LatinX Can

A bi-weekly interview series showcasing latinx professionals sharing the tips and tricks that helped them turn their dreams into reality. This podcast provides inspiration, support, and actionable advice that can help you too, achieve your goals.  

Season 6!!! Coming Live on February 11, 2023.
1 min
Tips & Tricks - Applying for NASA's Pathway Pro...
Advice from Marissa Garcia about how to apply for NASA's Pathways Internship Program
9 min
Tips & Tricks - Things Entrepreneurs Should Know
19 min
Tips & Tricks - How to Tackle Unconscious Biase...
Today we are sharing an extract of our conversation with Dr Linet Mera, co-founder of the unconscious bias project. She shares very useful tips that we can use to fight against unconscious biases and create more inclusive communities.
37 min
050: Latina Equal Pay Day 2022, with Jen Hemphill.
Meet Jen Hemphill, host of Her Dinero Matters Podcast and accredited financial counselor who helps Latinas gain more money confidence.
48 min
049: Latinx Representation in Media, or Lack Th...
Meet Carlos Salcines, a Cuban-American born and raised in McAllen, TX whose Latinidad helps him add a multicultural twist to how movies are being advertised in Hollywood.
48 min
048: Connecting the Dots all the Way to NASA…an...
Meet Dr. Yajaira Sierra Sastre, a Chemist who dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a little girl, and crated the opportunities that landed her a job at NASA.
50 min
047: When the Latin Asian Fusion is your Identi...
Meet Dr. Enrique Lin Shiao, a scientist who has recognized that his immigrant experience, and the uncertainty associated with it, has helped him become a better scientist.
44 min
046: Español - La gema de tu carrera (The Caree...
Celebrando el mes de la herencia latina e Hispana, les queremos presentar a Yanira Guzmán, una líder de la comunidad latina en California que está trabajando durísimo para ayudar a nuestra comunidad a crecer y desarrollarse profesionalmente.
42 min
045: UWC Day ‘22: Peace Begins with Us, with UW...
Meet Dr. Victoria Mora, president of the United World College-USA, one of the 18 schools in a global movement that makes education a force for peace and a sustainable future.
61 min
044: Your Multiculturalism is Your Superpower, ...
Meet Dr. Alejandra Rodriguez Mielke, a bilingual DEI coach and consultant helping individuals and organizations transcend personal biases and systemic barriers, to help build inclusive & equitable workplaces.
59 min
043: Latinx Travel Hackers, with Laurie & Danny...
Meet Laurie and Danny Navarro, a couple of Latinx professionals travel hacking their way around the world, and reclaiming the first in first-class flights, lounges, and top tier hotels.
55 min
Season 5 Starts Tomorrow!
Season 5 Starts Tomorrow!
0 min
Tips & Tricks - How to Become more Productive, ...
Productivity tips that can help us become more productive in our personal lives, in a more intentional way.
22 min
042: Español- Una Carrera en Investigación de l...
Conoce al Dr. Federico Subervi, profesor e investigador en ciencias de la comunicación y periodismo.
48 min
041: Español- Trabajando en ti, con Irina Faneite.
Conoce a Irina Faneite, psicóloga venezolana, de sus proyectos, emprendimientos migratorios y de cómo se ha reinventado creando su marca personal: "Trabaja en ti".
39 min
Introducción a LatinX Can en Español
Ahora LatinX Can en Español, complaciendo a nuestra audiencia hispanoparlante.
1 min
Tips & Tricks - Legal Advice for Small Business...
Legal tips that entrepreneurs and small business owners can put to practice to protect their business.
18 min
040: An Afro-latino’s experience in Tech, with ...
Meet Pabel Martinez, a former tech executive whose mission is to redefine professionalism by scaling the representation he wished he had earlier in his career.
52 min
039: College? If at First you don’t Succeed, Tr...
Meet Dr. Luis Estevez, an entrepreneur who has taken advantage of the opportunities presented to him with the same drive characteristic of people who come to this country in search of a better future.
59 min
Tips & Tricks: Preparing for Job Interviews
Dr. Jflow shares the tips & tricks she has learned after going through multiple rounds of interviews, from the general tips like using the STAR method, to the questions you can use once is your time to ask questions.
30 min
037: Studying Humanities Can Also Lead to Stabl...
Meet Dr. Jose Luis Torres, a writer and Professor Emeritus of English at SUNY Plattsburgh, who explains how studying humanities can also lead to stable careers.
56 min
036: Navigating the system of Corporate America...
Meet Valeria Aloe, an author with over 20 years of experience in Corporate America, who encourages us to address our mindset to fight for what we deserve.
55 min
035: How a Career in Finance Enabled the Rise o...
Meet Francisco Ramos, a comedian and actor whose previous career in finance allowed him to upend his life and pursue his dream of becoming a comedian.
70 min
034: From Student-Athlete to Lawyer, to Small B...
Meet Taylor Tieman, an attorney and small business owner whose journey to become a lawyer helped her understand the decisions her family had to make to keep them safe.
52 min