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Comedians disappear into the gentle-voiced vortex of hit TV show Frasier. No, this isn't Kevin Smith's Frasier podcast. Comedian and number one Frasier fan Anita Flores explores different themes and pivotal moments from the show with a new guest each episode.

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Doctor Horror premieres on July 10th!
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How Frasier got sommelier André Mack into wine
51 min
Best Frasier episodes to watch on 4/20 w/ Ashle...
50 min
A UK Perspective on the Frasier revival
48 min
Episode 10: Reindeer Games w/Rekha Shankar
Grab the tissues, Roz is back and it’s the season finale of the Frasier revival! TV writer and friend of the pod Rekha Shankar joins Anita to pinpoint every moment in the finale that made them cry. They also go through their favorite callbacks to the original series including Martin’s dancing Santa and the return of Roz Doyle’s perfect zingers. Later on, Rekha and Anita discuss what a season 2 could look like and theorize how Bebe Glazer could return for a one episode arc.
56 min
Episode 9: The Fix is In w/John Hodgman
Why hasn’t Frasier returned to the Cheers bar in the revival? Friend of the pod John Hodgman makes a case for bringing Frasier back to his original drinking hole and demands more references to Boston other than Moose’s accent. John and Anita discuss their favorite moments from episode 9 including Frasier’s beautiful monologue about Martin and Andy Daly’s hilarious cameo. They also pitch who John should play in season 2: a rival Harvard professor who went to Yale. Later on, Judge John Hodgman enters the courtroom to settle a dispute between a husband who’s sick of hearing about David Hyde Pierce’s talent for physical comedy and his wife, who will never stop mentioning David Hyde Pierce’s talent for physical comedy.
77 min
Episode 8: The B Story w/Jamie Loftus
When are we going to see Frasier shirtless again?! The Bechdel Cast host Jamie Loftus has some sexy thoughts to share about her first TV crush Kelsey Grammar, and his chest hair. They reminisce about watching the show on old fashioned TVs (the kind with dials!) as kids and unpack their Frasier dreams. They also discuss “Daphne erasure” in episode 8, the problem with new Freddy, and how they’d like to see Roz return.
63 min
Episode 7: Freddy’s Birthday w/Connor Ratliff
Lilith is back, but this time with no slicked back bun! Connor Ratliff joins Anita to discuss his love of ‘Cheers,’ the return of Bebe Newirth, her connection to his podcast ‘Dead Eyes,’ and Alan’s white linen suit. Could Alan be a figment of Frasier’s imagination? Connor’s got a theory. They also pitch a retired police dog that’s actually the reincarnation of Martin Crane as Frasier’s new pet.
71 min
Episode 6: Blind Date w/Ben Rosen
It’s a Frasier/Freddy love triangle! Comedy writer Ben Rosen joins Anita to discuss the revival’s best episode so far, sharing their favorite moments including Frasier using the word, “saboteur!” Ben also talks about the inspiration behind his Frasier tweets and the hilarious spec script he wrote about the brothers Crane dabbling in cannibalism.
49 min
Episode 5: The Founders' Society
It’s time for Frasier to once again attempt to join an exclusive club! ‘Diss and Tell’ host Sydney Battle joins Anita to break down the highs and lows of episode 5 including the guys getting “stuck” together in the wine cellar. They also share dating woes like the time Sydney went out with a Niles-type that turned into a Frasier and Anita sang ‘Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs’ at a party infront of a former lover. Later on, they discuss the overlap between people who like Frasier and people with an anxiety disorder.
67 min
Episode 4: Trivial Pursuits
Was anyone else surprised to see Frasier doing trivia? ‘Praise Petey’ creator/writer Anna Drezen returns to the podcast to discuss the bar trivia plot, cassoulet at the firehouse, and the current lack of horniness in the revival. They also share their favorite Niles and Martin callbacks from episode 4.
45 min
Episode 3: First Class
Returning Crane-niac TV writer/director Meredith Dawson joins Anita to discuss Margaret Scratcher, “Frasier’s Fravorite things”, and why it’s ok for Frasier to wear jeans. They also make dinner party predictions and Meredith describes the kind of episode she’d direct if she had the chance.
43 min
Episode 1 & 2: The Good Father & Moving In
It’s finally here! TV writer Alrinthea Carter joins Anita to discuss episodes 1 and 2 of the Frasier revival. Good news: it’s not the worst! They share their thoughts on new characters, missing John Mahoney, whether or not Frasier should get a cat, and SO much more.
77 min
I’m Listening is back for the Frasier revival!
Number one Crane-niac Anita Flores is back JUST in time for Frasier’s big return. I’m Listening is back with new episodes every Tuesday starting 10/17/23. Subscribe wherever you get podcasts.
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March Madness: Frasier Edition w/Emily Heller
It started with an email in 2017 and ends with a March Madness Style ranking of minor Frasier character with TVEmily Heller!
78 min
Introducing Caretalkers with Anita Flores & San...
37 min
The Best Award Show Episodes
39 min
Frasier vs. Horror
Spanish Aqui Present’s Oscar Montoya and Anita theorize how Frasier and the gang would fare in a horror movie. Who would survive? Who would be the killer? The answers may surprise you! They also reveal their favorite horror films of all time. Correction: Anita mentioned ‘Cabin In The Woods’ as one of her top 3 favorite horror films. She meant to say ‘Cabin Fever.’
56 min
The Best Winnebago Episodes
Carmen Rios and Anita countdown their favorite Winnebago episodes plus other storylines that involve travel. ‘RDWRER’ and ‘Voyage of the Damned’ made the cut, obviously!
52 min
Frasier vs. Murphy Brown
FYI: The Murphy Brown Podcast hosts Lauren Milberger and Jesi Mullins join Anita to decide which Murphy Brown characters would be friends with Frasier, Niles, Daphne, Martin, and Roz. They also theorize what it would be like if Murphy Brown and Frasier Crane had dated. Spoiler alert: It would be HOT.
61 min
OMG It’s Peri Gilpin!
Peri Gilpin joins Anita to talk about her favorite Roz Doyle moments, memories of John Mahoney, and her new short-form series, ‘Old Guy.’ She also answers questions from Frasier fans. Plus: Anita and Peri announce a very special Frasier memorabilia giveaway! Follow Anita on Twitter/Instagram at @anitajewtina or follow ‘I’m Listening: A Frasier Fan Podcast’ on Facebook for all the details.
63 min
Frasier Fans Around the World: Part 3
In the final chapter of the three part season finale of ‘I’m Listening’, Anita conducts her first interview in spanish with a Frasier fan from Mexico, chats with a Crane-iac who made an Excel spreadsheet counting all the times Frasier wore robes, and talks with Nicki D'Atellis about meeting David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammar. Also, more voicemails from Frasier fans!
55 min
Frasier Fans Around the World: Part 2
Frasier Fans Around the World continues with interviews featuring a British fan, a Mormon fan, a Crane-iac who created Frasier Crane Con in Seattle, and voicemails from fans around North America.
51 min
Frasier Fans Around the World: Part 1
As season three comes to a close, Anita talks to Frasier fans around the world. In part one of this special series, fellow Peruvian Crane-iac Roxana Altamirano joins the podcast to talk about her immigration story, Frasier, and the American TV shows that helped her learn English.
42 min
What Do Frasier Fans Have In Common?
Comedian and SNL writer Anna Drezen joins Anita to unpack what kinds of things Frasier fans have in common with each other including parental relationships, a love of cheese, being bullied, and lots more.
55 min