back at the breakthrough 2011 film by Dee Rees, who had a huge Oscar hit a few years later with Mudbound but somehow escaped their attention the first time around. Plus a discussion of this year’s honorary Oscar winners, final Emmy voting discussion, and a look at the new Father of the Bride remake.
41 min
Interview: Jerrod Carmichael (Rothaniel), Taika...
Three conversations with giants in their respective fields. Carmichael discusses the seismic impact of his comedy special Rothaniel and how he’s spending Pride month; Waititi explains why Our Flag Means Death rekindled his love of acting, and what he hopes comes next in season 2; and Howard discusses his pivot into documentary filmmaking— and how his approach to making movies lines up with what’s in his dreams. Rothaniel and Our Flag Means Death are both available to stream on HBO Max; We Feed People is on Disney+.
85 min
Pride Oscar Flashback: In & Out
43 min
BONUS: Matthew Goode on Becoming Robert Evans f...
This episode was made in collaboration with Paramount+. Hosts Joe Reid and LaToya Ferguson discuss the ten-episode limited series The Offer, about the making of The Godfather, and Joe speaks with star Matthew Goode about his performance as legendary Paramount executive Robert Evans.
38 min
Interview: Danielle Deadwyler (Station Eleven) ...
The star of Station Eleven revisits the pre and post-pandemic production of the pre and post-pandemic series, while writer/director/actor Raiff plots what's next in his Hollywood career— at 25, he's already got big plans.
53 min
Pride Oscar Flashback: BPM, Plus a Tonys Preview
The 2017 French submission for best international feature didn't even make the Oscar shortlist, which says a lot about how much the Academy has changed in the past five years. Plus, Richard Lawson and Chris Murphy are joined by Vulture's Jackson McHenry and Thrillist's Esther Zuckerman for a preview of Sunday's Tony Awards.
62 min
BONUS: Danny Strong on Hulu's Dopesick
This episode was made in collaboration with Hulu. Hosts Tara Ariano and LaToya Ferguson discuss the 10-episode limited series and its complex storytelling, and then creator Danny Strong weighs in on how the project came together and its ongoing impact.
55 min
Interview: Maude Apatow (Euphoria) and Andrew G...
Conversations with Euphoria's season 2 breakout star, whose Hollywood ambitions are only just getting started, and the recently Oscar-nominated star of the FX limited series Under the Banner of Heaven.
52 min
Pride Oscar Flashback: Rebel Without a Cause
To kick off our Pride month Oscar Flashback series, we discuss the landmark 1955 melodrama Rebel Without a Cause, featuring what star Sal Mineo himself described as the first gay teenager in movies. Plus a look at the Cannes awards, Bradley Cooper’s Leonard Bernstein biopic, and the new Searchlight release Fire Island.
47 min
Interview: Kaitlyn Dever (Dopesick) and Jared L...
Conversations with the stars of two standout limited series based on true stories.
46 min
Cannes: The Good, The Baffling, and Everything ...
Richard Lawson and Rebecca Ford connect from the Croisette, where there's not exactly a clear Parasite-level success but much to discuss. And then Katey Rich and David Canfield catch up on the state of the Emmys comedy race, and weigh the odds of Mandy Moore not just snagging a nomination for the final season of This Is Us, but maybe even a win.
50 min
Interview: Desus Nice and The Kid Mero (Desus &...
Two conversations with TV titans. First, Yohana Desta catches up with the hosts of Showtime's indispensable talk show Desus & Mero, then Julie Miller asks Jason Bateman all of her burning questions about the final season of Ozark.
46 min
The Friends We Made Along the Way
Jordan Hoffman joins to discuss his book The Star Trek Book of Friendship and the new series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The episode also includes a look ahead at the Cannes Film Festival from Richard Lawson and Rebecca Ford, some thoughts on the new Oscar dates for next year, and many questions about what on earth is going on with the Golden Globes.
61 min
Interview: Elisabeth Moss (Shining Girls)
The two-time Emmy winner and television veteran explains why she took on yet another hugely challenging role on the Apple TV+ series— and why she's never looking to make it easier on herself.
30 min
And the First Breakout Hit of Cannes Is.... Top...
A look ahead at Cannes and the splashy Tom Cruise sequel that will open it, discussion of the Tony Award nominations and the SAG Awards leaving TBS and TNT, and a return discussion of HBO's The Staircase, which has only gotten more interesting as it goes on.
45 min
Interview: Elle Fanning (The Great & The Girl F...
Two stars with two different Emmy eligible shows this year talk to Rebecca Ford and Katey Rich about their onscreen transformations.
52 min
Which Murder Show Is Right For You?
A look at yet another spring TV show centered on a white woman's death, this one HBO's The Staircase. Plus discussion of Everything Everywhere All at Once, the upcoming Men, and the success of Abbott Elementary.
31 min
Interview: Chloe Sevigny (The Girl From Plainvi...
Conversations with two actors having double-threat springs. First, David Canfield talks to Chloe Sevigny about her roles on The Girl From Plainville and Russian Doll, then Chris Murphy talks to Matt Rogers about I Love That For You and the upcoming film Fire Island.
62 min
The End of a Netflix Era
A look at Netflix's sobering earnings report, and what might come next. Plus, a rundown of the many new TV shows premiering, including Barry, Better Call Saul, The Flight Attendant ,We Own This City, Under the Banner of Heaven, and more.
44 min
Interview: Melanie Lynskey Is Seizing Her Moment
A conversation with the star of Yellowjackets and Candy who is the midst of a major career surge, and is ready to make the most of it.
31 min
Our Emmy Season Preview
A look at the new Viking epic The Northman, and then an exhaustive rundown of what to look for this Emmy season, from the resurgence of network comedy to a limited series race as competitive as ever.
39 min
Interview: Pachinko Creator Soo Hugh Was Ready ...
A conversation with the creator of Apple TV+'s sweeping generational drama, adapted from the 2017 novel by Min Jin Lee.
23 min
The Michelle Yeoh Oscar Buzz Starts Now
An enthusiastic discussion of Everything Everywhere All at Once, a look ahead at the Cannes Film Festival lineup, and a conversation with Puck's Matt Belloni about how the Oscars move on from The Slap.
58 min
Interview: Bill Hader on How Barry Took Over Hi...
The star and creator of the HBO dark comedy looks ahead to season 3, and just how dark Barry can get.
28 min
Predicting the 2023 Oscar Nominations
Joe Reid returns for our annual tradition of making way-too-early Oscar predictions. Will Martin Scorsese score Apple a second best picture win in a row? Is Damien Chazelle's old Hollywood drama the one to beat? Is everyone as excited about Sarah Polley's return to directing as we are? All that and much more!
75 min
Interview: Amanda Seyfried on What She Saw in E...
Richard Lawson speaks to the star of The Dropout about the immense challenge of taking on the disgraced Theranos founder— and why channeling her 17-year-old self was so important. This interview will also be included on this week's episode of the Still Watching podcast, which is covering The Dropout as well as Super Pumped and WeCrashed. Subscribe here:
28 min
Interview: Adam Scott On What Scared Him About ...
The actor famous for Parks & Recreation took on a very different, and much darker, workplace story with Apple TV+'s Severance, and embraced the leap into the unknown.
23 min
Oscars 2022: The Slap, The Winners, and What Co...
The team gathers on very little sleep to make sense of a show that was chaotic even before the now-infamous moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock. CODA won big, Jessica Chastain pulled it off in best actress, and Ariana Debose made history. But which parts will people actually remember?
53 min
Our Final Oscar Predictions in Every Category
Plus a look at the Covid chaos and Oscar presenter mysteries, and a conversation with red carpet historian and podcaster Bronwyn Cosgrave about what to look out for on Sunday's red carpet.
92 min
Who's On Top As Final Oscar Voting Begins
A busy weekend of awards in Los Angeles ends with Jane Campion apologizing to the Williams sisters— are there more twists in the race in store? Plus a look back at the 2002 Oscars, the new thriller Deep Water, and conversations with Oscars producer Will Packer and Drive My Car director Ryusuke Hamaguchi.
77 min
The Most Popular Oscar Nominees in the Room
Dispatches from inside the Indie Spirit Awards and Oscar nominees luncheon reveal which films might be surging, and the fallout from the Oscar broadcast's category shakeup continues. Plus, a close look at the Oscar nominated shorts with Joe Reid, and a conversation with Belfast star Ciaran Hinds.
90 min
Everything You Need to Know About the SAG Awards
An immediate reaction to the first televised awards show of the season, plus a conversation with The Power of the Dog star Jesse Plemons. Sign up to receive texts from us at Subtext:
64 min
The First Real Awards Show of the Season Is Alm...
A preview of Sunday's SAG Awards, a look at the already chaotic Oscars Fan Favorite vote, and a dive behind the scenes of Mad Max: Fury Road with Kyle Buchanan, author of the new book Blood, Sweat, and Chrome. Plus, a conversation with SAG and Oscar nominee Troy Kotsur about his role in CODA.
58 min
We Have Oscar Hosts! And We Have an Interview w...
A look at the flurry of Oscar news in the past week, including the hosts and a surprising Covid policy. Plus a conversation between Sinead Burke and Oscar nominees Billie Eilish and Finneas, who share their hopes for the world and each other, the power they find in fashion, and how they made a James Bond song entirely their own. Find Sinead Burke at: or on Twitter: A full transcript of the Billie Eilish and Finneas interview is available here: Sign up to receive texts from us at Subtext:
78 min
The 2022 Oscar Nominations Are Here!
An instant reaction to this year's Oscar nominations, from the Drive My Car surge to the Lady Gaga snub to the dominance of The Power of the Dog.
41 min
Our Final Oscar Nomination Predictions
A look ahead at Tuesday's nominations, plus a conversation about the history of Oscar dresses and the future of the red carpet with Beyond the Best Dressed author Esther Zuckerman
45 min
Oscar Voting Begins, Sundance Continues, and Gu...
A look at Sundance standouts and some last-ditch FYC efforts, plus conversations with the director of Nightmare Alley and star of The Power of the Dog.
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