LatinX Can

A bi-weekly interview series showcasing latinx professionals sharing the tips and tricks that helped them turn their dreams into reality. This podcast provides inspiration, support, and actionable advice that can help you too, achieve your goals.  

065: STEMming from Latin Roots, with Dr. Angel ...
Meet Dr. Angel Martí, the first Latino to chair the Chemistry Department at Rice University, who aims to make the department accessible to all.
49 min
064: Unionized Labor and the Future of Work, wi...
Meet Daniel Villao, a leader in diversity, inclusion and workforce development who strives to create fair and equitable work environments for all.
53 min
063: From Michoacan to the C-Suite, and the Lea...
Meet Arturo Cázares, a Latino CEO who overcame adversity growing up in the U.S. and who is now leading Latinos in creating the change we need for a more prosperous society
60 min
062: Español - Resilencia y pasion: la travesia...
Conoce a la Dra. Xaymara Serrano, bióloga marina puertorriqueña que nos comparte su historia de como logro adquirir su empleo de ensueño.
50 min
061: Doing Good is Good Business, with Gustavo ...
Meet Gustavo Suarez, Colombian entrepreneur who is driven by the vision of building strong businesses that do the right thing for our communities.
60 min
060: The “Oilfield Girl”: A Latina Leader Chang...
Meet Massiel Diez a Colombian-Canadian chemical engineer who began her career as a wireline engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, and who is now changing the industry from within.
51 min
059: How Latinx Culture Can Boost Your Leadersh...
Meet the founders of El Puente Institute, three Doctoras who share their knowledge and tips on how we can leverage our Latinx culture to be better leaders in the corporate world.
64 min
Season 7!!! Coming Live on September 2, 2023
Season 7!!! Coming Live on September 2, 2023
1 min
Blue Beetle and Why We need To Go Watch It!
26 min
Tips & Tricks - How to Advocate for Your Child'...
This episode is an extract of episode 08 where Wilmer Chavarria, talked about his experience becoming a teacher, and a school principal, and then gave some advice to parents about how to advocate for their child's education
28 min
Why Latinx?
This episode is an extract of episode 37 where writer and literature scholar Dr. Jose Luis (J.L.) Torres talks about why language is important, and how people who study English and literature can also have stable careers.
11 min
Tips & Tricks - How to Create Your Own Opportun...
26 min
Tips & Tricks to Help you Navigate Corporate Am...
17 min
058: Afrolatinidad and Inclusion: What Leaders ...
Meet Dr. Marisol Capellan, an Afro-Latina, mother, and immigrant who is passionate about empowering women and minorities to overcome barriers in their career paths.
63 min
057: Celebrating Cultures is Key to Leading Div...
Meet Carlos Torres, a Venezuelan engineer and entrepreneur who turned a lay-off into an opportunity to start his own business and spend more time with his family.
43 min
056: As Seen on Shark Tank, Frescos Naturales w...
Meet Juan Ignacio Stewart, an entrepreneur who is bringing the foods and flavors of Latin America to the main stream in the US, by sharing with the world and fighting in the tank at shark tank.
56 min
055_What Support Looks Like with Dr. D and Dr. ...
Today Dr. Jflo talks with Dr. August Diaz, our co-creator and host of Latinx Can Podcast en Español, about how you can support us to continue growing our community!
25 min
054: Dancers, Can They be Financially Stable? w...
Meet Michelle Manzanales, a dancer and choreographer who studied finance but chose to develop a career in Dance despite the financial insecurity associated with artistic careers.
57 min
053: Are Careers in Additive Manufacturing/3D P...
Meet Dr. Mike Vasquez, a former student-athlete at MIT, whose passion for sports led him to develop a career helping companies adopt the revolutionary technology that is Additive Manufacturing (AM).
36 min
052: Latinx's Role in Protecting Democracy in t...
47 min
051: Building a Personal Brand Begins with Owni...
Meet Odalys Jasmine, a latina creator, podcaster and storyteller who believes authenticity is the key component of a successful personal brand.
53 min
Season 6!!! Coming Live on February 11, 2023.
1 min
Tips & Tricks - Applying for NASA's Pathway Pro...
Advice from Marissa Garcia about how to apply for NASA's Pathways Internship Program
9 min
Tips & Tricks - Things Entrepreneurs Should Know
19 min
Tips & Tricks - How to Tackle Unconscious Biase...
Today we are sharing an extract of our conversation with Dr Linet Mera, co-founder of the unconscious bias project. She shares very useful tips that we can use to fight against unconscious biases and create more inclusive communities.
37 min