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Lady Problems
Lady Problems navigates being a feminist pop-culture junkie. Join hosts Rachel Handler, Teo Bugbee, Hazel Cills and a rotating cast of female geniuses like Mara Wilson, Phoebe Robinson, and Stacy London as they dissect how pop culture treats women each week. (Spoiler alert: It is almost always "terribly.") We'll be here unpacking our favorite Fucked Up Films (In A Good Way) About Women, wondering whether we can guiltlessly watch "Louie," solving our listener's own Lady Problems, or sharing personal anecdotes about pouring beer straight into the Ugg slippers of the patriarchy. Lady Problems is a proud member of the MTV Podcast Network. You can check out other great shows including Speed Dial, North Mollywood, The Stakes, and Happy Sad Confused at podcasts.mtv.com
TV & Film
Society & Culture
Aparna Nancherla
It's the Lady Problems season finale!
34 min
Durga Chew-Bose
The author sits down to discuss her recent book, "Too Much And Not In The Mood."
41 min
In Praise Of Kristen Stewart
On Kristen Stewart's new movie "Personal Shopper" and the "Stew-naissance."
28 min
Plus: "Feud" and "Norma Rae."
30 min
Melanie Lynskey
The indie film star on being "invisible" in Hollywood and her new Netflix movie.
23 min
Andrea Silenzi
Andrea Silenzi, host of the podcast "Why Oh Why." convinces Rachel and Hazel to watch The Bachelor and doles out dating advice to Oscar-nominated movie characters.
33 min
Kylie Vs Kylie, Fifty Shades Darker, And Stephe...
The ladies take to the streets outside the Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Shop (...and it turns out that teens do not know who Kylie Minogue is).
32 min
Karyn Kusama
Rachel and Hazel talk horror movies with the director The Invitation.
36 min
TV Columnist Jen Chaney
Plus: How female pop-culture icons like Carrie Fisher and Cher Horowitz have become central to the resistance
35 min
God Has Forsaken Us And Annette Bening
This week: Oscar nominations, women's marches across the USA, and more.
36 min
A Very Special Sex-isode: OMGYes and The Hollyw...
Sybil Lockhart of OMGYes talks female pleasure.
32 min
From Golden Globes To Goldie Hawn, And All The ...
This is not how we wanted Goldie Hawn's long-awaited comeback to happen.
28 min
Good Girls Revolt’s Erin Darke
Plus: We attempt to solve a Lady Problem for a woman whose boyfriend has picked up a bizarre catchphrase
35 min
The OA's Brit Marling
Plus: Is Christmas even feminist???????
36 min
Variety's Mo Ryan
This week on Lady Problems: Teen Vogue, The Hollywood Reporter, and more.
35 min
Hubba Hubba, A Chat About Sex-Centric Movies
Plus: How you can personally fuck with the Trump administration this week
35 min
Sophia Takal Talks Female Directors In Hollywood
Rachel and Teo talk to the filmmaker and actress about her new film, Always Shine, and much, much more.
37 min
The New Trumpian Reality
Plus: A question from a woman wondering how to engage with white women post-election.
33 min
Filmmaker Anna Biller
The director of ‘The Love Witch’ talks art and politics.
28 min
Writer Soraya Roberts On Jordan Catalano And Ti...
"There are real benefits to frowning" - a conversation with the author of In My Humble Opinion: My So-Called Life.
30 min
Workplace Drama And Birth Control, With Reductr...
This week the authors of ‘How to Win at Feminism’ join Rachel and Hazel on the pod.
35 min
The Tyranny Of Chill with Amani Al-Khatahtbeh
The author of Muslim Girl: A Coming Of Age joins Rachel and Hazel in their quest to banish all fuccbois to the basement.
35 min
Grab 'Em By The Pussy Bow Blouse
How "no makeup" actually means makeup, Japanese horror masterpiece Hausu, and Melania's pussy bow.
33 min
We Welcome One Very Dope Queen, Phoebe Robinson
Phoebe Robinson joins Rachel and Teo to talk about her new book, Kim K, and more.
30 min
AfterEllen’s Trish Bendix And Lesbian Media
"What is acting if not lying all the time and being 35?"
37 min
No-Bullshit Goddess Stacy London With Some Grea...
A career-spanning tete-a-tete with our favorite TV style icon.
37 min
Mara Wilson And Pouring Beer In Your Uggs
Welcome to the first episode of Lady Problems!
39 min
We Have Lady Problems
A Teaser!
1 min