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Little Gold Men is the inside story of Hollywood, from awards shows and red-carpet premieres to the hard work and whisper campaigns that get people there. Weekly episodes feature obsessive, expert conversations about the best of television and film, with special guest appearances from stars, creators, and critics. LGM also dives deep into Oscar history, and offers insight into all the other awards that make up Hollywood’s continual dash toward glitz and glory.

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TV & Film
The Burning Questions of the 2023 Emmy Season
Can anyone beat Succession? Do voters want their comedies light or dark? And just how many White Lotus actors will make it? The mysteries of the 2023 Emmy season are already worth pondering.
30 min
Interview: Teyana Taylor (A Thousand and One)
Teyana Taylor has been famous for more than half of her life, but the choreographer, singer, director, and actress always knew she was capable of even more. With A.V. Rockwell's drama A Thousand and One, which won the grand jury prize at Sundance, she got the chance to push herself further, and says she's already seen new doors opening as a result.
26 min
Predicting the 2024 Oscars
In our annual year-ahead tradition, we scope out new work from the likes of David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Emerald Fennell, and Wes Anderson, while admitting that these days, the best picture winner is almost certainly something you don’t see coming.
77 min
Interview: Lana Wilson (Pretty Baby: Brooke Shi...
After making her 2020 documentary Miss Americana about Taylor Swift, director Lana Wilson wasn't necessarily looking for another story about a famous woman— but the story of Brooke Shields, a former child star who took control of her own narrative, proved impossible to ignore. Wilson talks about telling Shields's complex story with the aid of Shields's own archives, and which Brooke Shields performances are worth watching to get a sense of who she really is.
27 min
The 2023 Oscars: The Morning After
An annual bleary-eyed tradition, gathering way too early after the Oscars and the Vanity Fair party to break down the awards, the drama, the dancing, and so much more. A24 and Everything Everywhere All at Once made history, the acceptance speeches were emotional, and much to our relief, we got back to a normal-feeling Oscars. Join us to break it all down.
50 min
Our Final 2023 Oscar Predictions
Michelle vs. Cate, Brendan vs. Austin, and the free-for-all in best supporting actress — and that's just the acting categories that are too close to call.
87 min
Interview: Colin Farrell (The Banshees of Inish...
Rebecca Ford catches the Oscar-nominated star as he prepares to start production on The Penguin, and looks forward to the end of Oscar season. Then the entire Little Gold Men team talks to Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Radhika Jones about everything that goes into preparing for the iconic Vanity Fair Oscar party.
41 min
Almost Every Acting Oscar Race Is Now Too Close...
We still think we know who's going to win in supporting actor, but as for all the others, the SAG Awards threw everything into disarray. It's exciting — and almost completely impossible to predict what will happen. Plus, the team dives into the 15 nominated short films, which include everything from hundreds of thousands of walruses to a year of dicks.
57 min
Interview: Sarah Polley and Frances McDormand (...
First, David Canfield catches up with Women Talking writer and director Sarah Polley and star and producer Frances McDormand, who see that film's awards trajectory as much bigger than whatever happens on Oscar night. Then Katey Rich talks to Pamela Ribon about the whirlwind of attention around her Oscar-nominated short My Year of Dicks— the title that everybody cannot stop talking about.
56 min
Revisiting the Surreal and Glorious 2003 Oscars
It was the year of Nicole Kidman winning by a nose, Michael Moore getting booed, and Roman Polanski getting a standing ovation in absentia — every Oscar year has its weirdness, but 2003 might be hard to top. A look back at the ceremony that took place days after the invasion of Iraq, with Ben Affleck, Jennier Lopez, and Jennifer Garner all in attendance. Truly a time to be alive. The episode also includes discussion of the BAFTA and DGA winners, and a look ahead at this weekend's PGA and SAG Awards.
79 min
Interview: Kazuo Ishiguro (Living)
The Nobel Prize-winning author grew up adoring the films of Akira Kurosawa — but he also didn't hesitate to make major changes when adapting Kurosawa's Ikiru into Living, which has now earned both him and star Bill Nighy their first Oscar nominations.
36 min
Behind the Scenes of Vanity Fair's 2023 Hollywo...
What does it take to get Selena Gomez, Florence Pugh, Jonathan Majors, and nine more rising stars on the same magazine cover? Vanity Fair's west coast editor Britt Hennemuth joins to reveal how it all comes together, and what he learned in the process. Plus, a look at the Snata Barbara Film Festival and the Oscar nominees luncheon, as phase 2 of Oscar season gets into full swing.
44 min
Interview: Guillermo del Toro (Pinocchio)
The Oscar winner spent decades getting his vision for the classic fairy tale to the screen— and now that he’s done it, he’s continuing his mission to free animation from the kids table of Hollywood.
31 min
The Best Actress Showdown, How to Fix the Weird...
A dip into the mail bag to answer burning listener questions, and touching on everything from this year’s best picture race to the overdue actors we’re ready to see get their first nominations.
53 min
Interview: Jamie Lee Curtis (Everything Everywh...
The first-time Oscar nominee now shares that honor with both of her parents, and tells David Canfield about how much that means— and how she braced herself for the possibility it would never happen.
28 min
History's Greatest Oscar Scandals, and Why We'r...
The New Yorker staff writer and author of Oscar Wars Michael Schulman joins to discuss his book and, of course, the saga around To Leslie, which reached its conclusion this week following a brief Academy investigation. Andrea Riseborough won't lose her Oscar nomination, but Oscar campaign rules may be changing— so what should they look like going forward?
45 min
Interview: Edward Berger (All Quiet on the West...
The German director on his film's historic nine Oscar nominations, the literal slogging through the mud required to make his World War I drama, and why he cast his lead actor, Felix Kammerer, because "he doesn't look like a hero."
31 min
The Oscar Buzz Out of Sundance, and More Oscar ...
Joe Reid returns to dig into some of the most fascinating stats from this year's nominations, from John Williams's formidable record to the staggering 16 first-time acting nominees. Then Richard, Rebecca, and David check in on the buzziest titles from Sundance, some of which we might be discussing on Oscar nomination morning this time next year.
49 min
The 2023 Oscar Nominations Are Here!
Breaking down the snubs, surprises, records, and remaining mysteries of this year's nominees.
34 min
The Most Mysterious Oscar Campaign, Explained
Have you heard about To Leslie, a small film with an enormous heart? If you follow a famous actress on Twitter, you almost certainly have. So is that last-minute campaign enough to get Andrea Riseborough a best actress nomination? Plus, a look at the Critics Choice Awards and the final moments of momentum as Oscar nomination voting closes.
34 min
Interview: Niecy Nash (Monster - Dahmer: The Je...
First David Canfield speaks with the recent Critics Choice Award winner about the challenge of her role in Dahmer, and how working on Reno 911 simultaneously kept her grounded. Then, Richard Lawson catches up with Kerry Condon, who first worked with Martin McDonagh over 20 years ago and reunites with him on The Banshees of Inisherin, which has brought a level of acclaimed she never allowed herself to imagine on that beautiful Irish set.
46 min
What We Learned from the Golden Globes and the ...
A surprisingly successful Golden Globe Awards led directly into some thrilling— and baffling— SAG nominations. A look back at a very big week in awards.
43 min
Interview: Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) ...
Last spring, two directors traveled to CinemaCon in Las Vegas to convince movie theater owners that, after two years of pandemic disaster, they had made the movies that could save theaters. Turns out, they were both right. Katey Rich talks to Joseph Kosinski, who teamed up with star Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer to expand the legacy of Top Gun, and Baz Luhrmann, who says it's his "lot in life" to tackle subjects that other people think are dated, or even cheesy — but every time, he sells them on it anyway.
58 min
Welcome Back to the Awards Season Rodeo
With the New York Film Critics Circle dinner on the east coast and the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards looming in Los Angeles, awards contenders are preparing for one last sprint before Oscar nominations voting opens on January 12.
28 min
Interview: Angela Bassett (Black Panther: Wakan...
Yohana Desta talks to the star of the second Black Panther movie, how she came to understand her character Queen Ramonda through costumes and how she and Letitita Wright stuck together in order to move on without Chadwick Boseman. Then, Katey Rich speaks to James Cameron and Russell Carpenter, the director and cinematographer who both won Oscars for Titanic and reunited for Avatar: The Way of Water, a project that was somehow even more massive.
58 min