Life As We Know It

3 Women...3 Generations Toni Tenaglia, Lisa Cameron and Steph Halamantaris look at Life As We Know It from the perspective of a 50 year old, 40 year old and 30 year old. Join them on this entertaining journey.

S2 EP24 Know Your Why (with guest Bachelor Girl...
Why do we do the things we do, what motivates us to keep going? We decided when we first started this podcast, the reason for doing it was for us to share our experiences so anyone listening would know they are not alone and that there are others going through the same experiences. How does your why help define who you are or is your why defined by who you are? Tania Doko, lead singer of Bachelor Girl, joins us in this episode and shares her experiences and her reasons for her whys. She talks about things she does to help keep her focused and sane...hahaha
26 min
S2 EP23 The Circle Of Friendship
The Circle of Friendship, it's like the circle of life only with friends. We talk about how there comes a time in your life where you outgrow certain friendships, and how your common interests change. The things that may have once brought you together could now be the things that drive you apart. Do you have that conversation with specific people to say the time has come to move on from your friendship or do you let that relationship die a natural death? Constant lockdowns has changed so many peoples lives in so many different ways and has brought out the good and bad in people. You may be seeing a side to someone that you didn't know existed and are feeling like it's made that friendship toxic. These are just some of the topics we talk about in this podcast, find out how we have evolved from certain friendships.
28 min
S2 EP22 Sweet Sixteen - The Choc Top Chick
Being Sweet Sixteen was all about Toni and Lisa being underage and getting into nightclubs, Steph being one of the popular girls at school and being the teacher's pet. Toni was the organiser, Lisa was the party girl and Steph was the Choc Top Chick....yes you read right! Do you remember being Sweet Sixteen? Have a listen to see how much of this episode you relate to...hahaha
32 min
S2 EP21 The Proposal
In this episode we pre-empt Steph's "hopefully in the very near future" proposal...Toni and Lisa put forward suggestions of how it may happen while sharing their experiences of their marriage proposals. We talk about how we would like to be proposed to again, should that day arrive and we discover the whole fanfare is not necessarily all it's cracked up to be, in fact Toni says she'd be more than happy to be proposed to with a kinder surprise ring. Lisa talks about how she did things arse about with the proposal happening after the wedding date was set and Toni talks about having to pay for her own engagement ring. Steph meanwhile is pondering how she thinks Nick may propose to her.
37 min
S2 EP20 Check Your Empathy
Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, however it can be detrimental to the point where you lose your authenticity and you don't speak your truth. You spend too much time trying to help someone else rather than helping yourself and living your how do you keep your empathy in check? This is exactly what we discuss in this being too empathetic can affected situations in our an empath how do you block certain situations or people who can cause you to feel ill.
31 min
S2 EP19 Breaking The Ice
Sometimes when meeting someone for the first time it can be difficult striking up a conversation with them. What do you ask them? What do you talk about? How far do you go with your questions? Lisa gave Toni a deck of cards for her birthday called "Dating Cards" and in this episode we decided to hit the deck and ask each other some of the questions on the cards...we practiced breaking the ice. Describe your first kiss. Describe a friend or acquaintance you are envious of and why? What attitudes to food do you find appealing in a partner? These are just some of the questions and topics we cover in this podcast.
32 min
S2 EP18 That Time Of The Month
When it comes to that time of the month, it tends to be a time when people want to avoid you, or you them. In this episode we talk about how we are affected when we get our periods and how we are affected when they stop. We also talk about the psychic spiritual connections we have during this time, it seems our senses are heightened in very different ways. Guys, heads up, you WILL be able to sit through this episode, we promise it won't gross you out...hahaha....
37 min
S2 EP17 Convenience Is Good
We all live busy lives so is cutting corners a good thing or bad thing? In this episode we talk about how we live for convenience and we have no problems living our lives this fact, bring it on we say!! LOL Who needs to grocery shop and spend hours preparing meals when you can Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon, why wash your clothes every couple of days when you can have enough in your wardrobe to last you so you can wash fortnightly. Another episode full of laughs and "real" advice.
33 min
S2 EP16 F**K YOU do we describe this episode? We think the title says it all...hahaha... Ever have one of those days when you decide enough is enough and you're going to tell everyone exactly how you feel? This was that day for us. You are about to hear us let loose, and let loose big time. We decided we were no longer going to take any crap, and we let the whole world know about. Be prepared for a lot of expletives....actually just one over and over. If you're keen to check out some of our other podcasts you can do so via our website
30 min
S2 EP15 The Dark Days
This podcast turned out to be a powerful one for us. We confronted so many demons in this episode. Toni talked about her anxiety as a teenager and how she self harmed in a way that was very different to the self harming we know about today, Lisa talked about her depression and how it took over her life for nearly 2 years, and Steph talked about her need to please people to feel worthy and how it turned her into a yes person. We've all gone through dark days, but we hope this episode helps put a little light back into those days for you.
55 min
S2 EP14 The Younger Man
Who doesn't love a younger man?! Bachelor Girl singer Tania Doko joins us in this episode to talk about being in a relationship with a younger man vs being in a relationship with an older man. Tania's husband is 7 years younger than her, Steph's partner Nick is 3 years younger than her, Lisa has been hit on by a 19 year old and Toni has been dubbed the new Madonna by Lisa because of her thing for younger men. Whether younger men are or are not your thing, this is one podcast that will give you some fun perspective on the idea.
40 min
S2 EP13 Just Be A Lemon
They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...we say 'just be a lemon' Sometimes the universe throws everything at you, and it can be hard to cope. Toni, Lisa and Steph talk about family, relationships, lesson learned, setting boundaries and more. And we’re pretty sure Steph swears on this episode for the very first time!
29 min
S2 EP12 In Adult Mode
Steph has finally moved in with Nick! After living with her family all her life, she’s learning how to cook and is now realising that she has to pick up her own clothes off the floor. Lisa, in this episode, talks about the first time she and her ex-husband moved in together and shares her experience of depression, while Toni talks about breaking her Italian traditions and moving in with her ex-husband before they were married.
36 min
S2 EP11 Can You Have Your Cake?
This episode was recorded before Steph and Nick moved in together and it was interesting listening back to it know how life has now changed for Steph. You will definitely want to listen to this episode before our next ones are released. Can you have your cake? Can you have it all? Do you have to give something up once you start having kids? We talk about all this and more in this episode.
38 min
S2 EP10 The Big Scary Fish
There have been a few episodes where we talk about our dating experiences and one thing we've discovered is that Toni is really bad at dating, pretty much because it freaks her out. We didn't want to turn this into another dating podcast episode but we did bring in dating expert Audrey Claire from My Wing Woman to see if we could get to the root of Toni's fears and unblock them. While there are a lot of dating tips in this episode we hope that it will help you if you're struggling to just get out there and meet new people, you don't need to be out dating to take on board the great advice that is on offer in this episode.
50 min
S2 EP9 Let Them Lead
Are you used to being the person who takes control and makes all the decisions? Maybe it's time you step back and let the other person lead. Maybe it's time to bring more of the feminine into your relationship and evoke the masculine. In this podcast we talk about the feminine and masculine energy again, only this time we talk about how to make it work for you so that you find the right person for you. Maybe it's time for us to take a step back and let someone else lead for a change.
42 min
S2 EP8 Masculine and Feminine Energy...How To G...
So what happens when one of your co-hosts does a course that becomes life changing for her? You talk about it in a podcast. In this episode we talk about our exes, how we've changed as people and how now we are looking for something different in a man. We also learnt a lot about the masculine and feminine energy and how, depending on which energy we are showing, will determine the type of man we attract. We can sit here and try and explain it all in this synopsis or you can just listen to the podcast - we suggest the later.
38 min
S2 EP7 Body Changes...When It All Turns To Shit!
What sick joke was being played when woman was created? Poor Steph thought she had it tough in her 30s, until Lisa gave her a scare about her 40s and then Toni totally freaked her out about her 50s! This podcast will definitely give you a good laugh about the body changes women go through.
38 min
S2 EP6 A Choleric, Phlegmatic and Sanguine Walk...
This has got to be one of the funniest discussions we've had about ourselves...what happens when you get a Choleric, Phlegmatic and Sanguine in one room? If you haven't heard much about personality profiles this is a fun way to learn about them. The Winnie The Pooh characters are probably the best way to highlight the 4 personality types, which character can you relate to the most? We encourage you to take the test to see which personality type you fall under and to share that with us on our LifeAsWeKnowItPodcast Facebook page or our LifeAsWeKnowIt.Podcast Instagram page.
44 min
S2 EP5 Buy The Goddamn Coffee Table
For three women who are living different lives and are from different generations , it's amazing to see how our lives can parallel each other at the same time. All three of us experienced what we like to call "buy the Goddamn coffee table"...we were all triggered by our past which put a huge holt on what was currently happening in our lives. This podcast pretty much turned into a counselling session for the 3 of us as we laughed our ways through our triggers.
38 min
S2 EP4 Dating...Are We Back To This???
Here we go!!! This time last year Toni and Lisa were dreading it while Steph was in full swing dating her man! This is a topic that always stirs up emotions in the girls, and they don't necessarily share the same point of view. Definitely worth a listen to find out how dating is going in the lives of these 3 women from 3 different generations.
35 min
S2 EP3 So How Was Your Valentine's Day?
So another Valentine's Day has come and different was this one compared to 2020 for Toni, Lisa and Steph? Who was loved up this year? Who forgot it was Valentine's Day? Who spent the day with her cats? Yes you can see where this one is going can't you?
27 min
S2 EP2 Valentine's Day 2.0
Valentine's Day 2020 was launch day for our Life As We Know It Podcast. Steph was loved up, Lisa had just come out of a marriage and didn't want anyone to come near her and Toni was as single as a solo artist, has anything changed for us? How different will Valentine's Day 2021 be? With so much having happened in 2020 there is bound to be some changes to how we view Valentine's Day, it's amazing how much we can change our views in 12 months. Find out how much in episode 2 of our podcast "Valentine's Day 2.0"
31 min
S2 EP1 Revisiting 2020
A lot has happened since we launched our Life As We Know It Podcast on Valentine's Day 2020. We kick off season 2 revisiting the year that was. We share with you stories about how much our lives have changed in the past 12 months, what we've learnt, how we've grown and how we coped with a year that saw us go into hard lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, for months. Toni was rushed to hospital with a gangrenous burst appendix, Lisa moved out of the family home and started dating again and Steph took a completely different turn with her relationship, going from not wanting to live with her boyfriend before marriage to preparing to shacking up together in 2021. We look forward to revisiting 2020 with you, in episode 1 of season 2 of our Life As We Know It Podcast.
36 min
S1 EP24 - It's All In The Name
In this Zoom Podcast we talk about changing our surnames. Toni lived between her maiden name and married name while married, Lisa has just gone back to her maiden name and Steph is weighing up her options as what to do when the day comes for her to make a decision.
23 min
S1 EP23 - Do You Remember Your Very First Kiss?
Do you remember your very first kiss? You would think it would be a memory you wouldn't want to forget...not the case for all of us. Toni, Lisa and Steph take you on a very funny journey as they talk about their first kisses which may not have been all they thought it was going to be.
28 min
S1 EP22 - What Would We Tell Our 15 Year Old Se...
Life as a 15 year old is very different to life as we know it now...if we could go back in time what would we say to our 15 year old selves? Would we do things differently? And what would we say to our future selves. Come with us on this journey as we discover how much we have grown over the years and as we discover how we'd like to see our future journey.
30 min
S1 EP21 - The Wedding Advice...That Didn't Help...
We weren't sure where this podcast was going when we first started...we started looking at what the time line to getting married should look like if you want to have kids by a certain age and want to be married before you start a family...needless to say Toni and Lisa managed to throw everything out the window for Steph...then the question of 'how do you know who to invite to your wedding' came up...that opened up a whole new can of worms!!
35 min
S1 EP20 - When The Past Haunts You In The Future
This is a very raw conversation had between Toni, Lisa and Steph that looks at how past situations in their lives, from as early as primary school, still haunt them today as do we get rid of these demons? This is an episode that is a must listen to.
37 min
S1 EP19 - Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
In this episode you will see a completely different side to Toni, Lisa and Steph, and probably not one you would've expected. Join these 3 women from 3 different generations as they talk about how they really feel about their looks.
41 min
S1 EP18 - The Joys Of Having Kids
Toni has 3 children aged 22, 18 & 14, Lisa also has 3 children aged 14, 12 & 10, Steph has no children....will Toni & Lisa's stories & experiences put Steph off having kids or will she not be scared away from the idea? One thing's for sure, this episode is definitely an eye opener for Steph.
47 min
S1 EP17 - The Universe Has Other Ideas
We can map out our lives and plan how we want things to go, but sometimes the Universe decides it has other plans...are you going to go against the grain or go with the flow?
30 min
S1 EP16 - When Life Takes A Different Direction
When life throws a curve ball we discover a relationship may not be what we want, starting to date again is actually looking like a good idea and shacking up before marriage may now be the way to go.
39 min
S1 EP15 - Love Languages
Come and take the '5 Love Languages' test with us and special guest PJ from the KIIS 101.1 breakfast show Jase & PJ...we finally talk LOVE LANGUAGES!
48 min
S1 EP14 - Living With Someone Before Marriage
The age old question is discussed...should you live with someone before you marry them.
32 min
S1 EP13 - Flirting
Time to get flirty with Taxiride lead singer Jason Singh. Jason joins us to talk about flirting and gives us the male perspective on it.
36 min
S1 EP12 - Virtual Dating
eHarmony relationship expert Sharon Draper joins us to talk about the new way to date in this current COVID-19 climate...virtual dating
34 min
S1 EP11 - Mentally Managing In Isolation
Will McMahon from the KIIS Network's drive show Will and Woody joins us to talk about things you can do to manage your mental health during isolation,
39 min
S1 EP10 - COVID-19...Life As We DON'T Know It
How 3 generations of women are coping with isolation because of the Coronavirus
39 min
S1 EP9 - Having Kids Later In Life with guest T...
Singer Tania Doko from Bachelor Girl joins us to talk about having kids later in life.
33 min
S1 EP8 - Relationships Via Text
Can you build a relationship, romantic or friendship, through texting? Toni, Lisa and Steph have a lot to say on this.
28 min
S1 EP7 - Coping After A Relationship Breakup
We all cope with relationship breakups in different ways...some of us turn into "Fit Bitches"
31 min
S1 EP6 - Girl Code
Girl Code...would you speak up? Would you want your girls to speak up?
33 min
S1 EP5 - Expectations and Relationships
Expectations and different are they from the perspective of a 50 year old, 40 year old and 30 year old?
36 min
S1 EP4 - Cutting Ties
Cutting ties with negative people from the perspective of a 50 year old, 40 year old and 30 year old...thank God for You Tube
27 min
S1 EP3 - Dating
Looking at dating from the perspective of a 50 year old, 40 year old and 30 year old - now this should be interesting
32 min
S1 EP2 - The Valentine's Day Edition
How differently do we see Valentine's Day from the perspective of a 50 year old, 40 year old and 30 year old.
30 min
S1 EP1 - 3 Women from 3 Generations
Toni, Lisa and Steph talk about Life As We Know It from the perspective of a 50 year old, 40 year old and 30 year old
28 min