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Geeta Nadkarni - Become a Media Magnet
I hope you enjoy our interview with Media Expert, and Baby Got Booked Founder, Geeta Nadkarin. Baby Got Booked is a DIY PR course aimed teaching entrepreneurs how to tell their stories in a way that gets them on journalists' speed dial. 
46 min
Shawn Neff - Business Leadership Expert
I hope you enjoy our recent interview with CEO, Entrepreneur, Business Leadership Expert, Success Coach, & Mother, Shawn Neff.
29 min
Lorelei Burgess - Why Learning Matters!
I hope you enjoy our latest interview with Oxford Halifax's Lorelei Burgess.
21 min
Jeff Doyle - Service with a Smile
I hope you enjoy our latest interview with Jeff Doyle of Smiledog.
52 min
Sandra Cooze Interview
I Hope you enjoy our latest interview with Sandra Cooze, of 
20 min