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Wes Schaeffer - The Sales Whisperer
I hope you enjoy our conversation with Wes Schaeffer, the sales whisperer, where we discuss sales, business, entrepreneurship, myths, and indirectly, influence. Wes brings his A game - not to be missed!
38 min
Dorie Clark - Part 1: Reinvention
I hope you enjoy our interview with Author Dorie Clark, where she discusses the power of reinvention.
16 min
Influencer Sandra Cooze
I hope you enjoy our latest interview with Sandra Cooze
17 min
Influencer Joyce Mills Blue
I hope you enjoy this interview with Joyce Mills Blue.
24 min
Spending Time With Big Blend and 8 Key Influencers
I hope you enjoy this interview with Lisa and Nancy of Big Blend and Bobbi of the 8 Keys of Excellence.
51 min
Karie Millspaugh - working with 5-Star Influencers
I hope you enjoy our latest episode where we speak with Influencer Karie Millspaugh - at a time when she is working exclusively with 5-star Speakers (aka. Influencers)
74 min
What I Learned From Coach Nick
Here it is the latest episode, and what I learned during a recent interview with Coach Nick Pereira.
6 min
Colleen Pace - influencing behind the scenes
I hope you enjoy our latest interview, this time with influencer and stunt coordinator, Colleen Pace.
21 min
What I Learned From Bif Naked
In this episode I discuss what I learned from Canadian Music Icon Bif Naked during our last interview. Enjoy Influencers!
9 min
Friday, April 6th, Q&A Edition
Today's is our Friday episode where we answer your questions. Today's questions were submitted by Felicia L. Reed, Joyce Mills Blue and Sue Woodworth.
8 min
Naomi Mcdougall Jones - A Woman in Hollywood
In this episode we talk with Influencer and women in Hollywood Advocate Naomi McDougall Jones, following her powerful, and popular, TEDx Talk where she shares her experience as a female actress in the world of Hollywood.
34 min
What I Learned From John Lee Dumas (JLD)
I've learned many things from Influencer John Lee Dumas (EOFire / Entrepreneur on Fire) over the years - in this episode I explore the most recent. Also watch for our upcoming interview with John to air in the coming weeks / months :-)
7 min
Gavin Zuchlinski - Influencer Scheduling
As an influencer, your schedule and your time, is your most precious resource. In this interview Gavin Zuchlinski teaches us why Acuity could be your next game changer.
37 min
Tammy Braswell - Helping You Experience Your Au...
I hope you enjoy our new interview with Tammy Braswell :-)
45 min
Sometimes it isn't about the Money!
I hope enjoy this interview with Milana Leshinsky
41 min
Jenna Poirier Ross - Happy in Property Management
I hope you enjoy this latest interview with Jenna Poirier Ross.
36 min
Iqbal (Ike) Mutabanna Talks Side-Hustling
I hope you enjoy our latest episode :-)
45 min
Kerry-Ann Reid of the Carry On Friends Show
I hope you enjoy this latest interview with Kerry-Ann Reid of the Carry On Friends Show.
31 min
Big Blend and Bobbi Deporter join CWP
I hope you enjoy our new interview with the Big Blend Team (Lisa and Nancy) and Bobbi Deporter.
51 min
Dorinda Macisaac
37 min
Terri Lynn - Sales Strategy and more!
I hope you enjoy our latest interview.
23 min
Tyler Basu - creating a Lifestyle Business
I hope you enjoy our interview with Lifestyle Coach, podcaster, and magazine publisher, Tyler Basu.
28 min
Andrea Wenburg - Becoming a Voice of Influence
Andrea Joy Wenburg, M.A., is an author, speaker and strategist. As the founder of the Voice of Influence podcast and academy and author of UNFROZEN: Stop Holding Back and Release the Real You, she works with clients to help them discover and...
34 min
Anniversary Edition - Canfield, Chalene Johnson
I hope you enjoy this flashback of our 1 year anniversary now that we're about to celebrate 5 years.
68 min
James Redfield - what's your kharma telling you?
I hope you enjoy our latest episode with Celestine Prophecy Author James Redfield - in which talks about how karma worked in real time, and so much more.
60 min