Weekly interviews with the most interesting LGBTQ+ people in the world. Recent guests include Laverne Cox, Pete Buttigieg, Roxane Gay, and Brandi Carlile. LGBTQ&A is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and produced by The Advocate magazine, in partnership with GLAAD.

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Roxane Gay: Our Big 5-Year Anniversary Celebrat...
"I'm a woman and I'm queer and I'm Black and I'm fat. I try to inhabit all of these identities in my writing."
43 min
Hida Viloria: Born Both, An Intersex Life
"There's a story that we don't hear enough of about intersex people, which is that it's amazing and wonderful to be intersex."
25 min
Magora Kennedy: The 83-Year-Old Gay Reverend
"Love yourself, live your truth, and laugh in the face of adversity. That way, stay focused on who you are and don't let nobody turn you around."
24 min
Jay Toole: Super Butch Stonewall Veteran
"People have to know of the history because even though I'm talking about my history, there's so many more out there that are my history. It's our history."
31 min
Angela Chen: What Asexuality Reveals About Desi...
"You're not broken if you're different."
25 min
Larry Kramer: Making Gay History
"I think being a gay man, even today, with AIDS, is a wonderful, is a wonderful thing. I love being gay."
24 min
Victor Garber: Has Kinda Been In Everything
"I've never been, I guess, a radical. I have strong beliefs and I do what I can. I'm not proud of this. This is just my nature and who I am."
22 min
VINCINT: There Will Be Tears
"It takes all of us queer, Black men who are in the spotlight right now banding together and being like, 'Hi, you should see us.'"
28 min
Theo Germaine: The Nonbinary Actor Changing Hol...
"My first memories are The Lion King and gender dysphoria."
25 min
Jen Winston: How Bisexuals Are Reimagining the ...
“Bisexuality isn't just an identity. It's a lens through which to reimagine the world."
25 min
Ts Madison: The Future Belongs to Her
"Oh honey, I've been there, did that, got a t-shirt, made a meal, and keep going. Y'all just now getting into something that I've already conquered."
35 min
Peter Staley: ACT UP Changed The World — Here's...
"There is no way we could have gotten through the tragedy that was those years without a heavy dose of sex, love, humor, and community. It was a surreal existence."
32 min
Senator Tammy Baldwin: LGBTQ+ History Maker
"It is a new world and that is pretty amazing to have witnessed. But we still have a long way to go."
28 min
Charles Silverstein: The Joy of Gay Sex
"I found that the more in love two people are, the more easily it is for them to hurt each other."
29 min
Melissa Etheridge: Comes To Our Window
"It did my heart good to go back and listen and go, 'Oh, I wasn't as bad as I thought.'"
24 min
Alicia Garza: How We Come Together When We Fall...
Black Lives Matters "is our generation's stamp on a movement that is ongoing."
35 min
Denne Michele Norris: Coming Out in the Pandemi...
"Coming out as trans, I felt that there was a way in which the people closest to me had to participate and affirm or deny in a way that they didn't before."
28 min
Abby McEnany: Dykes Can Do Whatever The F*ck Th...
"There is a fat, gray-haired, masculine woman who is the lead of a show. That is bonkers."
23 min
Darryl Stephens: Noah's Arc, HIV, and Becoming ...
"When I was 22, we were terrified. We were wearing three condoms, right? You didn't touch anything or anybody without a condom. It was terrifying at that age."
29 min
Billie Jean King: Pressure is a Privilege
"When you can be your authentic self, you know you've arrived."
19 min
Andrew Rannells: From Book of Mormon to Modern ...
"Life is very messy."
22 min
Carolina de Robertis: A Love Letter to Anyone W...
"If we all wait for all the homophobic people to come around, we're going to give up our whole lives. For me, having kids really rooted me in that."
26 min
Kate Bornstein: Still A Gender Outlaw
"Gender is not something you can hold onto, unless you get really angry about it."
21 min
Kate Bornstein: Gender Is A Playground (5/2/18)
"The future of gender is its dissolution. The word nonbinary is heralding that."
36 min
Edafe Okporo: Seeking Asylum in The U.S.
"Smile every day — that was a dream I had as a child. I just want to be happy and being happy is not being in any form of closet."
29 min
Ann Northrop: The Crucial Role of Women in ACT UP
"The first two words you have to know are ignorant and arrogant. They know nothing. They think they know everything."
34 min
Eureka O'Hara: The Drag Race All Stars Season 6...
"I'm luckier than I think sometimes. We probably all are."
31 min
Chella Man: Trans, Deaf, Goofy, Hungry, and Tired
"I just want to discard all the limitations and allow us to be who we are."
21 min
Rep. Sharice Davids: The First LGBTQ+ Native Am...
"Native people are not a monolith. I think it's helpful to constantly remind people of that."
19 min
Charles M. Blow: The Debt We Owe
"When you are not living an honest, open, true life, you are taking advantage of a privilege granted to you by older, gay, lesbian, queer people who have sacrificed tremendously so that you could come into this place."
23 min
John Paul Brammer: Hola Papi! Why Am I Single??!
How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons
26 min
Ashley C. Ford: Somebody's Daughter
"I didn't get to grow up with the myth that you can love someone and they won't do terrible things if you love them."
25 min
Niecy Nash & Jessica Betts: Their Great Queer L...
"I never want to imagine a future without this being...I don’t want that.”
25 min
Gina Brown: The Invisibility of Women Living Wi...
Women living with HIV are invisible in our community. Gina Brown is working to change that.
23 min
Sarah Schulman: The Political History of ACT UP
"It's about the individual who's up against the institution. Having that conversation with the person in power, sometimes jeopardizing their own ability to earn a living, it helps people change their minds."
29 min
Alok Vaid-Menon: Trans People Have Always Existed
“What feminine part of yourself did you have to kill in order to survive in the world?”
40 min
François Clemmons: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
"It was spiritual. It was emotional. He supported me in a way that I had never had."
22 min
Brandon Wolf: The Pulse Survivor Talks Gun Viol...
The younger generation will "create sweeping change sooner than people think."
40 min
Lauren Hough: Leaving Isn't The Hardest Thing
"Old men are writing the rules, so those are the rules you're going to go by. Homosexuality was a sin akin to murder."
20 min
Brandi Carlile: Music, Faith, & Motherhood
"If I just write it all down in one place and I hand it to you, if you still accept me, then I belong here."
27 min
Amy Ray: Indigo Girls FOREVER (!!!)
I'm closer to fine after this interview.
28 min
Melissa Febos: The Gray Areas of Sex and Consent
“Girlhood was a darker time for many than we’re often willing to acknowledge."
30 min
Jim Obergefell: The Love Story That Changed His...
“It is my hope that the term gay marriage will soon be a thing of the past. It will simply be marriage. And our nation will be better for it.”
26 min
Brandy Clark: When Your Life is a Record
"Music falls into two categories: it's either good or it's bad. If it makes you feel something, it's good. If it doesn't, it's bad."
22 min
Ivy Bottini: The Pioneering Lesbian's Legacy
"I find death is a big waste of time. If you're a productive human being, why do you have to leave?"
24 min
Miss Major Griffin-Gracy: What The Trans Elder ...
"There aren't that many black girls still alive that have come this far. We've got to let them know they can get here too."
22 min
Brian Michael Smith: Makes Trans TV History on ...
"I didn't think there would really be a day when I would be able to play a trans male heroic character."
22 min
Mark Segal: Selma, Seneca Falls, Stonewall
"I've fought for visibility and I will remain visible. I'm a gay man. Get used to it, people."
29 min
Tracey "Africa" Norman: The Legendary 'Born Bea...
"I'm 68-years-old. I'm proud to have lived this long and to still be relevant."
23 min
What to Expect When You're Expecting New Episodes
The shortest (and gayest) announcement in the history of podcasts.
2 min
Jose Antonio Vargas: Coming Out As Undocumented
"Home is not something I should have to earn."
26 min
Jennifer Finney Boylan: Has Had a Front Seat to...
"The quest to be yourself is universal."
25 min
Adam Eli: How Social Media Is Changing Queer Ac...
"Queer people anywhere are responsible for queer people everywhere."
26 min
Karine Jean-Pierre: The History-Making Lesbian ...
"There is hope. I see it and I know it exists. We just have to work."
26 min
Lucia Lucas: Cracking Opera’s Trans Glass Ceiling
"When I was growing up, I had to learn these traits of masculinity...They served me well for protection going into high school and into college, but I just use them for the stage now."
26 min
Ilona Verley: Drag Race's Two-Spirit Queen
"Honestly, fuck gender. I just want to be myself."
32 min
Tuck Woodstock: Gender, A Definitive Guide
"If you think you're trans, you're trans. If you want to be trans, you're trans. There's no Real Trans People and Fake Trans People."
29 min
Carson Kressley: The Queer Eye OG
"I'm just being myself and there's nothing stereotypical about being your authentic self."
32 min
Cleve Jones: Queer Spaces After COVID-19
"I can't tell you how painful and frustrating it is for me to watch so many of the mistakes that we made during the worst years of HIV/AIDS being repeated now by yet another Republican administration. It's beyond shameful."
27 min
Susan SurfTone: It's LGBTQ+ History Month, Baby
"You don't want to lose the feminine side of who you are, but there's a masculine side too. So, you let them both breathe."
22 min
Darnell L. Moore: Queer Spirituality + Being Seen
"This year has been a storm within a storm within a storm within a storm, but I'm also very cognizant that for Black queer, trans, nonbinary people, it isn't new."
24 min
Ritchie Torres: From The Bronx to Congress
"You're about to have the gayest congress in the history of the United States."
21 min
Peppermint: The Drag Race Star Has Literally Do...
"I'm a lot more playful with it. I no longer view my drag as the only way that I can communicate my womanhood."
27 min
Lili Reinhart: Bisexuality, Crystals, Reiki, an...
"Like, oh, do I need to make it a magazine cover for me to tell people am bisexual? No. Who cares? It's not that big of a deal."
23 min
Angela Chen: Asexuality Is Pretty Complex—And T...
"We don't need to make assumptions that everyone loves sex or needs to love sex, or that if you don't love sex, then you are sexually repressed or sexually conservative. Sexual variation exists."
29 min
Tayla Parx: Has Written All of Your Favorite Po...
"I don't think you should exclude people or their listening experience just because you decided to say 'him' or 'her'. I think it allows people to say, 'Oh, this song could be about anybody and I can sing it too.'"
27 min
Chasten Buttigieg: Shares His Side of the Story
"Why are we policing the boundaries and making young people believe that queerness has to be performed a certain way and has to look a certain way as if you have to exist a certain way to belong in our community?"
27 min
Tyler Glenn: I Can Feel You Feel Forgetting Me
"There was a real deep gut-punch of sadness for a lot of the queer people that were trying to make the Mormon church work and I was one of them."
27 min
Holland Taylor: Is 77 and Busier Than Ever
"I just don't have any impulse to define myself at all by anything other than a person. I'm a person."
25 min
Brandon Taylor: Would Rather Be Alone, Thank Yo...
"Writers who are black don't get second chances."
29 min
Ianne Fields Stewart: The Okra Project (ft. Sco...
"Activism is something I fell into because I saw a world that was abusing people that looked, loved, and lived like me. And I just couldn't stand by and let it happen any longer."
24 min
Akwaeke Emezi: I Like to Talk About Death
"I like to talk about death a lot...for a lot of queer people death really is a constant companion."
28 min
Shea Couleé: Your RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars ...
"Drag queens, I've learned, are incredibly kind, tender, giving, sweet people."
32 min
Shea Diamond: Why Music is a Tool for Trans Lib...
"I came from the dirt roads of Little Rock, Arkansas, honey. And I'm walking the red carpets now. That's not something that was meant for me. I'm too dark, too trans, too fat, too old."
32 min
Maria Town: Disability Rights Are LGBTQ+ Rights
"Everyone will become disabled if they're lucky enough. Aging is a privilege...if you do get the opportunity, you will likely become disabled."
29 min
Rufus Wainwright: Unfollow the Rules
"I was as gay as the day is long, especially these days. And I very much took that opportunity to indulge in myself and all the trappings of rock and roll success."
23 min
Laverne Cox: Fighting for Trans Lives
"The trauma of what I've experienced throughout my life doesn't magically go away because I'm a recognizable actress now."
26 min
Sam Feder: Transgender Lives On Screen (ft. Ale...
"Is representation necessary at any cost? Is horrible representation better than no representation?"
27 min
Alok Vaid-Menon: Beyond The Gender Binary
"Is my femininity something that is organic or is it something that was imposed?"
40 min
James Baldwin: The 1967 Detroit Riots
"When you try to stand up and look the world in the face like you had a right to be here, when you do that, without knowing the result of it, you have attacked the entire power structure of the Western World."
8 min
Kimberly Drew: Art and Activism
"I’m not your typical art historian. I am not your typical activist."
31 min
François Clemmons: Hi from Mister Rogers' Neigh...
"It was spiritual. It was emotional. He supported me in a way that I had never had."
21 min
Alice Wu: The New Queer Rom-Com
"I'm sitting in my closet and coming out of the closet. This is such cheap symbolism."
22 min
Don't Be The Last To Know
The shortest (and most important) announcement in the history of podcasts.
1 min
Robyn Crawford: My Life With Whitney Houston
"We were intimate on every level." For the first time, Whitney Houston's best friend, assistant, and long-rumored girlfriend, Robyn Crawford, is talking publicly about their relationship.
46 min
Renée Zellweger: The Judy Garland Ep (ft. Rufus...
Special episode! Renée Zellweger and Rufus Wainwright take a trip down the yellow brick road to talk about the gay icon, Judy Garland.
27 min
John Cameron Mitchell: The Legacy of Hedwig and...
"It was a great privilege to be gay, otherwise I'd probably be very boring and unhappy and unexamined."
50 min
Ryan O'Connell: A Big Yes to Sex Work
"I wanted to show the humanity in sex work. I also wanted to show Ryan have sexual agency and have wants and desires because as disabled people, our private parts are cut off by society."
37 min
Amiyah Scott: Hollywood's New Leading Lady
"Balls were created to not only be a safe space, but to celebrate the community. We weren't being celebrated, so we decided to celebrate ourselves."
40 min
Roxane Gay: How to Write About Love
We sat down with Roxane Gay to talk about sex, love, and soulmates.
49 min
Pete Buttigieg: The Big Gay Interview
Pete Buttigieg takes a break from the campaign trail to talk with Jeffrey Masters about his history-making candidacy...and the most millennial thing ever: meeting his husband on a dating app.
21 min
Don Bachardy: To Christopher Isherwood, With Love
"Looking back on those years with Chris, I was extraordinary. And the better I knew him, the more extraordinary I became."
30 min
Jasika Nicole: Queer + Biracial in Hollywood
Consider this a formal plea from The Advocate that Jasika be cast in The L Word reboot.
43 min
Gigi Gorgeous: The Queen of YouTube Is Here
"Don't take this moment for granted. If you're feeling down, bitch, get up. You are living and breathing and experiencing life. You've worked your ass off to get here."
24 min
Ian Alexander: Is Coming For Your Gender Norms
"Now I realize there's nothing wrong with being trans. I'm not broken."
31 min
Jennifer Finney Boylan: Oprah's Place in Trans ...
"It's the spectacular mystery of life: the way we keep becoming other versions of ourselves."
39 min
Joel Kim Booster: See You at the Circuit Party
"There's a lot of inner life going on in a circuit party that you might not want to admit. I'm there and I fucking read."
48 min
Karina Samala: We Need Chosen Families
"Mother" Karina talks about her 25+ years of fighting for trans people in Los Angeles.
30 min
Jacob Tobia: Will Change How You Think About Ge...
"We're all walking around with a level of psychic trauma that we don't know how to talk about, and that requires attention and healing."
43 min
Zach Stafford: What Is The Future Of LGBTQ Media?
The Advocate's new Editor-in-Chief talks about where we're heading.
45 min