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Compelling tales from the world of public relations, marketing and branding, told by the well-meaning communications professionals who lived them.

On Lead Balloon, professional communicators share tales of the do-or-die situations that defined their creative careers—how they planned for the unexpected, how they navigated high-profile crises, and what they learned in the process.

With immersive storytelling and a wry sense of humor, host Dusty Weis revisits epic PR disasters, intense communications scenarios, professional inflection points and notable campaigns we all remember, and usually finds a reason to chuckle.

Because sometimes, there are important lessons to be learned from someone else's worst day.

And sometimes, it's just more convenient than group therapy.

Lead Balloon is an award-winning program for strategic communicators and content creators, named by Adweek as "Marketing Podcast of the Year," nominated for a Webby award and nominated for "Best Business Podcast" in the Podcast Academy awards.

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BONUS: Literally, the Grammar-Nerdiest Conversa...
Dusty is still *figuratively* fuming about this word's evolving definition.
15 min
50. Grumpy Cat, the Sound of Freedom, Watergate...
Some eye-opening updates on old episodes with two old pals who dropped in for our 50th episode.
49 min
49. How I Almost Got Fired in My 1st Week in PR...
As a young PR hot shot, Dusty stupidly insults his new boss. Seven years later, they revisit the faux pas.
45 min
48. A UAP PR Campaign: Mainstreaming the Conver...
He's not asking you to believe in little green men. But he is insisting we take this national security threat seriously.
44 min
47. Sliding into DMs on the Dating App Hinge, w...
Get-out-the-vote organizers mix dating with politics in an innovative, eyebrow-raising new tactic.
29 min
46. Why Are Wireless Emergency Alerts on Your P...
A ballistic missile false alarm in Hawaii prompts us to take a closer look at a perennially misused public safety tool.
40 min
45. Replaced by Chat GPT: Are Creative and Copy...
We meet one of the "first wave" of workers laid off in the A.I. revolution, and look ahead to the future of creative industries.
34 min
44. How a Real Life Ad Agency Inspired the Robi...
Life at Leo Burnett served as a constant source of comedic inspiration for John R. Montgomery and Rob Davis.
47 min
43. Brands Don't Have the Rizz: Appropriating G...
We prove conclusively, WITH SCIENCE, that brands are only hurting themselves when they co-opt youth slang.
39 min
BONUS: Covid is—Air Quotes—Over. What That Mean...
The Coronavirus public health emergency is over in the U.S. But that doesn't mean we're done talking about Covid.
28 min
42. OkCupid Stays On Target During the Covid Pa...
Social distancing could have been cataclysmic to the world of online dating, but OkCupid chose to embrace it anyway.
48 min
41. Deepfakes: How Communicators Must Prepare N...
In recent weeks, deepfake disinformation attacks have exploded, and experts say a new era of strategic communication tactics must arise.
46 min
40. In Event of Moon Disaster: The Greatest Spe...
Lost for 30 years in the Nixon archives, today it is hailed as a work of rhetorical and poetic genius.
46 min
39. Pernicious Copyright Robots Are Targeting Y...
This growing trend is a threat to anyone who's ever shared an image on the internet that they didn't take themselves.
44 min
38. The Bud Light CoRntroversy, Revisited: Mill...
A classic episode re-mastered, with new insights from the CCO of Molson Coors.
47 min
BONUS: Celebrating 20 Years Behind a Mic With D...
When Dusty was 17, Scott offered him a life-changing job at a radio station. 20 years later, they parse lessons about storytelling, mentorship and connecting with listeners.
24 min
37. Blue Angels Ride Along: Lead Balloon Become...
Dusty gets strapped into an F/A-18 Super Hornet to learn how the US Navy does media relations.
46 min
36. The US Navy Blue Angels: Public Affairs and...
Lead Balloon embeds with the world's most elite, "high-tempo, ready-to-rock-and-roll" public affairs and marketing team.
49 min
35. Post-Cold War PR Trip to Uzbekistan Boosts ...
Fundraising was a challenge in the wake of the iconic Rabin-Arafat handshake at the White House in 1993.
34 min
Trailer—The Lead Balloon Podcast—PR, Marketing ...
Re-creating old "war stories" with the biggest brands and the most compelling strategic communicators.
1 min
34. Murder in Boston Blamed on Sega's Virtua Co...
Did a shooter train for his revenge rampage by playing a hands-on arcade game? A public relations true crime investigation.
56 min
33. National Airlines' Saucy "Fly Me" Ad Campai...
The ads may have been cringe-y, but they led to heated protests that actually helped improve working conditions for stewardesses.
38 min
32. Tesla’s Elon Musk Fires the Entire Public R...
How and why Tesla's approach to communication went from unconventional to nonexistent.
50 min
31. Snapple: Pitching the Best Catchphrase On E...
A world-class slogan crashes and burns, and then an iconic brand burns all its bridges.
50 min
30. Inside the PBR "Eating Ass" Tweetstorm, wit...
In our first NSFW episode, we try to decide whether social media manager Corey Smale deserved to get fired over the faux pas.
45 min