Life's A Beach

The Life’s A Beach Podcast is presented by Head Lifeguard and TV personality, Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins. Known to his fans as the fun-loving, down to earth Lifeguard from Bondi Rescue, Hoppo has spent nearly 30 years working on Australia’ most infamous beach and will open up to fans like never before.Portraying another side to the lovable larrikin, Hoppo and guests will discuss life stories - the good, the bad and everything in between in an open and candid forum. Each week they will share their own challenges and struggles and in true Hoppo style there will be some light-hearted jokes and banter along the way. Hoppo hopes the experiences that are shared will resonate with the audience, as the old saying goes… while Life’s A Beach, it can also be a bitch! 

Personal Journals
Mental Health
Comedy Interviews
EP 3: Rosie Waterland Part 2
23 min
Ep 2: Rosie Waterland
24 min
Ep 1: Bennie Davies
35 min
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wth Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins
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